10 Best Soundproof Office Pods for Phone Calls and Meetings
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10 Best Soundproof Office Pods for Phone Calls and Meetings

AutonomousAutonomous | Nov 18, 2021

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How often have you lost your train of thought or had to excuse yourself from a meeting because of a crying child or a car honk blaring outside? 

Noise distraction is the leading cause of reduced productivity and creativity in workers who work remotely. It can become a real problem for those who attend Zoom meetings or take work phone calls throughout their workday. 

While working remotely certainly has its advantages, it has its drawbacks too, and these include being subjected to the noises around you while working. However, this is changing as new technology makes it possible for remote workers to enjoy the privacy they need without renting office space. 

The soundproof office pod is an emerging technology that is becoming more popular as the global pandemic forces more people to work from home. This article discusses the benefits of a soundproof work pod and includes 10 of our best picks. 

What Is a Soundproof Booth?

Soundproof office booths or soundproof meeting pods are enclosed spaces that offer privacy and noise elimination. They can be used as dedicated work or office spaces for a working from home office setup. These spaces can be handy for taking phone or conference calls and provide a stress-free zone where you can focus on your work. 

Work booths or pods are no new concept and have been around for some time, but with the traditional work model, they have only been used by a small group of people like music composers who need to work at home. Some have even used these handy spaces as soundproof sleeping pods. 

They have proven to improve concentration and employee performance, as with greater focus comes greater productivity. It also gives workers the freedom to be themselves when dealing with clients without fearing the judgment of others. 

The Benefits of a Soundproof Work Pod

The Benefits of a Soundproof Work Pod

While an office-based work model is quickly becoming outdated, you have to admit that it does have its advantages. When you work from home, several distractions can prevent you from working productively. 

This is where the soundproof pod comes in handy. Here are a few benefits of soundproof meeting pods:

1. They Make It Easier to Take Phone Calls

Having a soundproof workspace like a soundproof meeting pod is ideal for confidential discussions, particularly those involving a project or venture subject to a non-disclosure agreement. 

If you are in sales, you can gain great confidence from having privacy because you know that no one is listening in on your conversation, so it gives you the freedom to put your best foot forward. A more relaxed atmosphere may also encourage customers to have the type of discussion necessary to place that large order. 

It isn't easy to focus on a telephone conversation when other people are talking nearby. Hearing several voices or sounds simultaneously can be disorienting, and it can become very easy to lose track of what your client is saying, which can cost you your client's business. 

This can be considerably more problematic with video and conference calls, as there are often several people present at the conference at the same time, so concentrating on who is saying what while still having background noise distract can leave you anxious and confused. 

Video conferencing can be played on speaker in a private soundproof office booth without sound interference and without distracting others. It also creates a more professional experience for people on the other end of the line, which is vital. 

2. Benefits to Your Mental Health

work pod

You may not realize this, but constant background noise distraction severely impacts your mental health. The sound of that car horn or the television playing in the background can cause you to become anxious and stressed subconsciously. 

Additionally, feeling like there’s nothing you can do to change your situation causes further stress and anxiety, causing you to feel trapped, even if you have a dedicated work area. High stress levels have been linked to several health disorders and can even lower immunity, putting you at risk of infection and illness. 

However, entering the privacy of a soundproof booth is like a breath of fresh air for your brain, as you can compose your thoughts and focus, reducing anxiety and stress, and allowing you to focus on the task at hand. 

3. Boost Your Creativity

If your job description involves creativity, you can benefit significantly from a soundproof booth. Many soundproof pods have a modern design that lets you take in the beauty of your surroundings and enjoy the natural lighting, which all positively affect the human body. 

Its futuristic, often minimalist, design serves as a blank canvas for the mind, leaving it free to develop new ideas. 

4. Improve Your Health

According to several studies, working in a non-soundproof workspace in the comfort of your home puts you at greater risk of illness. This is because bacteria and viruses can be transmitted more readily when you work in close proximity to other people. 

Additionally, the stress caused by noise pollution that is often uncontrollable in work-from-home situations reduces your immunity, making you more susceptible to disease and illness. 

Knowing how to soundproof your home office can make a world of difference to your health and give you more time to do what you love without having to take time off for bed rest after becoming ill. 

10 Soundproof Pods or Booths to Choose from

It isn't easy to find soundproof office pods or booths, as they are an emerging technology which is why we have put together this list of 10 of the best soundproof office pods to help you find the perfect place to conduct virtual meetings and take those critical phone calls in. 

1. Autonomous Work Pod

Autonomous soundproof office pod

Autonomous now has a new and innovative backyard work pod that incorporates futuristic design with functionality. The Autonomous Work Pod is available in two different versions. You can choose to complete it with an adjustable standing desk and an ergonomic office chair or install it standard if you already have the office equipment you need for an effective workspace. 

The work pod is easily assembled, fitting together seamlessly for quick setup to have your office ready to go in no time. It also includes several innovative features that set it apart. One such feature is its design. This pod has been specially designed to withstand all weather conditions, including snow, rain, and heat. 

