Find the Best L-Shaped Desk for Your Home Office in 2024
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Find the Best L-Shaped Desk for Your Home Office in 2024

|Mar 26, 2024

When you are designing your desk setup for a home office, optimizing your use of space is one of the top priorities. One of the best ways to do that- and inject some modern style into your space- is with an L-shaped desk.

Choosing an L-shaped desk gives you more surface space to work with without taking up too much extra floor space- and it offers plenty of clever storage options. Finding the best L-shaped desk starts with looking into the key features- and comparing available options online.

This L-shaped desk review is for anyone with a home office who wants a quick view of the best designs on the market today. It also provides more insight into the different features to choose from and how to prioritize the right things for your specific requirements.

Let’s get started.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best L-Shaped Computer Desk

There are many different styles of L-shaped desks. Aside from the basic idea of having two sections of desk that can fit in a corner, there can be very few similarities from one to the next.

It is easier to narrow down your search if you focus on the following differentiation features.

What Aesthetic Do You Like?

The beauty of home offices is that you can make them look however you want them to. Desks are the central focus of an office, so the style you pick has a major influence on the room’s overall aesthetic. 

L-shaped desks can look ultra-modern or classically traditional- it depends a lot on the materials and finishes. 

How Much Space Do You Have? 

You need a desk that offers enough surface space to work with (which is why people tend to choose L-shaped designs), but you don’t want it to take up too much of the room.

Check the dimensions of your room before shopping for desks- and always make sure any desk you consider can fit comfortably in the allocated spot.

Choosing the Best L-Shaped Computer Desk

Do You Want the Option to Stand While You Work?

More people are choosing adjustable standing desks for their home offices because of the versatility and health benefits they offer. If these are things you want, you should focus on L-shaped desks that have some sort of adjustable setting.

You get some that work with a manual crank, some that are electric, and others that have extendable features.

Is Storage a Priority?

Some L-shaped desks come with built-in storage- which can be highly beneficial if you don’t have many other places to keep things around your office. Decide if you need closed cupboards or drawers or if open shelving will do.

Alternatively, look for desks with plenty of space underneath to integrate separate storage accessories.

Is Storage a Priority?

Top Picks for the Best L-Shaped Desk for Home Office Setups in 2024

We scoured the internet to pick and test some of the top L-shaped desk designs of 2024 and have selected eight that stand out. Each one offers unique benefits to suit different setups and purposes - all for home offices in one way or another.

1. Best L-Shaped Standing Desk – Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Standing desks are must-have items for modern and efficient home offices. They offer versatile work styles, enhanced productivity, and health benefits for users. Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds for flexible functionality and ample workspace with the SmartDesk Corner by Autonomous.

Offering twice the surface space of regular standing desks, this sleek motor-operated design fits flawlessly into any home office design. It feels incredibly robust and durable - and looks ultra-professional in all the color options. Some standout features include electrically managed adjustable height settings and a free compatible cable tray. We also love that you can adjust the assembly to fit in a right or left side corner.

SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon271 reviews

Four programmable height settingsRequires some assembly
Super quiet motorMore expensive than basic desks
Supports up to 400 Lbs
Gives you the option to work sitting or standing
Minimalistic design available in three colors

2. Best L-Shaped Desk with Hutch - Trio Supply House L-Shape Desk with Hutch and Storage

Storage is often an issue in home offices, but what if you could combine it with the extra desk surface space available with an L-shaped desk? This Trio Supply House design does just that.

It comes with two built-in drawers and a hutch-style dual-level desk. Both surfaces have plenty of area to work on, but they also provide some smart spots to store your things. The overall dimensions are quite big, so you need a decent space to fit it in, but it really does make the most of every inch.

The white desk option is subtle and minimalistic for a clean look, while the walnut version offers a little more character and warmth. Other key features include a built-in accessory shelf and bag hook.

Trio Supply House L-Shape Desk with Hutch and Storage

Trio Supply House L-Shape Desk with Hutch and Storage

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon67 reviews

Multiple built-in storage spacesLow weight capacity
Durable steel frameNot as sturdy as some other designs
Generous work surface
Simple but effective

3. Best L-Shaped Desk with Storage - FM FURNITURE Antlia Desk: L-Shaped

If it is storage you want, the Antlia Desk by FM Furniture is a great choice. We prefer the look of this desk to the option above- thanks to the subtle wooden finish and clean, modern shapes. It has two open shelves, an enclosed cupboard hiding two more shelves, and two desk surfaces on slightly different levels.

We felt professional and comfortable sitting at this desk and found the storage solutions practical and effective. It is perfect for someone who wants a generous-sized desk but has a home office with limited space for additional storage.

FM FURNITURE Antlia Desk: L-Shaped

FM FURNITURE Antlia Desk: L-Shaped

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon56 reviews

Attractive design in two finishesTakes up a lot of corner space
Versatile storage and display areaNot available in black or white
Minimalistic and professional
Easy assembly

4. Best Small L-Shaped Desk - East Urban Home 55.12'' Desk

Don’t worry if space is in short supply - we found a perfect mini corner desk that offers plenty of benefits in a compact package. The East Urban Home 55.12” Desk is an affordable, modern, and highly practical desk - and it is the best L-shaped desk for small home offices.

