20+ Best Gaming Computer Desks for PC & Console
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20+ Best Gaming Computer Desks for PC & Console

|Dec 4, 2021

If your regular computer desk stops being practical for gaming, maybe you should start considering a gaming computer desk that helps you optimize your space and offers better ergonomic alternatives to reduce your fatigue. 

There's nothing better than keeping your gaming gear easily accessible and organized, but in order to have that, you need a good quality gaming desk that's designed with all the required buffs and sturdy materials. 

We've analyzed the price, quality, features, and user feedback of over 20 desks and summarized them on this list for you to decide which one is the best for your gaming aesthetic setup.

24 Best Gaming Computer Desks for PC & Console

1. Autonomous Desk DuoSpace

Autonomous Desk DuoSpace gaming computer desk

Our favorite L-shaped gaming desk gives you more space than our regular smart desks, allowing you to use two or three monitors at the same time. It also features three motors instead of one to boost its power. 

The Autonomous Desk DuoSpace can lift even 400lbs in its solid steel legs, and it's programmed with four different features for delivering extra commodities; just press a button to glide comfortably into place. 

This gaming computer desk gives you a warranty of five years, and it's meant to last you for up to 10 years of heavy use. It's an investment in your comfort and entirely personalizable for your particular needs. 

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) gaming computer desk

If you're looking for a minimalist alternative for your gaming setup, this electric standing desk is your best option. Its adjustable height increases your well-being by allowing you to arrange yourself to what feels best at a given moment, and you can even save your favorite four custom heights in its customizable presets for more straightforward access. 

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) easily lifts 265lbs and supports regular or large desktop options. Like all of our smart desks, it's BIFMA certified for strength and durability. It's a fantastic beginner's gaming computer desk that can last you more than 10 years. 

3. Autonomous Standing Gaming Desk

Autonomous Standing Gaming Desk

Level up your game with this incredible height adjustable gaming desk. It's going to become the center of your battle station and provide you with an other-worldly gaming experience. 

The Autonomous Standing Gaming Desk features a 70.5'' length and 30'' width tabletop. It upgrades every gaming session to its ultimate comfort by giving you the necessary space to perform better and more efficiently. 

Being height adjustable is a fantastic perk. There's no reason to ruin your physical health by laying in one position for hours on end. This gaming computer desk allows you to move your joints and remain active while maintaining an excellent game performance. 

Other outstanding characteristics are its advanced noise cancellation engineering and its stable, innovative, and ergonomic design. This is definitely the ultimate gaming desk for having a high-quality experience. 

4. Mr. IRONSTONE Deep Gaming Desk

Mr. IRONSTONE gaming computer desk

With over 5000 ratings and excellent reviews, Mr. IRONSTONE is an affordable beginner-friendly gaming computer desk that's designed with waterproof MDF and long-lasting metal legs. This gaming desk can bear decent weight, making it ideal for staging your favorite gaming gear. 

Additionally, it has an R-style looking design with adjustable feet for better support, stability, and durability to hold your gaming accessories. On the table, you have available two cable management holes and a cup and headphone holder. 

5. SIMBR Gaming Desk

It is designed for game lovers to boost their potential. The SIMBR Gaming Desk is geared towards most professional gamers and streamers. 

This gaming computer desk features a high-level waterproof MDF board and sturdy metal legs that can withstand up to 176 pounds for all your beloved gaming gear. Its U-shaped carbon fiber textured surface doesn't only look sleek but is also super resistant and soft. 

6. Apexgaming Elite 60 Series

Say hi to the modern computer desk for gamers of your dreams. It's ergonomic and helps you maintain an optimal posture, made with premium MDF and a fixed steel beam. This exceptional desk supports 224 pounds for any necessity you may have. 

Its work surface is large enough to mount all your monitors with ease. In addition, you can adjust its height through its controller. 

7. Cougar Mars Pro 150

Cougar Mars Pro 150 gaming computer desk

The Cougar Mars Pro 150 is here to set free your true potential. This sleek gaming computer desk is featured by RGB lights, your favorite ergonomics, and a unique control box. 

