Gaming Room Design Ideas and Inspirations
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Gaming Room Design Ideas and Inspirations

|May 13, 2024

Being a gamer is life. I know how easy it is to get lost in another world, whether you’re into action, multiplayer battles, or simulation video games. Trying to design gaming room setups can be challenging when you’re not sure where to start. Luckily, I’ve done the hard work for you.

If you’re focused on creating the best RGB gaming desk setup, this guide is for you. Whether you have a large or small space, you’ll find many great ideas to get you started. Let’s jump right in.

Small Gaming Room Design Ideas

Having a small space may make you feel like you can’t design a gaming room, but that’s untrue. I’ve lived in a tiny apartment before and created the perfect place for relaxing with video games.

Take some gaming setup inspiration from these ideas:

1. Lighting and Storage

While you don’t need RGB gaming lights to be a gamer, they do bring ambiance with their vibrant colors. With their red, green, and blue hues, you’ll get into the zone and could probably play for hours without hurting your eyes.

However, you also have to think about storage options. If you’re gaming in your living or dining room, you may need to get creative. Add shelving units around your television and include comfortable places to sit and play online games.

Lighting and Storage - Gaming room design ideas

2. Hide Your Screen

Most of my friends are gamers in small spaces, and they have come up with very cool gaming room designs. For example, have you thought of hiding the television or desk behind a decorative door or screen? It’s the perfect solution when you don’t want monitors glaring at you all the time.

3. Create a Multi-purpose Room

Buying an adjustable-height desk can help you create a multi-purpose room. You can play online games, do homework, and have a work-from-home space when you need it.

I’ve definitely sat at my gaming desk to write checks, look up a few things, paint, and more. It’s freeing to have one space that can help you deal with so many little tasks throughout the day.

Create a Multi-purpose Room - Gaming room design ideas

4. Double Your Space with a Mirrored Wall

When focused on gaming room layout ideas, it’s important to make the space seem larger than it is. While this doesn’t actually give you a bigger area, it offers that visual appeal you crave.

Decorating with mirrors is a great interior design trick for making a small space seem larger. If your gaming room is tiny, you can easily make it appear bigger.

I recommend focusing on your lighting and doubling the effect of your mirror. For example, a stylish pendant in the middle of the room is beautiful, but you might need wall lights or downlights, as well.

5. Create a Gaming Room with Unused Space

Learning how to design a gaming room is daunting, especially if you’re not an interior designer or have a small space. However, I’ve found that unused areas can be transformed into a gamer’s heaven.

Do you have a corner of the living room you don’t use? Is there a little space in the bedroom you could turn into a gamer’s paradise? Though you may have to shift things around, it’s possible to make it happen!

Create a Gaming Room with Unused Space

Large Gaming Room Design Ideas

Creating the best gaming room design for a small space can seem daunting, but it’s also difficult to imagine what you can do with a bigger area. When I moved from an apartment to a spacious house, I was overwhelmed because there were so many ideas out there.

Should I splurge on gaming furniture? Could I dedicate an entire room or the basement to my games and create a better experience? Would it be easier to have a smaller space like I was used to? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. The Best RGB Gaming Chair

The first step in learning how to design a gaming room for a larger space is to focus on the best RGB gaming chair. Since you’ll probably be sitting in it for many hours at a time, you want a high-quality one that leaves you feeling energized and not achy after your sessions.

I recommend choosing an ergonomic chair that fits in your space and feels comfortable for your body. Though leather and vinyl are easier to clean, they aren’t breathable. Mesh-like fabrics are usually best.

Focus on extra cushioning for the booty, lumbar support for the back, adjustable armrests, and a footrest. You’ll be comfortable for hours and can stand up and go about your day without feeling pain.

The Best RGB Gaming Chair

2. An Appropriate Gaming Desk

With so many gaming room layout ideas, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Luckily, you can mix and match the things you like most and incorporate them, especially if you have a bigger space to enjoy.

Choosing the best RGB gaming desk will help you stay comfortable. It should fit in the space you’ve designated as your gamer’s paradise and must hold all the things you’ll need to play games.

While built-in drawers can be helpful, you could always add shelves to the walls to hold gamer-related items. The focus should be on comfort, plenty of room, and the size of your space. I recommend a height-adjustable desk. You can stand and play, which will help you stretch and avoid pain.

An Appropriate Gaming Desk

3. Go Retro

Could the best gaming room design be focused on retro? Yes! I like to take inspiration from retro games, including Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Tetris. It just gives the area a classic style. Everyone gets excited because they instantly feel the nostalgia of the past, and it promises to bring about future good times.

4. Consider a Futuristic Look

It’s important to consider cool gaming room designs that will help you relax and unwind after a long day. After work, I like to sit down in a comforting space, and the futuristic style appeals to me.

Geometric shapes, white bases (white space), hi-tech elements, and backlighting are all important here. However, minimalism also plays a role because you don’t want to overwhelm the area with too many things.

