The Best Lunar New Year Gifts to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon
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The Best Lunar New Year Gifts to Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

|Feb 3, 2024

The Lunar New Year is quite similar to the Western New Year because it indicates a fresh start. This is the time to connect with the culture and enjoy the company of loved ones. 

Traditional gifts for the Lunar New Year include money and food, items symbolizing good luck and prosperity, and anything in these Lunar New Year colors

Likewise, people often play Lunar New Year games throughout the 15-day celebration, which brings families and friends closer. 

Lunar New Year gifts should focus on welcoming people into your home to offer wishes of love, happiness, and good fortune.

Many people don’t know that the Lunar New Year is actually a 15-day celebration that shuts down business across Asia. In the US, it’s often one single day, so you should make it count. Likewise, you don’t have to be of Asian descent to join in on the tradition. 

Let’s learn more about this tradition before we jump into the section with gift ideas for the Lunar New Year!

What’s a Lunar New Year?

The Lunar New Year is a special holiday that started in China more than 4,000 years ago. Now, it’s celebrated globally. Ultimately, the holiday is what it sounds like it might be. You celebrate the new year based on the lunar calendar. However, culturally, the holiday uses 15 days, and each one has specific traditions to honor and follow, along with a special meaning. 

lunar new year dragon hunt

Information About the Chinese Zodiac

Just as the Babylonians divided the heavens into 12 signs, the Chinese have 12 animals in the zodiac. However, these 12 animals don’t just rule for one month. Each one gets a full year. The Jade Emperor determined the order by a race where the animals had to cross a raging river. Here are the results of the race (first place to 12th): 

  • First Place – Rat
  • Second Place – Ox
  • Third Place – Tiger
  • Fourth Place – Rabbit
  • Fifth Place – Dragon
  • Sixth Place – Snake
  • Seventh Place – Horse
  • Eighth Place – Goat
  • Ninth Place – Monkey
  • Tenth Place – Rooster
  • Eleventh Place – Dog
  • Twelfth Place – Pig

Information About the Chinese Zodiac

Many people wonder why there are no cats. The legend goes that the rat outsmarted it, pushing it into the river so it couldn’t finish. This is why we have no Year of the Cat and might even indicate why cats hate rats/mice so much!

The Traits for the Dragon

As with the astrological signs, personality traits based on the Chinese zodiac fluctuate depending on who you talk to. However, those born in the Year of the Dragon typically are excellent leaders with a strong drive for success. Likewise, they are passionate, have boundless energy, are creative, and often stumble upon good fortune without doing much. 

Dragons usually have a natural charm that they use to win people over and are open-minded and inquisitive individuals.

The Traits for the Dragon

A Review of the 15 Best Lunar New Year Gifts

Are you looking for gifts for the Lunar New Year? There are so many choices, but here are the top 15 options from Autonomous: 

1. Lamp Depot Magnetic Levitation Lamp: Floating Moon

Though many people feel they must purchase a Chinese New Year gift set, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying one item, especially if it’s mystical and magical, like the Dragon. Plus, it can fit in with other Lunar New Year decorations

The Floating Moon Lamp is a work of art! It’s 3D printed, and it features magnetic levitation. Therefore, it appears to float over its base and not touch at all. You’ll definitely impress your friends and family members if you buy them this lamp! 

On top of the floating appearance, it also spins automatically. This could help relax people while they work or even provide an optical illusion for parties. Plus, people are often mesmerized by the features and will watch this for hours instead of the television. 

This Floating Moon lamp uses touch sensor controls to make it work. Plus, there are three lighting modes: warm yellow, warm white, and white. Ultimately, you can choose which style you want based on your needs at the time. Personally, I feel the warm white looks most like the moon you see in the sky! 

If you’re not sold on the Floating Moon option, there are other lamps available in this collection, including Earth, Mars, and Jupiter!

2. Altifarm PICO Smart Planter: Self-watering & LED Light

Are you having trouble coming up with Lunar New Year gift ideas for those in your life? Since the New Year is about new beginnings, consider the Altifarm PICO Planter at Autonomous! It features a compact design and is self-watering! 

If you have loved ones who enjoy plants but can’t seem to keep them alive, this might be the solution! Since it offers a self-watering system, it’s much easier to find success with plants. Likewise, it features OSRAM LED grow lights, which will help the plant thrive in any conditions! 

I like that it features multiple mount options that are magnetic. This means you can put it on a standing desk, fridge, or almost anywhere. Plus, the materials are BPA-free and food-safe, so you could grow herbs without fear!

3. All the Rages 3 Photo Collage Frame 4x6 Picture Frame White Wash

Though you might initially think of a Chinese New Year gift box to give your friends and family, consider the All the Rages Photo Frame instead. It comes in three styles (family, blessed, and memories), so you can customize the photographs used and show them off anywhere in your home! 

This photo frame has a whitewash finish, but it actually looks grayed out. Plus, the black text at the top is bold and eye-catching. I also like that the frame could stand on its own on any flat surface or hang on the wall. 

If you’re dying to give someone a set of gifs for the Lunar New Year, consider buying multiple frames, each holding three photos.

