Top 18 Mesh Office Chairs with Headrests for Neck Pain
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Top 18 Mesh Office Chairs with Headrests for Neck Pain

|Nov 10, 2021

The ergonomic office chair has become the topic of much discussion among office workers and executives alike. There are many reasons to buy an ergonomic chair, the most important being that your seated posture significantly impacts your health. 

Two essential characteristics of office chairs are head and neck support and breathability in the form of headrests and mesh backrests. Mesh chairs have become popular because they are much more breathable than their leather counterparts. 

This article discusses breathability and head and neck support, why they are essential, and how they benefit office workers. 

Here is everything you need to know about a mesh office chair with a headrest, along with 18 of our top choices. 

The Benefits of an Office Chair with a Headrest

Headrests are a great feature to have for resting your head when you need to take a break. They often recline, allowing users to put their heads back while still receiving enough support to prevent injury. 

In addition, headrests can be crucial components for people with neck pain. The neck pain you may be feeling could result from poor posture, which is caused by the strain placed on your neck, shoulder, and back muscles as they work to keep you in a seated posture. 

Headrests essentially work to prevent you from hunching forward, while taking strain off your neck muscles. They provide a comfortable surface for you to rest your head on, which keeps it from moving forward, resulting in poor posture. 

With an ergonomic office chair that includes a headrest, your body learns over time to maintain the proper seated posture. 

Mesh Versus Leather Seating

In the choice between a mesh chair vs leather, mesh chairs win every time. This is because, unlike leather chairs, mesh chairs are breathable, which means that they allow air to flow through them, which is vital to prevent the chair from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and preventing sweat and odor from building up in the backrest. 

After a hot day, sweat is bound to accumulate on your chair. If your chair has a mesh backrest, this sweat can evaporate quickly, preventing the build-up of odor. Mesh office chairs have also become popular over the past few years, so they are a lot easier to find and are often the cheaper option when compared to leather chairs. 

While leather chairs may have a more attractive appearance and be easy to clean, mesh chairs are certainly a better choice because they require very little maintenance and offer superior ventilation. 

Our Top 18 Choices for a Mesh Office Chair with a Headrest

If you need a mesh desk chair with a headrest, here are 18 to choose from. 

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo mesh office chair with a headrest

There is a reason why so many people love this executive mesh chair. This reclining office chair has all the characteristics of a high-end office chair, but is much more affordable than its high-end rivals, with all the great ergonomic features you could need. 

The chair has a woven mesh backrest to allow for optimum airflow, keep your chair free of odor and sweat. Flexible lumbar support, adjustable armrests, seat tilt, and backrest are impressive characteristics of this chair. It also has an adjustable headrest to allow you to receive the ultimate support for your head and neck while working long hours. 

Users also have the option of six colors, with choices that range from vibrant Evergreen to neutral Cool Grey for this ergonomic office chair with a headrest, so you can choose the color that matches your office décor or style. 

2. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline mesh office chair with a headrest

Another great option is the Autonomous Chair Recline. This mesh office chair, like the Autonomous Chair Ergo, looks just as incredible as it feels. It includes a comfortable foam seat that doesn’t wear with time, and it is fully adjustable with a reclining mesh backrest. 

The footrest and headrest for office chair features are optional extras that we recommend, especially for those who suffer from chronic neck pain. It also features five durable caster wheels that allow you to move around freely on a wide range of surfaces. 

3. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair has a fully adjustable headrest to help provide all the necessary support to the neck head. It also has fully adjustable armrests and lumbar support to support the curvature of the spine for optimum support of the back. 

Its mesh backrest is fully supported, allowing users to recline comfortably, and the seat is made from high-density foam with a waterfall edge. While this ergonomic office chair with a headrest has everything you could need from an ergonomic chair, it is only available in black, so it may not appeal to those looking for something more vibrant. 

4. Sihoo Ergonomics Mesh Office Chair

Sihoo mesh office chair with a headrest

If you spend much time at your workstation, you need a chair that is both comfortable and supportive. You need more than chairs that just let you adjust their height. The Sihoo office chair is an excellent choice for people who enjoy taking short breaks by leaning back in their mesh desk chair

This chair lets you sit back comfortably at 90-to-126-degree angles, giving you a total of 36 degrees of recline support. It also has a headrest that can be modified by up to 45 degrees and elevated or dropped by up to 3.9 inches, making it a great choice of mesh office chair with a headrest. 

5. Nouhaus Ergo3D Mesh Office Chair

If you are a fan of executive chairs, but don't like the excessively padded design, this Nouhaus option is a good solution. Despite the mesh-combination design, it retains more comfortable features associated with a leather executive or gaming chairs. 

It is a mesh office chair with an adjustable headrest and up to 135 degrees of recline and tilt, which is a great feature to have. The lumbar support is also adjustable, which allows you to tailor the backrest to provide the right amount of support precisely where you need it.

6. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly mesh office chair with a headrest

This stylish office chair makes the perfect addition to any office setup. One of its best features is the raisable armrests that let you tuck it underneath your desk and out of the way at the end of the day. 

The mesh desk chair with a headrest is available in black and grey, so it doesn’t offer much in terms of color choices, but it does have a four-point support system for the head, back, hips, and arms, making it a great ergonomic choice. 