5. Add Artificial Plants (or Real Ones)

I dislike the outdoors and would much rather sit inside and play games. However, I still enjoy the greenery nature brings, which could improve your health, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To design gaming room setups effectively, it’s important to focus on the aesthetic appeal, too. That’s why I recommend fake plants. Since many spaces don’t have natural light, this is often the best solution. You still enjoy the greenery, and you can’t kill them!

Add Artificial Plants (or Real Ones)

Budget-friendly Design Tips and DIY Solutions for Extremely Frugal Gamers

Most gamers dream of having a dedicated gaming space that’s comfortable and immersive. I know how daunting it is to create the perfect room, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Here are a few budget-friendly gaming room design ideas to get you started:

1. Plan Out Your Space

It’s important to find a few gaming room layout ideas before bringing in furniture and monitors. Do you like an open design or want the space to be closed off from other areas?

Assess your room’s size, existing furniture, and layout first. Then, you can map out where you want your gaming area to be.

Ideally, you want a separate room for gaming, but that’s not always possible. If you have a small space, you might only have a corner open. It’s still possible to create a gamer’s paradise with these tips:

  • Identify focal points in the room.
  • Shift things around in the space to make room for gaming.
  • Focus on storage and seating arrangements first.
  • Add furniture that will fit in the space and look cohesive.

Plan Out Your Space

2. Repurpose and Upcycle

Learning how to design a gaming room often requires creativity. Even if you have a separate space for your video and online games, it’s still important to focus on repurposing and upcycling what you already have. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • DIY Sound Diffusers – If you can’t afford speakers right now, create a DIY sound diffuser. Acoustic foam and egg cartons are perfect for this and will keep the noise to a minimum in other parts of the house.
  • Repurposed Storage Options – Turn vintage suitcases and wooden crates into functional and stylish storage for your gaming needs. These items can serve a purpose and will add character to the space.
  • Pallet furniture – Upcycle wooden pallets into furniture, such as shelves and coffee tables. You’ll need to sand and paint them, but they will look unique and enhance the space.
  • Old Controllers and Consoles – If you’ve got retired controllers and consoles around the house, turn them into decorations. Create a shadow box or a display shelf to add a nostalgic touch.

3. Buy Thrifty Accessories

The best gaming room design requires accessories to add that finishing touch you need. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Thrift stores often have decorative shelves, quirky items, and vintage gaming memorabilia that can help you transform your space into a gamer’s paradise.

4. Get Creative with Cable Management

While I get excited over cool gaming room designs, cable management can seem a little boring. However, you need an organized and clean setup so that you can find what you require and stay focused on the game. Adhesive clips, cable organizers, and Velcro ties can keep wires neat and reduce clutter.

Get Creative with Cable Management

5. Brighten the Space with Wall Décor

Wall decorations can help you transform your space into a gamer’s paradise. You don’t have to splurge on décor, either. I recommend creating an accent wall with many posters, removable decals, and homemade pixel art. As you save money, you can purchase artwork and other things.

6. Buy an Affordable Display

Top-of-the-line computers and monitors are enticing, but a budget-friendly alternative can provide you with the best gaming experience possible. I’ve had success with refurbished equipment, but shopping the discounts and sales can also bring about excellent results.

Console gamers can also find affordable options. Repurpose your old television to play your games without spending too much money. Though modern TVs offer better performance, you may not have the funds to buy one. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check out sales to get a larger screen at a decent price.

Buy an Affordable Display

Essential Accessories and Gadgets that a Pro-gaming Room Must Have

As a pro gamer, you need the best gaming desk accessories and gadgets to make life easier. Here are a few of the things I recommend investing in first:

1. RGB Light Panels

If you want an RGB gaming PC setup, don’t forget about the lights. Customizable panels are a staple in modern designs.

Usually, you buy smart LED panels that sync different lighting effects to match your in-game actions. Immersion is inevitable.

Consider LED backlighting, as well. If you put the lights around the room and behind your monitors, you’ll get ambient lighting that reacts to the screen’s visuals. It’s an amazing experience.

2. Streaming Microphone

After checking out the many gaming room design ideas I’ve come up with, it’s important to consider the microphone you use. If you hope to podcast or broadcast, you’ll need a high-quality one.

Studio-grade condenser microphones are ideal for live streaming, which is what professionals use. However, you can also go with something a little less expensive if you don’t have the extra funds.

Streaming Microphone

3. Wireless Earbuds

Immersive audio isn’t something people think about when creating cool gaming room designs, but it’s essential. I like wireless earbuds because there are no cables to deal with, and they’re pretty flexible. Features like water resistance, noise-blocking technology, and multiple modes will help you customize your experience.

Wireless Earbuds - Gaming room design ideas

4. A UPS

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essential for serious gaming setups. It’s a battery backup to help your gear continue running during a power outage and may even prevent disruptions during surges.

I primarily use a UPS to prevent game crashes, allowing the system to safely shut itself down. Though it’s not something you think of when you focus on the best gaming room design, it’s helpful and can protect your expensive equipment.

A UPS - Gaming room design ideas


Learning how to design a gaming room can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, I’ve shared many tips to help you get started.

Take some or all of these gaming room design ideas and make them your own. This is only a starting point; it’s now up to you to branch out from the fundamentals and add visual appeal to your space.

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