Cheap Office Desk for Home: Buying Guide & Top Options
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Cheap Office Desk for Home: Buying Guide & Top Options

|Mar 20, 2024

It was during the pandemic that the concept of home offices was given serious thought. Before that, home offices were merely a concept, and even people who worked from home moved from corner to corner with their laptops, finding a productive spot away from the home chaos. It is safe to say that the concept of home office setup has changed the way remote employees work, and indeed, it's all for the better.

From paying attention to the right type of office desk, a proper comfortable chair, and the appropriate type of surroundings, everything works together to bring about a workspace that instills the most productive energy. If you are also planning a home office setup and are in search of a cheap office desk for home, then this guide will help you work on buying the best inexpensive computer desk.

How to Choose a Cheap Office Desk for Home Offices?

Gone are the times when working from the couch was the idea of work-from-home. Home office ergonomics have transformed the way remote employees work, and that includes a full flash working home office space. Here is a brief buying guide on how to choose the best home office desk on a budget.

Types of Desk

For a professional office, several types of office desks might work as the roles are vast. But for a single person working from home, the right type of desk needs to be chosen accordingly. Our top recommendation is to look for a cheap office desk with drawers. This is because a home office is roughly huge enough for you and your supplies, so a desk with storage will definitely help you achieve a maximum clutter-free environment without your supplies being too far from your reach.

Types of cheap office desk for home

Shape of the Desk

Some people are blessed with a separate room for their home office, while some might even need to do it within a room only. In those cases, the shape of your desk must complement the space available in your home. For better space utilization and a wider work area, our pick is to opt for the best budget L-shaped desk. This will help you achieve a more private, secluded workspace even in the middle of the room, and the often ignored corner space of the room is utilized effectively. Fortunately, there are many cheap L-shaped office desks for home and even several DIY home office desk ideas that can work for you.

Shape of the Desk


Another factor of concern for a home office desk is how you incorporate ergonomics well. To make sure your workspace is the most ergonomic, an adjustable desk is what you should be aiming for. The benefit of this desk is that you can work at any height, with multiple types of chairs, and work while sitting and standing, too. This setting might even work the traditional work mode of boring sitting while working more exciting and the chances of getting low energy at the home office are minimized.

Permanent or Mobile Work Setup

The kind of furniture you'll need usually depends on how many hours you work each week. For instance, having a specific area with a desk and chair is good if you tend to work more than 40 hours a week. If your job schedule is more erratic or nomadic, you might want to think about getting a trolley cart that you can travel with. Backaches, headaches, neck pains, you name it - long hours are usually the cause. Over time, factors such as lighting, desk height, and chair ergonomics will affect how productive you are.

Permanent or Mobile Work Setup

Your Budget

Finally, consider the budget you have for the furnishings of your home office. A desk and chair are likely the most essential components if you're starting from scratch, so devote the majority of your spending towards those. The second necessity is lighting, which is best achieved by combining a task light with a more ambient source. If you have any money left over, consider décor, storage, and organizing tools. A cheerful workstation is well-dressed!

Options for a Cheap Desk for Home Office

If you aren't yet tired of sitting in the slouchy position on the couch working from home, then soon you will be. And at that time it might be even too late to work on any idea that could reignite your Work-from-home energy. Hence, here are some ideas to work if you wish to have a cheap desk for your home office.

Compact Writing Desk

Sometimes, starting small is all you need to move forward in the right direction. A compact writing desk helps you achieve the perfect work-from-home setup if you have a limited budget and small space. A writing desk can be height-adjustable, fixed, or just a standing desk where you can spend some portion of your day to begin with.

Compact Writing Desk

Wall-Mounted Desk

A wall-mounted or floating desk is the simplest kind of workstation you can begin with. The idea behind a floating desk is that you can save maximum space by incorporating such a desk anywhere in the room. After the work is done, the desk can be folded against the wall and opened when needed. Though the desk doesn't offer any storage, it is perfect for someone beginning with a lower budget side on a home office design.

Wall-Mounted Desk

Hairpin L-shaped Desk

The advantage of this type of desk is that you get an L-shaped workstation with a hairpin leg design. This helps you achieve the slimmest workspace with the maximum work surface. The desk can be placed against any corner, and due to its sleek look, it can be used for decorative purposes, too, other than just a workstation. 

Bookshelf Desk Idea

A bookshelf in the wall can be used as a desk as per requirement. This ensures you don't need to create a separate work space, hence preventing fuss. Just empty up any section of a bookshelf and place your computer or laptop in it. Even the work chair can slide underneath the shelf and be taken out when needed.

A Folding Desk

When not in use, this desk is foldable and distinctive. When assembled, it provides you with more workspace whenever needed and looks fantastic. Additionally, a foldable desk allows you to work in a variety of settings if you're the type of person who gets bored working in the same spot.

A Folding Desk

DIY Concrete Top Desk

A DIY concrete-top desk concept is a great way to try something new. It's a little desk that fits in a small place and has just enough room to be useful. To add an element of aesthetic, pairing the concrete top with sea-horse legs not only looks sleek but it also adds that extra touch of strength to the structure.

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