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Exploring 2024 Christmas Decor Trends for the Home and Office
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Exploring 2024 Christmas Decor Trends for the Home and Office

|Dec 5, 2023

Getting your home Christmas-ready signals the start of the festive season. Like fashion, Christmas décor trends are constantly changing. 

If you are hoping to create a memorable setup for your home or office, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing 2023 Christmas décor trends. 

Get your home and office ready to wow guests and get everyone geared up for the holidays with these ideas!

Understanding 2023 Christmas Décor Trends

Before we get into the top 15 home and cubicle Christmas décor ideas, let’s first talk a little about what’s trending this year. 

When it comes to 2023 Christmas décor trends, both minimalism and maximalism are popular. You can use this year’s trending colors (metallic or jeweled tones) to add splashes of color to your setup. There are no limits to the number of trees you should include this year, and earth-conscious Christmas desk decorating ideas are certainly in fashion this year. 

Top 15 Christmas Décor Trends to Try This Festive Season

Get on the bandwagon and take advantage of these trends to get your home or office ready for the festive season. 

1. Minimalistic Décor

Minimalism is in this year, and this design trend is not limited to permanent office or home furniture. If your home or office is minimalistic, airy, and “clean,” then you need to try this trend! 

To bring this 2023 Christmas décor trend to life, avoid going with bold, bright colors, but stick to a neutral palette. Instead of bright greens, go for muted, softer greens. 

With this design trend, less is more, so there’s no need to invest in tons of elements. Simply set up some greenery on your dinner table and go for a Christmas tree that features washed greens and subtle or neutral-toned decorations.

Minimalistic Décor

2. Vintage-inspired Setup

Do you remember how you spent Christmas as a child? Although many of the design elements are considered outdated now, you can bring your childhood memories to life by including vintage elements in your home or office Xmas décor. 

To bring this trend to life in your space, explore 2023 Christmas colors that are vintage-inspired. Think traditional green and red. You can also add vintage ornaments to your tree to bring a little festive cheer. 

Use napkins with vintage Christmas-themed designs on them, or incorporate browns and grays along with old photos of loved ones to truly take yourself back to days gone by.

Vintage-inspired Setup

3. Glass Elements

Instead of the heaviness of colored décor, why not go for glass instead? Incorporating glass ornaments can provide a nice contrast to a busy theme and may just be what you need to balance your home or office Xmas décor. 

It’s also a good idea to use glass elements as part of your table setup to add a modern flair. Glass can also be used to accentuate a desk setup. You can go for a trendy crystal lamp for the perfect addition.

Glass Elements - 2023 Christmas décor

4. Warm Colors

When you use warm colors like blush, you can create a Christmas setup that looks stunning, especially when mixed with the season's customary 2023 Christmas colors: silver, gold, and jeweled tones. The use of warm colors will create a great contrast to the cool, frigid weather outside. 

You can go crazy with this theme by adding bejeweled elements for more visual interest and texture.

Warm Colors - 2023 Christmas décor

5. Maximalism

While minimalism is definitely in this year, did you know that some 2023 Christmas décor trends also lean toward maximalism? This trend involves going over the top with your home or office Xmas décor, including lots of bright jewel tones. 

This doesn’t just give you the chance to go all out this Christmas, but it can also create a more glamorous, contemporary look. Go with a mix of colors, including emerald green, midnight blues, and berry tones. 

Experiment with colors and design elements to create the perfect balance. Keep in mind that maximalism doesn’t imply messiness. Make sure your design is well thought out and functional. The last thing you want to do is just put up all the decorations you have haphazardly, as this will just look untidy and unfinished.


6. Use Jewel-toned Glassware

To incorporate this year’s colors in a more subtle way, why not add glassware that features these tones? 

Your dinnerware plays an important role in setting the tone for Christmas lunch or dinner, so choosing these elements carefully can help you pull off a memorable celebration that will impress your guests and family members. 

Luxe metals, emerald green, midnight blues, teal, burgundy, and more can help you create a statement piece that will brighten up those Christmas dinner toasts and add a little sparkle to the atmosphere without going over the top. 

Including jewel-toned elements on your desk can also help you take advantage of this design trend and get your office desk Christmas-ready! 

7. Earthy Tones

Embrace nature this Christmas by incorporating nature into your 2023 Christmas decoration ideas. 

This year, you can also expect to see copper, terracotta, and rust color themes, as well as the more natural browns and greens. If you want to include woodland animals and other natural elements in your Christmas décor, then this is the way to go! 

If you have wooden furniture, this theme may just work really well when done right.

Earthy Tones

8. Two Christmas Trees Instead of One

Who says you have to use one tree as part of your Christmas décor for the office or living room? More is more this year, so you can get a second tree to adorn the hallway or common area and a second one for presents. 

You can really play around with designs here and go with a real tree as your main tree and choose an artificial one as the second, or vice versa. This way, you can create a functional space where your presents will go and another area for Instagram-ready photos. 

Wondering where the best place to put a Christmas tree in your office is? Why not add one to your desk to boost your mood and productivity over the festive season? 

