Top 20 Electric Desk Risers of 2024 – Pick Your Favorite
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Top 20 Electric Desk Risers of 2024 – Pick Your Favorite

|Jun 13, 2023

We've reached a critical stage in the market for the electric desk riser with some new models now costing less than hand-operated converters. Under $350, you may now get a wide range of converters, including electrics as low as $249. Only a few years ago, the cheapest motorized desk riser would have cost you $900, so this is a significant cost-cutting and volume-economics improvement.

What Is a Desk Converter?

One method to get the best of both worlds is to use a standing desk converter (also known as a sit-stand desk riser). It raises the keyboard, laptop, and up to two monitors above the desk, depending on the style, until they're high enough for you to work standing up.

Best Electric Standing Converters

Are you tired of constantly changing the orientation of your laptop or mobile to the ideal position? Not anymore since the world has revealed another invention, known as the electric desk riser. Now you can adjust the height and position of your laptop or mobile through an electric riser according to your needs.

In this article, we review the top 20 electric desk risers and talk about stuff that will help you use one most effectively.

1. Mount-It! Electric Desk Converter with Built In USB Port

Do you have multiple gadgets to take care of while working? Sometimes there just isn’t enough space for all your essentials. The Mount-It! Electric Standing Desktop Riser is the perfect product for all your useful electronics, such as your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The riser can withstand a weight of up to 33 pounds, making it easy for you to keep all your gadgets in one place.

The riser also has a dedicated keyboard tray with enough space for a mouse, allowing you to have a wonderful user experience. The product comes with a solid 10-year warranty and is the go-to product for any workplace.

2. Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Although it is inexpensive, some of its specifications are comparable to those of considerably more expensive converters. It features a large work surface while yet fitting on a desk with a depth of 24".

The electric monitor riser by Mount-It! has an electric lift, which means it can carry a lot of weight and you don't have to use your lower back muscles to move it. In this area, a 10-year warranty is fantastic. This motorized desk riser rises straight up like an X-lift converter without the forward-arching action that Z-lift converters (such as Varidesks) are known for.

Furthermore, Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter is a good deal in every way. It has the performance specs to compete with much more expensive converters, and only a few flaws keep it from earning a top-tier ranking. While we'd like to see Mount-It! address these flaws, at the price, they're hard to complain about.

3. Eureka Electric Desk Riser

The Eureka Sit Stand Electric is a great option for an electric standing desk converter that gives you the most bang for your buck. This smooth and quiet raising X-Lift sit-stand desk riser starts at $299 and features a deep work surface for larger monitors, all electronics tucked neatly behind the work surface and a unique 'buffer system' that guarantees a seamless transition to the sitting position.

4. Winston-E Electric Desktop Riser

Winston-E delivers an unrivaled combination of aesthetics, ergonomics, and stability for the executive with a limited budget for office décor. It's a high-quality "Made in America" item with a sophisticated design. 

It's also the only free-standing desktop riser we've seen with monitor focal depth adjustment, which adds another dimension to ergonomically situating your monitors (a notion patented by the company). 

5. Ergo Desktop Electric Kangaroo

A Kangaroo converter isn't the most attractive item you'll ever place on your desk, but it gets the job done. It has the same 24"x28" work surface as prior Kangaroo models with enough room for keyboards, a mouse, and other office accessories. There is currently no option for a drop-down keyboard tray, unlike the One-Touch line of risers. 

6. TaskMate Electric Desk Riser

The Taskmate Executive sit-stand desk riser is the first of what we believe will be a large number of products in this category. Overall, this product is downright delightful to adjust, thanks to a satisfyingly "clicky" button and a highly sensitive electric motor. We're quite satisfied with this electric desktop riser, even though it's a costly choice and involves a complex setup. 

7. Versadesk Power Pro Corner Electric Monitor Riser

Power Pro Corner, like its relative, the Versadesk Power Pro, appears nice from a glance but has flaws that detract from the overall impression. Particleboard structure and high-pressure laminate surfaces don't come with a lifetime warranty, and the pinch points make us nervous. It takes a long time to get from point A to point B. 

On the plus side, there are five different colors to choose from. In addition, the corner model has a 7" deeper work surface than the Power Pro. 

8. UpLiftDesk Converter

The E7 has a smooth movement, a user-friendly height adjustment keypad, and a large weight capacity. However, it lacks basic adjustability for different postures and requires the extensive assembly of very heavy parts (the device weighs 92 lbs -ask for help from a friend). 

While its benefits make it a viable option, its limitations prevent it from being the best in this price range. If you're looking for a lower price, there are other excellent electric sit-stand converters. 

