20 Bedroom Studio Ideas for an Upgraded Apartment Living Space
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20 Bedroom Studio Ideas for an Upgraded Apartment Living Space

|Mar 17, 2023

Being in our living spaces every day eventually sparks the urge to change things. That’s not a bad idea by any means, but it can be difficult to stir up some new bedroom studio ideas. 

What Is a Studio Bedroom Apartment?

A studio bedroom apartment is a living area that affordably maximizes space. It combines a living room, bedroom, and kitchen into one room. While this can seem cramped, there are many ways to comfortably divide your bedroom studio design so that it feels homier. 

Benefits of Upgrading Bedroom Studio Design

After residing in the same room for a while, you may be itching to change up the feel of your living space. This could be especially so for people who work from home, as new bedroom apartment ideas could make a positive difference in productivity and work-life balance.

Benefits of Upgrading Bedroom Studio Design

What Should I Consider When Looking for New Bedroom Studio Ideas?

Many studio apartments do not have a lot of storage space. This should be a huge factor in your redesign plans. Consider maximizing the space that you do have to free up certain areas that should be designated for living.  

Additionally, most studios do not have certain areas, such as a dining spot or office space. As such, it is up to you to make room. If these are critical aspects of your living space, then consider combining them into the bedroom or living area. Popular combos include: 

  • Work desk in bed space
  • Work area in living room
  • Dining spot in living room 

What Are Some Bedroom Studio Ideas?

Where should you start looking for bedroom studio ideas? Every living space is different, so we’ve compiled a list of 20 suggestions for your redesign that could spark even more ideas for your unique art studio bedroom.  

1. Upgrade Your Furniture

Replacing your home furniture with modern, high-quality pieces can make a huge difference in your small space. Think about how a new couch could freshen up your living room, or how a new office chair could make all the difference while you work. 

If you work from home, a standing desk could also be a great swap for your old desk. Not only does it enhance productivity while you work, but it also promotes a more active lifestyle which can be important while living in a smaller area. 

Additionally, consider finding lighter and simpler pieces. Including furniture like this makes your limited studio space feel larger and less cramped.

Upgrade Your Furniture - bedroom studio ideas

2. Use Furniture to Maximize Storage

You don’t get a lot of storage space in your studio apartment. That is why it’s important to maximize the space that you have for storing your things. 

Consider a platform storage bed. These are great furniture pieces that discreetly store your things underneath your sleep space. Additionally, they serve as a great way to divide the designated spaces throughout your apartment. Your bed is just a bit higher than the other furniture in the room.  

Many bedroom studio setup ideas suggest dividing the spaces so there is a clear separation between the “rooms.” Utilize the dividers for storage. Many vertical shelving furniture pieces can serve to separate your living room from your bedroom.  

3. Rearrange Your Office Space

A typical bedroom studio design often does not include office space. That means if you’re wondering where to put a desk in a bedroom or living space, it is up to you to find the right spot! You can consider bedrooms that keep feng shui in mind to get the most out of your bedroom and work area. 

There are many ways to reconfigure your office setup. Should you keep your desk in your living room area, or keep it near your sleeping space?

If you want a fresh look for your workspace, you can try to find new computer accessories or a new bedroom PC setup. These simple additions can make a world of difference in your work area.

Rearrange Your Office Space

4. Use a Bookshelf as a Room Divider

A creative way to divide your space while maximizing storage is to use a bookshelf as a room separator. It beautifully marks the division between your living and sleeping spaces, while holding items as plain as books or as intentional as décor to spruce up the area.  

For a smaller art studio bedroom, consider simpler shelving that has no backing to it. While you can see through these pieces, they make your space feel bigger. Blocky shelving can overwhelm your studio design and make it seem smaller.  

As an alternative to high bookshelves, you could also try smaller shelving that reaches about five feet. It is not as tall and still does the job of separating the designated living areas.  

5. Loft Your Bedspace

Get creative with how you place your bed. If your studio apartment allows it, try lofting your bed. It frees up space and is an interesting bedroom studio design choice. It makes your space more unique and could be just the change you need to fall back in love with your apartment. 

If there is no spot available to loft your bed, think about installing new furniture that lofts the bed for you. 

There are specific furniture pieces that feature an office space underneath a raised bed. As a result, you can take advantage of all the space in your apartment, and even allow more room for your living area. 

Loft Your Bedspace - bedroom studio ideas

6. Use Rugs as Room Dividers

Finding affordable furniture can often be challenging. However, using rugs as room dividers is a cost-effective alternative, as it aesthetically breaks up the different areas of your studio.  

You can get creative with the rug colors and patterns. This bedroom studio design choice is perfect for those inspired by eclecticism. The complementing colors and patterns can also bring a pop of brightness that inspires creativity and joy to your space.  

7. Hang Curtains

If you have windows in your studio, try getting new curtains that pair with your furniture. It’s a quick and easy way to mix up the design of the space without breaking the bank.  

You can also use curtains as room dividers. Set them up around your bed for a makeshift canopy or set up one curtain across the edge of your bed to separate it from the living space entirely.