This little tree will be a reminder that it’s that time of the year again and help prepare you for the upcoming festivities. Plus, it's really nice to look at, which is great!

Two Christmas Trees Instead of One

9. Go Big or Go Home

To go with the maximalist theme that is dominating 2023 Christmas trends, large decorations are definitely in this year! 

Whether you choose to include some handmade elements or get something store-bought, you can transform your plain walls using more than just tinsel this Christmas. Use large baubles and other hanging decorations to create focal points and bring your space to life. 

This is also a great idea for adorning your outside living space with a little festive cheer.

Go Big or Go Home

10. Earth-friendly 2023 Christmas Decoration Ideas

The truth is that every year after the festivities are over and life returns to normal, tons of plastic waste enter the oceans. This can have a detrimental effect on the natural environment and have lasting consequences for the animals that live on land and in the ocean.

While this might make you want to ditch the 2023 Christmas decoration ideas and leave your home or office as is, the good news is that you don’t have to. 

You can enjoy a contemporary setup by incorporating naturally derived Christmas decorations into your setup. The best part is that going this route can save you money, too, as you can DIY most, if not all, of these elements. 

Go for recycled glass, wood, paper, paper mâché, and other bio-degradable or sustainable options.

Earth-friendly 2023 Christmas Decoration Ideas

11. Mushrooms and Toadstools

Are you a sucker for a fairytale theme? Well, this Christmas, you can please your inner child with a fun yet contemporary theme. 

Quirky and unique baubles are becoming more popular this year, and by going with mushroom and toadstool-themed décor elements, you can create a truly unique, fairytale setup. Mushroom-themed lighting can make for the perfect addition. 

Another way to incorporate this design is by using a forest theme as part of your Christmas aesthetic backgrounds to truly make it magical. 

12. Brass and Chrome Accent 

If you haven’t already noticed, metallic shades are undoubtedly the most popular 2023 Christmas colors. If you’re not too keen on jeweled tones like bright emerald green, teal, or burgundy, then why not use brass and chrome accents instead? 

From chrome baubles and brass table décor to metallic trees, the sky's the limit with these 2023 Christmas trends! 

If you want to show the Christmas spirit without cluttering your desk with a busy design, you can go for a little tree with chrome or brass elements for a modern take on the traditional holiday setup.

Metallic elements also work great for outdoor areas, so you can really bring out the beauty of your space with some large chrome reindeer or bauble decorations that are specifically designed for the great outdoors. 

13. Make It Girly and Pink

Do you live alone or with other women? Why not take advantage of these girly 2023 Christmas décor trends? 

2023 saw the release of the new Barbie movie that awakened the girl in all of us, so pinks are definitely in this festive season! Plus, which little girl wouldn’t go completely gaga over a pink Christmas theme? 

There are many ways to take advantage of this trend. Use a pink tree that’s lighter in color and adorn it with baubles and other decorations that are a darker shade of pink. Go bananas and top your Christmas tree with a pink star, and use pink decorations around the room to tie the theme together. 

You can wrap all your presents in pink wrapping paper, too, and add gold or silver accents to accentuate this popular color. 

Not a fan of pink? You could do this with just about any color, too!

Make It Girly and Pink

14. Bejeweled Peaches

Don’t start bejeweling peach baubles just yet. That’s not what we mean. 

Pastel colors like peach are also great to use if you want to create a modern setup and stay up to date with 2023 Christmas trends. By including peach tones along with other design elements, you can wow guests. 

Plus, if you add some sparkle and shimmer with jewels, we won’t tell! Texture is definitely in this year, so create a luxurious, sophisticated setup by adding gold accents. 

Some great additional colors to use if you're going to choose peach for your setup are:  

  • Lilac
  • Champagne gold
  • Mint green 

This color scheme looks fantastic with flocked trees and creates a lovely, fresh holiday display. 

15. Make It Smart

2023 was a pivotal year in terms of technological advancement, and if you want to emphasize how far mankind has come, why not switch to smart home or office devices this festive season and incorporate them into your design? 

This is a sure way to impress your guests and upgrade your space! It can also take some of the work off your shoulders. 

If you are decorating your office, switch to a smart, ergonomic chair that will not only exude elegance and sophistication but also ensure that you can actually party this festive season. 

Plus, if you haven’t already, replace your old desk with a stand-up desk that will change its height at the touch of a button. 

Another great way to use technology as part of your Christmas décor this year is by incorporating certain desk accessories, such as a futuristic wall charger or crystal lamp.

Make It Smart

The Bottom Line

There are a number of ways to enjoy your festive setup this year! Experiment with metallic colors, earth tones, or pastels. Switch to eco-friendly or sustainable decorations or incorporate smart technology to showcase your creativity.

Whether you go for minimalist, maximalism, or earth-friendly elements this Christmas, remember to have fun and include the whole family when creating your setup! 

If you are looking for the perfect ergonomic furniture that you can use to upgrade your home or office, you can turn to Autonomous! We also have a great range of smart accessories to help you get your workspace ready for the festive season.

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