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10 Best Self Cleaning Water Bottles of 2022

AutonomousAutonomous | Jan 2, 2022

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Reusable bottles are getting much more popular these days, but are they causing more harm than good? 

Germs thrive in a dark, moist environment, which makes reusable water bottles a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and mold. This is where the self-cleaning water bottle comes in. It destroys the germs and viruses in your bottle using UV-C light technology. Furthermore, there is no need to clean your bottle daily (not that we were doing that anyway). 

Even though the bottle is self-cleaning, it is nevertheless recommended that you wash it sometimes. You can clean it with soap, a water bottle cleaner, and warm water. Moreover, you can soak it in boiling water, white vinegar, or baking soda. 

Self-sanitizing water bottles have a significant benefit over standard reusable water bottles in that they eliminate the need for daily cleaning. Water stays cold and fresh in the antibacterial water bottle. Let’s read more to know about these self cleaning water bottles and learn how to fit exercise into your day with us!

10 Best Self Cleaning Water Bottles for Your Needs

1. CrazyCap 2

CrazyCap 2 self cleaning water bottle

Normal and "crazy" water filtration modes are available on the CrazyCap bottle. Crazy mode, on the other hand, eliminates up to 99.9996 percent of pollutants and is appropriate for "mid to high pollution" such as that found in lakes and rivers. The usual purification cycle takes 60 seconds, while the insane purification cycle takes two minutes and fifteen seconds. This is the best bottle to use if you’re going on hikes and need to purify outdoor water. 

The CrazyCap 2 filtered water bottle also has an auto clean feature that runs for 20 seconds, six times per day. CrazyCap claims that regular UV-C light exposure reduces bacteria development and odor, and it appears to work. We didn't notice any scents or films inside the bottle after three days of use. Furthermore, the filtered water from the CrazyCap water bottle cleaner tasted substantially better than tap water. 

It fits in the mesh cup holders on your gym bag and backpack, as well as car cup holders. Because it's a little higher than the LARQ and Mahaton, it can be difficult to put in the top rack of your dishwasher. 

The CrazyCap 2 is the best self-cleaning water bottle and can last up to two months on a single filtered water bottle charge, but only if you let it auto clean. It is one of the fitness equipment that you should have. CrazyCap doesn't say how much starting the bottle purification procedure manually influences the charge time. 

2. LARQ Bottle

LARQ self cleaning water bottle

By pressing the button on the top of the antibacterial water bottle, you can turn on the UV-C purification lights whenever you like, but LARQ also comes to life every two hours for a 10-second cleaning cycle. After three days of consistent usage of the self-cleaning bottle, we didn't notice any foul odors or films on the inside of the LARQ bottle. 

However, LARQ was the only bottle out of the three that didn't taste considerably better. It tasted slightly cleaner, but we doubt we’d be able to tell the difference if blind tasted. 

The vacuum-insulated stainless steel LARQ bottle keeps your safe drinking water cool for up to 24 hours. It's sleek and attractive; our only criticism is that there's no groove or bend to accommodate your hand. In order to get around this, you could always buy a bottle sleeve. 

A single charge on the LARQ can last up to two months if you run it through three to four cleaning cycles (in standard mode) each day. The charge can last up to 12 days if you use the adventure mode. 

3. Two-Stage Filtration Water Bottle by LifeStraw

Two-Stage self cleaning water bottle by LifeStraw

LifeStraw's Advanced Hollow Fiber Membrane technology eliminates germs, including waterborne protozoan parasites and E. coli, for up to 264 gallons. It also aids in the removal of odor, chlorine, and poor taste. The company also sells a universal converter that fits the most common water bottle brands, allowing you to convert your existing bottle into a filter bottle. 

4. SP140 Personal Water Bottle Filter by Sawyer Products

SP140 self cleaning water bottle

This is one of the best self cleaning water bottles in the market. This 34-ounce choice is lightweight and ultra-portable, as it was designed for hiking. It's made with a high flow rate in mind, so you don't have to wait for the product to filter out hazardous bacteria. 

5. Mahaton

Mahaton self cleaning water bottle

The Mahaton bottle, unlike the CrazyCap and the LARQ, lacks an additional filtration setting for bodies of water that may contain more impurities, such as rivers and other groundwater sources. Unless the company produces a new version with an additional pure water self-cleaning bottle option, we recommend only using the Mahaton bottle with interior sources of drinking water. So, adding this item in your workout challenges at home.

This sterilization water bottle has a slim profile and a lovely double taper that makes it comfortable to grip. It's composed of double-wall stainless steel, so it can last a long time and keep your water cool. The bottle is also compact, so it should fit easily into your car holder or backpack. 

In order to receive the gallons they require, most individuals may have to refill this water filter bottle up eight to 10 times every day, which could cause a lot of disruptions in their day. 

On a fully charged battery, the Mahaton self sanitizing water bottle can last up to three weeks if you run the purifying cycle four times each day. That's a little less than the LARQ and CrazyCap 2, but it's not so short that you have to constantly charge the bottle. 

6. Brita 20 oz. Stainless Steel Filtering Bottles

Brita 20 oz. self cleaning water bottle

Brita's pitchers are certainly familiar to you, and the company's water bottles are just as simple to use. The changeable filter lasts up to two months or 40 gallons, and the double-wall insulation keeps the water cool all day (up to 24 hours). Its integrated straw makes it easy to drink from these 20-ounce bottles. 