Hutch-style storage offers a drawer, a large cupboard, and two open shelves beneath desk level - plus a low-level surface to keep extra stationery and accessories out of the way of your working desk area. It is affordable, versatile, and looks great - perfect for a work corner in your bedroom or living room.

East Urban Home Desk

East Urban Home Desk

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon1037 reviews

Compact designTakes a while to assemble
Plenty of storageLow weight capacity
Can be set up for left or right orientation
Clean and attractive finishes

5. Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk - SEDETA L Shaped Computer Desk

The SEDETA L-Shaped Computer desk is the best L-shaped gaming desk we found for 2024 - especially for those on a budget. While we prefer the desk ergonomics and versatility of the SmartDesk Corner for a gaming setup, we appreciate the additional storage options and built-in keyboard tray in this design.

It also has a raised desktop display unit that is perfect for a small second monitor or for personalizing your gaming desk with accessories and decorations. We also love the RGB light display - a must-have for a cool, streaming-ready gaming setup. Considering the low price, it is well built and reasonably easy to put together- although it does take a bit of time.

SEDETA L Shaped Computer Desk

SEDETA L Shaped Computer Desk

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon10 reviews

Plenty of desk space - plus storageQuite big (not ideal for smaller rooms)
Sleek black design
Sturdy and strong
RGB lighting

6. Best L-Shaped Rotating Desk - Techni Mobili Rotating Multi-Positional Modern Desk

L-shaped desks are great, but the Techni Mobili Rotating Desk can be so much more. You can change the position of the lower desk surface to tuck underneath the main area- or push it all the way out to extend straight along the same line. This is an excellent feature if you need extra space when you are working but prefer to keep it discreet and compact when you are not.

Roller wheels make it even easier to maneuver- plus you have a handy dual-drawer storage unit built in. The design is certainly one of the more versatile L-shaped desk ideas - and while it is not the most professional or sturdy-looking, it is an ideal solution for small home offices or study corners.

Techni Mobili Rotating Multi-Positional Modern Desk

Techni Mobili Rotating Multi-Positional Modern Desk

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon11 reviews

Fully adjustable angleOnly available in one color
Built-in storageNo cable management included
Ergonomic design
Great maneuverability

7. Best Glass L-Shaped Desk - EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60" L Shape Glass Gaming Desk: Music Sync RGB

This is another one best suited to gamers - but it really works for anyone with a home office who likes the sleek style of dark glass. Without the RGB lighting activated, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC L-Shaped Glass Gaming Desk looks every bit as professional as any other office desk.

It is clean, simple, and incredibly stylish- with a solid carbon steel frame and tempered black glass top. By day, it is a chic desk for professionals. By night, it becomes a gamer’s dream. When we first fired up the RGB system, we were blown away. It is built into the glass- creating a stunning display that moves with your sound system. Pretty cool, right?

EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shape Glass Gaming Desk: Music Sync RGB

EUREKA ERGONOMIC L Shape Glass Gaming Desk: Music Sync RGB

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon13 reviews

Loads of built-in accessoriesNo built-in storage or keyboard tray
Patented and unique RGB hardware
Reversible design
It looks so good

8. Best L-Shaped Desk with Lift Top - Bed Bath & Beyond L-Shaped Desk with Lift Top

Sit-stand desks are not the only adjustable desk designs that make it possible to work standing up sometimes - as this design from Bed Bath & Beyond proves. Instead of moving the desk, all you need to do is lift the surface up and out- simple but effective.

The desk itself is a very similar shape and design to several others on this list, but what makes it different is the raisable section on one half of the desk. It comes out easily and feels pretty sturdy once you set it in place. When raised, this section can hold up to 37 Lbs. - perfect for a laptop.

We also like the vintage style merged with the modern design functionality. It has a classic warmth that fits well in many settings.

Bed Bath & Beyond L-Shaped Desk with Lift Top

Bed Bath & Beyond L-Shaped Desk with Lift Top

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon9603 reviews

Option for stand-up workingLess sturdy than some designs
Great price
CPU stand included
Built-in open shelving

How We Tested and Picked the Best L-Shaped Office Desk Designs

We based our top picks on several things:

  • Feedback from verified online L-shaped desk reviews
  • Testing for comfort, practicality, and ergonomics
  • Examining the materials used and expected durability
  • Comparing styles and prices
  • Using the desks in various settings

All the desks on this list stood out for value, style, functionality, and durability in their individual categories.

How We Tested and Picked the Best L-Shaped Office Desk Designs

Final Thought

Not every L-shaped office desk for sale will be the right fit for your home working space. Remember to think about the following things before you start the search:

  • The size of your home office
  • How much workspace you need
  • If you want an adjustable or regular L-shaped desk
  • Your budget
  • The room’s aesthetic
  • What you will use the desk for
  • How durable and strong the desk materials are

Overall, you should look for a balance between style, substance, and value for money. The eight options on this list offer a great variety - and are worth checking out as you begin the search for the best L-shaped standing desk for your home office.

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