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Garden Office Pod in California: 10 Prefab Options

AutonomousAutonomous | Dec 24, 2021

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Work from home is a staple in today's work world. Companies are way more receptive to allowing those who can achieve unchanged output from remote locations to do so. Today's focus is on how a garden office pod in California can fit into that equation. 

Of course, remote work was already the norm for distributed companies and employers who worked with freelancers. So, you could say the rest of the working world is catching up. 

When you can work remotely, several undeniable benefits come with doing so. The first and arguably the most important is comfort. 

If there is anywhere in the world you are supposed to feel more relaxed and like yourself than ever, it is in your own home. When you go into a traditional office space, you could say that the outfit you wear is a metaphor for the transformation you must go through to become a more acceptable variant of yourself.  

Next, there is the matter of transit. If you travel using public transportation, you are going to have to pay a fare. If you drive yourself to work, you must deal with gas prices and the maintenance that your vehicle is going to need. 

When you work from home, none of these transportation costs is a problem, and you also don't have to concern yourself with the time that you are going to be in transit. So, if you have work at 8 AM, there’s no longer a need to be getting up at 5 or 6 AM to get ready to give yourself enough time to travel. 


Instead, you could theoretically get up at 7 AM. Even if you choose to get up a bit earlier, you have some free time to do activities that you like instead of diving straight into the work. 

As advantageous as this all sounds, there are a few downsides for you to bear in mind. First, that comfort described earlier is a bit of a double-edged sword. When you feel relaxed, work is the kind of thing that may be pushed to the backburner.  

After all, home is where you unwind, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that your productivity may be negatively affected by the naturally relaxed environment. 

Beyond that, your work-life balance can get thrown completely out of whack, simply because work and pleasure now exist in the same physical location. So, the lines are blurred where the time you dedicate to one or the other is concerned. Unfortunately, it’s your personal life that is most likely to suffer. 

These disadvantages feed into the necessity for a home office pod and all the details about garden office pod in California you need are well documented below.

What Is a Garden Office Pod?

What Is a Garden Office Pod?

So, what is this outdoor office pod in California that's being discussed and why should you care? Well, there are a lot of workers who find themselves suffering from the disadvantages that would have been mentioned above. 

Here is the situation that you have in front of you. Going to a traditional office gives you the focus and compartmentalization that you need, but at the disadvantage of expense, transit time, and loss of the kind of comfort you could have at home. 

Working from home gives you comfort, as well as the lack of expense and transit time, but you lose the ability to compartmentalize and focus effectively. So, what if you had the office space as a separate building located at your home? 

That is what an office in the garden in California attempts to achieve for you. You are physically leaving your house and going to an office. It's just that the workspace happens to be an enclosed small building in your garden or backyard. 

You could even dress in your garden office pod in California if you want to seal the deal and give yourself a mental advantage. 

What Are the Pros of Having a Home Office Pod?

Based on what has been said so far about an office pod for your home in California, the advantages here can be outlined as opposed to fully explained. 

All the upsides of incorporating this structure boil down to being able to combine the best parts of going to the office and working from home into one compact option. 

Separating work and personal time, for example, is as easy as leaving one building and going to the next. Of course, these buildings only happen to be walking distance away from each other, so even the transition is barely an inconvenience. 

10 Prefab WorkPods to Love in California

So, are you now convinced about the idea of getting yourself a prefab work pod? If so, then you just happen to be looking in the right place. Below is a compilation of 10 of the best options that you could hope for. 

It turns out that there's a lot of variety and specialization that goes into designing a backyard office pod in California. Go ahead and review the designs and their strong points, after which you can make up your mind.

1. Autonomous WorkPod

Autonomous WorkPod garden office pod in california

Now, here is a look at what a garden office pod in California is meant to look and feel like. The Autonomous Pod comes with certain essentials already handled for you, including electricity and wiring. 

Of course, this is the same company that is responsible for the outstanding ErgoChair and SmartDesk designs. Of all the options listed, this is the only one that allows you to test it for a reasonable work session as you make your decision. 

If nothing else, that demonstrates a high level of confidence. Once you're ready, you can book your Autonomous Pod tour, which gives you one hour in the structure complete with an ergonomic chair and standing desk to tie the whole office experience together. 

2. Archipod

Archipod garden office pod in california

If you want something that redefines the externally aesthetic of what you may associate with work, it probably gets no more out there than the Archipod. If you’ve ever watched SpongeBob, you've probably seen residents living in structures that look just like this. 

Step inside, though, and you are immediately hit by the level of detail and professionalism. The spherical Archipod garden office pod in California has an upward opening door, which you're not going to be seeing again on this list. 