7. Aquasana Stainless Steel Filter Water Bottle

Aquasana self cleaning water bottle

The firm touts this self sanitizing water bottle as "chuggable" with a high-water flowability, and it was designed to keep water cool for up to 24 hours. You may drink quickly while knowing that the filter eliminates over 99 percent of germs, chlorine, microscopic parasites like cryptosporidium giardia, and lead from any contaminated water. 

8. BeFree 1.0L Water Filter by Katadyn

BeFree 1.0L Water Filter by Katadyn

Collapsible water bottles are a terrific way to remain refreshed without adding weight to your luggage, but they can be a little uncomfortable to drink from. This filtered soft pack with an easy squeeze lid removes harmful microorganisms from your water. 

9. GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier, 24 oz

GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier, 24 oz

This is one of the best home gym and outdoor equipment. In as little as eight seconds, this bottle purifies the entire container. It requires a little more work, but it is one of the most effective filters available. Pour water into the container and close the filter cap to remove viruses, pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, and microplastics. 

10. Outback Bottle with Epic Water Filters

Outback Bottle with Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Bottles is known for its filter systems that suit Nalgene bottles and remove over 70 pollutants from tap water. The company also has its own bottle, which has been thoroughly tested around the United States, including in contaminated homes in Flint, Michigan, where it successfully removed copper, lead, and other contaminants. 

This 24.4-ounce sterilization water bottle includes a covered sip cap that can be opened with one hand and an easy carry top that can be attached to a backpack or pushcart. 

How Does a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Work?

UV-C light from the top of the bottle's cap scatters, killing bacteria and cleaning the water inside the bottle. By pushing the button on the cap repeatedly, you can start a three-minute cleaning cycle or a one-minute cleaning cycle. 

The bottle can self-clean for 10 seconds every two hours to maintain the inside as free from bacteria as possible. This bottle's cap must be charged, but a single charge can last for two weeks. 

UV lights, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, can be a good way to disinfect water. These UV-C lights kill bacteria by destroying them to the point that they can no longer reproduce. 

  • No filtration. Self-cleaning water bottles disinfect the water you drink, but they don't remove any silt or metal. If you plan to use a self-cleaning water bottle while camping or hiking, you still need to filter any water gathered from the outdoors to remove contaminants. 
  • Safe in nature. While spending time outside, sterilization water bottles can be used to safely sip natural water. When used appropriately, self-cleaning water bottles can be a hiker's or survivalist's best asset since the cap's UV rays eliminate microorganisms that could otherwise make you sick. 

What to Look for in a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

When selecting a UV-powered water bottle, keep the following five factors in mind: purification, design, taste, the convenience of use, and battery life. If you buy a self-cleaning water bottle, make sure it kills as much bacteria as possible, is easy to carry and travel, has a pleasant flavor, and lasts for a long time on a single charge. 

Purification: What promises does the bottle make, and at what percentage? Also, how long does it take for the water in the bottle to be purified? Is there a way to have the system clean itself? After three days of use, we thought about how the bottle smelled and looked on the inside. 

Capacity: Choose a self-cleaning water bottle that can hold enough water to last a long time between refills without being too heavy or hard to carry around. Most types hold 16 to 25 ounces of water and are intended to fit easily into cup holders. 

Taste: How does the water taste after it has gone through the purification process compared to the water you drink? 

Design: What is the material used to make the bottle, and how comfortable and easy is it to transport? Is it able to keep water cold? 

Easy to clean, set up, and store: How simple is it to set up the bottle for the first time, clean it, and store it? 

Smart Features: Some self-cleaning water bottles have a display on the cap that shows the battery life, the temperature of the water within, and a countdown timer that tells you when your water is disinfected. 

What is the capacity of the bottle in terms of water? Do you have to keep adding water to it, or does the water last a long time? 

Battery life: Many self-cleaning water bottles can run for days on end due to their low-power UV light emitters. Depending on how you use it, some models can last up to a month after a full charge. 

Aesthetics: Manufacturers of reusable water bottles have known for years that customers love selecting models that appeal to their own personal style, so they provide a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. 

Self-cleaning water bottles maintain this trend and come in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of tastes. Whether you want to match your phone, automobile, or simply want to be able to recognize your bottle from afar, you can find one to suit your needs. 

Price: Self-cleaning water bottles are available for less than $30. Premium brands' self-cleaning water bottles can cost up to $100. 

BPA Free: You want to be sure that your water bottle is not only reusable but also free of dangerous chemicals and poisons. BPA, a chemical found in plastic water bottles, affects natural hormones and has been linked to health problems like infertility and cancer. While most plastic bottles are BPA-free, other plastics still contain other harmful compounds that are just as hazardous — if not worse — than BPA. Phthalates and BPS are two examples. 


The CrazyCap 2.0 Water Bottle is well worth the money if you want a reusable water bottle that can last for years without stinking up your house, saving you the effort of regular cleaning, fitting into the holders of home workout equipment at the gym. This bottle gives a larger capacity without adding weight for travelers and explorers who are searching for light water bottles.

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