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10 Best Student Chairs with Arms for Homeschooling
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10 Best Student Chairs with Arms for Homeschooling

|Aug 10, 2021

With the new normal, children have been at home studying, researching, browsing the net, and more while seated at their home desks. Unfortunately, most parents have ignored using an ergonomic chair that is useful for their children's good health and overall well-being.  Don't think much as you buy an office chair with adjustable arms. Normal computer chairs don't give you the benefit of an ergonomic chair. What is that?

An ergonomic chair is a student chair with arms. It is designed with the concept that each user has a specific body shape. It features high adjustability to support a user's back with adjustable height, armrest, headrests, and more. Of course, you must follow the guidelines prescribed for the correct posture for best results.  The consequences of ignoring an ergonomically designed chair are researched well by those in the medical fraternity. But, of course, you don't want that for your children, do you?

10 Best Student Chairs with Arms for Homeschooling

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo

An ergonomically designed chair with arms, the Autonomous Chair Ergo is available in six different colors. The lumbar support keeps your back free from any aches and pains.  The adjustable seat height, seat tilt, armrests, and headrest attachment make it one of the best ergonomic chairs in its class. You can adjust the smooth back recline for five different lockable positions. Don’t miss the superb airflow as the chair has fine mesh for the seat and backrest. It can easily take a payload of three hundred pounds. A two-year warranty is on offer.

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2. Autonomous Chair Junior

Autonomous Chair Junior

This is a perfect student chair with arms for any child with a height between 3’2” to 5’2”.  The Autonomous Chair Junior has an adjustable height, back, seat, armrest, and footrest for your child’s comfort. Don’t miss the seven easy ergonomic positions that you can use with this chair.  Ensuring safety has been a priority as the chair is certified as fire-resistant, non-toxic, and safe for children.  It can easily take a payload of 275 lbs.  Available in three different colors, it is built for the highest comfort for your child.

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3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair

Offering you a fully adjustable armrest and one hundred thirty-five degrees of back tilt, this ergonomic chair could be your next choice.  Relax between your sessions of knowledge. You can’t miss the smooth seat lift that this chair provides; rest your tush for long hours with a balanced seat. The strong lumbar system and a highly breathable mesh offer you high comfort. No more back aches and pains if you can manage correct sitting postures. It can easily take a weight of up to 275 pounds.  You have a choice of four different colors.

4. SitRite Ergonomic Kids Chair

SitRite Ergonomic Kids Chair

This student chair with armrests is available as a swivel and non-swivel chair in ten different colors. The back is cushioned, and the seats padded for your child’s comfort.  The seat slides up to 1.7 inches to the front or back for your ease while working. This student chair with arms can be adjusted for a height between 18.25 to 20.75 inches as it is fitted with a silent gas lift cylinder.

5. Ebern Designs Albaugh Ergonomic Chair

The Ebern Designs Albaugh Ergonomic Chair is a comfortable student desk chair with arms. This chair has adjustable armrests, a back, and a tilting seat. In addition, you can adjust the height and lumbar support for the child's good health. This stylish chair is available in two different colors.

6. Flash Furniture High Back Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Chair

Need a high back chair for your children to study late at night or early morning?  This student chair with arms is the best option as it allows them to rest their back as they focus on their work.  Covering all features of an adjustable chair, you can move it around with casters (provided). Don’t miss the built-in lumbar support and the comfortable and adjustable nylon material-based headrest. 

7. Gurule Ergonomic Chair

Available in four different colors, this chair is a good option to keep you fresh with a cloth back. The breathable fabric keeps you attentive to your work. However, don't miss the adjustable arms for your hands and shoulders to be at ease.  Made highly comfortable for any user, the ergonomic posture support envelops your body's sides for greater comfort. It can take a payload of two hundred fifty pounds.  The armrests are padded for additional comfort.

8. Secretlab High Back Titan

This student chair with an armrest could be one of the main competitors on your shortlist.  It offers your child very good comfort and adjustability. The tilting mechanism offered by this chair is one of the best.  You can easily lock the seat angle as well as the backrest.  Don't miss the thirty-three inches high backrest for tall users. It offers to support their back and rest the efforts made by the upper back and shoulders.  This chair also offers one of the best and wide armrests for your ease.

9. WorkPro(R) Mid Back Quantum 9000

This student chair with arms is a mid-back chair with a fair price range; you don’t need to spend loads of money. The adjustable features of an ergonomic chair are offered as a basic feature.  Now you can study for as many hours as you want.  Of special mention are the adjustable seat depth and height-adjustable backrest. Unfortunately, most mid-back chairs don't offer you what the Workpro 9000 does – a comfortable seat tilt and recline up to 120 degrees, enabling your children to continue their studies or reading in a relaxed position.

10. Hbada Flip Up Arms Chair

Hbada Flip Up Arms Chair

To save space, the Hbada chair is a student task chair with arms that you can fold as it is stored under the desk. The lumbar support in this chair is fixed, though users with a height less than six feet height will not find any difference. Your back will settle easily to align with the lumbar support. The backrest reclines up to one hundred and twenty-five degrees, offering you a good rest for your back.


Our recommendations go for the Autonomous Chair Ergo and the Autonomous Chair Junior for the best comfort and quality. Nothing beats them! Go for it. Look out for special deals with the Autonomous back-to-school offer.

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