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Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chairs – Which One Should You Get?
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Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chairs – Which One Should You Get?

|Mar 5, 2021

Looking to start gaming on the side? Or planning to go professional with it or even start streaming? Either way, one question you grapple with is whether to go for a gaming chair and what kind to opt for, cheap vs expensive gaming chair. 

While there is no doubt that gaming chairs elevate the gaming experience manifold by providing the optimum comfort and utility you could ask for in an office chair, they come in all varieties. Based on a lot of different factors like the size and material other than additional features, these chairs come in different price ranges.

It can get tough to decide whether to pick a cheap model or an expensive one and what even makes some more expensive than others. We walk you through all this in this article on cheap vs expensive gaming chairs and help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about navigating the choice between a cheap and an expensive gaming chair.

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair: Differences

When the concept of gaming chairs was first introduced in 2006, these were looked at as luxury and non-essential, meant solely for the professional gaming community. This perception, however, has changed incredibly. These chairs are now being seen as a comfortable alternative to office chairs in the mainstream.

With their increasing popularity, more and more of us have tried to shift to gaming chairs. In doing so, a lot of people have struggled with picking between the cheap and expensive models they come across. 

While it is obvious that the expensive chairs come with a greater variety of controls and adjustment options, the cheap ones are quite functional and convenient too. It is by being mindful of your needs and demands that your ideal gaming chair can be fixed. 

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair: Differences

Why are gaming chairs so expensive? The price of expensive gaming chairs centers is around $350, while many of the popular and moderately-priced brands offer these at about $200. Cheap vs expensive gaming chair, apart from having the same standard features, the cheap and expensive chairs differ along with some key factors, that include;

1. Material and Upholstery 

The most outwardly visible factor that sets an expensive model apart from the rest is the kind of material used and the quality of the upholstery. The most frequently used material for cheap to moderately-priced gaming chairs is PU leather.

A type of artificial leather, PU leather is relatively cheap as it is easy to manufacture. What is also true is that the PU leather is less comfortable because of the lack of breathability. It is also less durable and prone to wear and tear with prolonged, heavy use compared to other slightly costlier ones. 

For light use, however, PU leather works well, being water-resistant and easy to clean. More expensive materials include PVC leather, cloth fabric, and even natural leather. These are more comfortable and durable but at a higher cost.

Material and Upholstery

2. Padding

The quality of padding in the seat and back is where the major difference lies: cheap vs expensive gaming chair. There are basically three types of padding found in these chairs. 

The regular HD36 foam variety is the lowest in terms of quality. Commonly used in cheaper chairs, its low density and firmness mean it will flatten out after some use. A higher up on the scale is the Lux foam. This higher density HD36 foam is used in the mid-range category of chairs. The best variety of padding is assured by the cold cured foam, which is also the costliest of the three.

The latter is of premium quality and is used in the top-range of gaming chairs. It is a combination of additives and polyurethane polymers. This mix is molded under low-temperature where it expands with air bubbles.

In contrast to the commonly used standard padding, the cold cure foam has superior resistance to compression. This allows it to retain its shape even after prolonged use. Chairs made using this foam are built after accounting for cell structure, hardness, absorption properties, and cushioning qualities. This leads to a marked difference in the durability and comfort of expensive and cheap chairs. 


3. Adjustable Armrests

Without properly adjustable armrests, you may have to deal with discomfort in your forearms, wrists, and back with prolonged use. This is due to the strain of holding up the arms against gravity. 

The good thing is a lot of cheap gaming chairs come with a certain scope of adjustability. Some gaming chairs in the lower price range offer 2D armrests that can be moved up and down and pivoted to better support your arms and back.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive? What makes the expensive gaming chairs better is the availability of 4D armrests that go above and beyond the basic 2D adjustment to allow for length and width adjustment as well. This means you can move the armrests back and forth as well as farther and closer to yourself. These positions can be locked in place for stability.

Thus, armrest adjustability can be crucial if you intend to sit in the chair for long hours and for different purposes. Expensive chairs are designed with better ergonomics to ensure maximum comfort for such uses.

Adjustable armrests

4. Tilt Mechanism

Most gaming chairs, expensive or otherwise, do come with a certain capacity for backrest recline for comfort maximization. A lot of them even allow you to flatten the backrest entirely horizontal.

However, what makes a cheap chair distinct from a relatively costly one is the tilt mechanism. The cheap chairs come with one lever that allows you to lock the seat or tilt it.

Cheap vs expensive gaming chair, the expensive gaming chairs come with two levers. One of these modifies the height of the chair, while the other has various functions. With that, you can lock the chair, enable rocking, or tilt and lock it at any angle.

Which one should you get?

Now you have an idea of exactly what distinguishes an expensive gaming chair from a cheap one. This should help you assess which features are most important for you. Once you have figured this, you can choose if a less costly gaming chair fits the bill for you or if you must go for a pricey one.

By way of suggestions to send you in the right direction in your search, a mention of Autonomous ergonomic gaming chairs must be made here. These gaming chairs blend superior quality and comfort with attractive pricing to bring to you the perfect budget-friendly yet the competitively qualitative choice of gaming chairs.

Alongside their assortment of gaming chairs, you will also find a diverse variety of gaming setups and gaming desks specially crafted to attend to all your gaming needs.

Which one should you choose

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to gaming for long hours, a good quality gaming chair is a non-negotiable essential. This article has given you an understanding of what makes a gaming chair superior and what you might find missing in the cheaper models.

While there are a huge number of options out there, knowing what your needs are and what you are looking for will help you strike the right balance between quality and price

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