15 Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming. How To Choose The Right One?
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15 Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming. How To Choose The Right One?

|Apr 17, 2022

If you game on a PC, you know how important the organization of your desk can be. Depending on what types of games you’re playing the most, there are different needs for your desk arrangement. Even if it’s just for visual reasons, it’s great to have a clear desk, or at least clear as you can keep it. For many, a gaming keyboard tray helps solve the issue of space by adding an additional surface in which your keyboard, and sometimes even your mouse, can sit during gameplay in order to maximize your ergonomics. What is ergonomics, and why does it matter in gaming?Computer keyboards are perhaps the most basic input equipment, so without them, no activity can be completed on the PC. You'll need an extra keyboard even if you use a laptop or a personal computer to improve your performance and effectiveness. Additionally, you cannot accommodate a keyboard on a small table without a gaming keyboard tray.

You'll need an ergonomically designed keyboard tray that you can slip in a while, not in use. It'll also free up more workspace for other vital accessories while storing and managing your keyboard. Hence, in this article, we've compiled a list of the currently commercially available top under desk keyboard trays. Every one of our recommendations will come with useful details to make an educated judgment without constantly seeking elsewhere.


In a lot of ways, gaming is work. It might not be the way you bring home a check or pay the bills, but it does take effort, both mentally and physically. Controllers keep the physical toll to a minimum, with movements and gestures centered around one space: the controller itself. With a keyboard and mouse, you are doing a little bit more. Like a piano, managing a keyboard and mouse simultaneously at great speeds takes practice. The muscle memory that goes into keeping your gaming movements clear, clean, and crisp develop over time, and like riding a bike, you may always have it, but you can lose your dexterity. Ergonomics play into the maintenance of high skills in gaming.

As the saying goes: work smarter, not harder. Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency, and yes, this even extends into video games and other forms of entertainment. Ergonomics entered the gaming world initially through the study of hand-eye coordination, but after researchers began looking at how to maximize efficiency in the workplace, a crossover occurred when studies began surrounding keyboards.

Depending on the location and level of a keyboard, one can improve their productivity when typing. Because many PC games require multiple keys on the keyboard for gameplay, it is evident that ergonomics and the advances in technology and research have lent themselves to improved gaming experiences. Keyboard trays add a large collection of benefits to one’s gaming setup, and if you have the right desk, almost any keyboard tray can be added to your gaming space to maximize your abilities and skills. Like stated, it can make a huge difference depending on how high your desk is positioned, so if you have something adjustable like our smart standing gaming desk, a favorite for keyboard tray expansions and overall gaming experience, you’ll be able to pick up just about any brand’s tray for your setup.

Recommended 15 Best Keyboard Trays for Gaming & Working

The sort of keyboard tray that you select will be determined by your desktop's size and how you want to be at your workplace. It would help if you found an ergonomically designed gaming keyboard and mouse tray that fits your buffer zone. The goal is to reduce the amount of time you spend moving about and grabbing for your controller, keyboard, or even other devices when you're still at your desk.

We've included a buyer's guide for something like the finest keyboard trays here to learn more about them and the benefits they provide.

1. Startech Under Desk

Keyboard Tray for Gaming

This gaming keyboard tray from Startech is a spacious 26.4” with a weight capacity of 4.4 lbs. That should be more than enough to hold any gaming keyboard, as well as a mouse depending on the size of your rig. The great thing about the Startech is that not only does it hook into your desk from underneath the surface, but it mimics a TV mount in its movements. You can fold it into itself for maximum space saving when you’re not gaming, and its ability to slide under the surface of your desk makes it invisible to the eye when folded away.

The wrist rest on the Startech keyboard tray is also a lifesaver. For games where you stay roughly in the WASD area of the board, you’ll be able to comfortably rest your wrist at all times in order to avoid early arthritis or other negative symptoms that occur when you arch your wrist for extended periods. Startech is a great brand as well, and some gaming keyboard trays for desks that are otherwise fantastic do not match this board’s ability to withstand pressure and last years. Plus, for the price, it’s a steal in terms of durability and comfort. Comfort might be something you’re willing to sacrifice for speed or ability, but with the Startech board, you’re able to have it all. This gaming keyboard tray is recommended especially to MMO players and less-intense gamers.

2. Yescom Under Desk

This is another must-have gaming essential. This Yescom under desk keyboard tray is also an under desk installation, which frees up tons of space on top of your desk for whatever you may need. Even if you don’t think you have much to place on top of your desk, it just looks better to have free, open space. Clutter clouds the mind, and during a gaming session, you shouldn’t be worried about messes or crowded spaces. The Yescom keyboard tray is a top pick in ergonomic accessories and is marketed as being able to comfortably hold your keyboard and mouse, something that not all trays can do. The tray tilts to amazing levels and also features a 360 swivel to ensure wherever you need your keyboard to be, you can move it to your spot. The height is also adjustable, but remember, your desk is limited if it can’t also adjust. That being said, a tray that is adjustable means you have the ability to hit that sweet spot for your gaming station. The gaming keyboard tray for desk also slides side to side in order to make sure that no matter your position or posture, your tray is there for you.

