Smart Things to Help You Sleep Well at Night: Apps, Devices & Gadgets
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Smart Things to Help You Sleep Well at Night: Apps, Devices & Gadgets

|Mar 15, 2023

A bad night's sleep can destroy your health and sense of well-being. Here are some things to help you sleep better that you can do or get, to fall asleep easily. 

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that affects many people, and it can be easily overlooked for not knowing its symptoms: irritability, anxiety, difficulty focusing, increased errors and accidents, and waking up during the night without being able to fall asleep again, among many others. 

There are many ways to solve this problem or even prevent it (which you’ll see below). If you want a quicker solution to start sleeping better tonight, you may want to try some apps and gadgets that’ll help you with it. 

What to Get?

Many devices promise a good night’s sleep. Since we are all different, what may work for some people may not work for others. It’s a matter of trying and finding what’s best for you.

Here is a list of the 15 best sleep gadgets and apps that’ll help you make an informed decision: 

1. Livlab Dodow - Sleep Aid Device

The Livlab Dodow Sleep Aid Device is a timer that will teach you how to fall asleep naturally and is used by thousands of people from age 6 and up. 

It has a sensitive surface that you can tap once for an eight-minute timer and twice for a 20-minute mode. At the end of the cycle, the Dodow Sleep Device will switch itself off. 

If you usually take one hour to fall asleep, with Dodow, it’ll take no more than 25 minutes, and even less when you use it many times. 

Dodow projects light into the ceiling, following the breathing patterns of the light inhaling when the beam expands and exhaling when it retracts, it will guide you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute leading to a quicker and smoothing transition to sleep. 

Livlab Dodow

Livlab Dodow

Product dimensions0.71"D x 3.54"W x 3.54"H
Assembly requiredSelf-assembly

2. Lyric Therapeutic Massager

Another great way for falling asleep is getting a massage to relax your body and mind.

The Lyric massage gun is one of the few sleep devices that’ll help you relieve minor muscle pain and improve your blood circulation, making you feel more relaxed. 

It has four hours of battery life and a stylish look available in five different colors. Don’t forget to connect it to your Wi-Fi to download updated content and therapies. 

Lyric Therapeutic Massager

Lyric Therapeutic Massager

DimensionsUnfolded: 56.9’’ L x 20.4’’ W x 4.9’’ H
Folded: 32.5’’ L x 20.4’’ W x 5.4’’ H
ColorWhite / Black
MaterialsPanel: ABS plastics
Power1 HP
Speed range0.3 - 3.7mph
Weight capacity220 lbs
Warranty1 year

3. Smart Watches

Smart watches are usually used to control your day-to-day tasks and activities, but you may also want to consider using them overnight. 

minimalist smartwatch can help you to build healthy habits like the steps you take or the calories burned during the day. 

If you link it to your smartphone it can help you manage your calendar, task, and communication in a more efficient way, which eventually will reduce your anxiety and stress levels. There are elegant designs available to complement your style. 

MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch

DimensionsRegular: 1.73’’ x 0.5’’ x 0.19 lbs
Petite: 1.54’’ x 0.49’’ x 0.16 lbs
Watch bandRegular: 0.87’’
Petite: 0.71’’
ColorBlack, White
MaterialsWatch case: stainless steel
Face: sapphire glass
Band: silicone
ConnectivityBluetooth BLE 4.2
Display size and resolutionRegular: 1.22’’ / 240x240px
Petite: 1.05’’ / 240x240px
Sensors3-axis accelerometer
Optical heart rate sensor
Battery typeRegular: Li-iOn 200 mAh
Petite: Li-iOn 180 mAh
Warranty1 year

4. MyKronoz Body Scale: App Control

The MyKronoz body scale is an excellent tool for staying updated on your weight and health. It gives an accurate measure of your BMI, muscle mass and body fat, bone mass, body water, and heart rate. 

With the MyKronoz app, you can have a secure personal account in the cloud, track your activity history and set personal goals, monitor your progress, and get smart notifications. It supports up to eight users, displays local weather, and has a 12-month battery life.

This is one of the best fitness trackers on the market that you should consider to improve your sleep. 

