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Autonomous Wholesale Office Chairs with Best Price & Quality

AutonomousAutonomous | May 11, 2021

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Today, there is a wide range of office chairs available, so you might find yourself overwhelmed in selecting the appropriate one. The chances are that you've spent hours looking through ratings and reviews for a long list of solutions already. Nevertheless, taking the time to become knowledgeable about finding good office chairs wholesale is worth the effort.

During a typical workday, people spend over eight hours sitting at their desks. If you add this up to the time someone might spend commuting from and to their workplace or doing any leisure activity at home, you can find that it can easily exceed 12 hours. That’s a lengthy period spent being sedentary.

As sitting is part of everyone’s daily routine, making that time as comfortable as possible is an excellent idea. Ensuring that you and your employees are comfortable in the workplace is essential if you want your company to be more productive.

The chair you pick is another crucial decision that may further impact your employees’ well-being, so it’s important to choose cozy office furniture that can support a healthy posture. Fortunately, with the option of acquiring wholesale office chairs, you have an accessible means of outfitting your workplace.


The cost of office chairs wholesale is more significant and should be regarded as a more long-term investment in the long run. Those who find success at work will feel happier and more productive, while those in need will suffer detriments in terms of their physical health and mental health. What should you do first? You can upgrade your office chair with these bulk office chairs recommendations if you already have one.

Still, poor-quality chairs can be highly detrimental to your employees. Looking for a manufacturer that can provide suitable ergonomic office chairs should be your priority. This article explains what you need to consider when ordering bulk office chairs and the best wholesale office furniture you can get from Autonomous.

What to Consider When Ordering Bulk Office Chairs for Your Company

Ordering office furniture wholesale isn’t just about improving your employees’ comfort and motivation. When they’re working for a long time on poorly made chairs, they are at risk of suffering from back and neck pain due to bad posture. For that reason, acquiring high-quality office furniture for your company is essential.

There are several factors you need to consider when purchasing commercial office chairs from a wholesale supplier. For starters, furniture can be expensive due to production and storage costs. If you’re looking to buy them from a wholesale supplier, you need to invest more substantial quantities of money.

What to Consider When Ordering Bulk Office Chairs for Your Company

The price can decrease or increase depending on the number of chairs you purchase. Make a clear budget plan to help you determine which office chairs you can acquire and figure out how many you need. Some suppliers require a minimum quantity to offer wholesale prices.

Office furniture can come in several varieties. While most modern office furniture has a contemporary aesthetic, you may be able to decide its color scheme and design once you reach out to the wholesale distributor or the manufacturer.

Quality is another thing that can suffer when you’re purchasing products in bulk. You can research the company you’re looking to buy your chairs from and ensure you’re getting high-quality wholesale office furniture that meets your expectations.

Autonomous wholesale office chairs offer excellent prices and quality. They also provide several varieties and designs for you to pick from. If you’re looking to acquire commercial office chairs, reach out and iron out the details about your purchase.

Autonomous Wholesale Office Chairs with Best Price and Quality

They provide a wide range of ergonomic chairs designed for outstanding efficiency and comfort. These chairs promote better posture and improve productivity while mitigating back and neck pain. Purchasing these chairs for your employees can positively impact their work quality and overall well-being. Here is some wholesale office furniture from Autonomous with the best price and quality:

1. ErgoChair Pro

This chair provides high-end ergonomics at an excellent price and the best option for wholesale office chairs. Other chairs with similar adjustability features often are more expensive. The ErgoChair Pro uses a durable nylon plastic frame and a polyester fabric with a molded foam interior. Its fabric upholstery feels excellent, and it provides a warm yet breathable feeling.

The seat is soft and has enough padding to avoid bottoming out. Still, people on the heavier side might see issues in the long term as the memory foam starts sagging, but it’s nothing that a comfortable towel can’t solve.

This chair’s biggest strength is the number of adjustable features it has. Your comfort level can only increase as time passes and you find a more appropriate setup. As anyone can tailor the chair to their necessities, it might be the best wholesale office furniture you can acquire. Your employees are sure to appreciate this chair’s quality.