Wrist padding is on the base of the gaming keyboard tray to make sure you don’t suffer wrist soreness, and it can’t be stressed enough how important that can be. After a few hours, the strain on your wrists can be unbearable, and having that extra cushion saves you the stress of hurting when you should be having fun. The construction of the tray is solid and ensures that you can place what you need on the tray without risk of falling. Again, the under desk construction means you have lots of free space, which is a huge bonus.

The gaming keyboard tray is not only marketed to gamers, but also to offices, workspaces, and so on. If you use your computer for multiple things, the Yescom is meant to adapt to whatever you need it to be. If you’re typing, surfing the web, or gaming, this keyboard tray is what you need to stay effective and productive.

3. Vivo Adjustable

The Vivo is another amazing piece of technology in ergonomics and gaming expertise. The mount is once again under-table meaning you save all the space you need. You’ll be able to fit quite a bit on this gaming keyboard tray, with a deluxe 25” x 10” surface existing underneath your desk to ensure you are positioned to play in the best way. Keyboard-intensive games are often a strain on the hands and wrists, but plush padding helps a ton on the Vivo keyboard tray. The plushness of the pads honestly take away any strain and make it feel as if you could game all day and night.

Vivo Adjustable - 5 Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming

The gaming keyboard and mouse tray also features a 5” range of motion. This motion includes full side to side rotation meaning your keyboard is placed wherever you want it to be. The great thing about the range of motion with the Vivo is that you can adjust it on a day to day basis, or even as you are in the middle of a gaming session. The keyboard is able to slide back and forth on a large 18” track, meaning it hides away when unused, and comes to you when you’re ready. Assembly is easy and all the pieces and parts come with the Vivo.  

The Vivo gaming keyboard tray is a bit more expensive, but it is nice to have that plush padding and huge surface. For gamers looking to store more on their keyboard tray, they need not look further than the Vivo for a spacious, durable design and the great way to store their gaming essentials.

4. KT1 Tray with Negative Tilt

The best thing about the KT1 is that it embodies all the great things about the first three gaming keyboard trays in this list. The KT1 is built to hang from under the desk like the others included, but there’s a bonus. You can raise, tilt, swivel, and slide this tray to the perfect position. Every movement you might want to make is available thanks to the angles the KT1 can make with its ergonomic flexibility. This is a customizable ergonomic keyboard tray that can work with you to find the perfect gaming angle. Better yet, there’s an added feature to its range of movement: negative tilt.

KT1 Tray with Negative Tilt Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming

Negative tilt means you can face the keyboard towards the monitor, or upside down if the angle helps you feel more natural. Our hands with no effort hang, and when the keyboard tray is negatively tilted, it feels as if the angle of the keys is natural to the way your hand wants to lie on a surface. This option is one that you’ll take advantage of quite a bit, and if it’s not for you after a few tries, you can position it at a normal tilt, or any shape and angle you want thanks to its simple adjustability.

A single locking lever holds this gaming keyboard tray for desk together for you no matter the angle, and that level of choice is unmatched by many keyboard trays. The KT1 is to die for, and its abilities to work to your needs is priceless. There are a lot of keyboard trays out there, but not all can do what the KT1 can. The KT1 brand means something to consumers: what you need, you get with their products. A great brand, an even better product: the KT1 with Negative Tilt is worth every penny and worth some consideration.

5. Fellowes Executive

This is one of the cool gaming accessories that you should have. Let me preface this by saying that a $200+ gaming keyboard tray may not be in your budget. That being said, it’s important to include this tray because of all it has to offer. This under desk keyboard tray is remarkable, mostly for its size. It is easy to assemble to any desk, and fits a full-sized keyboard as well as offers a separate space for your mouse. It can be installed under a desk, meaning that you have maximum space on your desk surface with both your keyboard and mouse free from the clutter on top of your area.

Fellowes Executive - Best Keyboard Tray for Gaming

Gamers rejoice, there are so many options for wrist cushions. With four separate cushions, any part of the keyboard you may need is available for your comfort. The best part? These cushions are a microfiber that feels light as air and allows you all the time in the world to the game without painful shooting in your wrists. The space on the tray, as well as the wrist cushions, make this the comfiest way to the game. Again, it’s a lot of money. But, if you can afford it, there’s no better route to go for a gaming keyboard tray.

6. Clamp-On Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Tray by Mount-It!

Clamp-On Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Tray by Mount-It!

