25 Best Desk Organizers with Drawers to Avoid Mess
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25 Best Desk Organizers with Drawers to Avoid Mess

|Jan 2, 2023

If you started working from home during the pandemic, there's a good chance you have a few desk organization tips in store. However, as most people are aware, keeping a work-from-home station clean and free of stray sticky notes can be difficult. 

Your workstation needs to be as productive as possible, regardless of whether you live in a large five-bedroom house or a studio apartment with 400 square feet. 

Good organizing office ideas are essential, as anybody who has opened a desk drawer to discover a jumble of office supplies inside (but not a single paper clip in sight) can agree. Even though it may seem like the most difficult task in the world, managing your workspace will ultimately save you time. 

If you work from home and don't have a supply room, place the items you need but don't use very often into storage boxes and put them on a designated bookshelf or in a closet. 

Find 25 creative desk storage and organizer ideas below to create the most productive office possible.

Top 25 Desk Organizers with Drawers You’ll Love

1. Autonomous Swivel Desk Organizer with Drawers

This hidden under desk pencil drawer organizer on a swivel is perfect for standing or adjustable-height desks without built-in storage. With just two screws, it is simply mounted to the underside of any wooden desk. 

It includes a scotch tape dispenser with storage for pens, pencils, paper clips, scissors, and other office supplies.

Dimensions13.8”L x 7.9”W x 3.8”H
MaterialsPlastic + EVA & Fabric
Lifting capacity6.6 lbs
Item weight1.3 lbs
Warranty1 year

2. Maydear Bamboo Desktop Bookshelf with Three Drawers: Double Layer

This desktop bookshelf is beautiful and fashionable, takes up less room on the office desktop, and goes well with other furniture pieces. It is perfect for making your home or office clean and attractive. Additionally, it is good for books, newspapers, CDs, magazines, etc. 

Dimensions19.7”L x 4.7”W x 17.7”H
MaterialsBamboo wood
ColorNatural wood color
Warranty1 year

3. Bigso Practical Workspace Desk Kit-set of 3: Leather Handles

A three-drawer desk box, organizing box, and lidded document box are included in a useful three-piece organization set made of premium textured canvas from Bigso.

DimensionsIngrid 3 drawer supply chest: 6.3” x 9.9” x 8.1”
Oskar document box: 10.2” x 13.8” x 3.3”
Elisa desktop organizer: 13.1” x 4.9” x 4.9”
MaterialsSolid, recycled fiberboard, paper coating from ECF pulp
ColorBlue, Gray

4. Bigso 3-piece Office Organizer Kit: Removable Drawers

This three-piece set consists of a desktop organizer, a magazine/catalog storage box, and a two-drawer storage box. Clear your desk of small accessories and store your most priceless possessions—such as jewelry, cosmetics, and makeup—all in one place. 

Using every inch of the tabletop, this compact drawer organizer keeps supplies hidden but accessible.

DimensionsIngrid 3 drawer accessory tower: 9.9” x 6.3” x 8.1”
Viktoria magazine file: 3.9” x 9.7” x 12.7”
Oskar document box: 13.8” x 10.2” x 3.4”
MaterialsSolid, recycled fiberboard, paper coating from ECF pulp
ColorBlack, Gray

5. Mount-It! Under Desk Slide Out Pencil Drawer

An effective organizer for your pens, pencils, notepads, and other office essentials is the MI-7144 sliding desk drawer. You can organize your resources and clear your desk of clutter by using its five compartments. 

Dimensions21.2"L x 5.6"D
Slide extensionUp to 6.8"
Number of compartmentsFive
Warranty10 years

6. Holme & Hadfield  - The Watch Deck

By helping you arrange your timepieces and displaying them, the watch box from Holme & Hadfield gives them the credit they deserve. An ideal dresser centerpiece, the box features an ebonized walnut finish and is metal-free, so it can display two or four watches without magnetizing or scratching your collection. 

Dimensions13.5"L x 4.5"W - 5.5"H
ColorsWalnut, Black, Oak
Item weight6.5 lbs

7. Holme & Hadfield the Watch Deck Leather Padding

With the new Watch Deck Mate Padding Set, you can protect the watches you cherish while also improving the overall look and feel of your watch display.

Dimensions14.06"L x 0.59"W x 5.12"H
MaterialsVegan Leather
ColorBlack, Rustic Brown

8. Holme & Hadfield The Weekender

You won't need to place your watches on a bedroom table if you use this wooden watch organizer box with a compartment. Perhaps you may proudly display your watches on display. This Holme & Hadfield Weekender's case combines modern aesthetic with practicality.

