10 Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Long Hour Sitting
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10 Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Long Hour Sitting

AutonomousAutonomous | Jun 17, 2021

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With the pandemic setting in, most folks have been confined to their home offices. As and when allowed, some of you have been going to an office to provide emergency services.

Why sit in an uptight chair feeling cramped and torturous as you work long hours at the office or the home office?  It feels just like sitting in an economy seat of a long-haul flight, cramped and tired!  Some folks believe sitting cross legged on a chair is a good idea. But is it?

 As you explore the best chair for sitting all day, read our views on the twenty best comfortable office chairs for long hours that offer individualized features for each user.

What is comfort? What is the best best chair to sit for long hours?

Ergonomics - The Need for Comfort

Ergonomics - The need for comfort

An office ergonomic chair ensures that you have a comfortable posture while working.  On offer are higher comfort levels through adjustable backrests, armrests, backrests, neck rests, and seat height.  This is based on the fact that each user has a different body posture and height. An ergonomic office chair must provide each user high adjustability to suit their needs. Guidelines prescribe how you should sit, where your arms should be while you work at a computer and how you should place the wrists for maximum comfort. If you are looking for a 24 hour office chair, do read our selection.

10 Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Long Hour Sitting

The best chairs for sitting all day? Here is our selection offering you the highest comfort and recline in order of preference.

1. ErgoChair Pro+   

ErgoChair Pro+

If you have to look for the most most comfortable executive office chair in its class, you cannot ignore the ErgoChair Pro+. You will not feel how the day goes by as you sit for long hours, reclining at times to comfort your back or when you are deep in thought. The backrest reclines to twenty-five degrees beyond its upright position. You can easily lock it into any one of the eleven positions giving support to your lower back. The armrests, height, and seat tilt (forward/backward) are adjustable to your requirements as the day goes by. This chair has fine mesh for your skin to breathe as you work long hours. The six different subtle executive colors match most office decors.

2. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

Your hunt to buy an ergonomic chair ends here. Supported with a fine mesh, the seatback can easily be reclined up to twenty-two degrees for your comfort. You can lock the seat recline to any one of the five positions you like and change it frequently at the flick of a lever. Your back has one of the best supports as you adjust the armrest, seat pan tilt, height, and backrest.  Do take time to discover your chair and make it work for you by adjusting the features. Available readily in six different trendy colors, it can lift to three hundred pounds of weight.

3. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline

The finest of the reclining computer chair, it has an adjustable height, armrest, headrest and leg rest, and seat tilt. The seat is made from high-quality foam that supports the body weight as it evenly distributes it. The reclining lumbar support is one of the finest as you can adjust it for your comfort to fit your lower back.  The fine black mesh material gives your skin ample air to breathe as you work long hours. It can take 250 lbs of weight.

4. NEO Office Chair

This most comfortable office chair for long sitting offers you a seat upholstered with a nice matt finish that can take some rough use. This office chair is lightweight though it can take a weight of up to three hundred pounds. Provided with casters that are two inches thick, the chair is good for use on any surface. Though ergonomic, the lumbar support may be limited, in our opinion.  The backrest has a breathable mesh fabric to give you comfort while working.

5. Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron

This chair offers you a good recline with strong back support. A durable chair, it has a mesh back should you be working in warm weather conditions. Giving you good comfort for long working hours with this chair has limited versatility to manage the armrests and other features for each user and is available in three different sizes.

6. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair 

Visually appealing, this ergonomically designed chair has high versatility from an adjustable backrest, backrest, headrest, footrest, and seat height. Though it provides you high comfort with mesh woven fabrics, check for your comfort levels before buying. It can weigh 150 kilos.

7. Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase Leap Chair

The seat of this most comfortable office chair for long sitting offers you good padding, and many users find it soft. The seat is plain and has no edges to it that restrict your movement. The backrest provides excellent support to your back. The Leap’s great lumbar support has a natural S curve for your back with a dual adjustment lumbar support system. The only thing between you and this chair is the restrictive high price.

8. Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

With a weight of fifty-eight pounds, this lightweight chair tales a laden weight of 350 pounds. Padded with leather-like material, it has high accents of wooden finishes.  Designed for a large framed chair, it has an adjustable lumbar panel for your comfort. You can adjust the height and tilt of this most comfortable office chair for long sitting for your ease.  Do consider its bulky frame before you decide to buy.

9. Homall Gaming Chair PU Leather Desk

Homall Gaming Chair PU Leather Desk

Made from high-density foam that provides high comfort and elasticity, this ergonomic chair is covered in PU leather. It offers you the best tilt and can take a weight of 300 pounds. With a 360 degree swivel made from rubber casters, you have one of the best gaming comfortable chair for long sittings.

10. Steelcase Gesture Chair

 Steelcase Gesture Chair

The back support of this most comfortable office chair for long sitting has a lumbar curve that is natural to provide you comfort. Its mid to higher-back comfort is one of the best in its class. The lumbar adjustment gives you the flexibility to fix it for your lower back, and you can even lock this position. With this swivel seat, you can turn to any angle at your workstation. The only limitation we saw was its prohibitive price tag that holds us back. 

Having read our reviews, which chair is best for long sitting hours?

What Features Should a Good Ergonomic & Comfortable Chair for Prolonged Sitting?

