25 Best Ideas for Fitness Gifts for Gym Lovers
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25 Best Ideas for Fitness Gifts for Gym Lovers

Autonomous|Apr 9, 2022

The holiday season has already arrived, but it isn't an excuse to take a breath for gym lovers. We all have an athlete in our lives, which means that a few gifts for gym lovers can come in handy if you're not sure of what to give them during the holiday season. Instead of the typical health and gift ideas for gym, you can give them something that contributes to their lifestyle.

Gym Lover Gifts: 25 Ideas to Consider in 2022

1. Office Treadmill by Treadly

Office Treadmill fitness gifts ideas

This office treadmill is compact enough to fit in small spaces, but that doesn’t make it less functional. It is meant for those that spend most of their days at their home office, and therefore they spend a major part of the day sitting.

Now, the Treadly 2 Slim Treadmill can speed up to 5 mph. It includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker and can support up to 265lbs. It is the perfect gift for someone that enjoys walking or running or for someone that wishes to add a bit of fitness to their lives.

2. Smart Fitness Watch

Smart Fitness Watch fitness gifts ideas

A smart fitness watch can help you easily track your progress, besides a watch's basic functions.

This option, in particular, the GoBe3 Smart Band, informs the user about the hydration and nutrition state of their bodies and analyzes their sleep and stress levels. You can also program it to remind you to drink water. It contains useful functions for you to measure your progress.

3. Indoor Cycling Bike

Indoor Cycling Bike fitness gifts ideas

Similar to the office treadmill mentioned in the beginning, the OVICX indoor cycling bike is small enough for it to fit small spaces. However, it includes a few other features that any person would find useful, including Bluetooth connectivity and a free workout app.

This indoor cycling bike is the perfect gift for gym lovers as it compiles multiple features in the same device, making it easier for the user to keep going with their goals.

4. Resistance Band Bar

Resistance Band Bar fitness gifts ideas

A resistance bar is an excellent option for a gift for gym lovers as it grants you enough versatility for you to perform multiple exercises with the same device. This product, in particular, is the BODYGYM Resistance Band Bar.

This resistance band bar is a level 2 resistance bar, which means it is between 10-40lbs. You can perform over 150 strength training exercises with it. It's also convenient for those with small spaces, as it snaps apart and allows you to store it easily. It's an excellent choice for those that prefer strength training.

5. Smart Scale

Smart Scale fitness gifts ideas

A smart scale is a brilliant addition to the resources of a gym lover. Therefore, it can be the perfect gift for gym lovers for this season.

If you don’t know what option to choose, you can go for the MyKronoz MyScale Wi-Fi Scale. It will grant you detailed information about the state of your body. It will also help you keep track of your heart rate and simultaneously support multiple users.

The large LED color display will allow you to see everything clearly. This gym gift for men differentiates between various users easily, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong measurements while you’re using it.

6. Massage Guns

Massage Guns

A massage gun can be an excellent gift to any person that is into the fitness lifestyle. It will allow them to feel relief if they have sore muscles or any other side effects of the training.

You can choose the OVICX deep tissue massage gun as the perfect gym gifts for gym rats. It is small enough to fit easily in any bag. It has four massage heads and four intensity levels available, so it can be the perfect companion for that person whenever they feel tired or exhausted after a hard workout session.

In addition, a heated lumbar support can help them feel some relief after their workout sessions.

7. Exercise dice

You can spice up your workout sessions if you use exercise dice. It will make this while more interesting. Some of the gym accessories options you will find out there will include two dices, one for the exercise you have made and the other for the duration of the workout.

8. Earbuds

Earbuds fitness gifts ideas

Here is another gift for gym lovers for you. Many people enjoy working with music, and earbuds have become the preferred option for this purpose as they allow you to continue using them without touching your phone, all of it thanks to the Bluetooth connection. Although the Apple Airpods have become the preferred option among the majority of people, there are tons of options in the market that can give you a similar or even a better effect for less price.

9. Gym Water Bottle

If you don't know what option you should choose, then you should go for the safest choice and give them a gym water bottle as a gift for gym lovers. You can go for the basic options, or you can choose fancier options that come with a few convenient features that will make their usage more comfortable.

10. Workout Clothes

Another gym accessory for gift for gym lovers for your consideration. Workout clothes will always be a requirement to work out. They allow you freedom of movement while allowing you to look as stylish as possible while you’re working out. Therefore, they can be part of your gift if you’d like to give that special person something to demonstrate your appreciation.

11. Portable blender

Portable blender fitness gifts ideas

Most people that go to the gym love making their own protein shakes. Since they can’t bring a regular blender to the gym, a portable version of it will do wonders.

12. Gym Bags

This gift for gym lovers is such a brilliant one. Gym bags are useful for any gym lover. They are spacious enough to keep everything you need to be comfortable during a workout session.

13. Workout shoes

Without gym-appropriate shoes, you won’t be able to perform such strong exercises without tearing them. There are tons of shoes you can choose from big brands, like Nike.

14. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

When you work out, you release too much sweat, which makes your hair become oily and greasy. However, dry shampoo is excellent for removing all the oil from your hair easily.

15. Protein bar packs

This is the final gifts for gym lovers in the list. Many gym lovers out there absolutely love protein bars as a healthier option to traditional snacks. If you give them a box with protein bars, they’ll be good to go through all the temptations that will come in January.

