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Choosing the Right Saddle Chair for Your Hip Pain
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Choosing the Right Saddle Chair for Your Hip Pain

|Nov 17, 2023

In recent times, an increasing number of people have found themselves complaining about hip pain, and surprisingly, the culprit might just be lurking right under them – the chair they're sitting on. Hip pain is becoming a common issue, often overlooked until it becomes a persistent problem. However, the good news is that by making the right choice when it comes to seating, you can alleviate this discomfort and even prevent it from happening in the first place.

In this article, we'll explore the connection between chairs and hip pain, guide you on selecting the best ergonomic chair for your needs, and review in detail the top three saddle chairs designed specifically to address hip pain.

Why Do Chairs Cause Hip Pain?

Chairs are not inherently designed to cause hip pain, but the way they are designed and used can lead to discomfort and, over time, contribute to hip pain. Let's delve into the various reasons why some office chairs can be a source of hip pain:

Poor Ergonomics

Many traditional chairs lack proper ergonomic design. They may have flat seats, inadequate lumbar support, or a fixed backrest angle, which can force users into unhealthy sitting postures. Poor ergonomics can result in a forward-slumped position, causing pressure on the hips and lower back. This sustained position can lead to hip pain and discomfort over time.

Lack of Adjustability

Chairs that cannot be adjusted to suit individual body shapes and sizes can be a significant cause of hip pain. When a chair does not allow you to customize the seat height, depth, or backrest angle, it becomes challenging to maintain a posture that keeps the hips properly aligned.

Insufficient Padding

Chairs with inadequate cushioning or padding can lead to hip discomfort. When you sit on a chair with minimal padding, your hip bones may come into direct contact with the seat, causing pressure points that can lead to soreness and pain.

Why Do Chairs Cause Hip Pain?

Seat Shape and Design

The shape of the chair seat matters. Chairs with narrow, deep, or contoured seats can create discomfort for some individuals. These seats can push the thighs together or force the hips into unnatural positions, increasing the risk of hip pain.

Prolonged Sitting

Regardless of the chair's design, sitting for extended periods without breaks can contribute to hip pain. When you sit for too long without moving, it can lead to stiffness and reduced blood flow to the hip area, resulting in discomfort.

Lack of Lumbar Support

A lack of proper lumbar support can affect your sitting posture, which, in turn, impacts your hip health. When the lower back isn't adequately supported, you might compensate by slouching, which can put extra strain on your hips and lower back.

Lack of Lumbar Support

Inadequate Backrest

Back support for office chairs that are too short or lack contouring can fail to provide sufficient support for the spine and pelvis. This can lead to poor alignment of the hips, contributing to hip pain, especially in the lower back and sacroiliac region.

Materials and Padding Quality

The quality of materials used in the chair, including the padding and upholstery, plays a role in hip comfort. Chairs with subpar materials may degrade over time, resulting in uneven padding and an uncomfortable sitting surface.

What Chair Is Best for Hip Pain?

To alleviate or prevent hip pain, it's crucial to choose chairs that address these issues and promote proper posture and comfort during extended periods of sitting. Saddle chairs, for instance, are designed to mitigate many of these problems and are often recommended for individuals experiencing hip discomfort.

Saddle chairs often provide relief to individuals with hip pain by reducing pressure on the hips and lower back, making them a popular choice for those seeking comfort and support during extended periods of sitting.

Look for an office chair with a footrest and an excellent ergonomic design, including adjustable seat height and depth, lumbar support, and a backrest that encourages a natural, upright posture. Opt for a chair with sufficient padding to reduce pressure on the hips and a contoured seat that helps distribute weight evenly.

What Chair Is Best for Hip Pain

Top 3 Saddle Chairs For Hip Pain

Here are the best chairs for hip pain available in the market today:

1. Master Massage Berkeley Split Saddle Stool

Among the best saddle chairs for hip pain, this exceptional saddle stool is thoughtfully designed with features tailored to provide optimal comfort and support, making it an ideal choice. The stool boasts an adjustable height range, ensuring customizable seating to accommodate various body types and preferences.

Its innovative pneumatic lift mechanism, akin to high-end office chairs, guarantees smooth and effortless height adjustments. Crafted with a saddle seat design, this cross-legged office chair is engineered to alleviate painful pressure on the back and spine, making it an excellent choice for those seeking comfort during prolonged sitting.

The seat is generously cushioned with two inches of special small-cell foam, which not only delivers superior comfort but is also permanently molded to the seat base, ensuring long-lasting durability.

With a safety weight rating of 660 lbs. and a chair weight of 17.6 lbs., this royal blue saddle stool for hip pain combines functionality, durability, and ergonomic design to offer the utmost comfort.

2. HOMCOM Ergonomic Rolling Saddle Stool

For those who suffer from hip discomfort, this adjustable rolling bar stool is a practical and ergonomic option. With a height range of 19.5" to 24", it enables users to choose the ideal height to relieve strain on the hips and spine. Height is adjusted by a galvanized steel hydraulic lift and handy lever.

The ergonomic fake leather saddle seat provides good support while minimizing joint and muscle strain, making it the perfect choice for jobs that need a lot of sitting. Heavy-duty steel foundation and five-star rolling legs assure stability and prevent tipping or twisted metal.

People with hip problems may move easily while seated because to the dual-wheel casters and 360-degree swivel, which eliminate the need to get up.

3. RHXX Saddle and Rolling Chair

This ergonomic saddle stool boasts a thoughtfully designed high-density rebound sponge cushion with a backrest shaped to improve spine and back health while promoting better digestion. This unique saddle shape effectively relieves fatigue, making it an excellent choice for individuals experiencing hip pain.

The stool offers adjustable height and angle functions, allowing users to customize their seating experience to suit their needs and preferences, ideal for those with extended sitting requirements. Crafted from high-end leather, the seat cushion is soft, comfortable, and breathable, while the thick, adjustable backrest cares for the spine independently and at multiple angles.

This versatile stool finds applications in various settings, and its ergonomic design and customizable features make it a great choice for individuals seeking relief from hip pain.


Investing in a saddle chair for hip pain is a step towards improving your quality of life. These ergonomic wonders are designed to reduce discomfort, promote better posture, and enhance your overall well-being. Don't let hip pain limit your daily activities or work productivity.

Explore our recommendations and find the saddle chair that suits you best, allowing you to sit comfortably and pain-free while taking care of your hips and back for years to come.

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