The Ultimate Guide to an Office Chair With No Arms for Home Workspace
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The Ultimate Guide to an Office Chair With No Arms for Home Workspace

|Mar 17, 2024

When it comes to an ergonomic office chair, no arms are not always a bad feature to have. An ergonomic chair can still provide you with the lumbar support that you require even if it does not have any arms.

However, you have to be very careful when choosing your chair. Whatever option you end up with, you cannot afford to compromise back support and productivity. This is where this guide will become very useful. By looking at the benefits and disadvantages of armless office chairs, you will be able to select the best office chair without arms the next time you go shopping.

Benefits of an Office Chair With No Armrests

Are armrests an absolute necessity when buying an office chair? No, arms are great features to have in some cases, but can also be a hindrance to your work. Depending on your preference, you may find it better to invest in an armless office chair. Consider the following benefits:

Freedom of Movement

When you spend many hours a day sitting in your office working, you will learn to appreciate the importance of being able to move around freely in your chair. What may seem like a minor restriction at first, can quickly develop into a very annoying problem as time goes on.

Having an armless chair means you can move around without feeling as though you are sandwiched between your chair’s armrests. If you are on the large side and have had to use a small chair with armrests before, you will understand how frustrating those arms can be.

Freedom of Movement - office chair no arms

Wide Range of Sitting Styles

You cannot spend all day sitting in the same position or style without feeling cramped or fatigued. It is important to switch sitting positions often so that you provide relief to different parts of your body. The best office chair without arms will allow you to do this easily throughout the day.

If you do a bit of online shopping, you will quickly realize that on many platforms, the best chair for sitting all day is usually the one that has removable armrests or comes with no arms at all. These chairs allow you to sit in any style that you want and continue working without missing a beat.

Wide Range of Sitting Styles

Promotes Active Sitting

Active sitting involves keeping your spine and back muscles in regular motion throughout the day. This type of sitting is great for maintaining productivity and combating lower back pain. With an armless chair, active sitting becomes a lot easier.

However, if you are snugly sandwiched between two armrests, you may find that hours can pass by without you making any significant movement. Not only will this lower your productivity and make you feel drowsy but it will also strain specific muscles and result in back pain issues.


If you are looking for a light and small office chair, no arms are a feature that will drastically reduce the overall weight of the chair. Such a chair is great to have if you work in an office where you have to be constantly changing workstations. The lack of arms means the chair will be easier to move around and is unlikely to bump into your desk or other office furniture.


Fits Better Under Your Desk

An armless office chair is the perfect choice when you regularly have to tuck your chair underneath your desk. This means you are free to sit as close to your desk as you want while still being able to enjoy the support of your backrest. Smaller people will appreciate such a feature because it allows them to access their computers and other accessories much easier.

If you happen to be working in a small office, a chair with no arms can be pushed as close to the desk as possible, which creates a lot more room for people to move around without bumping into their colleagues’ chairs.

Fits Better Under Your Desk

Disadvantages of Office Chairs With No Arms

Even though there are so many benefits of an armless ergonomic office chair, no arms means you have to deal with a few drawbacks as well. Consider the following disadvantages of office chairs with no arms:

No Rest for Your Arms

If, for example, you are buying an office chair for guest use, you want to make sure that the user can sit as comfortably as possible for a long time. As such, providing them with a place to rest their arms is a logical thing to do. With an armless chair, the user will often be forced to simply place their hands on their laps, which is not always the most comfortable way to sit.

Encourages Leaning Forward

One of the downsides of having an armless office chair is that you will be forced to place your elbows on your desk or, as mentioned earlier, place your hands on your lap. Both these actions usually force you to lean forward so you can rest your arms.

While there is nothing wrong with placing your arms on your desk from time to time, leaning forward in such a way is not the most ergonomic way to sit for a long time. The more you do it, the more likely you will be to start experiencing back pain. Having a pair of armrests allows you to switch positions more often, meaning you do not always have to be leaning forward.

Lower Productivity

With an armless ergonomic office chair, no arms means you are likely to reduce your productivity over time. It is better to place your elbows on your chair armrests while you work so that you can easily sit upright and continue working productively for a longer time.