Furthermore, it has a nicely textured surface and 330 pounds of capacity. It provides a more comfortable gaming experience with much more aerodynamic edges. 

If you're looking for a gaming desk with LED lights, this is the one for you. 

8. DXRacer GD/1000

Meet the GD 1000, the ultimate gaming computer desk for achieving a neat-looking space. It contains a wooden board on top and is made with solid ABS material. 

Moreover, its legs present 360 degrees rotatable trapezoid feet that offer the most robust structure possible to prevent the table from wobbling. 

9. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S gaming computer desk

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S is designed to hold your heavy-duty gaming gear and give you the highest satisfaction. This gaming computer desk is made of a carbon fiber top that can hold up to 500 pounds, so you can easily stage 27-inch dual gaming monitors. 

Its adjustable feet stabilize your desk and ensure that it remains sturdy. In order to give you a more pleasing experience, it also features RGB lights on its sides to have a multicolor show while you're using it. 

10. Arozzi Arena Moto

The Arozzi Arena Moto is one of the best-rated modern computer desks for gamers out there. A microfiber mouse pad covers its whole surface for you to use your mouse anywhere you like. On top of that, it holds up to 265 pounds, and its sturdy materials ensure long-lasting durability. 

You can enjoy its four customizable presets for your desired heights, as well as its cutouts that make your cable management a lot cleaner. 

11. Respawn 3000

Respawn 3000

This is one of the modern computer desks for gamers on the market. This innovative desk features a lifting mechanism for a more comfortable viewing angle and loads of features to support your accessories. Its steel tube frame allows you to adjust its leveling lights, and it can stand even 200 pounds of gear. 

12. Thermaltake Tough Desk 300 RGB

When looking for an exceptional and cool console gaming desk, this steel-made one takes the prize by being entirely covered by an anti-scratch material and holding up to 330 pounds. It also enhances the room's aesthetic by featuring an RGB strip throughout the whole exterior of the mouse pad. 

This PC gaming desk is also made with a handy cable tray to optimize your gaming cable management and prevent clutter. 

13. Logitech G Motia

If you want the best craftsmanship and durability for your gaming setup, the Logitech G Motia is going to amaze you. Its laminated table top prevents any smudging or glaring that might take place with regular tables. 

This desk holds up to 250 pounds, and its dimensions make it suitable for any gamer, no matter the experience. 

14. Desino Gaming Desk

Desino gaming computer desk

Now we present you with a budget-friendly gaming desk that isn't only affordable but also features all the necessary gadgets to make your gaming experience a memorable one. 

This ergonomic gaming desk for sale is effortless to assemble, and it's offered in three different sizes for you to pick from. Its metal body is decorated with red accents that make it especially attractive to the eye. 

15. Greenforest Corner Desk

If you want versatility in the way you set up your desktop, you are going to be pleased with how the Greenforest Corner Desk helps you do that. This L-shaped PC gaming desk is made to occupy as little space as possible and give you more areas to work with. 

Furthermore, its elegant black design blends in nicely with any environment. It also keeps everything at an arm's reach for a more comfortable gaming session. 

16. Homall 55'' Gaming Desk

This is another best computer table for your gaming. Homall offers you T-shaped stable legs and carbon fiber that ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. It features several hooks for supporting your headsets, controllers, and beverages, including a wire hub for assuring excellent cable control. 

17. AUAG 47'' Gaming Desk

AUAG 47'' Gaming Desk

AUAG's desk is one of the most futuristic PC gaming desks for sale on this list. It can fit up to three monitors and the rest of your gaming gear since it holds even 330 pounds. Its feet are designed in a unique way that you aren't going to see on any other gaming desk. 

That's not all this cool console gaming desk has to offer. The sides of the table come with RGB lighting that switches between three different colors and lighting styles. Additionally, it presents gadgets for storing your beverage, headset, mouse, and cables.