9. VIVO Corner Converter

VIVO’s standing desk for dual monitors comfortably fits two 27" monitors. Product longevity, enough room for mouse work, and too many pressure points are all concerns. Higher quality, slightly more expensive electric alternatives are worth considering. 

10. Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter

This Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter is likely your most inexpensive option for an electric-powered converter and has a few interesting features. Unfortunately, there are layout flaws in the frame, and the ergonomics make it a vulnerable entry in this class. To be blunt, it’s not clearly a “standing table converter” in any respect for users. 

The best thing about it is that the converter can change a fixed desk into an adjustable-height desk at a very low cost. However, many say that it’s not exactly the strongest desk. To work in a seated position, most users would have to remove it altogether from their desks.

11. Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini

The Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desk Converter is a compact and versatile solution for individuals seeking to enhance their ergonomic workspace. This desk converter is designed to transform your traditional sitting desk into a sit-stand workstation, allowing you to easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

12. Halter Cherry Height-Adjustable Converter

Halter’s electric desk riser is available in two styles: solid black and cherry wood, and it comes fully assembled. It has 36" of work area and 12 height adjustments, allowing it to reach a maximum height of 16.14". It can be adjusted with just one hand, and it moves straight up and down in a fluid manner. The keyboard tray has a quick-release detachable mechanism that allows it to be removed safely while leaving the rest of the desk secure and functional. 

The desk surface is made of wood composites, and the structure is constructed of steel, both of which are durable and can hold a lot of weight. Compared to other varieties, the pneumatic spring lift mechanism provides a significantly smoother transition. This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest standing desks we've seen.

13. RIF6 Electric Desktop Riser

This desk converter has 32" of space, which is a little less than some others but still adequate. It can accommodate multiple and single monitor setups, as well as a single monitor and a laptop nearby. 

The maximum weight capacity is 33 pounds. It can stretch from 3" to 15" in length, with several height adjustments in between. A built-in phone and tablet holder provides additional storage space for your electronic gadgets. On the other hand, a big, ergonomic keyboard tray rests beneath the monitor and can handle up to 4.4 pounds, which is sufficient for both a keyboard and a mouse. 

14. Seville Classics Converter

It comes pre-assembled, except for the keyboard tray, which is removable. The electric desk riser surfaces are made of a wood composite, while the frame is made of heavy-duty steel. Moreover, the top space may hold a total of 33 pounds. Finally, it's available in a variety of sizes and hues, including all-black, all-white, and walnut.

15. SIMBR Sit Stand Desk Riser

Even though this riser's work surface is just 32" wide, there's still enough room for a dual-monitor layout, especially if the monitors are smaller — 19" to 23". Even for those taller than 6”, the rack adjusts from 2.4" to 16.1", providing a waist-high experience. Although the lack of a keyboard tray may be a drawback for some, it does add to the unit's portability. It's ideal for compact settings, such as an apartment or studio.

16. TechOrbits Converter

The desktop surface and keyboard tray are composed of medium-density wood, while the frame is made of steel. If you don't need it, the keyboard tray can be removed. The bottom of the base has non-slip silicone cushions that keep it sturdy and prevent it from sliding. There are also pre-drilled grommet holes for screen mounting. 

17. Fenge Desk Converter

This electric desk riser is one of the smallest and most compact with the fewest functions in general, but it is also one of the most affordable products. It doesn't come with a keyboard tray or a large desk space (it's only 25.7" x 15.9"), but it's ideal for compact work areas. It's also lighter than some of the other options, making it more portable and versatile.

18. Lubvlook Standing Desk Converter

With plenty of space and an easy-to-use adjustment system, this 42" wide riser makes a great business or corporate office buddy. The mechanism is released and locked in place by a secret squeeze handle. An ideal standing workspace is created by a gas spring lift and adjustment range of 5.9" to 19.3".

19. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Converter

Stand Steady’s electric desk riser is well-suited to tiny rooms and living places, such as a hostel, due to its small size. It includes a sturdy and stable base that is ideal for use with laptops or an additional monitor. 

20. FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7

The AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7 is a versatile and ergonomic solution designed to enhance your workspace by allowing you to switch between sitting and standing while working. This desk converter is part of the AlcoveRiser series, known for its quality and thoughtful design.

Difference Between a Desk Converter vs an Electric Standing Desk

Many ask for the difference between a standing desk vs a converter. As for those who need to sit from time to time, stand-up desk converters are a terrific solution. In contrast, unless you choose an adjustable version, a standing desk will force you to stand at your workstation constantly.

What Is a Desk Converter?

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Desk Riser?

Improves Your Health

Most people get an electric desk riser to help them work in a standing position. By standing throughout your work routine, you can burn excess calories and lower the risk of certain heart diseases and blood disorders. A desk riser provides a comfortable standing experience with all these health benefits.