MyKronoz Body Scale: App Control

MyKronoz Body Scale: App Control

Dimensions13.4” x 0.8” H x 4.63 lbs
ColorBlack, White, Gradient
MaterialsTempered glass, ABS bottom housing
Weighing range9 - 396 lbs
UnitsKg, Lb
Compatible appsApple Health, Google Fit
Warranty1 year

5. PMT Portable Neck Strengthener

Physical support will be great when it comes to trying to get better sleep. Most of the stress we accumulate during the day is related to bad posture from long hours of work, or gaming, behind a desk. 

With the Portable Neck Strengthener, you can put a fight to the nerd's neck and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry wherever you go. 

Doing a few exercises during the day will help you restore your cervical curvature and posture, which eventually will help you sleep better. 

PMT Portable Neck Strengthener

PMT Portable Neck Strengthener

Dimensions11” x 11” x 6” x 1.92 lbs

1 year

6. Sleepme Dock Pro

Room temperature is one of the critical factors that influence the sleep patterns of everyone. Too cold or too hot can produce stress that keeps you up at night. 

The new feature presented by the Sleepme Dock Pro allows you to control the temperature of your bed, using a ChiliPad placed over your mattress and providing you with a great range to switch from cold to warm whenever you want. 

It also comes with sleep apps to help you control it comfortably from your phone. This is such a great thing to help you sleep!

Sleepme Dock Pro

Sleepme Dock Pro

Dimension15"W x 12"L x 6.25"H
Water Reservoir Capacity20 oz. (600 ml)
Voltage110-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Temperature Range55-115° F (13-46° C)
Noise Level41-46 Decibels at 1 ft. (30 cm)

7. Sound Asleep Pillow

If you think that listening to music or other sounds while trying to sleep is not a good idea, with the Sound Asleep Pillow, you’ll change your mind. 

Designed to improve mental well-being, the sound is so low and relaxing that you will not even need to use headphones with it. 

Listen to relaxing music, forest & animal sounds, or just any song that relaxes you and instantly puts you in a good mood. 

Sound Asleep Pillow

Sound Asleep Pillow

Dimension22" x 15" x 6"
Item weight2 lbs
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

8. SNOO Smart Baby Bassinet

New baby in the house? Sometimes the reason for not sleeping is because of a new member at home. Let’s face it, all newborn babies cry a lot. This is where sleep technology comes in handy. 

The SNOO smart baby bassinet helps you calm your baby by responding to his cry with movement and helping them transition to a cot. It has a mobile app to customize your preferences.

This fantastic bit of the sleep devices world gives you a hand 24 hours a day, whenever you need a break to cook, shower, or sleep. 

SNOO Smart Baby Bassinet

SNOO Smart Baby Bassinet

Dimension35.75"L × 19"W × 31"H
Item weight38 lbs
Feature5 levels of specially designed sound + motion to soothe babies and boost sleep

9. Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

This is another thing to help you sleep well. Providing everything necessary to have a comfortable sleeping is imperative, and the Therapeutic Weighted Blanket feels like a hug and makes you relax simultaneously. 

It helps with anxiety and has the optimal amount of pressure to help you produce the sleep hormone. 

Getting this blanket will make you feel protected. Consider sharing it with your partner and have a better sleep together. 

Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

SizesStandard: 48" x 78"
King: 60" x 80"
Weight4kg, 6.8kg, 9kg
MaterialDuvet cover is crafted with eco-friendly, cooling bamboo and comforting soft mink fleece

10. Moonbird

Simple and effective are the words used to describe Moonbird. It is a tool to guide your breathing and get you calm and happy. 

Check out your progress in the app and see how your body responds. This is one of the few sleep gadgets that has been scientifically proven to help you calm your anxiety and have better rest at night. 

Hold it in your hand, and just breathe. It has never been as simple as that. 



Dimension5.83" x 3.11" x 2.72"
Item weight0.71 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

11. Casper Glow Light

Keeping control of the light in the room is essential to have a better sleep. The Casper Glow Light is designed for that. 

Relax in your bed while this unique sleep device self-diminishes the light and lulls you into your most profound dreams. 

In the mobile app, available for iOS and Android, you can schedule when to wake up and customize every setting to have a personalized experience. 

Casper Glow Light

Casper Glow Light

Dimension5.25"H x 3.75"D
MaterialsDiffused Polycarbonate
Light Source36x warm white LED array with 12x accent LEDs in amber
Light Appearance2700K color temperature
IP RatingIP54

12. Sleep Cycle App

Knowing your sleep patterns can help you change them, and the Sleep Cycle App can help you. It simply has the best sleep technology on the market.