You won't have to worry about drilling holes in your desk or dealing with huge rails that won't fit. This keyboard tray for gamers suits any tabletop up to 2.5 inches and attaches to the edges of your workstation. You may place your arms, elbows, and shoulders at a far more ergonomically correct height and vertical position with this Clamp-On Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Tray to help avoid nerve damage and other repeated usage injuries.

7. Keyboard and Mouse Platform by Mount-It!

Keyboard and Mouse Platform by Mount-It!

With this standing keyboard and mouse platform, you can install your keyboard beneath your table to save room on your desk surface and enhance your biomechanics. Its clean and modern shape makes it adaptable, permitting it to work with a wide range of workstation designs and keyboards.

8. Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Tray by Mount-It!

You could use this quick clamping gaming keyboard tray from our computer desk accessories to change the position of your keyboard or mouse towards the right chair arm-rest working height. While working, you may also experience maximum comfort and optimal angles, which will improve your general health immediately.

9. Adjustable Angle Keyboard and Mouse Platform by Mount-It!

Adjustable Angle Keyboard and Mouse Platform by Mount-It!

It's simple to arrange your desk for ultimate convenience and improved posture. Spin the lever on the keyboard attachment to alter the elevation or tilt angle. The rotational modification is accomplished without any equipment, allowing you to optimize your workstation comfort in less time.

10. Clamp-On Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Drawer Platform by Mount-It!

It is a gripping gaming keyboard tray for your desktop that requires no drilling. By putting your keyboard underneath your table, you may free up the workspace. Additionally, the mounting may be readily positioned by merely dragging the panel. It encourages users to assume a balanced working posture, which improves ergonomics.

11. Kensington Under Desk Luxury Keyboard Drawer

Kensington Under Desk Luxury Keyboard Drawer

Its exceptionally broad tray gives you enough room for your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, all on a single level. With its three changeable height settings and simple Glide drawers, which you can install at each of three configurable heights, this one will give you a pleasant and ergonomic work situation.

12. Under desk Keyboard Compartment by Fellowes Office Suites

Are you looking for low-cost substitute home office accessories for a desktop that could be stashed away when not in use? This gaming keyboard tray is a reasonable alternative. It's the only solution if you have a workstation with a cantilever that prevents you from putting a typical under-desk keyboard tray with any rails.

13. Bush Business - Multipurpose Keyboard Shel

Bush Business - Multipurpose Keyboard Shel

It is a further wonderful option for a bigger keyboard tray that can accommodate both a keypad and a trackpad on one horizontal plane. If you require the extra space, it has been reported to be the appropriate size for a sports mouse or keyboard. It has a sturdy feel to it, unlike other flimsy keyboard trays. It's robust and durable, and it slides back and forth smoothly.

14. Under-Desk 3M Flexible Keyboard Drawer

Because of its customizable keyboard control system, this gaming keyboard tray for desk is ideal for compact spaces with limited surface area. Eventually, a large and comfy flexible workstation keyboard cabinet can hold both the keyboards and the mouse. It has the brand's unique anti-microbial velour cushion wrist rest, which is strong enough to offer support yet capable of providing maximum comfort.

15. A Platform for Kensington Modular Keyboards

A platform for Kensington Modular Keyboards

The gaming keyboard tray's hue glass makes it simple to configure the device to your preferred settings. It has three distinct modular levels that may be connected to create a big keyboard and mouse space, or you can remove levels to accommodate tiny desks that match varied size typing areas. Moreover, it includes a keyboard hand support to give vital support for your hands and forearms when working for extended periods.

If you spend too much time at the workplace, it's critical to set up your workstation to reduce physical strain and make changes as needed. You may also incorporate some fun desk accessories if you want. Since good keyboard positioning is so important, we've compiled a list of the finest keyboard trays for good posture and writing pleasure from our curated best office accessories.

Workplace ergonomics can prevent you from getting repetitive injuries in your palms, forearms, neck, and other parts of the body. When typing, your wrists and fingers mustn't extend much further than they have to, but at an inconvenient angle. We examined extremely customizable keyboard trays, allowing you to find the right place for your stature, size, and typing style.

Keyboard Tray: A New Experience

There are some that argue against using gaming keyboard and mouse trays because they’re not necessary. Ergonomics, a popular science that promotes comfort and safety as well as productivity, says otherwise, and these best five keyboard trays are great options to up your game on your PC. Gamers love the titles they play, and nothing should stand in the way of enjoying a great game. Wrist pain and arthritis are annoyances that don’t go away easily, if ever. Avoid those problems in the future by picking up a keyboard tray for gaming today. Again, the Autonomous Gaming Desk is a great desk to pair with these keyboard trays, simply because they work for you in terms of comfort and productivity. Your game excels when you’re in a position that is comfortable and static. Ensure that you’re on top with the best keyboard tray for gamers today!

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