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Maintaining the Correct Monitor Height for Desk at Home
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Maintaining the Correct Monitor Height for Desk at Home

|Apr 17, 2022

You may be surprised to learn that your desk height can profoundly impact your life. You can drastically improve your posture, health, and productivity by adjusting the height of your desk. You can avoid joint pain, back injuries, and other detrimental effects by finding the correct monitor height for desk and office chairs.

Have you ever wondered how such a small change in desk height can cause such an impact? Do you want to protect yourself from these major drawbacks by using the right height for your computer desk? We will teach you how to adjust your desk height and chair height for the proper height of the monitor when at a computer and monitor eye level ergonomics in this article.

Why The Monitor Height is Important

Why The Monitor Height is Important

Sore muscles, headaches, discomfort, and eye strain- after spending a long day behind a desk without the correct computer screen height, we all go through several feelings. This is not always the case, however. You can make some adjustments to your workstation by knowing where should monitor height be to reduce these symptoms.

When your computer screen is positioned correctly at the correct height, you'll notice a big difference in the monitor's eye-level ergonomics. Some of the decisions we make about the appearance of our office and the furniture can take a lot of time. They do have the effect of improving mood and productivity, however. The desk will be useless if you can't sit at it comfortably and without pain.

An ergonomic set-up isn't provided in most offices, but this is not intended. The reason is that there is little knowledge about ergonomics in an office (and at home). We can help! Below are just some of the tweaks you could add to place the monitor the right way: angles, height, distances, and posture.

Monitor Placement Ideas

Monitor Placement Ideas with correct monitor height for desk

Depending on how many you have, there may be a need to place your monitors at different points on your desk. Even though you use multiple monitors, you need to follow a few steps. To begin with, the monitor ought to be to some extent below or at least at eye level. In order to see the midsection of your screen properly, your eyes must be slightly down for the proper posture at the desk.

The top third of the screen should easily be visible while you hold your neck straight. Please adjust the screen if you find your neck is bending down or up for an ergonomic sitting position. If your monitor can't be raised (or can't be raised anymore), consider placing it on a riser (maybe books) to achieve the proper height. Make sure you adjust the chair if the monitor is too high and won't lower.

Ideally, you should be able to reach the monitor. As a result, you will not need to advance your head toward left and right as you view the entire screen at once. If you can't see what's on the screen even when the screen is arm's length away, expand the script (or wear the glasses). To see everything, you may need to put larger screens further away from your eyes than "arm's length."

Monitor Placement Ideas for you

Depending on where your screen is located (away from you), moving your keyboard farther from the desk will help you achieve the right distance. Possibly your screen needs to be tilted as well. When it's straight, you should be able to see the screen without any problem. You will likely have to angle the screen to minimize glare and ensure that your head is positioned correctly. There will be a push on the top and a pull on the bottom.

Ten to twenty degrees is the most common angle to tilt the screen back. If you wear bifocals, the tilt should be adjusted by 30 to 40 degrees. Using bifocal lenses correctly does not require you to crane your neck.

Lastly, keep your monitor away from direct light. You will always experience harsh glare, no matter how you tilt the screen. Make sure the lighting is indirect (and less harsh) by keeping it to the side of the screen.

Monitor Ergonomics

Monitor Ergonomics with correct monitor height for desk

In addition to improving ergonomic workstation set-ups, there are other ways to improve lost productivity. The following are some additional tips:

Glare should be avoided. Screen glare makes the eyes tired. In addition to this, glare can also force you to change your posture to avoid it. When done enough, the results of such awkward body positioning can be painful.

Keep the screen away from direct light. Place the screen away from windows or at a right angle from other light sources, especially if blinds or curtains cannot be used. It's best if there's no light.

Monitor lift or monitor arm that can be adjusted. They allow the monitor to be positioned in the most convenient position. Stacks of textbooks are less steady and more difficult to adjust.

Its mechanism allows you to stand and sit at the same time. In this way, the user can change their position and maintain proper eye level without losing the benefits of ergonomics.

Monitor Ergonomics notice

The tray is ergonomically designed. You should also have an adjustable keyboard. If the user is seated, the keyboard should rest at waist level. It's only natural that people become tired around 3:30 p.m. and lean back in their chairs. You can compensate for a sloppy posture with a tilts keyboard or get an Ergonomic Birch Wood Monitor Stand.

As a visual improvement and way to impress clients and visitors, monitor stands can also be an attractive option. The quality of the triple monitor mount stand will determine the level of visual improvement. To ensure your monitor arms desk mount displays high-quality materials such as real wood and stainless steel; we recommend investing in a high-quality monitor stand. 

You can easily adjust the height of your monitors with monitor arms that attach to the back of your desk. Despite the effort required to install them, they can prove useful when adjusting monitors or moving them to show others. Many laptop desk stand and monitor mount arms don't restrict you to moving them only in one direction.

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