18. E-Win 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk

This eye-catching PC gaming desk is probably the most visually attractive option on this list. It features multicolor RGB lights and extra strong brushed aluminum legs that remain perfectly stable on any floor you may encounter. 

In addition, it gives you a 5° ergonomic incline for your keyboard and better monitor visualization, keeping your arms and wrists pain-free. 

19. Uplift V2 4-Leg Standing Desk

The Uplift best computer table is built for heavy-duty gaming gear, as it features motorized legs that can adjust to your desired height. It lifts 535 pounds with its cedar wood top for you to display all your selected devices. 

It also offers a cable management tray to assure a clean and organized look to your whole setup. 

20. Apex Desk Elite Series

Apex Desk Elite Series

This white gaming desk beats all other ones because of its dual-motor lifting mechanism for personalizing your desired height. It holds up to 225 pounds because of its medium-dense wood with a matte finish and steel frame, keeping everything sturdy and balanced as it should be. 

21. Respawn RSP-1048 Desk

Respawn's desk has more than enough space for multiple monitors desk setup and all your desired gear. It also comes with specific areas to facilitate cable management and an extended mousepad covering the whole table to make your gaming experience a lot more comfortable and efficient. 

This best computer table for gaming gives you the freedom to play however and whenever you want. All its features remain as flexible as possible and always cater to your comfort and well-being. 

22. Toughdesk 500L RGB Battlestation

Toughdesk 500L RGB Battlestation

Toughdesk is a genuinely high-end-level desk. This quality is evident from its incredible adaptability in height and ergonomics to the comfort of having a whole coverage mouse pad. It even features RGB lights throughout the entire desk to match your gaming environment and allow you to submerge fully in the experience. 

Moreover, its anti-collision sensors help you not slam your knees against it and potentially damage something. This PC gaming desk might be one of the most expensive on our list, but it's also one with the highest quality. 

23. Eureka Ergonomic I1

Eureka has a more down-to-earth and affordable option but maintains that beautiful carbon finish and a sleek cable management system. Due to its relatively small size, it's one of the easiest to assemble on this list, which is a plus to any new gamers that want to begin with a basic but functional model. 

On the downside, there isn't enough space for bigger gaming setups. Therefore, you should consider eventually switching up to a broader table. 

24. Respawn 2000 Gaming Desk

Respawn 2000 Gaming Desk

This cool console gaming desk gives you the most extensive area compared to any other desk on this list. With 110 inches in surface area, it has enough space for how many monitors and gadgets you desire to display. It even works great for team gaming sessions. 

The Respawn 200 Gaming Desk also features a monitor shelf for better positioning and a more ergonomic placing of your neck, allowing you to follow the natural line of your sight and play comfortably for hours on end.

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Computer Desk for the Gamer

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Computer Desk for the Gamer

A gaming desk's greatest asset is its space. Gamers with more space will find it easier to find everything they need, keep the clutter down, and concentrate on the game. Video game or gaming computer desk models have been added to manufacturers' product lines in response to the emergence of eSports. Finding the right computer desk for gamers has never been easier.

In any case, the space you have to work with plays a major role in console gaming desk selection. Do you work in an office or a dorm-room-like setting? There is a PC gaming desk for every situation and budget. If you simply want ideas, you've come to the right place! Here's our top pick for the best computer table. Here we go.

A good place to start is by understanding your preferences. If you're like me, you enjoy aesthetics. The right gaming setup requires the right gaming furniture, but is it that important? According to us, yes. If you don't find a desk that fits your multiple monitors and speakers, how will the rest of your peripherals and studio gear fit?

Additionally, a good custom gaming desk isn't just about its size. There's more to it. Using this guide, you will determine which type of desk you need and where to get it.


gaming computer desk Size

Take measurements of your room first. Determine the amount of free space you have available before deciding what size K-shaped gaming desk you need. Be sure to allow for a chair when measuring your desk area. The average office chair takes up about 5 square feet. It becomes easier to understand desk specs when you know exactly how much space you have.

