Finding Ideas: Dream Small Home Office Makeover on a Budget
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Finding Ideas: Dream Small Home Office Makeover on a Budget

|Apr 14, 2024

Did you know that you don’t have to invest too much money in a small home office makeover? With the right ideas, tools, and furniture, you can get great results, and I'm here to teach you how to do it!

As a remote worker, I know that having a comfortable place to work is as important as managing my time and equipping myself with the skills and knowledge to fulfill my job duties. A space that brings joy makes us more productive.

However, not all of us have a huge budget for this. Fortunately, some home office renovation ideas are perfect if we’re on a budget because they don’t require expensive materials, fancy equipment, or luxurious desk accessories.

Are you planning a small home office makeover? I’ve compiled the best ideas to help you create a unique, comfortable, and beautiful space while saving a ton. Read on!

Why Do a Home Office Makeover?

I've been working as a content writer for almost 10 years but fully switched to remote work in 2021. Since then, I've been upgrading my small home office annually, hoping to create the ideal workspace.

As I love to save, I bought some furniture pieces at a discounted price during the last Black Friday sale. Honestly, my cheap standing desk and ergonomic chair are amazing. I didn't have to spend a fortune, but both have served me well.

However, I think the time to give my small home office a makeover finally came after spending a couple of years working from a tiny room with worn-out furniture.

As I mentioned, I know that not all of us have a huge budget for this project, so I gathered the best home office renovation ideas and started working on my dream workspace.

The result was amazing. I loved it! My new setup is so comfortable that it doesn't even feel like I'm working from my house. So, it's safe to say that doing a home office makeover on a budget is completely possible.

Do you want to take a look at my recently renovated home office? If you're as excited to see what I made as I was, keep reading!

Why Do a Home Office Makeover?

Home Office Makeover Revealed

The first question I answered was: “What do I need for my home office setup?” This was how it all started.

After searching for some home office essentials, I was a little disappointed. It seemed impossible to buy a new desk, which I wanted so badly. All the options I saw while exploring the market were too expensive.

Fortunately, it only took me a couple of weeks to find a brand offering durable and modern desks at reasonable prices, so I purchased one for my dream DIY home office makeover.

The Desk I Picked

The desk is the most important element in a home office. A comfortable furniture piece will help me be more productive, take care of my health, and relieve discomfort. However, I was always curious about how I could choose the right one.

Actually, that's why it took me a few weeks to find the ideal option for the best desk setup. Besides minimizing costs to save as much as possible, I wanted to buy something that fit my style and preferences.

I was looking for a modern and futuristic desk with innovative features. However, I changed my mind and chose an option with a modest design.

This doesn't mean that I no longer want to create a modern space. Actually, that was my plan, but I understood that I didn't need to spend thousands of dollars on a feature-packed, fancy desk. With a simple furniture piece and the right accessories, I can still build a contemporary office.

So, that's what helped me find the perfect corner desk. It’s glossy black, which adds an inexpensive luxurious touch. Plus, the tabletop is huge, so I'll have a large work surface where I can work, play video games, and organize all my stuff.

The Desk I Picked

My New Chair

What is the perfect complement for a corner desk? Even if it's a standing option, I need something to sit on when I want to rest a bit or lean my back to let my body release tension.

After some research, I found the ideal option, too. This black and gray office chair has an original and modern design that perfectly matches the desk and enhances the space's appearance. However, this isn't the only thing this item offers.

My new chair has been carefully designed to provide comfort by relieving back pain, encouraging healthy posture, and supporting the spine. Its structure adapts to my body and allows me to sit for hours in a comfortable position.

My New Chair

Ideal Lighting Options

LED lights have become my go-to option when it comes to illuminating spaces. This time, I didn't want to clutter my office with too many light bulbs or strings, but I added several fixtures to create a modern workspace.

Most of the things I have in my setup are black and gray, so I decided to add a touch of color through the LED lights. These are the options I chose:

  • White/light blue LED rope lights under the desk, specifically where the wall and floor meet
  • Fuchsia LED rope lights under shelves
  • Autonomous Honeycomb lights

Ideal Lighting Options

Perfect Organization/Storage Solutions

When giving my small home office a makeover, I wanted to make the most out of each item to maximize my space and create a good-looking but functional setup.

During a brainstorming session with a friend, we focused on that, trying to come up with the best and most original home office wall decor ideas. This is how we thought about adding shelves.

However, I didn't choose just any option. I wall-mounted shelves very similar to my desk, added some LED lights to give them personality, and installed some storage solutions, such as trays and holders. My beloved professional camera found the perfect spot there!

Shortly after, I realized that my shelves weren’t enough. Therefore, I bought a gray filing cabinet that matches the office's style and gives me plenty of storage space to keep my workstation clutter-free.

Perfect Organization/Storage Solutions

My Favorite Plants

Most of the colors I chose for this setup were either too dark or too light. Also, although I liked its appearance, I felt that it lacked something more vivid. That's why I decided to add my favorite plant as a decorative element.

Since my desk is black, I chose a white pot with a waterproof finish. I really loved it. It’s tiny but beautiful and adds a touch of vibrant color to my home office!

My Favorite Plants

The Best Wall Decor for My Ideal Space

Honestly, I didn't worry too much about decorating my walls. I know they're gray, and this color doesn't look good in all spaces. However, I think a gray background was a good fit for my modern setup.

