Top Home Office Furniture You'll Love for 2024
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Top Home Office Furniture You'll Love for 2024

|Dec 1, 2023

Getting home office furniture can be a chore, especially if you have no idea what to look for or what you should even bear in mind. If you're in that position, this is the time where you release a breath of relief as information has come to your rescue! 

Some people have a slight idea of the kind of things they should be looking at, but the factors to consider elude them. Whether you are drawing a blank or need a bit of extra help, you are sure to find one or more solutions below. 

The idea is not only to bring some of the most valuable pieces of office furniture for home use to light, but it is also to help you understand where you can see and feel the value. Are you ready to go on this journey? Ready or not, here it comes! 

Essential Home Office Furniture

The essential home office furniture items start the list, and the name of the grouping should be enough to tell you why. Just in case you are a bit lost, these are the fixtures that are must-haves in your office space. They contribute to ensuring that you are working in sync with the principles of ergonomics. Doing so is quite beneficial to your health, comfort, and productivity. 

It would be in your best interest to ensure that you have items from this office furniture for home group before you even begin to consider the add-ons that follow. 

1. Standing Desk

This is one of the must-have pieces of office furniture for home. A home office table is a staple of any dwelling that doubles as a workspace. Even in the traditional sense, an office desk for home is the centerpiece of office design. While many other elements are essential in the finished product, you find that most of the magic happens atop an office table.

Traditionally, any office desk for home or even typical workspace uses only facilitated seated positions. That tradition is now a thing of the past as research has come to light illustrating the potentially devastating chronic effects of sitting for too long. 

That's not to say traditional desks no longer exist, as many manufacturers are still mass producing them. What happened is that standing desks increased in popularity and are now almost as popular as their older counterparts.

Standing Desk as home office furniture

Some manufacturers make both variations and others create converters that allow you to indulge in the standing experience without having to throw your traditional unit out the door. 

The question is, how do you choose a standing desk, one of the important home office furniture? Well, your first point should be adjustability. While the human body isn't made for consistent sitting, it also isn't made for consistent standing. The idea of the adjustable office desk for home is to allow you to seamlessly switch between standing and seated positions at intervals.  

It would help if your desk had memory presets to help you to return to ideal heights without your having to remember the settings each time. 

You should also focus on good desktop real estate, as you need ample space for your screens, peripherals, and other accessories that may be convenient.  

A stellar recommendation for your work from home setup is the Autonomous SmartDesk series. Whether you go for the SmartDesk Core, SmartDesk Pro, or SmartDesk Corner, you are guaranteed sturdy build quality, quiet transition, a lengthy warranty, customization, and optimal space. 

Standing Desks

2. Ergonomic Chair

While your chair may not be as central to your office space as your home office table

 it does come next in line as far as importance goes. Even if you work with a standing desk, you should understand by now that sitting is often necessary.

Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever you are seated on is comfortable. Imagine going through your days in constant pain all because you chose the wrong chair. Does that sound fun at all? 

Hearing that possibility may have caused you to wince and you're probably quite worried about the torture you may unleash on yourself. Again, try to keep things calm as following the information presented here is intended to steer you away from such a grim fate. 

So, how about asking the same question that was asked during this standing desk segment? How do you choose an ergonomic chair? As is the case with most home office essentials, there are a few features that you want to ensure are present.

Ergonomic Chair as home office furniture

The first of these is adjustable lumbar support. The most common pain associated with a sedentary lifestyle is low back pain. Being able to have proper lower back support that you can adjust is an invaluable asset. 

Additionally, you want to look out for other ergonomic perks, such as an adjustable backrest, adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, etc. Once you get this right, then the time you do spend in your ergonomic chair should promote good health instead of hampering it. This is one of the vital home office furniture for your health.

As far as suggestions go, Autonomous has your back again with the state-of-the-art ErgoChair. It boasts all the features mentioned above and more! 

Office Chairs

3. Desk Lamp

Even if others around you don't advocate for the importance of a LED desk lamp, you need to be the exception. Lighting is a fundamental home office furniture of your workspace. Though you may not feel the effects immediately, improper lighting can progressively damage your eyes, which translates to an even greater inability to work as you get older. 

When you get the lighting equation right, it means balancing natural light with artificial light sources. Additionally, you don't want the said artificial providers pointing downward at your home office table, as the unnatural glare created can be a problem.  

Instead, you want to create lighting positions that flow across or upward naturally. Note that it's also important to adjust the intensity of your light sources based on the amount of natural light around you. In other words, when there is more natural light, dim your artificial one and vice versa. 

The recommendations seem to be becoming a recurring theme as Autonomous makes a return yet again with an elite desk lamp. It allows you to adjust its angle and intensity for a visually pleasing solution that fits into the most demanding of home office setup ideas.

