6 Ideas for Console Gaming Desk Setup Xbox, PS5
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6 Ideas for Console Gaming Desk Setup Xbox, PS5

|Mar 4, 2022

Gamers spend a significant amount of time in their rooms playing their favorite games or watching videos about games they want. However, not all of them invest in creating a better gaming station.

This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but doing it can help you get in the zone and give your best in all the games you play. 

However, there are many ways of creating a decent console gaming setup. You should go for the style that best fits your aesthetic preference and how you want to feel while playing. Regardless of the style that you decide to go for, you need the right products and furniture for it. 

It’s difficult to start building your new console gaming desk setup if you don’t know where to start. We are here to help you! Read on if you want to know some ideas that could help you get the best items for your gaming station. 

How to Choose a Proper Gaming Desk Console

You can’t build the best console setup for you if you don’t have a console yet. Nonetheless, with that many options available for you on the market, and the games each one offers, it’s difficult to choose between them. Some people buy them all, but not everyone can do that.  

If you have to choose between having a PlayStation desk setup, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PC one, you need to take many things into account. We consider the most important factors of it are affordability, functionality, and the games you have available for you in each one of them.

How to Choose a Proper Gaming Desk Console

Here is a brief guide on how to make the best choice for you: 


Regardless of how much we like to play, there’s an undeniable truth and it’s that gaming consoles are not inexpensive. They become more affordable over time, but it’s almost impossible to find a deal for someone working on a budget if the console just got out. 

Apart from that, you also need to think about the money you are going to spend on games, controllers, and any other thing you need to play. Some deals give you a console with some games, but you are naturally going to want more games in the future. 

Getting an Xbox desk setup is almost the same as getting a PS5 one since, price-wise, they are almost the same. The same happens with their games, which cost the same in almost all cases. The digital edition of the PS5 is more expensive than the digital Xbox Series S, though. 

Hence, we recommend you go for a Nintendo Switch if you want the most affordable one you can find. You could even get a Nintendo Switch Lite, which is even more inexpensive than the original one. Games cost almost the same as PS5 ones, so that remains the same. 

Many people prefer getting components for assembling a gaming PC, but regardless of whether you want to buy one or build one yourself, it’s not something inexpensive to do. However, you can save money from games if you get a prebuilt gaming PC since it has several free games and special deals.



When we talk about functionality, we mean what you want to do with the console and the additional features it offers you. Things such as Bluetooth support give each console more value and make it a better option compared to others.  

Online features and how they work are also something to consider when buying a new console. PlayStation, for example, gives you games every month if you pay for its online services. Things like that are what can make you decide between a console or another. Nonetheless, when talking about this, gaming PCs are the ones for you. 

Although gaming PCs are made for you to play on them, they can do anything an average PC would. That includes watching videos, downloading new programs, reading, playing, and even working.  

Apart from that, you can customize them and change their components any time you want.



This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a gaming console. You, naturally, want the console to play your favorite ones, but all offers give you different options. PlayStation, for example, wants you to buy it before getting an Xbox, so it offers exclusive releases only PS gamers can enjoy. 

The decision between PS5 and Xbox mostly relies on the exclusive releases you like best between them, so it’s up to you to study the games you like better and the ones you can live without playing. Things change a bit when talking about Nintendo. 

This company has many exclusive releases that are unique and have a big fandom. Games such as Zelda, Pokémon, and Mario are games you can only enjoy on Nintendo consoles, so go for one if you like them. Nintendo is also excellent for multiplayer games to play with your friends and family. 

However, this is when the PC stands out from the others. Many people consider gaming PCs as all consoles in one alternative since you can play games from all platforms and companies. Naturally, you can’t play exclusive games, but since PCs are not technically a console, some companies release their games for PC gamers after a time.



Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy consoles in the same way all your life. You can play your favorite games after some years, but things change a lot when the company releases a new generation console since they stop making games for older consoles. 

People consider Nintendo Switch to be the weakest console among PS5 and Xbox, but it still has about four or five years left, so you can still get one without the fear of it being discontinued. Since PS5 and Xbox are relatively new, they have a lot more years of lifespan on the market. 

PCs have a curious way of working since, although they are not discontinued, you have to update them if you want to keep playing new gen games. Therefore, you can get one if you are willing to get new components for it from time to time.