It tracks your sleep patterns and gives you feedback about how to optimize them. You can adapt the alarm clock function to wake you up at your lightest sleep phase gently. 

Sleep Cycle App

13. Somryst

This is one of the best sleep apps you can find on the internet. It is a prescription-only app, which means you’ll have to check with your doctor before using it. 

Somryst provides a self-paced program that will get an insight into your specific problems and it’ll teach you science-backed strategies to improve your sleep that will be effective because you’ll train your brain for it. 

Somryst - things to help you sleep

14. Headspace

This is another great thing to help you sleep well all night. Have you tried meditation? Many people claim that meditation has helped them to control their thoughts and produce better quality sleep.  

With Headspace, you’ll find sleep casts, which are long audio experiences that will guide you and help you visualize relaxing experiences. 

In the sleep apps world, with the upgraded version of Headspace, you’ll have access to over 40 meditation courses specifically designed for sleep and stress relief. Perhaps the solution is one meditation away. 

Headspace - things to help you sleep

15. Noisli

It has been proved that white noise helps many people to concentrate while working or studying because they find it relaxing and enjoyable. 

Noisli is an app that offers a variety of sounds: wind, thunder, white noise, or the ambient sound of a coffee shop, and lets you combine into a mix of sounds that adapts to your needs. 

You can also save the noise you find on the street and play it at night, just remember to keep your phone plugged in during the night, and enjoy a relaxing sleep. 

Noisli - things to help you sleep

Ergonomic Features to Improve Your Sleep

Have you ever considered sleeping in a chair at the office? Certainly, you don’t get paid to go to sleep, and there is a big possibility that your boss won’t like it, but actually, there are many support gadgets to help you do that.  

Maybe, somewhere exists that ‘dreamy’ office where the employees can take a snooze now and then in their free time. 

Sleeping During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a beautiful moment in a woman’s life but it also comes with huge humor changes, crazy hormones, and many nights without sleep. 

Many mothers fight through it trying to find the best position to get some rest. The most common question is: can I sleep in a recliner while pregnant? Here's the answer: definitely yes! 

You just need to find the best sleep devices that adapt to your needs and let you have a very well-needed shut-eye. 

Sleeping During Pregnancy

Is Everything Techy?

It isn’t just about getting sleep devices. You can do many things at home to help you sleep better. Here are five pieces of advice for you to follow without having to use sleep technology: 

1. Set a Sleep Schedule

Try going to bed at the same time every day, including on weekends. Your body's sleep cycle will adapt to it. 

If 20 minutes pass and you still can’t sleep, get up and do something relaxing. Try listening to relaxing music or reading a book. You must stay away from screens: TV, cellphone, tablets, and others. 

2. Avoid Snaps During the Day

Some people have tried this with magnificent results. Do not sleep during the day. Save that tiredness to the night and you will fall asleep faster. 

3. Do More Exercise

Yes, you have heard about this many times, and the reason is simple: if you use more energy during the day your body will ask you for time to restore it. 

This is not a gym regime. However, try walking more or taking the stairs sometimes instead of the elevator. It also may help to have some fitness equipment at home. 

4. Worry a Bit Less

This one is difficult. We all have worries, and it’s hard not to think about them. Try to set aside your thoughts and make a to-do list for tomorrow, that’ll help with the anxiety. 

Worry a Bit Less

5. Watch Your Environment

Look out for temperature adjustments, light access, noise, and everything that can interrupt your sleeping cycle. Also, you can do relaxing activities before bed: take a bed, read a book, drink tea, or go for a short walk are great options. 

When to Ask for Help?

Destructive sleep disorders are among the most common and overlooked health problems worldwide. The main issue is that many people don’t know or do not care about asking for the help of a specialist until it is too late. 

Depression, hypertension, obesity, and others, are many problems that can be helped prevent with a good night's sleep. 

When you get to the point where it has become really hard for you to properly function during the day, it’s time to see your local doctor who will refer you to a sleep center if they think it’s appropriate, and find the fastest solution to your problem. 

Bottom Line

Having good sleeping habits is imperative, not a luxury. Be patient while you find the solution that is best for you. Sweet dreams!

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