Desk Lamp as home office furniture

4. Filing Cabinet

This another home office furniture consideration for you. Let it be known that you fall under one of two categories where a filing cabinet is concerned. The first is where you have a job function or work in a company that is so far gone digital that even hearing someone talk about filing papers away feels offensive to you.  

On the flip side, you still very much have physical documentation that is instrumental to your job function and would appreciate the ability to have it well organized. 

If you fall under the former category, feel free to skip this entire section and start making your way through the add-ons that help to bring even more life to your office space. Should you be on the other side of the spectrum, then you may want to stick around. 

If you follow the adjustable standing desk recommendation, the age-old problem of filing cabinets being just too tall to fit under the home office table

 is no longer an issue. 

Assuming you didn't buy a filing cabinet that rivals LeBron James in height, then it should be easy enough for you to adjust your standing desk upward to place the unit under it. 

This is a home office design after all, so it's hard to imagine that you would have so many documents that it would require a taller cabinet. A one to three-drawer model should be fine. 

Once you have your cabinet, it's a good idea to set up your folders if the model doesn't have them pre-installed. Decide on a filing system for continuity and make sure you stick to it. If not, have fun spending the next two weeks searching for one sheet of paper.

Filing Cabinet as home office furniture

Add-on Home Office Furniture

Now that the essentials are out of the way, it's time to look at the quality-of-life upgrades. A lack of any of the items below shouldn't break your workstation, but you are likely to almost immediately feel the difference if you are to add them to your workspace. 

So, without any further ado, how about seeing how things can be taken to the next level?

Autonomous EPP

1. Standing Desk Mat

For a change of pace, the first thing you should know about this entry is that Autonomous offers are a very good one. With that out of the way, why would a standing desk mat be necessary? Are you protecting the floor from the dirt under your feet? 

Actually, you're protecting your body from the potentially negative effects of standing. Remember that whole thing earlier about standing too long being a problem? Well, it turns out your body can suffer from fatigue, which leads to a feeling of tiredness, accompanied by aches and pains. 

The standing desk mat not only breaks the monotony of the surface, but you can also shift your weight on it. The movement may seem limited and inconsequential, but that's until you feel the difference it makes. 

You see, by shifting, you’re allowing muscles in your legs and core to become activated in a minimal yet very important way. What’s the result? Well, you feel a lot better, and nobody can ever say you don't exercise.

Standing Desk Mat

2. Organizer

Are you an organized person? Are you a not very organized person who would like to look more organized? If you answered “yes” to any of these things, then a desk organizer is a no-brainer. 

Various pieces of home office furniture have desk drawers that house items you need for work. Maybe you have a side table, a cabinet, or even a computer desk with a drawer. The problem comes from the disorganized placement of items 

This is often not even intentional. The mere act of looking for something can cause you to create a small earthquake in your desk drawer. All seems well until it's time to look for something else. 

An organizer helps you to keep different categories of items in defined places thanks to segmented slots. There is no need to fight and throw anything around when you can easily see all your belongings at first glance. So, even if you're not known for being a particularly organized individual, why not fake it until you make it?

Organizer as home office furniture

3. Desk Pad

The term “desk pad” may be an incredibly foreign one to you. It's most often used by people who use an independent keyboard and mouse. Desktop owner's fall into this category by default, as do laptop owners who opt for separate peripherals. 

The desk pad offers a smooth surface for your mouse, keyboard, keys, and anything else that could be physically hazardous to your desk. The idea is to prevent your desk from scratches and other forms of wear and tear. If you're the type of person who is very serious about getting the longest possible amount of service from your office furniture, you may want to consider getting a desk pad.

Desk Pad as home office furniture

4. Grommets

Grommets get to take it home for the home office furniture list today. There's no doubt that a lot of hardware that used to be characterized by cables is now available in wireless variations. Still, there are many reasons why remote workers such as yourself sometimes choose to go the wired way. 

Take mice, for example. One common reason that people choose wired mice is that the implicit latency in Bluetooth mice if the dongle is not close enough yields a degraded experience. 

Then there are elements such as speakers, monitors, etc. that use cables. What often happens is workers end up with a mess of cables that kills what should be an incredible aesthetic. 

Grommets neatly run all your cables to wherever they are terminated while preserving a presentable visual. Note that some office desks feature cable management mechanisms such as grommets by default, while others require add-ons.


Final Remarks

You've come to the end of a list that should no doubt have helped you decide on what forms of home office furniture you need for your remote workspace. Remember that you should always focus on the essentials before looking to improve your experience with the add-ons. 

Note that the list here is by no means exhaustive, as there are numerous furniture items you could implement to help you work more comfortably and efficiently. Think of this as the core list that you can freely expand on.

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