Hang Curtains - bedroom studio ideas

8. Use Multiple Paint Colors on the Wall

Getting new furniture or placing objects in between the designated spaces may not be the most effective way to separate your bedroom studio design. Instead, think about using paint as a signifier for a different room. 

While painting takes a bit longer than installing new furniture, it is a simple way to divide the area without taking up any more space. Consider colors that complement each other. Do you want softer, calming tones? Would you prefer more colorful hues that spark a brighter ambiance? 

9. Place a Retractable Room Divider

Another cost-effective way to create a separation between spaces is a retractable room divider. They’re designed to keep rooms separated when there is no wall. Plus, they are perfect if you don’t want a permanent divider like paint or something as heavy as furniture.  

You can find dividers that range in price from as low as $20 to as much as $1000. It all depends on the size and quality you desire.  

10. Install a Murphy Bed

Free up some space with a murphy bed. Essentially, this piece of furniture is a bed that folds up and into your wall. If it is not feasible to have an office or dining area in your studio apartment, then a murphy bed is a great alternative to clear up space.  

You can use the extra room for a comfortable spot to complete home workouts or simply to make your apartment feel more spacious.

Install a Murphy Bed

11. Divide the Rooms with a Blank Projection Screen

Not all bedroom apartment ideas account for having space for a television. However, this could be a critical element in your living space. Instead of making room for your entertainment center, use a blank wall or blank screen as a combination of a room divider and projection screen.  

A projector is an alternative to a TV. They connect to a smaller device, such as a laptop, to display visual media, including movies. Plus, they are transportable. When you are not using your projector, you can easily move it to a designated storage area.  

12. Use Your Office Space to Divide Living and Workspaces

There are so many small bedroom-office combo ideas that maximize your living spaces. When thinking about new bedroom studio ideas, consider using your desk as the divider. This naturally divides the rooms using the furniture you already own. Plus, it separates your bedroom—which should be a relaxing space—from your workspace—which should encourage productivity.  

13. Expand Your Living Space

Need simpler bedroom setup studio ideas? Try something as straightforward as making your living space just a bit bigger. You don’t have to get rid of your bedroom entirely, but you can make your living room more spacious, doubling as office space.

Expand Your Living Space - bedroom studio ideas

14. Add Foldable Tables to Your Setup

Not all apartments have designated eating spaces. Still, this is an element that could make your studio homier and more inviting. Since your space is limited, don’t install permanent furniture. Think about adding foldable tables.  

You can find nice transportable tables that match the design style of your studio without clearing out your wallet. Try tables with bright colors to add a unique quality to your space. 

15. Use Adjustable Furniture

If you are constantly looking for new bedroom studio ideas, then consider some reconfigurable furniture. Many brands offer pieces that can change shape based on how many guests you have or the current setup of your living area.  

Reconfigurable couches are the most common type of adjustable furniture. Additionally, people who need an occasional change can slide and adjust these couches to satisfy their redesign urge in a matter of minutes.

Use Adjustable Furniture - bedroom studio ideas

16. Rethink Your Nooks

Some studio apartments include small nooks that are often meant for storage. However, one of the best bedroom apartment ideas suggests you use the nook as your sleep space or work area. 

If it’s big enough, use the nook for your bed. It makes your sleep space more private.  

Additionally, you could put an office in the nook. Enhance the space to meet your work needs and increase productivity.  

17. Use Your Couch for Sitting at a Table

As mentioned before, not all studio apartments include an eating spot. To upgrade your apartment, you could use your couch for table seating. When finished with your meal, move the table out of the way to make room for your living needs.  

This idea can also double as an office if you do not have a desk or a designated office space. Plus, having a comfortable seat can encourage productivity and help you work better.  

18. Make Storage Shelving Stylish

Storage is often limited in a studio, so make the most of it by using shelving units on your wall. However, it does not have to look blocky. You can make your storage shelves fun to look at.  

One of the best bedroom studio ideas is to use floating shelves. Not only do they look great, but they don’t overcrowd your wall. Keep books and décor here without having to take up more storage.

Make Storage Shelving Stylish

19. Replace Your Nightstand with a Desk

Skip a nightstand altogether by replacing it with your desk. It can free up space in your bedroom and serves as a great way to include a workspace if it's not readily available in the rest of the apartment.   

This replacement can get tricky because you don’t want to overcrowd your desk. A cluttered desk can be a negative thing when trying to work. As a result, be mindful of the organization if you include this idea in your bedroom studio design.  

20. Maximize Natural Lighting

It can be challenging to find natural ways to maximize productivity. However, including natural light in your living space can not only enhance your productivity but also provide you with more vitamin D, which can help your mood.  

To maximize natural lighting when including your new bedroom setup studio ideas, avoid blocky furniture that could prevent natural window light from reaching the rest of the room.

Maximize Natural Lighting

The Bottom Line

There are many bedroom studio ideas you can implement to rejuvenate your living space. Finding the right changes to your apartment can be challenging, but you should consider the space available to you and what living arrangements are most important.  

Do you prioritize a nice office space? Do you prefer to have a large living room area? How important is it to have a dining spot? All of this should be considered for a freshened look in your studio apartment.

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