7. Sunnow Mesh Desk Chair

The curved mesh backrest of this ergonomic chair is designed to provide optimum support for the back. It also includes a slide seating feature to reduce pressure on the thighs when you are in a seated position. 

This mesh desk chair with a headrest is a winner with a tilt function of 90 to 120 degrees and adjustable two-dimensional armrests. However, similar chairs mentioned before have a generic look and are available in black only. 

8. Bilkoh Ergonomic Office Chair

Bilkoh mesh office chair with a headrest

If you are searching for something a little different, you might like this high-back ergonomic office chair from the Bilkoh Store with a built-in headrest. Because it is made from high-density mesh, this chair's mesh backrest is resistant to deformation. 

The chair includes several ergonomic features and is fully adjustable, so it is no wonder that users have generally been delighted with this chair, praising it for comfort and value for money. 

9. Arjun Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair by The Twillery Co.

This mesh task chair is fun and sleek, available in four great, playful colors, with plenty of lumbar support to keep you going for up to eight hours. It has a nylon frame in a striking white color and steel components for added reinforcement. 

The mesh upholstery on the seating, backrest, headrests, and armrests provides the right mix of cushioning and breathability. This chair has swivel and tilt features, as well as pivot armrests and a height-adjustable seat. 

10. Upper Square Gerome Ergonomic Task Chair

Upper Square Gerome Ergonomic Task Chair

The Gerome task chair is a high-back mesh office chair with lumbar support, a height-adjustable headrest, and armrests. It provides the most comfortable position for the head and neck thanks to an impressive free rotating headrest. 

You get excellent support with this computer chair with a headrest, and its breathable mesh design has an air-right structured seat that allows good airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. It also has an attractive, modern design. 

11. Zipcode Design Eiler Ergonomic Office Chair

The Zipcode Design Eiler chair features a mesh back for a mix of breathability and modernism. It has a distinctive mesh pattern for better strength and support and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. This computer chair with a headrest also includes a reclining headrest for comfort and support and is fully adjustable. 

12. Brayden Studio Canarsie Deluxe Mesh Task Chair

Brayden Studio Canarsie Deluxe Mesh Task Chair

The Canarsie Deluxe mesh chair has distinctive features like an adjustable headrest height to accommodate your preferred height. This chair is tilt-adjustable and lockable in three angles to support you fully while you are working or relaxing in a reclined position. 

Ergonomic design is the number one priority with this chair, and its mesh high back design relieves work stress and aids in the prevention of injuries caused by poor posture. Overall, it is an excellent, but slightly more expensive option. 

13. Latitude Run Opuntia Mesh Chair

A great feature of this computer chair with a headrest is the synchro-tilt, which allows the back and seat to recline at a two-to-one ratio, keeping the seat closer to the ground as you lounge. To lock in your preferred backrest position, make use of the chair's three locking positions. 

You can use the knob beneath the seat to quickly adjust the rocking motion. The chair is also completely adjustable and includes lumbar support to ease pressure in the back. It is also available in three colors. 

14. Cirincione Ergonomic Chair by Inbox Zero

Cirincione Ergonomic Chair by Inbox Zero

The Cirincione mesh office chair with a headrest has a multi-arc support design that provides full support for the neck, back, and head support, relieving back pain and supporting your spine. It supports up to 300 pounds, and its gas lift is SGS and BIFMA certified, so you can be assured of its strength and safety. 

A heavy-duty base that wheels for moving around on carpets and floors. To save space, flip up the arms and push the chair under the desk or counter. 

15. Jajaluya Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This modern office chair from Jajaluya has an ergonomic design and is completely adjustable, allowing you to attain the ideal supported seated position. It is easy to assemble, and the mesh office chair with a headrest has a reinforced mesh back with adjustable lumbar support with a comfortable cushion seat.

The flip-up arms are also a great feature that makes for easy storage. 

16. Ergonomic Office Chair with a Footrest from Inbox Zero

Ergonomic Office Chair with a Footrest from Inbox Zero

Are you looking for something that's affordable, but has excellent ergonomic features? This mesh office chair with a headrest from Inbox Zero may be the one for you. It has a high back with an integrated headrest and a soft seat with extra padding for optimum comfort. The chair is suitable for concrete, hardwood, carpeted, and tiled floors. 

17. Sidiz T50 Home Office Desk Chair

This stylish mesh office chair with a headrest is available in three different colors, namely blue, grey, and black. The curved backrest offers comfortable lumbar support, while the seat slope feature lets you lean in better. It is an excellent chair for a home office, workstation, or study area with several adjustment options and robust build quality. 

18. Lintoyo Mesh Task Chair

Style, breathability, functionality, and ergonomics are all great words to describe this contemporary mesh office chair with a headrest. It has a white frame with a blue mesh backrest, headrest, and seat, so your chair is sure never to smell foul or build up sweat, thanks to its innovative design. 

While this chair has the whole package, it does not have a tilt mechanism, which is surprising given its higher price point. 

Final Thoughts

When searching for an ergonomic office chair, two crucial qualities are breathability and support for the head and neck. We recommend the Autonomous Chair Ergo or Autonomous Chair Recline as the ideal mesh office chairs with headrests. They include all the ergonomic qualities of high-end office chairs, but at a more affordable price.

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