You get to save a bit of money on modern office furniture since the only thing that you need to bring to the table (very much intended pun) is your office chair. There is already a desk that is mounted against one side of the pod that runs in a complete semicircle, allowing you to have space for a lot of your equipment. 

3. Small Sphere Pod

This garden office pod in California makes a wonderful office pod for your home in California. If the name didn't already give it away, it features a spherical shape like the option above. The manufacturer went all out with a blend of durable materials and excellent color coordination. 

Not only do you get your own space to take on the challenges of the workday with heightened focus, but you also do it looking like the upper class of workers in a structure with one of the most exquisite visuals here. 

Entrance orientation should also not be a problem, as the sphere can be rotated. That should address any positional challenges you may have with putting this work pod in your garden

4. Igloo Pod

Igloo garden office pod in california

Your home garden office in California would be taking inspiration from the Eskimos for this one. It's exactly the kind of shape you would imagine when you think of an igloo. So, your office is going to be in a dome here, but there is nothing dull about it at all. 

A frameless design is the order of the day, and it's completely transparent which gives you a great view of what's outdoors when you want to look away from your screen for a bit. From outside, anyone looking on would be amazed. 

As far as size goes, this is certainly one of the larger units on the list, able to comfortably fit about eight people sitting around a table. This is such a brilliant choice of an office in the garden in California. 

So, there is more than enough space for you and whatever office equipment you need to get your work done. Note that the kind of glass used is highly resistant to the elements, so don't worry too much about durability. 

5. OfficePOD

The name of this garden office pod in California is so plain, that it's almost surprising how futuristic it looks. More impressive even, is the simple design that the manufacturer used to achieve this. As far as shapes go, this is definitively what you would imagine a pod looking like. 

You wouldn't expect one to have a very large footprint, and you may imagine it to be a rounded rectangle or rounded cube. The OfficePOD outdoor office pod in California is exactly that, making it highly appreciated by those who may not have the garden space to handle anything larger. 

6. Rotating Luxury Pod

Rotating Luxury garden office pod in california

Here's another option for those who may like the idea of a rotating garden office pod in California. It's the second on the list, and certainly the more advanced of the two. You are getting 360-degree rotation here, meaning you just need to find a space to set up the pod and worry about the turning orientation afterward. 

It's also larger than the Small Sphere Pod, with enough room for up to seven persons. Therefore, setting up your workspace with the equipment you desire is no inconvenience at all. Note that you can optionally request a winter cover, plus you get six wonderful colors to choose from. 

7. Ten-seater Glass Sphere Pod

With the name you see here, no one needs to tell you that this is a spacious design of a garden office pod in California or that it happens to be spherical. People tend to be a bit skeptical of glass-based designs, considering the various hazards that could make for a problem outside. 

There is no need to worry about that though, as this is a solid unit. It also includes a host of nice perks, such as a coffee and dining table, a Bluetooth audio system, and LED desk lighting

So, it effectively prevents you from having to go out to get and install certain fixtures, which is a very appreciated touch. 

8. PopUpHut Office Pod

PopUpHut Office Pod

The PopUpHut Office Pod brings you the kind of traditional rectangular shape you would expect of one of these units. Still, it manages to bring a nice flair to your garden or backyard, especially with the way the eco-friendly materials are arranged. 

The layout is pretty much a beautiful dance of wood and glass that is as impressive on the inside as it is on the outside. Additionally, the unit is quite spacious, able to accommodate two workstations simultaneously. 

9. QualitySheds Studio Shed

QualitySheds has the distinction of having the most customizable design of all the options listed. The size of this home garden office in California differentials you can choose from are just a start, but the build, shapes, colors, and other elements are all things that can be tweaked. 

It's why different customers end up with looks like they're all coming from different manufacturers. 

10. Rolling Prefab House

Rolling Prefab House

Given the title, it's quite fitting that Rolling Prefab garden office pod in California makes it onto this compilation. However, it is not as commercially available as the rest. It's not commercially available at all and you'd have to get it built if you are interested. 

However, choosing to do so is likely going to give you a rewarding experience. It's cylindrical and lies horizontally. There are structures mounted inside, and rotating the cylinder makes them go in and out of positions that can give you a chair, ergonomic office desk, and even a bed.  

If you have the skill for it, you may even want to consider putting this backyard office pod in California on your DIY agenda. 

Final Remarks

It's very likely that you now have a much greater understanding of what comes with a than you did before you started reading. It's always a good idea to combine the presentation of a series of options with the importance and rationale behind even wanting the product in the first place. 

So, how do you feel about all you have seen? Are you going to book yourself a tour and test the autonomous work part out?

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