ErgoChair Pro

The highly breathable mesh backrest has many adjustable features, making it adaptable to multiple positions. You can recline the backrest up to 25 degrees and lock it in any place in between to find the angle that best works for you. It can also tilt an additional 10 degrees when locked due to its Italian tilt mechanism that operates separately.

The headrest is incredibly functional and highly adjustable as well. Angling the headrest can be vital for work as it lets you increase its depth and boost the support your neck receives. Most conventional office chair’s head supports can’t reach these crucial positions.

Another useful adjustment is the seat slide and forward tilt. The seat’s default depth is 20 inches, but you can increase it by two with the push of a paddle. This way, you can control the space between the seat’s edge and your knees. It also increases the sitting area when you don’t have your back aligned with the backrest. The chair has a lot going for it, making it an excellent ergonomic chair wholesale option for your company.

2. ErgoChair Pro+

The ErgoChair Pro+ borrows its design from newer mesh chairs available in the market, but it does so with a completely new outlook and set of materials. This chair uses an ABS plastic frame and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE.) The only metal pieces in the chair are the screws that hold it together.

Autonomous uses the TPE for the chair’s seat and backrest. The magnetic field-shaped lumbar support encourages you to sit in a posture that significantly improves your well-being more than other commercial office chairs. This chair doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support, but the strong fishbone spine works considerably well by itself.

ErgoChair Pro+

You only need to sit straight up in the chair if you want the chair’s lumbar system to make firm contact with your spine’s natural curvature. Leaning back on it when taking a break from work can further support your shoulders.

The seat also uses a TPE mesh, but there’s a labyrinth of springs underneath it that resemble a traditional bed mattress. These springs are stronger, lighter, and significantly more durable than conventional foam seats. They help you comfortably settle in the chair, but the addition of a mesh covering can go a long way.

Fortunately, Autonomous offers another design for wholesale office chairs that uses a polyester fabricErgoChair Pro+ has all the essentials covered and more. You can adjust your backrest’s support tension with a crank. The seat’s height and forward movement are also adjustable with the pull of a lever. If you’re looking to order bulk office chairs, the ErgoChair Pro+ is a splendid wholesale office chair choice.

3. ErgoChair Recline

Those looking to order commercial office chairs at a reasonable price can get the ErgoChair Recline. It’s the most accessible option that Autonomous offers, even when adding all the optional features. Like the ErgoChair Pro, this chair uses a nylon plastic frame and molded foam interior with a polyester fabric upholstery.

Unlike the other chairs in your wholesale office chairs collection, this one has the option of adding a headrest and a legrest. While headrests are standard in many mesh office chairs, legrests aren’t so much, making the chair significantly more appealing. This chair has a stylish design, and the seat’s front edge curve is considerably smooth, leaving a comfortable space for the back of your knees.

The mesh backrest is stretchy yet resilient. It protects and supports your spine at any angle, whether you have a natural posture or are reclining on it. The breathable fabric makes the chair considerably comfortable to use for numerous hours. It also has a supportive lumbar support system that’s completely adjustable. It is rated as one of the best mesh office chairs with back support of the year.

ErgoChair Recline

You can move it up and down and set it where it fits your spine’s curve the best. Its arch design lets it cradle your back like no other chair, ensuring that your back pain goes away for good. This feature alone makes these wholesale computer chairs an excellent option for your company. The recline angle is one of the best out of all Autonomous chairs.

This chair moves with you to fit your body’s contour the best way possible. With the flip of a lever, you can lean back up to 24 degrees and relieve some pressure. Its 2.8-inch thick foam is soft but unyielding, providing well-rounded comfort even during grueling workdays. The breathable fabric cover also helps keep you cool throughout the day.

Ultimately, adding the headrest and legrest completes what already is an excellent chair. With the headrest, you can receive complete support for your spine with an adjustable headrest that can extend and rotate up to 22.5 degrees.

The legrest lets you take a breather occasionally and gives you a comfortable position to do other leisure activities. Let your employees work in absolute bliss with this splendid accessible chair. The ErgoChair Recline is one of the best and most accessible wholesale office chairs you can get for your company.

