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  • The essential desk
  • Adjustable from 29.4" - 48"
  • Lifts 265 lbs
  • More power & lift
  • Adjustable from 26.2" - 52"
  • Lifts 310 lbs
  • Twice the space & flexibility
  • Adjustable from 29.4" - 48"
  • Lifts 400 lbs
  • Practical features for shared spaces
  • Independently adjustable from 29.4" - 48"
  • Lifts 265 lbs x 2
    • Pairs with your custom desktop
    • Core, Pro or Corner frame options
    • Solid steel legs
    • For Autonomous Core or Pro frame
    • Scratch-resistant wood or bamboo
    • Natural, monochrome or colorful finishes

    376,701 people work at their SmartDesks every day.

    Let us make sure you’re set up to do your best work.

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    Autonomous Desk FAQs

    Introducing Autonomous Standing Desk

    How can Autonomous ergonomic desk help your workplace?

    Autonomous SmartDesks have helped more than 130,000 offices and teams improve employee health, productivity, and morale. For company-wide adoption or personal use, our sensibly priced, height adjustable standing desks are perfect for helping you and your staff deliver their work while looking after their wellbeing.

    What options do I have for the desktop?

    We offer high-quality MDF wood table tops in a variety of smooth finishes and colors. Choose from black, white, walnut, white oak, and bamboo finishes, then mix and match with black, white, or grey base. With all these options, you’ll have no trouble finding the Autonomous Desk perfectly suited to your work or home office aesthetic when you buy this standing desk online.

    What is the size for your desktop?

    The desk tops are available in a 53” standard size, or a spacious 70.5” XL edition. In addition to their gorgeous matte finish, these desk tops are highly durable and scratch-resistant.

    How does the SmartDesk frame work?

    Our anti-rust automated desk frames are built for 50,000 error-free adjustments. With four pre-programmable heights available, it only takes the touch of a button for the Autonomous Desk to take 300 pounds to its maximum height in just 20 seconds.

    The rock-solid SmartDesk Frame is controlled by a powerful dual electric engine, strong enough to lift all your office gear while operating at a whisper-quiet volume. The SmartDesk Core offers a height range of 28–47 inches, while the SmartDesk Pro offers more flexibility with 25.4–51 inches.

    Are Autonomous ergonomic standing desk frames Certified by EMC/BIFMA?

    Tried and tested. The SmartDesk - Autonomous Standing Desk proudly boasts both BIFMA and EMC certifications to showcase its safety standards. You can take a stand with peace of mind.

    Why should you use an ergonomic standing desk?

    An Autonomous Standing Desk can transform the way you work throughout the day, and benefit your long-term health as well. Numerous studies have shown over the years that a sedentary lifestyle can cause lots of health issues later in life. A leading cause of an increase in sedentary living is the prevalence of desk jobs.

    With a standing desk, you can break the chain and take your productivity to the next level. Mid-day slump got you down? Try adjusting your desk to the standing position and feel the difference a few minutes on your feet can make! Not only is it a boost for your physical health, the added energy reinvigorates your mind and helps you stay alert, productive, and creative.

    Autonomous SmartDesk Products

    Which desk should I get?

    All our desks are fairly customizable when it comes to materials and colors. What you want to pay attention to are the height ranges, desktop sizes, and weight capacities. Check out the specs tab under each desk for more detailed information, or pull up the comparison table to see a side-by-side breakdown.

    Why is SmartDesk Core the most popular one?

    The SmartDesk Core is the most popular electric standing desk for sale from Autonomous, giving our users a well-rounded combination of features that makes this desk suitable for just about any environment. You can expect the same build quality as all our SmartDesk offerings, as well as our full range of color and wood finishes.

    Why is SmartDesk Pro right for you?

    The SmartDesk Pro is an automatic standing desk that features the same amazing experience as the Core version, with the added benefit of a greater height range, from 25.4–51 inches. This makes the SmartDesk Pro the best option for anyone who wants the greatest level of customizability and flexibility.

    Can I put my own desktop on one of your frames?

    Sure. Check out the SmartDesk Frame. You’ll be able to choose from Core, Pro and Corner options. The specs for each frame will follow that of their respective desks. The SmartDesk Frame is the complete frame and motor kit that you can use to attract to any surface. Create the desk that suits your personality uniquely by choosing a standing desk frame and your own custom desktop, or use the desktop you already have and treat yourself to the ultimate upgrade.

    What specialty desks suit your unique needs?

    SmartDesk Corner and SmartDesk Core Duo are specialized options meant to suit users who work with a unique space, need more desk surface area, or have specialized jobs that require a non-standard desk surface. Buy a standing desk, check out these options and see which one would be the best fit for your space and work needs.

    Which ergonomic chair should I use with a standing desk?

    The ErgoChair Pro and ErgoChair Pro+ are two premium chair offerings from Autonomous that feature multiple adjustment points for maximum flexibility. You can even try active sitting with our ErgoStool, a fun and core-activating alternative to sitting and standing.

    What do you combine with a standing desk?

    The SmartDesk range complements our other smart ergonomic office tools perfectly. Our Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp lights up the entire surface of your electric standing desk, giving you the best possible illumination without adding glare to your computer screen. For standing, check out our comfortable Anti fatigue standing desk mat that reduces tension on your ankles and knees. These standing desk accessories will help you maximize the use of your SmartDesk and provide a productive office environment.

    Shipping & Showroom

    Do you have a showroom?

    Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Autonomous is currently only operating online. We understand that you may want to try before you buy, so we’ve implemented a 30-day trial period with free returns if you don’t love the electric standing desk you chose.

    Do you ship outside the USA?

    Yes! We’ve shipped to over 100 countries and counting. Simply select your country by clicking the flag icon to the right of your top bar.