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3 Gaming Desk Dimensions That Gamers Should Know

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 18, 2021

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Gaming has picked up and is more than a passion now; it has become a professional business for many folks.

If you are one of those who can't resist the urge of 'just one more game', you need to be watchful of the kind of set-up that you have for gaming.  You may have more than just a computer system, keyboard, joystick/ gaming controllers, and more. You want to avoid the terrible headaches and stiff body postures that come from not having a correct desk set-up. How you place the equipment, the desk size, and more make a difference in your being healthy and the success of your games.

Most folks who are into gaming are attracted to various features, looks, desktop finish, and more. However, they miss the basics, like is the desktop wide enough to hold multiple monitor set-ups? Is there a cable management system? Does the desktop have grommets? These may seem trivial, but without considering these basics, you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, imagine you get yourself a table and then realize that the height is incorrect, or you want to sit now and play as you get tired of standing. The best is to have an adjustable standing desk that helps you lower or raise the desk when you want. Then, powered by electric motors that don't disturb your gaming, you can manage the change in height at the flick of a button.

So for most early gamers, one of the challenging questions is the best gaming desk dimensions? 

Gaming Desk Dimensions and Measurements

You could always pick up a ready-to-go desk or a DIY gaming desk. However, the following details will help you determine how big a gaming desk should be. Let’s find out some information about gaming desk dimensions!

1. Depth


One of the critical aspects of gaming computer desk dimensions is its depth. That is the space needed between the front to the back of a gaming computer desk.

You can easily need between two and a half feet to three feet of space on a minimum. A lot of this would depend on the kind of set-up you have. Yes, even with the old screens that used to be huge and bulky. These are now replaced by slimmer computer screens that occupy less space.  As per OSHA guidelines, you need a minimum of twenty inches of space between your eyes and computer screens. Why? Because this gives you a proper vision and helps you maintain your vision healthily.  Anything lesser could impact your vision over some time. This distance also helps you to keep your neck and back straight. 

Another varying factor of a gaming desk dimension is the size of the monitor. You will need to push back your chair from the desk for large and wide monitors to have a clear vision.  If you plan a multiple monitor desk setup, this distance between you and the desk will need to increase for the right vision.

Some folks prefer to use a laptop for their gaming needs instead of the traditional tower types CPU. This allows them to use less desktop space.  They also prefer to have a wire-free or wireless joystick and gaming controllers to manage mobility as they jump from one monitor to another, entering the space or different room settings on their games.

Don’t miss the amount of gaming desk accessories you will need to place.

2. Width


Here is another crucial gaming desk dimension. The space between the two sides of the desk, going from left to right or vice versa.  While some folks prefer to have a regular desk, others prefer an L-shaped gaming desk or a corner desk. Why? It gives them easier access to multiple monitors and various accessories on the desktop.  Combine it with a mobile chair or a chair with casters, and you have instant mobility.

As you plan the width of the desk you need, you will have to be certain about your monitor requirements. The deciding factors will be the number of monitors you plan to have, their width/size, and keeping any space between the monitors. The regular screen should be about 24 to 30 inches wide. So even if you plan to have two to three monitors, you easily need about 90 inches in width.

Some gamers miss the space required to add speakers to the desktop. Some folks plan to use the vertical wall space and later change their mind to larger and powerful ones that need to be placed on the desktop.  So it's best to build space right at the beginning.

Some folks prefer a peripheral set-up for monitors; this shape is more like a wide C. So that may reduce your space needed by about a few inches.  Also, monitors on each side are facing inwards, which creates a peripheral visual effect for you.

3. Height


To get the maximum from your gaming, desk height matters the most. It is one of the most important gaming desk dimensions. While many folks prefer to stand and play, others prefer to sit and play. To get the best of both worlds, prefer a standing desk. 

Some folks may prefer to use a gaming desk height calculator. Most standing desks for gamers start with the desktop surface at about 29 inches from the floor.  For those who are extra tall, you should consider a desk height of at least 36 inches or so. This would ensure that your vision meets the top of the monitor/computer screen for best results.  Make sure that your arms drop easily and comfortably to your sides as you sit on the chair, and the forearms are resting on the desktop. This position will allow your arms, shoulders, and back to rest as they take support from the table.

Have you thought about the type of chair you are going to opt for? For example, is it a gaming chair vs office chair


You can enjoy your game and ensure that your health is not at risk with the right desk measurements. After all, that's what you would want, right?

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