4. AvoChair

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly office chair for your wholesale office chairs, the AvoChair is a sleek and functional ergonomic option with a great price. Its primary materials are the same as the other Autonomous chair models, but it’s mainly manufactured with recyclable materials.

The chair’s design stands out from the rest with carefully constructed clean, flowing lines. Its concept was to remove hard edges, resulting in this comfortable and curvy design. At a glance, the chair resembles an egg, but it’s one of the coziest chairs that Autonomous has.

Its airy elastomeric mesh backrest offers superior spinal support and significant comfort. The chair’s seat is also breathable. No matter how many hours your workers sit on these commercial office chairs, they can remain comfortable and fresh.


The AvoChair also has a sophisticated reclining mechanism in its aluminum alloy base that lets you find your perfect personalized position. This mechanism allows you to adjust the chair’s height and the reclining tension. Once you find the correct sitting posture, you can lock your preferences, saving you some time in the future.

You can adjust the armrests in several ways and adopt the most suitable posture. They can move sideways, forward, and backward. You can also change their height. Overall, the chair is an excellent pick for any environmentally friendly office. It’s available in four colors, including a black one that fits most modern offices.

With these chairs, your employees can look forward to a fresh and comfortable sitting experience. Their waterfall edge makes it easy to employ a proper posture, and although the AvoChair doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support, their ellipsoid design helps contour your back. If you are conscious of the environment, these wholesale office chairs might be the best choice for you.

5. ErgoStool

If you are looking to add adjustable height desks to your wholesale office furniture purchase, you should get the Autonomous ErgoStool. These stools pair up better with sit-stand desks than other ergonomic office chairs. They let you adopt a comfortable posture between sitting and standing.

You can consider stools a suitable option for a more dynamic work routine, as you can stretch while leaning on them. Most people know the determinants of working extended periods while sitting. This ergonomic stool can give you a better respite, letting you work while standing.


The weighted base of the ErgoStool ensures its stability when you sit on it. You can even lean on it at a 30-degree angle without toppling over. Enjoy a dynamic sitting experience with this chair, as the chair encourages natural movement thanks to its safe wobbling.

This is one the best wholesale office chairs that also increases your physical well-being as you get used to sitting on it. Eventually, you start to build up core and back strength, resulting in your posture improving over time. The stool’s benefits aren’t limited to them; you can also feel the benefits on regular office chairs, desks, or even while standing.

You can adjust the chair’s height up to 10 inches, making it suitable for short and tall people. You can easily use it as a backless chair for a standard desk on its lowest height setting. However, the ErgoStool shines when you couple it with a standing desk.

Wholesale Office Chair & Desk Package from Autonomous

1. Starry Night: SmartDesk Pro (All Black) & ErgoChair Pro (Black & White)

Starry Night

Home and premium are the two main variants the company offers with differing office chair wholesale prices. The two appear to be very similar, but you should be aware that they differ in subtle but important ways. On the surface, there are about $120 in price differences between these two editions of wholesale computer chairs. If the products charged this premium, you would reasonably expect a noticeable difference between them.

Keep in mind that the Home and Premium editions differ in their frames when you buy office chairs in bulk. Leg segments are used in both frames. The leg segments lock into one another to raise the desk to an adjustable height. The height range is influenced by the number of legs per leg that a frame has.

Your back and arms are as equally important as your butt when it comes to a quality ergonomic chair. The Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is equipped with many adjustment elements to comfortably fit most users and provide adequate support to most users.

It is our best budget ergonomic chair that offers a variety of positions for you to choose from. You'll either need good luck selecting your chair or a chair with plenty of adjust abilities to fit precisely at your desk if you want a good ergonomic setup with wholesale office furniture.

2. Relax Combo: SmartDesk Core (All White) & ErgoChair Recline (Grey full option)

Relax Combo

The SmartDesk Core standing desk features fully adjustable height and a motorized standing desk system for active working environments. It features a steel frame and four height settings that can be adjusted to accommodate users of all sizes.

An innovative dual-motor system that lifts 135 pounds silently is capable of maintaining its silence. Autonomous designed the desk with a button to enable users to sit and stand at will to increase physical activity.