Desk Height

Your desk height limits the ergonomics of your setup unless you purchase an adjustable sit/stand desk (we'll discuss them later). Just enter your height to find out what the standard desk height chair and desk should promote good posture.

‎Surface Area‎

‎If you combine the listed dimensions with the listed measurements, you can calculate the surface area of a gaming desk setup, but not all desks provide that information. Triple monitor setups won't fit on all tables, so measure the space you need in advance.‎


A PC gaming desk's shape has a lot to do with its size and style. As we can see, they come in a variety of shapes.


L-shaped gaming computer desk

L-shaped computer desks conjure up images of professionalism for me. A lot of surface space is provided by these desks. In addition, they are space-saving since they can be positioned in a corner (or cubicle).


It is also known as L-shaped desks on steroids. Multiple workspaces are great with this configuration, but it does require a lot of space.


Corner gaming computer desk

If you don't have much space, corner desks are a great idea, but you won't have much surface area. Mounts would need to get creative, or you'd need to rock a minimalist setup.


Rectangular gaming computer desk

Generally, the classic rectangular gaming computer desk is enough for most people.


What is the maximum number of functions a desk can have? It's surprising. Most desks do not have necessary doodads like cup holders and CD slots. Let's just look at what matters.

Compartments & Drawers

If you have stray papers or pens on your desktop, put them in your desk drawer instead. The keyboard trays and compartments that come with some desks will hold your tower, but we recommend you avoid them. Keyboard trays have limited airflow, as have computer compartments.

Cable management

Cable management

All the Battlestations we feature are characterized by excellent cable management. Many desks have features that help hide cables, which is so satisfying.

Typically, gaming computer desks with integrated cable management include:

  • Trays for cable management
  • Nets made from cables
  • Grommets and holes
  • Positions
  • You can hide your cables with all of them.

Even without these built-in features, you could still manage cables, but you'd need to buy something like this.

Ergonomic additions

Ergonomic additions to gaming computer desk

Monitor height, desk height, keyboard height, and chair height can all improve your posture and health. Today, certain fancy desks handle all of these things automatically. An obvious example is a sit-and-stand desk with an adjustable height. Companies are increasingly implementing them to promote a healthier work environment. Gaming environments are healthy too. Ergo desks can also include the following:

  • Monitor arms built into the monitor.
  • Monitor platforms built into the system.
  • Curved table edges to prevent you from bending over

Build quality

All kinds of materials are used to make desks. Some of the popular options include real wood, artificial wood called particleboard, glass, plastics, and steel, just to name a few. If you choose to go with a different material, then keep these three things in mind.

Furniture is often overlooked when it comes to how it feels to touch. If you tend to lean on the desktop often, then a plastic or wood desktop may be a better option. These materials will keep you cooler than glass and steel.



If you already blew a lot of money on your PC, we understand that you want to avoid spending even more on a desk. Nevertheless, you don't want the desk to start peeling away after a week. Your desk's finish is the number one indicator of poorly made. Keep an eye out and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, stay away.

Capacity for holding weight

You should consider the weight capacity of your gaming computer desk, especially if you intend to use it for extensive gaming sessions. When you buy your desk, you just want to know that it can withstand all your equipment without collapsing. If you're interested in this, you may also want to find out if it can handle monitor arms.

Style options

Of course, your gaming computer desk needs to be attractive too. Let the rest of the equipment stand out by keeping your furniture simple.

Where to Buy Your New Gaming Desk

Where to Buy Your New Gaming Desk

  • Used equipment selling/buying websites like letgo, OfferUp
  • Social media marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace
  • Your local Thrift Stores
  • Furniture supply stores
  • Online retailers like Autonomous, Amazon

Bottom Line

After going through all of these gaming desks, you have enough knowledge and options to choose the right one for you and your gaming needs. Nevertheless, if you're still not convinced, we encourage you to look at these DIY gaming desk ideas to let your creativity flow. 

We also would love for you to visit our catalog and check out all the fantastic things we've got for you to get the best out of your whole gaming experience.

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