Designing The Perfect Home Office Setup with a Standing Desk
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Designing The Perfect Home Office Setup with a Standing Desk

|Mar 21, 2024

A huge benefit of working from home, amongst many others, is that you can create the ideal type of home office setup that works for you. Whether it is a vibrant, attention-grabbing mix of colors or a minimalist desk setup, a fully ergonomic desk setup, or something to start with, such as a stand-up desk setup. Either way, creating a home office offers a lot of room for variations and choosing what makes your productivity meter tick.

Hence, to help you out with the best type of home office setup with a standing desk, we are here to provide office desk setup tips that work around a standing desk, even for a beginner. So read this article to find all you need to know to reach that perfect home office design with a standing desk.

Benefits of a Home Office Standing Desk Setup

Standing desk, in any setting, is highly encouraged and brings about the best of both worlds. A sit-standing desk, a standing desk converter, or a height-adjustable standing desk are some of the desk types that make your transition from an average sedentary work style to an ergonomic lifestyle gradually and easily. Before we get into building the perfect standing desk setup for your home office, here are some reasons why you should be using a standing desk.

Cardiovascular Health

Numerous studies have demonstrated that sedentary behavior raises the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. And that is the reason why office workers are at the highest risk of it. And while we associate these issues with mental stress, physical behavior plays a huge role as well. A standing desk might assist those who are worried about their heart health to stay active throughout the day by providing better circulation of blood.

Benefits of a Home Office Standing Desk Setup

Muscle pain

Randomized research found that being able to shift positions during the day significantly reduced the amount of pain experienced by individuals with both chronic lower back pain and muscle pain. Increased mobility is made possible with a height-adjustable standing desk, and shifting positions keeps the emphasis on better posture.

Energy levels

According to one study, standing at a desk increases energy naturally. It also found a link between standing and moving more at work and being more productive. Regaining concentration on the subject at hand when you become sidetracked is one advantage of standing desks.

Energy levels

Caloric burn

Increase your standing if you want to increase your calorie burn while working. Large muscle groups are used when standing, according to studies, and this results in a modest increase in caloric expenditure over sitting. Try some standing desk exercises to keep yourself moving while working to get even more movement into your day.

How to Create the Perfect Standing Desk Setup

Even though the benefits of a standing desk make one excited to get on board with this idea, there are some rules to be followed in order to make the transition smooth and effortless. Using a standing desk needs to be gradual and consistent if you wish to reap the maximum benefits of it. Here are some tips to be followed when using a standing desk.

Start small

It would be best if you didn't overwhelm yourself with the idea of working while standing. Hence it is wise that you begin working with a small standing desk that doesn't take up a lot of room nor is tough to manage. Considering the prices of standing desks, a small standing desk will not cost an arm's length, so even if you don't warm up to the idea of a standing desk, there is minimum loss incurred.

How to Create the Perfect Standing Desk Setup

Desk Placement

Before we go about the surroundings of your standing desk, it is important that you learn about the proper placement of a standing desk. This is to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of a standing desk; otherwise, a standing desk will only be a hassle to work with. Here are some guidelines for the ergonomic desk placement.

  • Keeping your wrists straight in front of you and your neck neutral, bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle.
  • Adjust the height of the standing desk so that your forearms are parallel to the surface.
  • Your wrists should be relaxed and straight as you glide your hands across the keyboard.
  • Your wrist posture should never be tilted upward or downward, even if your fingers can dangle down to meet your keyboard.
  • Maintain a lofty neck and relaxed shoulders. When standing, remember to keep your knees slightly bent to avoid overextending them or causing your joints to lock.
  • Your screen should be at eye level with a distance of arm’s length between you and the screen.
  • You should be able to see the top third of your monitor's screen without bending your neck to look at it. To avoid bending your neck, tilt your monitor 10 to 20 degrees upward and in your direction.

Desk Placement

The Sit-Stand Rule

Another important factor of a home office with standing desk ideas is to alternate your day properly between sitting and standing. This is to prevent fatigue and over-tiring your body in a single posture throughout the day. It is recommended to alternate between sit-stands and vice versa every 30 to 60 minutes of the day. This also helps with an early and easy transition to a standing desk without tiring you out. For this purpose, a standing desk frame with height adjustability is recommended.

Size of the Desk

Standing desk comes in several sizes, shapes and designs. They are suited to small, compact work setups to even larger ones. A corner standing desk, for instance, utilizes the corner space of the room and creates a twice-as-large desk setup. A corner desk also provides an increased level of privacy. A rectangular regular standing desk, on the other hand, is commonly used in an open-plan office setup. For smaller setups, a small desk or standing desk converters are ideal.

Proper Lighting

Being able to customize your lighting to suit your needs and avoid the fluorescent glare of a regular workplace is one of the many benefits of working from home. Ultimately, office lighting has just as much of a role in general ergonomics as does a desk or chair. You may maximize your energy level by placing your workstation in a room with windows to let in natural light. Furthermore, desk lights are an excellent way to provide direct light wherever you need it, day or night, rain or shine.

Proper Lighting

Making it Cozy

Hang pictures on the walls, add plants and decorations, and surround yourself with items that uplift and bring you joy. To serve as a constant reminder to stretch, hang a poster featuring several stretching poses on the wall. It's also advised for newbies to list the advantages of standing desks directly in front of them so they understand the rationale behind the shift. Or perhaps a standing desk that tracks your caloric expenditure will be beneficial?

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