The ErgoChair Recline (formerly MyoChair) from Autonomous has a starting price of $179 and is a decent ergonomic office chair. You do not need any other tools to assemble the chair since you have a hex tool with a handle and a screwdriver with the package.

Even though this chair has a relatively low price tag, it has a very interesting feature not available in more expensive chairs. This option adds a headrest and leg rest for an additional $60. The majority of office chairs are equipped with a headrest, but very few have integrated leg rests. 

3. Green Field: SmartDesk Core (All White) & ErgoChair Pro (Evergreen)

Green Field

Efficiencies can be improved through better height adjustability and flexibility offered by the SmartDesk Core. Intelligent standing desks come with AI integration and other intelligence features, but they are more expensive than standard standing desks. It is common for employees who sit at their desks all day to suffer from back and neck pains.

Desks are also designed to provide the most comfortable support for the elbows and wrists. Joint pains and low bone density are also associated with non-ergonomic work positions. Preventing these problems might be as simple as investing in a quality standing desk.

By allowing you to change the positions of the seat, backrest, lumbar support, headrest, and armrest, the ErgoChair Pro provides a flexible seating experience. The chair is capable of a considerable amount of on-the-fly customization at this price point.

For those purposes, the ErgoChair Pro is the best computer chair for long hours that comes with a seat that can be tilted, depth adjusted, and raised or lowered. Its backrest can be reclined and can be adjusted in angles. In addition to height and front-back adjustment, the armrests allow you to customize side-to-side, angle, and side-to-side positions (known as a 4-D adjustment).  

4. Cool Bamboo: SmartDesk Core (Bamboo Top) & ErgoChair Pro (Grey)

Cool Bamboo

A variety of finishes are available for the SmartDesk Core, including natural bamboo, wood veneers in black, white, walnut, and white oak, and solid MDF in black, white, walnut, and white oak. The desk can be customized in terms of color and material so that it fits your home office.

The SmartDesk Core is manufactured in Shenzhen, China, and is certified by UL, CE, and BIFMA to ensure adherence to health, safety, and environmental regulations.

The headrest and lumbar support on the ErgoChair Pro are vertically adjustable to adjust for an angle slightly different from the standard position. There is no such thing as a perfect ergonomic chair because everybody has a slightly different requirement.

Despite how many adjustments points the chair supports, assembling the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is straightforward. Making the kit is easy because the set includes all the tools needed, and all the bolts and washers are arranged in a clear package.

5. Minimalism: SmartDesk Core (All White) & ErgoChair Pro (Grey)


Among the best motorized standing desks available in the market, the Autonomous SmartDesk Core is one of the most affordable options. It features a contemporary design and several innovative features.

The desk can be adjusted to any height with four adjustable height settings from 29.4" to 48". This feature allows you to set the right height for optimum working conditions. The height of this desk can be adjusted via a motorized system. There is also the option of saving preset heights.

Around 265 pounds can be lifted easily from the desk, but it’s recommended to avoid overloading the desk. Despite this, the lift mechanism operates smoothly. Moreover, its lift speeds are impressive as well.

With its ergonomic design, the ErgoChair Pro - office chair for lower back pain immediately grabs your attention. Due to the backrest's mechanical design, this is primarily the result of ergonomics; aside from the extensive collection of colors, the chair functions as a classic office chair with black, grey, and white, as well as a statement piece with color seat cushions such as red, green, and blue.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

Employer program

Remote teams can benefit from the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program: purchase more and receive greater discounts, offering employers the option to offer business-only pricing to their teams. Our simplified buying process allows you to approve orders quickly and easily. You can decide how many items each staff member can order wholesale office furniture. In addition, your staff can focus on what they need and maximize remote working and employee wellbeing.

Employee program

Our employee discount program can benefit your entire staff when purchasing new office furniture. Employees and colleagues of employers who use the program can buy wholesale office furniture at a discount. You can often obtain free trials of new products like these in our exclusive EPP plan for employer. You can bill your company at any time if you choose to access its account.

The Bottom Line

You can improve your employees’ motivation and productivity by giving them a chair that lets them stay comfortable and concentrated while they work. These Autonomous commercial office chairs do just that. Purchase them and notice the benefits after a short while. They’re all excellent choices when it comes to outfitting your workplace!

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