It is also mold-resistant, so you never have to worry about getting mold protection for your new soundproof pod. With its insect-repellent technology, it is sure to keep all distractions out, so you can enjoy a peaceful, distraction-free working environment without having to leave your home. 

Because it has a prefabricated build, you never have to spend thousands of dollars on labor to have the Work Pod set up in your backyard. It's ceiling to floor windows let in ample sunlight, allowing you to take in the beauty of nature as you check off tasks on your to-do list without the distraction of chirping birds or barking dogs. 

A pre-wired design makes it easy to set up your home office essentials, and it includes everything you need for optimum comfort, including warm lighting, air conditioning, and electrical outlets, and USB ports for your devices. 

Add in its incredibly modern and attractive design, and you have everything you could ever want from a soundproof pod. Check out this buy Work Pod online guide to make this innovative pod a part of your home. 

2. EcoSpace WorkPod

EcoSpace soundproof office pod

The Ecospace soundproof office pod is designed for one person and is a small workspace with an ergonomic design that is modern, chic, and practical for remote workers who require a dedicated workspace to be used all year round. It delivers an affordable working environment that is customizable with additional integrated workstation and storage solutions. 

This work booth includes underfloor lighting and heating for comfort, taking five days to install. A great feature of this work pod is the additional shelving. It can help you organize and store all your essentials without having to keep them in your home and run out to fetch a file or document every time you need it.

3. PoppinPod Om

PoppinPod Om soundproof office pod

The Om soundproof office pod collection from PoppinPod is the company's more affordable range of soundproof pods. These pods are much smaller than the first two options on this list and are set up in just two hours. 

They are typically designed for indoor use and have a much smaller design, generally reminiscent of a telephone booth. The range of pods is an excellent option if you need somewhere to escape when you need to take calls and are a much more affordable option to a fixed structure. 

4. TalkBox Single Booth

TalkBox Single soundproof office pod

Another great option if you need a soundproof space just for calls and video conferences is the single booth from TalkBox. The design and color of this work booth are customizable, so you can choose a design to suit your personal preferences or the design of your space. 

However, while this soundproof office booth does reduce the noise, it doesn't eliminate it entirely, only reducing about 40 decibels of sound. Nevertheless, it does have several features, including a storage area, dimmable light, and greater privacy with walls as opposed to a more open design. 

5. Emagikit Office Pod

Emagikit soundproof office pod

Emagispace's privacy pod is available in a variety of outdoor and indoor colors, as well as the option of adding a window. Noise reduction, dimmable lighting, a ventilation system, a work desk, electrical outlets, and adjustable casters for easy mobility are among its other features. According to the manufacturer, the unit may be assembled in less than an hour by two persons. 

6. Loop Solo

The Canadian Loop Solo is a terrific alternative for folks who want their soundproof office pod to have some individuality and style. Thanks to its unique design, a wide range of colors to choose from, and other interesting features, this booth may be the one for you. 

A built-in workstation, configurable outlets, lighting, ergonomic seating, and a ventilation system are standard features. 

7. ZenBoth Solo

ZenBoth Solo soundproof office pod

Zenbooth's Solo soundproof office pod model comes in maple and white interior and exterior finishes, as well as a fixed workstation. You can also choose to have an adjustable desk added at an additional cost. 

This booth aims to remove acoustic distraction and provides optimum lighting with a skylight roof, a ventilation system, and lots of electrical outlets to plug in your essentials. The company also has larger booths that can accommodate up to four people. 

8. Room Phone Booth

With an integrated work desk, a magnetic board for illustrations during meetings, an intelligent sensor that regulates the lights and fans, and two power outlets, Room's Photo Booth is a great distraction-free work area. The booth is available to order in black and, with additional extras, such as a chair, available at an additional cost. 

9. The Pillar Booth

The Pillar Booth

This soundproof office pod is available in a choice of black or white and can be assembled in just 30 minutes. Pillar, based in Chicago, supplies a home office booth with acoustic panels and material, a magnetic seal for the door to keep sound out, an adjustable workstation, four fans to ensure that you are appropriately ventilated, and LED lighting, among other features. 

10. O Pod from Framery

The O Pod uses acoustic foam and felt fabric to keep the noise out while you are working. Its carpeted flooring is stain-resistant and anti-static, so you never have to worry about having to scrub it clean. Standard features of this soundproof work pod include a built-in desk made from birch plywood and Formica laminate, and the company offers you the chance to try it out before you make a purchase. 

Final Thoughts

The soundproof office pod is a must-have for those who are easily distracted by noises. It can provide you the privacy you need to perform at your best, improve productivity at work, creativity, and even positively impact your mental and physical health. 

We recommend the Autonomous Word Pod, as it is the most innovative and all-inclusive option on this list. Additionally, it is designed to be set up outside, which further reduces distractions, helping you enjoy the calming effects of nature without the distractions of noise.

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