How to Hide Electrical Cords in the Center of a Gaming Room
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How to Hide Electrical Cords in the Center of a Gaming Room

|Aug 20, 2022

It can be a challenge to try hiding electrical cords in the center of a gaming room. After all, having your desk in the middle of the room can make things complicated. However, hiding all the electrical cords in your gaming room is still possible regardless of their location. Furthermore, you won't have to spend that much to bring some organization to your standing gaming desk.

If you'd like to learn how to hide computer cords on a desk, this article is for you. For starters, if your desk is located in the center of the room, maybe you should consider installing floor electrical outlets. But if that’s not an option, there are other things you can try to make everything a little bit more organized.

We’ll be exploring different ways of cable management you can consider if you’re looking forward to learning how to hide cords on your desk.

How to Hide an Electrical Cord in Your Gaming Room Effortlessly

The location of your desk doesn’t hold much importance, as it will always be necessary to keep some cables around for you to be able to use your computer and other accessories, like a printer. Still, things can get a bit challenging if your only option is to leave your desk in the middle of your room.

In most situations, you’ll have to stretch a cord across the floor, which can be dangerous and look unappealing.

However, hiding electrical cords in your workstation or gaming room doesn't have to be so complicated. You can do great things with your cable management with a bit of creativity. Here are some tips on hiding cords on your desk without too many complications.

1.  Use floor electrical outlets

Use floor electrical outlets for hiding electrical cords

If possible, you can try installing floor electrical outlets in the room. It’s relatively expensive, but it’s the most straightforward option to keep the cords in a single place without them being a hazard. No one will realize that there are cords plugged on the floor because these electrical outlets are extremely subtle.

Hence, we can say the best tip available on how to hide cords on the floor is to install floor outlets on the floor. You can keep all your devices connected without the cables disturbing the rest of the area. If it's possible for you to choose this option, we highly advise you to do it.

2.  Hide them in the wall

Hide them in the wall

Here we have a tip on how to hide cords on the wall. All you need is a tape that's the same color as the call, and then you can place anything in front of them to prevent them from being visible. You can use a flower arrangement or perhaps a nice wall decoration to complement the rest of the room.

3.  Run them along the floor

Run them along the floor

Another option you have is to run the cords along the floor. For instance, you can try running them alongside the baseboards, which will prevent them from becoming too noticeable at sight. Still, make sure that the cables are tight – otherwise, people may trip over them.

You can also consider those with hardwood flooring to take advantage of the space between the flooring and subfloor. However, it may require you to drill holes (one located in your desk area and the other on the electrical outlet you'll use) to take full advantage of it.

You may also run an extension cord in the space, not the cord itself, as an extra tip. This way, you will be able to plug in many devices simultaneously in the same place.

4.  Cord covers

Cord covers

If you truly care about aesthetics, one of the best tips we can give you on how to hide computer cords on a desk is to use cord covers. This way, you will be able to run all the cords along the floor without worrying about them looking bad in the room. These products are quite efficient and aesthetically appealing.

Typically, cord covers have enough space for many cords at the same time. Furthermore, you can find them in different colors, allowing you to combine them with the rest of your room.

5. Cord tapes

Cord tapes are available. This type of tape was designed specifically to cover the cords that you run along the floor (or the wall). It's uncomplicated to use and doesn't suppose any issue with removing. You can find cord tape for floors and another option for carpets.

This is one of the easiest ways you have to hide a cord on the floor if you truly want to solve the problem as soon as possible. Cord tape is quite affordable, too.

What Other Alternatives Do You Have?

What Other Alternatives Do You Have?

When it comes to cable management, you can consider many options. If you own a sit-stand desk, we recommend you visit this post on standing desk cable management for more information. In addition, be sure to buy a cord organizer for your desk to maintain all your cables running in the same direction. This way, your L-shaped gaming desk can be more organized, and your gaming room can look more aesthetically pleasing.

It's also worth considering including other pieces of furniture around your desk area to “hide” the cords. However, exaggerating with this option may lead you to another problem. For instance, you can use a small bookshelf to keep all the cords hidden from sight.

The Bottom Line


Hiding electrical cords doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you’re creative enough, you can do wonderful things and keep your workstation organized without necessarily spending too much money or losing your head. We’ve explained some of the “easiest” ways to hide electrical cords on the floor or the wall, depending on your workstation. For instance, under desk cable management is a very helpful way to keep your cords organized.

There are tons of other options you can take into account. With a bit of creativity, you can keep your workstation or gaming room more organized, even if your desk must be located in a place that’s not very strategic. All it takes is a bit of creativity to keep your L-shaped electric standing desk organized!

You can find cable organizers and similar items to help with organization at special pricing in the Autonomous Employee Purchase Program.

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