16. Foldable Walking Treadmill C2 by WalkingPad

Foldable Walking Treadmill C2 by WalkingPad

This foldable waling treadmill can fit easily in any space. It can be the perfect addition to the home office of someone that owns a standing desk and would like to become more productive in the process. However, any person can take advantage of this treadmill if they want to bring their light workout session everywhere they go.

This gym accessory is an excellent option for those that remain seated for prolonged periods.

It has three speeds available depending on the area you walk. Thanks to the foldable technology integrated into the final product, it's easy to store and easy to store. You will be able to store it easily after you've finished your workout. It's definitely one of the best gifts for gym lovers you can use.

17. Revbalance FIT Balance Board 3-in-1

This is one of the good gift ideas for the gym. If you have a gym lover in your life that is constantly talking about ways to improve their workout sessions, perhaps this Revbalance fit board can be a nice addition to their desk exercise equipment.

The Revbalance Fit balance board includes a 3-in-1 balance training system that you can easily change whenever you feel it's necessary. The three included interchangeable bases have been designed to provide you with a different approach to the workout session, depending on what you're looking for at the moment.

18. Yoga Mat by Bellabeat

Yoga Mat by Bellabeat gifts for gym lovers

If you want one of the simpler gifts for gym rats, perhaps you can take into account the Yoga Mat by Bellabeat. Not only is it good-looking, but it’s also made of sustainable material that is quite resistant and comfortable, no matter how much you’re using.

You would be contributing to a good cause if you decided to go with this gift for fitness lovers. Each yoga mat is manufactured using ten plastic bottles. Hence, you would be helping to keep them away from the ocean and damaging the water ecosystem. It's an excellent option from different points of view.

19. CleanLight Water Bottle

It's important to remain hydrated while you're working out. Otherwise, you're at risk of dehydration, and that's not what you're looking for when you're working out. For that reason, we think that one of the best gifts for gym lovers is water bottles.

This CleanLight Water Bottle includes UV technology that will sanitize the water within three minutes. Plus, it is capable of maintaining cold beverages at the right temperature for 24 hours, while hot drinks can last up to 8 hours at their original temperature. The gym lover in your life won't have to purchase individual water bottles anymore with this gift idea for the gym!

20. SonicPro Percussion Massage Gun

SonicPro Percussion Massage Gun gifts for gym lovers

It doesn't matter if you did an office chair workout or spent a few hours working on your figure at the gym. It is important to maintain your muscles in the greatest shape possible, and that's why percussion massage guns exist.

This gun will help you feel relief if you feel sore muscles or are exhausted from your workout session. You will be able to choose between different levels of sensitivity and speed, allowing you to work on the specific spots that make you feel the most uncomfortable.

This Percussion Massage Gun can last up to XX hours working without any problem.

21. Revbalance Focus on Standing Desk Balance Board

If that person is looking forward to integrating more variation into their workout sessions, perhaps the Revolution focus standing desk balance board by Revbalance can help them find what they’re looking for in workouts.

These gifts for gym lovers can be used with all types of shoes. Plus, the whisper-quiet functionality will make sure that your workout sessions remain as relaxing as possible while keeping your floor as good as new.

The heavy-duty construction makes this balance board one of the best options you can choose for your gym accessories and also gym gifts for men or women.

22. MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid SmartWatch

MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid SmartWatch

Would you like to keep track of your progress easily? Perhaps using the MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch can help you with that purpose.

This smartwatch is capable of reading diverse information about your body, including your sleep pattern, your heart rate, your daily activity, and the calories you've burned. It has tons of functions that you can easily integrate into your daily life, allowing you to make your workouts a more pleasant experience without getting distracted by your phone. Everything you need will be available on your wrist.

You can synchronize the MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid SmartWatch with the MyKronoz Myscale if you want to optimize your results.

23. MyKronoz MyScale

There are many ways to help a gym rat with what they love the most. One of the best gifts for gym rats you can give someone is the MyKronoz MyScale.

These gifts for gym lovers can be synchronized with your MyKronoz ZeTime Hybrid SmartWatch and your Smartphone if you'd like to keep track of your progress in the most accurate way possible. You will be able to keep track of information like your muscle mass, current body fat level, and hydration, among many others.

The user will also be able to have multiple profiles on the same device.

24. BODYGYM 2.0 Resistance Band

BODYGYM 2.0 Resistance Band gifts for gym lovers

This is one of the interesting gifts for gym lovers. If you want an affordable gift from gym lovers, perhaps you can give them this resistance band. It is an all-in-one portable home gym system that will help that person have full workouts without necessarily going to the gym. It's possible to perform more than 150 strength exercises with it. As an extra note, it has over 80lbs of resistance.

25. POWER REELS Constant Resistance Fitness

The POWER REELS Constant Resistance Fitness is an excellent option for beginners or perhaps people with difficulties performing certain exercises for whatever reason. You can choose from different exercises, including 3 pounds and 5 pounds.

This gift for fitness lovers will help the user perform desk ab workouts and many other things that will contribute to your overall state of health in the long term. Hence, it'll be possible for them to continue with a healthy workout regime without necessarily being too hard on themselves.

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