Disadvantages of Office Chairs With No Arms

Office Chair With No Arms: Buying Guide

If you are considering buying an office chair with no arms, there are a few things you have to consider to make sure you buy the best chair for your needs. The following five factors are an essential part of your thought process:

1. Ergonomics

The best office chair without arms is one that has a wide range of useful ergonomic features. This means looking at various features, such as chair lumbar support, footrests, tilt function, mesh back, headrest, and much more. Since you are not going to have an armrest on your chair, it means you have to maximize all the other ergonomic features so that you can continue sitting comfortably and maintaining your productivity.


2. Functionality

What are you going to be using your chair for? This is a question you have to answer long before you consider whether or not your chair should have armrests. If you do not consider functionality, you may end up with a great-looking chair that doesn't do the job it was meant for.

A great example is a heavy person who needs a big and tall office chair. No arms are not necessarily the biggest issue such a person has to worry about. They have to consider whether or not the chair will be able to support their height and weight before thinking about the benefits of an armless chair.

3. Quality of Material

Whatever type of chair you choose to buy, you always have to make sure that you get the best quality. Simply because a chair does not have any arms does not mean it has to be made from cheap and inferior material.

A proper office chair has to last you a long time because it is not the kind of thing you will want to be buying every couple of years. Always choose the best quality material from trusted office furniture suppliers, such as Autonomous.

Quality of Material

4. Extra Features

If you are going to have to make do without armrests, you might as well make sure that your chair is packed full of other exciting features. One thing every employee needs, particularly those working in hot climates, is a mesh office chair. The breathability of such chairs provides the ideal solution for working during those hot summer days.

Besides the mesh back, you can also consider a variety of other features that are not always available on every ergonomic chair, such as an extra lumbar support cushion or a specialized lockable tilt function. These features will help keep the chair as ergonomic as possible even without the armrests.

5. Color and Design

The design and color of your chair are also very important, especially if you plan to use it in an office where you regularly have to entertain clients, business partners, investors, and potential customers. You need to choose a chair that will; blend in with the rest of your office décor. If you have specific brand colors you would like to promote, this would be a good way to do so.

6. Budget

Ergonomic office chairs can be very expensive, regardless of whether they have armrests or not. As such, you should always keep your budget in mind as you do your shopping. The good thing is that affordable chairs can also be of great quality if you choose the right supplier. If you visit reputable outlets, you can even find some of the best office chairs under $200.


Office Chair With No Arms: Maintenance and Care Tips

Maintaining and caring for an armless office chair is no different from what you would need to do for any other chair. Regular cleaning and maintenance is important when it comes to extending the lifespan of your chair, so consider the following tips: 

  • Know the material well and research how best to clean it.
  • Do not use detergents or solvents that you are not sure will work for your chair’s material.
  • Consider hiring professionals for deep cleaning and repairs.
  • Conduct DIY routine maintenance on your chairs, such as tightening loose screws.
  • Do not exceed the weight capacity of your chair.
  • Wipe any spills off the chair immediately.
  • Remove dust and grease that may clog up the wheels of your chair.
  • Do not leave your chair in direct sunlight for long periods.
  • Consider investing in specialized leather maintenance oils for your executive office chair.

Office Chair With No Arms: Maintenance and Care Tips

How to Sit Comfortably on an Office Chair With No Arm

If you have the best office chair without arms at your disposal, you will wonder why you ever wanted armrests in the first place. It may take a bit of time to get used to, but once you know how to sit comfortably in your armless chair, you will enjoy your work life more and increase your productivity.

You can take advantage of the freedom of movement that your chair provides so that you can sit in any position that you want. However, be careful not to end up slouching in your chair or leaning too far forward as this will undo all the good your ergonomic chair is doing.

Usually, it is best to practice sitting with your back as straight as possible, taking advantage of the lumbar support your chair has. This will reduce the strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. With time, this position will feel comfortable and natural.

Final Word

If you are considering buying an armless office chair for your home office, Autonomous is a great place to begin your search. Here, you can find a great armless office chair for sale at affordable prices. It will come with a lot of specialized features to make up for the lack of arms and provide you with the most ergonomic sitting experience ever.

However, be sure to carefully consider the pros and cons of buying an armless office chair so that you do not end up with a chair that is not suitable for your work. Also, take good care of your chair with regular maintenance and cleaning so that it can last you many years to come.

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