Improves Productivity

Using an electric desk riser at work greatly increases productivity since you feel more energy standing while working. Sitting excessively plummets your productivity and makes you feel lazy. Standing for increased periods keeps your mind active.

Improves Productivity

Reduces Pain

Having the best desk riser allows you to stand in an upright position. This makes sure that your spine is in alignment with your neck. Having a proper posture alleviates back pain and neck pain. It also helps cure most spinal problems.

Burns Fat

As mentioned above, using an electric desk riser allows you to burn more calories throughout the day. Similarly, burning calories makes it easier to lose weight and burn fat, allowing you to live a healthier and better life.

Keeps Things Organized

A spacious standing desktop riser accommodates all your important stuff, such as your laptop, mobile phone, or important files. A desktop riser becomes a place where you have all the necessary items at arm’s reach. This helps you keep things organized, increasing your effectiveness and efficiency while working.

Keeps Things Organized

Heavy Weight Capacity

People are increasingly using two or more monitors, with many opting for all-in-one PCs (such as the iMac) or enormous panoramic screens. After years of witnessing LCD monitors becoming lighter and lighter, the typical user's desktop monitor weight has begun to rise once more. When you add in the weight of ergonomic monitor arms, which raise your screens to the right height when you transition from sitting to standing, the entire effect is amplified. 

If you're already one of those heavy-duty users, or if you think you'll be switching to more and/or larger monitors in the future, you should seriously consider going electric. Other types of standing desk converters have a lower weight capacity than electric variants.

Easy and Effortless Adjustment

Another traditional criterion for selecting an electric standing desk converter or motorized desk riser is whether or not you are prone to lower backache. Some manual converters, such as the Varidesk devices (and their many Chinese knockoffs), need the user to lean over to raise the work surface to standing height. 

There's no need to lean over to help with an electric lift. In comparison to some base converters, you won't have to hold your monitors up when adjusting their height relative to the work area, which is a major concern for many people with shoulder problems. If you have any of these ergonomic issues, going electric is now a very realistic option, one that doesn't have to be expensive. 

Most electric monitor risers have various display options, but not all do, so make sure yours does. You'll also want to make sure your model has a simple way to adjust your monitor height as you stand.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electric Sit Stand Desk Riser?

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Desk Riser?

Size Matters

Before buying an electric desk riser, estimate the space available on your desk where you plan to put the desk riser. Your desk should have enough space to accommodate the riser and other office supplies.

Moreover, when buying an electric riser, opting for the perfect-sized option that can easily accommodate your laptop and mobile is also important. Having an added keyboard tray is a plus.


Since the desk riser will hold your laptop into place, it must be durable to withstand its weight. When searching for electric risers, go for options made from steel and offer a better weight capacity. Also, don’t forget that your body weight will also be partly put on the desk. Hence, choose an option that can withstand the complete weight.


Buy a desk riser that is adjustable according to your needs. Mostly all the options mentioned in this post have adjustable features. You can tweak the height and position of the riser according to your preferred level. This makes sure that you get a comfortable experience while using the riser, and it also complements your ideal posture.


It is possible that you need to change the location of your desk riser. The perfect electric desk riser is lightweight and can be carried easily from one place to another.

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Desk Riser

FAQs Related to Electric Desk Risers

How does an electric desk riser work?

An electric desk riser is a desk that is powered by electrically lifted columns. These columns rise with the help of motors, transforming your sitting desk into a standing desk. The desk riser has adjustable settings, which allow you to change the height and position of the desk accordingly.

How much weight can a desk riser hold?

Most desk risers available in the market can weigh 30-50 pounds. This doesn't mean the desk riser will break on you if you put an additional pound on it. This is just an approximate value based on the structural strength of the desk. It is always recommended not to overburden a desk riser if you want its longevity.

Is it easy to assemble an electric desk riser?

Most electric desk risers have a detailed manual on assembling them from scratch. The screws are included in the box. All you need to do is follow the manual and screw the desk riser according to it. Some desk risers might also require additional drilling for mounting the desk on the wall or table.

Are there any maintenance requirements for electric desk risers?

You can effectively maintain an electric desk riser in some ways. Firstly, make it a habit to clean your desk riser once every week to wipe the dust and grime off it. Doing this will make sure that dust particles do not damage your electronics. Moreover, it is recommended to keep liquid away from the desk. Also, it is best not to overload the desk.


An electric desk riser offers numerous health benefits for someone who spends most of their time sitting while working. However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the best options according to your needs is mandatory. Choose a desk riser that can easily be accommodated in your workspace without cluttering your room. Moreover, choose products with a warranty to have peace of mind after your purchase. Thanks for reading!

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