Also, I didn't want to add many accessories because I already had several LED light fixtures and some shelves with my stuff, so I just hung a painting that I really liked. It’s a bright blue whale on a transparent background and a black frame that looks great even if it's dark.

The Best Wall Decor for My Ideal Space

Home Office Makeover Design and Theme Suggestions

Are you planning a home office makeover on a budget? Besides showing off my dream workspace (just kidding), I also want to help you get some inspiration for your project.

Below are some home office makeover ideas you can consider to give a unique touch to this important space without spending a fortune or months tearing things down and building others.

Simple But Modern and Lovely Home Office

Personally, I think this is one of the best home office ideas for women. This space's desk is simple. It looks like a light brown wooden table with an integrated monitor stand. There are no extravagant features.

Why did I choose this option? Well, a simple but solid desk will last for years and will be so versatile that I’ll be able to give my small home office a makeover every time I want to renovate my workspace without having to buy new furniture pieces. I’m thinking about the future!

Furthermore, a desk with a plain design gives me the freedom to decorate my home office as I see fit. This time, I created a colorful, beautiful, and modern space by complementing my furniture with unique accessories. Below are some of the things I added: 

  • A mouse mat
  • A headphone holder
  • Two paintings that match my office’s style
  • Led lights
  • Two decorative plants, including a hanging one
  • A creative hexagonal modular wall light

I chose pastel colors for my office, specifically pink, yellow, light blue, lilac, and white. Honestly, I really love how this makes this space look comforting and stylish. Plus, I added a splash of vibrant colors with the green plants.

It's also important to note that I didn't just focus on my office's appearance. Many of the accessories I chose serve another purpose, such as giving me more storage space, helping me organize my work tools, or simply increasing my productivity.

Simple But Modern and Lovely Home Office

The Chair is the Main Focus

I think this is one of the easiest DIY home office makeover ideas you'll find. It’s minimalist and chic. All furniture pieces are white, except for the chair, which is the main focus of this area.

Again, I chose a gray option that perfectly complements the desk and the filing cabinet and creates a feeling of superior comfort.

This office setup looks impeccable. I know you’ll be able to relax and focus on your work if you create a similar space. Plus, you can give your personal touch to this setup with some accessories.

I didn't play around with colors. Actually, I added a hanging plant and some LED lights, but they're also white. However, you can be as creative as you want.

Add Color and Personality Through Lightning

LED lights are my favorite accessories for a small home office makeover. In this case, I chose to decorate my office's background with a bright red frame. I think it's the best way to give an original touch to my minimalist setup.

However, you can apply variations of this idea with other colors or types of LED lights. I’ve added the honeycomb ones to my office, for example.

Add Color and Personality Through Lightning

Don't Forget You Need to Store Things

The best and most beautiful workspaces are neat, but it’s quite challenging to achieve this appearance if I have many things in this area. Fortunately, there are many storage solutions today.

Whether you're looking for women's and men's home office ideas, this one could be a great option for you. I choose desks with drawers and different types of wall-mounted shelves, which serve two purposes: decorating my space and keeping my belongings organized.

Remember that you can be as creative as you want. I chose shelves of the same color but with different and unique shapes to give an original touch to this setup, for example.

Add a Natural Element With Your Favorite Plant

Personally, I love having plants in my spaces to make them more vivid and add an extra benefit to my health. However, for this idea, I considered something different.

Instead of just hanging a plant on the wall or adding a small pot to my desk, I chose a decorative element. It has a built-in lamp and a house-shaped frame that make my little tree look captivating!

Add a Natural Element With Your Favorite Plant

Be Creative When Decorating Your Wall

I always see my walls as a blank canvas to decorate my spaces, especially if they're tiny. So, this is something you can do if you want to give your small home office a makeover.

Let your imagination run wild. Hang pictures, drawings, illustrations, photos of your loved ones, or anything you enjoy on your wall, using these elements as your office's background. I swear you’ll love the result!

Play Around With Colors

Finally, my last recommendation is that you be free to play around with colors. This will definitely help you create the best space to work, increase your productivity, and advance your career.

These are other home office makeover ideas to give you some inspiration and help you create a colorful workspace.

Black and White

Black and white setups are classic and simple. However, that doesn't mean you cannot be creative. I usually combine white furniture with black accessories or vice versa. In both scenarios, I know I’ll have a simple but elegant and neat space.

Yellow and Gray

If you want to try a bolder combination, you can consider this idea. I focused on creating a gray environment but then added other colorful elements  - specifically yellow chairs, lamps, and pictures  - to make my office more vibrant and fun.

Yellow and Gray

White and Green

As you can see, I love white setups. However, I always try to add my personal touch by using other elements. This one, for example, has several plants and a green chair that perfectly complements the natural look that I want to give to this space.

White and Green

Blue and White

Again, this is a white setup, but I added blue elements to create a serene and relaxing space.

This time, I chose furniture and equipment of the same color, but I hung some blue pictures and frames. Plus, I changed the chair to an original one that matches this beautiful color.

Blue and White

Final Thoughts

A DIY home office makeover may require time and effort, but it's the best way to create a beautiful and productive workspace without spending a fortune. Also, you can make this process easier with my ideas.

Remember that you’re free to experiment. To make a more relaxing and pleasant home office, feng shui layouts can be a great option. Toys can also be fun additions to colorful spaces. You just have to be creative!

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