4. Vaultskin NOTTING HILL: Minimalist Leather Zipper Wallet with RFID Blocking

You might be focused more on traditional Lunar New Year gifts, and money is definitely one of them. However, this is a new take on an old tradition. Instead of just handing cash to someone, give it to them in style with a leather wallet! 

The Vaultskin Leather Zipper Wallet is compact enough to fit in almost any pocket. However, it’s smart enough to have RFID-blocking technology. 

There are various colors to choose from, and it’s made of top-grain Italian leather. Plus, it’s slim and functional enough, so the recipient will use it the rest of the year! In fact, my favorite color is Cognac because it looks red, which is also one of the most popular shades for the Chinese New Year!

5. Lamp Depot Infinity Mirror Light

No one wants to run out of gift ideas for the Lunar New Year, and they won’t with this list! The next item is the Infinity Mirror Light from Lamp Depot (found at Autonomous). 

It’s definitely a unique lighting element that your loved ones won’t already have. Plus, it uses two or more almost-parallel or parallel mirrors to create the light effects. My favorite part is that you can choose between seven colors and over 350 light effects! 

Another great thing is that you can adjust the brightness and light-flashing speed. Yes, the lights will flash, so it might not be a suitable choice for those with epilepsy. Just keep that in mind when you’re giving it to friends. 

I also like the idea of the remote control. If you’re relaxing and decide you want some funky colors, you can easily change it from where you’re sitting!

6. Mount-It! Bamboo Laptop Tray Bed Stand

When searching for Lunar New Year gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with the Bamboo Laptop Tray! It’s designed to hold 19-inch laptops and lets you tilt the screen for the best angle. This helps reduce eye strain while working in bed or on the couch. 

I like the spacious work surface because it can hold a laptop, mug, or even a calculator or writing pad. Plus, its wooden style makes it perfect for the Chinese New Year because it’s the Year of the Wood Dragon!

7. Racktodoor oPillow Back Massager

You don’t have to focus on traditional gifts for the Lunar New Year! If your loved one works in an office or at home, they will probably experience back pain without an ergonomic chair. Give them the best present with the Back Massager! 

It features a double massage design (Shiatsu and heating) for more relaxation. Plus, you can use it on your whole body, and the material is skin-friendly (made of nylon with an air layer).

8. ACERA One-O-One Dreamy Starry Sky Ceramic Travel Mug: Tourmaline Glazed

Some of the best Lunar New Year gifts are those you can use on the go. The ACERA Ceramic Travel Mug might be the ideal option. It looks beautiful because of the tourmaline glaze, and it features a double-wall design to keep your drinks cold/hot.

Likewise, the design is spill-free, so you can take it from the house to the car and from the car to the job site!

9. AGPTEK 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens

If you want to give your loved ones a Chinese New Year gift set, you need these AGPTEK Brush Marker Pens. Pair it with an adult coloring book, and you have a present that everyone will want to get. 

These marker pens feature vivid colors, and the water-based ink won’t bleed. Plus, you also get flexible brush tips and fine-line tips to do whatever you want. Since it’s odorless and non-toxic, people will feel more comfortable using them for almost everything!

10. BOLDR FARA Smart Energy Saving Desktop Heater

Do you need gift ideas for the Lunar New Year for people who are always cold? The BOLDR FARA Desktop Heater is the ideal solution. It comes in many colors to match their décor and can sit on the desk or even on the floor! If you accidentally knock it over, it shuts off to protect your home! This is just one of many gifts for office desk needs.

11. EUREKA ERGONOMIC 3-Tier Metal Utility Cart

Organization is also part of the Chinese New Year, and there are tons of Lunar New Year gifts that reflect this. The EUREKA Metal Utility Cart is a great solution that comes in blue or white! 

Keep everything organized with ease. Plus, the recipient can decide where to use it, such as in the bathroom or in their home office (to organize desk accessories). It’s highly versatile and ready for anything.

12. Firebelly Tea Small Teapot: Ergonomic, Drip-Proof

Traditional Lunar New Year gifts are what most people think about, and the Firebelly Small Teapot is a new take on the old way. Everyone loves hot tea, and there’s nothing better than using an odd contraption that will wow the crowd. 

The long handle makes it easy to hold, and the tea is poured from the side, making it more ergonomic!

13. Lexon Mina M Wireless LED Lamp

Getting tons of Lunar New Year gift ideas is helpful because it allows you to decide what’s best for each person. The Lexon Wireless LED Lamp is ideal for spaces that need a little extra light. It’s portable and compact, and you can even use your hand to control it. Plus, there are nine different colors!

14. Nexera Atypik 3-Drawer Storage and Filing Cabinet

If you’re not into the more traditional Lunar New Year gifts, think of buying your loved ones or friends this 3-Drawer Storage and Filing Cabinet! They definitely won’t have one already! 

It features a modernistic design and will look great in any room of the house. This is a very thoughtful gift for those who work remotely!

15. OHOM Ui Self-Heating Mug

If you want to send your loved one a Chinese New Year gift box, consider one with different hot beverages. Then, you can pair that with the Self-Heating Mug! It will keep their drinks warm and is also a charging pad to charge their smartphone!


Many people enjoy giving Lunar New Year gifts. With this list at hand, it will be much easier to find products that each person will love. Whether you’re looking for gifts for coders or computer gift ideas, we offered many solutions. Happy shopping!

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