Ideas for Console Gaming Desk Setups

Have you already bought the console you want for your setup? Then, it’s time to get everything you need for your gaming desk layout. You can try all the console gaming desk setup ideas listed below if you can or add others of your own, so feel free to do what makes you feel more comfortable in your gaming zone. 

Personalized gaming desk setup

Ergonomic Products

Many people think ergonomic products are only good for office workers, but the truth is they can come in handy for gamers since they almost always spend all their day sitting on a chair. Doing so can bring you several back pain issues and develop into other physical health problems. 

Ergonomic products, such as an ergonomic desk or standing desk, can help you avoid those problems. However, you need to get the ideal products for you if you want to take advantage of what they have to offer. 

Some options for a console gaming desk setup such as the Vertagear SL4000, the Benzara gaming desk, or the Karnox gaming chair are designed for gamers, so all its features are optimized for you to use while playing video games. Unlike many people think, chairs and desks are not the only ergonomic products you can find out there. Monitors are also important for this matter. 

We recommend you go for the Pixio monitor due to its 165Hz refresh rate and its eye saver mode that allows you to play on your computer or gaming console all day without that taking a toll on your eyes. This monitor is HDR compatible, too. 

As for a desk for a gaming console, the best option for you is the Autonomous SmartDesk Core. This sit-stand solution allows you to play while sitting or standing at all times, which is ideal for your back health. Switching from one position to another doesn’t take any time from you, so don’t worry about that.

Ergonomic Products in console gaming desk setup

Cable Trays

Most consoles require you to have several cables on your gaming station, and that includes cables for your monitor, computer, console, speakers, and any other thing you use to play. It’s not difficult to make a mess of your desk setup if you need to organize all those cables. 

You should get cable trays to make everything easier for you. Not doing it can not only make you more prone to step on your cables but also to lose them or confuse them. Cable trays are common in both offices and gaming rooms, so some of them are designed for gamers.

Cable Trays in console gaming desk setup

RGB Lights

RGB lights are different from cable trays and ergonomic products in the fact that you are most likely to need a cable tray in your console gaming desk setup. These lights are not something you need to play with, but they give the whole room a different vibe than the one it has with average light bulbs. 

People who buy these lights can also change their color if they buy smart light bulbs, which allows you to control the environment you want your room to have at all times. Getting these lights for your gaming zone can give you a more immersive experience regardless of the game you are playing.

RGB Lights in console gaming desk setup

Mini Freezer

As RGB lights are an aesthetic idea for your console gaming desk setup, mini freezers are a utility one. It’s a nuisance for many gamers to have to stop playing because they are thirsty or want a snack, and this issue worsens when playing an online game since you can’t put a pause on them.  

Mini-freezers put an end to that by allowing you to have everything you would need to look out of your room inside it. This product works its best when you have an ergonomic computer desk with casters since you can quickly move to where it is without standing up from your chair. 

Speakers and Headphones

Do you want an immersive experience while playing an adventure or horror game? Speakers and headphones are the ones for you. The sound coming out of monitors tends to be decent, but it’s nothing compared to what you get when you use gaming headphones or speakers. 

You could even use noise-canceling headphones to avoid anything that could distract you from the game you are playing. Speakers are a decent fit if you live alone or in a place where you can make all the noise you want without someone complaining about it.

Speakers and Headphones in console gaming desk setup

Dual Monitors

PC gamers often prioritize dual monitors over other products for their console gaming desk setup, and it’s because of all the benefits they bring to them. You can, for example, read something or watch a video online on a monitor and play one game on the other. This is useful when you are stuck in one part of the game and are reading a guide to go out of it. 

Some people even connect their PC to one monitor and another console on the other, which makes things more comfortable for them whenever they want to switch to another game. 

However, one of the things you need to consider when getting a dual monitor is that you may need a monitor arm for them. Getting one allows you to change their angle and keep them from falling.

Dual Monitors

Bottom Line

As you could see, even if some people don’t think so, gamers can benefit a lot from several products that make their gaming experience better and more immersive. Sitting to play video games should be a fun time that you can use to forget about other things and enjoy your hobbies, so this is the best opportunity to feel even better while doing so. 

Even if you apply all these ideas to your gaming station, doing so may not be that useful if you don’t have the correct products for it. Autonomous has many of the things we mentioned on this page, to get into its website to see if it has what you need.

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