Seat height

Seat height in comfortable chair for long sitting

Chairs should be able to be adjusted in height easily. It is best to use a comfortable chair for long sitting with a pneumatic height adjustment lever. Most people will sit comfortably at a height between 16 and 21 inches off the floor. Having one's feet on the floor, thighs horizontal, and arms at the same height as the desk, the user can have their feet on the ground and their thighs horizontal.

Seat width and depth

The most comfortable office chair for long sitting should have enough depth and width for any user to sit comfortably. The standard seat width is between 18-20 inches. The depth of the ergonomic office chair for long hours of sitting should be sufficient for the user to sit with their backs flush against the backrest. You must separate the knees from the chair seat by 2 to 4 inches. The best chairs for sitting all day can tilt forward or backward.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support comfortable chair for long sitting

The most comfortable long hours sitting office chair is one that provides excellent lower back support. A lumbar curve leads to slouching and strains the structures in the lower spine when you sit for extended periods without support. Ergonomic chairs should have lumbar adjustments so the lower back can be adequately supported in its inward curve by the seat.


It is recommended that the backrest of an ergonomic comfortable chair for long sitting be 12 to 19 inches wide. Backrests should be adjustable in height and angle if they are separate from the seat. Again, the spine should be supported naturally, especially in the lumbar area. The backrest of a reclining office chair should be adjusted both forward and backward if it has the seat and backrest as one piece.

Seat material

Seat material of comfortable chair for long sitting

For a tall office chair to be comfortable for extended periods, it needs enough padding on the seat and back. In comparison to a harder surface, a cloth fabric that breathes is preferred.


Chair armrests should be adjustable in office chairs. Users should be able to rest their arms comfortably and relax their shoulders. While typing, forearms should not rest on the armrest, and elbows should rest lightly on the lower arms in the best chair for lower back and hip pain.


The user should be able to efficiently adjust the position of a conventional style or ergonomic chair so that you can reach different desk areas without strain.

Recline function

Recline function

The best chair to sit for long hours cannot miss this feature. With an adjustable backrest, you can position it in a way that will specifically support the user's natural spine position. You can take advantage of this feature throughout the day to allow your backrest to take some of the weight from your upper body, thereby lessening the pressure on your discs and muscles.


What is an eight-hour chair?

Office chairs differ significantly from task chairs in terms of ergonomics. For ergonomics and comfort, task chairs are often designed with back pain sufferers in mind. A basic ergonomic comfortable chair for long sitting typically comes with height adjustments, back tilts, and swivel bases, but they are usually fixed in design besides those features. A task chair will have swivel and tilt features as well as height and depth adjustment. The armrests and lumbar support will also be adjustable.

There are generally high backrests on office chairs, but they don't always provide lumbar support. Depending on their size, task chairs can have either a mid-height back or a full-height back, and sometimes they are designed with a separate headrest and neck rest. You should pick the one that best suits your personal preferences, but a task chair with a full-height back will offer the most comprehensive support.

How does a 24-hour chair work?

24-hour chair is ideal for call centers and control rooms as you can use it round the clock. Our comfortable desk chairs for long hours are designed to endure constant use in demanding offices so that they can handle the workload. Your workers will concentrate on their tasks with chairs made from quality materials with comfort in mind.

Can you sit in a mesh chair for a long time?

When you sit for long, the chair should be fully adjustable, have back support, and recline. You can find these features in a reclining chair. If you want to find a leather-wrapped ottoman with these features, look here. A recliner chair relieves stress by enabling you to recline your back. In light of this, mesh chairs are not as comfortable as other chairs, though they may help you sit for long. Seat pans that are filled with foam and have waterfall designs encourage different sitting postures.

Can gaming chairs be used for extended periods of time?

Depending on your back health, some gaming chairs are awful, and some are great. The components underneath your seat will determine how bad your chair is for your back. Should you avoid gaming chairs? In fact, yes, you should if the chair quality meets your needs.

Likewise, if the quality of the seats is acceptable, a no would be the appropriate response. You will feel the most comfortable support when you sit in a decent seat. You will also achieve the correct body pose simultaneously. A decent chair allows you to keep your back straight and your hand ergonomically in place.

Furthermore, it allows you to maintain a straight head. The purpose of a gaming chair is to keep gamers active by keeping their lives inactive. For the most part, such chairs are ergonomic and comfortable.

Best gaming chairs are used by many sectors of society today. Despite the benefits gaming chairs provide, students, professionals, and general computer users prefer them.

Do I need to sit on cushions?

Using a cushion, you distribute body weight effectively, improve your posture, and ensure your chair feels more comfortable. People often suffer from joint pain, back pain, as well as muscle aches when sitting in a chair without supportive cushioning.

The chair you use should be comfortable. The cushion on a lousy chair won't make it good. Every hour, be sure to take a rest break and exercise. When you have lunch, go for a walk. Your workstation and your chair should both be appropriately configured. Then you can consider an ergonomic cushion once you have taken care of all the basics. To find the right cushion for you, you will need to try several different ones. A correctly set up workstation might not require a cushion.


To wrap up, as you work long hours, do remember to take frequent breaks to manage your health and back. Pick the best office chair for long hours of sitting that you feel will meet your needs

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