RGB vs. LED Lights: Which Is Better for Gaming Setup?
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RGB vs. LED Lights: Which Is Better for Gaming Setup?

|May 8, 2024

Did you know that gaming is no longer just a hobby or a pastime? It has become a profession or a big chunk of lifestyle for many people across the globe. Part of the blame goes to the new line of best gaming desk accessories, along with wonderful advancements in gaming setup and aesthetics. From modern-style gaming screens, aesthetic gaming furniture, and ergonomic gaming chairs to gaming setup lights, each thing has made gamers' interest grow more and more.

And while you search for the new gaming setup inspirations online you will realize that the importance of lighting in a gaming setup is huge. This is because of the constant debate between RGB vs. LED lights for a gaming desk setup. Though an RGB gaming PC setup was the ultimate choice for gamers, there are several reasons why LED lights are making a popular show, too. If you are also yet to choose the lights for your gaming desk setup then this article sheds light on the debate of RGB vs. LED lights.

LED vs. RGB Lights for a Gaming Setup

It may seem that the choice between an RGB gaming desk setup and one with LED is just a matter of looks and personal preference, but the truth is that each type of light has a different impact on gaming performance. To understand the entire difference between LED and RGB gaming lights, here is all you need to know.

RGB Lights

RGB lights, named after the red, green, and blue color lights, have been associated with gaming setups for a while now. You will see many best RGB gaming desks designed around this theme as they take gaming setups to the next level. The best part about these lights is that you can control the color contrast, brightness, and intensity among the three colors to create different atmospheres. This way, RGB gaming lights can create up to a million hues. Offering total customization, you have total control over the colors and effects of these systems because they frequently include remote controls or software interfaces. For gamers who like to lose themselves in a world of color and intensity, RGB lighting is the recommended option.

LED Lights

LED is the basic principle around which all modern gadgets, screens and lights are designed. LEDs are renowned for their lifespan, energy efficiency, and adaptability. To create illumination, these lighting systems employ one hue or a mix of colors. For your gaming room, LED lighting might be an affordable option with a variety of colors and brightness settings.

LED vs. RGB Lights for a Gaming Setup

Is RGB Better than LED?

What is better for the best RGB gaming chair and setup? After knowing the basics of both types of lighting systems, let's consider the suitability of these two lights for a gaming setup.


Building a whole gaming setup is very expensive, so you need to consider affordability. Though lights are a one-time investment, LEDs are known to have a longer lifespan than RGB lights in most cases. LEDs are also more energy efficient, saving you money on electricity bills down the road.


Ambiance and the gaming environment are crucial to a gamer. They basically act as a tick factor in terms of productivity. Hence, for a more versatile ambiance, RGB lights work the best. They are ideally designed for gamers, and the different colors an RGB light shows add personality to a gaming setup.

Is RGB Better than LED?

Installation Process

While both the lights come with easy remote-control systems, the installation ease of RGB and LED will vary differently. LED lighting is renowned for being easy to install. It's a hassle-free solution for non-techies because it's plug-and-play. You can also move around the LED lights when needed and can enjoy your gaming setup in different places. In contrast, RGB lighting could need more technical know-how to set up and configure. You might require some help from a tech expert, too.


Though you will find a remote-control system for LED and RGB lights in general cases, some advanced settings require a more complex control for RGB lights. An RGB light setup with more features and controls will require an app rather than a remote. This can be an extra hassle for people who prefer simpler operations.


You must also take into account the compatibility and suitability of your gaming setup with the choice of lights. This needs to be done both functionality-wise and looks-wise. If your gaming setup is more of a modern racer-style setup, then an RGB setup would suit you better. On the other hand, for a more serious, less colorful, and minimalist gaming setup, we prefer LED light installation.

Compatibility - RGB vs led

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do gamers like RGB lights so much?

RGB lights have been associated with gaming setups for a while because of their loud and creative character. The mix of these three colors adds aesthetic to any gaming setup.

Is RGB or LED better?

Though entirely different from each other, there are pros and cons to each type of lighting gaming setup.

Does RGB help with gaming?

RGB lights in keyboards and mice can enhance gaming performance with the help of visual aids for certain keys. For an RGB desk, you can have better viewability even in the dark without straining your eyes.

Do LED lights help with gaming?

LED gaming room lights may transform your space into a gaming haven that fully immerses you in the action. When a room is designed for gaming, complete with the appropriate LED lighting, area, and ambience, gamers frequently perform better.

Do LED lights help with gaming?

Is RGB good for the eyes?

With no UV light production, RGB lights are safe for the eyes, which is why they are deemed appropriate for gaming setups. Gaming setups are darker and usually work at night, so RGB lights provide a comfortable view.

Are LEDS better for your eyes?

As compared to RGB, LED lights aren't as safe for the eyes. This is because of the blue light emission from the LED lights, which can harm the user during prolonged exposure.

Is it worth getting RGB lights?

Yes, if you want to improve the aesthetics and performance of a gaming setup, RGB lights are a good choice.

What LED color is best for eye health?

Soft and warm white LED lights are known to cause the minimum harm to the user while preventing any strain caused to the eyes.


When selecting the best option between RGB vs. LED lights, consider the layout of the strips and the mood you want to achieve. LED is best for simple illumination tasks, while RGB is crucial for ornamental effects.

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