Dimensions7.09"L x 7.76"W x 10.83"H
ColorWalnut, Black, Oak

9. Bigso Essential Workspace Collection-Set of 3: Leather Handles

The Bigso Sven Fiberboard Classic Hinged Document Box is the ideal storage solution for your important documents while keeping your office organized. A metal label holder is included, so you can write on the insert paper what is stored inside.

DimensionsElisa desktop organizer: 4.9” x 13.1” x 4.9”
Birger 2 drawer file: 13.1” x 10” x 5.7”
John file box: 7.4” x 13.1” x 10.5”
MaterialsSolid, recycled fiberboard, paper coating from ECF pulp
ColorBlue, Gray

10. Bigso Classic Workplace Desk Set-3 piece: Leather Handles

This Bigso three-piece set can be used to organize your desk or shelves. Its riveted design makes it a great addition to the office or home while still being affordable and easy to put together without any tools.

DimensionsElisa desktop organizer: 4.9” x 13.1” x 4.9”
Silvia storage box: 11.6” x 6.5” x 5.9”
John file box:7.4” x 13.1” x 10.5”
MaterialsSolid, recycled fiberboard, paper coating from ECF pulp
ColorBlue, Gray

11. Bigso 3-piece Office Organizer Kit: Label Holder Handle

The desktop organizer's basic, modern, and beautiful design blends in nicely with most decors. Get rid of the little office supplies and accessories cluttering up your desk, and keep cosmetics and makeup in one place.

DimensionsBirger 2 drawer chest: 13.1” x 10” x 5.7”
Elisa desktop organizer: 4.9” x 13.1” x 4.9”
Viktoria magazine file box: 3.9” x 9.7” x 12.7”
MaterialsSolid, recycled fiberboard, paper coating from ECF pulp
ColorBlack, Gray

12. CB2 Fullerton Modular Desk Organizer with Drawers

Check out the Fullerton Desk from CB2 if you have the money for something more luxurious. It is the ideal fusion of art deco, industrial, and glam and has a wood veneer frame, square metal legs, and a real marble top. 

One thing to keep in mind is that shipping may take weeks depending on the color. However, if you choose in-home delivery, the company will put it together in the room of your choice. 

13. Joss & Main Chrissy Desk

We also like Joss & Main's Chrissy Desk. It is offered in your choice of a white-painted finish, a blackened wood finish, or a chestnut wash and is made of strong, solid, and constructed wood. This desk has a pull-out keyboard tray and two small drawers on either side. 

In addition, there is a secret tablet stand and cable management pocket with a built-in charger in the back. Keep in mind that the Chrissy weighs 127 pounds and has dimensions of 60x30x24 inches. 

Although this desk is pricey and requires some home assembly, the feature-rich design might be worth the investment. 

14. Poppin Series L-shaped Desk Organizer with Drawers

Choose an adjustable model if you want the option to stand up (but perhaps not all the time). Three widths, ranging from 47 to 72 inches wide, are available for Poppin's Series L Desk. The fact that each size can be adjusted from 25 inches to 50.5 inches tall is another feature we really like. 

With a normal outlet socket and an LED control panel, this smartly-made workstation is simple to adjust with the touch of a button. On the other hand, the Series L is covered by a five-year warranty and satisfies BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) criteria for durability. 

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15. East Urban Home Cuuba L-Shape Desk

If you need a bigger surface, or more storage is needed, consider using the Cuuba Libre Desk. This L-shaped workstation was built with mortise-and-tenon joinery even though it is not made of solid wood for increased durability. You are not limited to putting it in a corner, and you can even change the orientation because of the finished back. 

The main desk measures 55 inches broad, 30 inches tall, and 23 inches deep. Then, the extra component extends another 23 inches beyond the main desk. A cabinet, a roomy drawer, and two shelves are among the many storage options offered by the Cuuba Libre. 

16. Homary Mular 3-Drawer

On one side of Homary's Mular Desk, there are three drawers. The roomy pull-outs have enough room for all of your office accessories, including pens, paper, folders, batteries, and cords. Additionally, the drawers can be placed on either side. 

We adore the rounded corners and ultra-modern flair of this desk, even though we wish it came in more colors. It comes in two widths, either 47 or 63 inches. Just so you know, depending on the amount you order, shipping could take a few weeks. 

17. Wade Logan Oglethorpe

Another excellent option for minimizing clutter is the Oglethorpe. This floating desk features a generously sized surface that is 63 inches broad. Although it is only 12 inches deep, you can keep office supplies in the side cabinets and put a keyboard in the middle cubby. Additionally, a cable-management cutout is there for a tidy, organized look. 

This desktop organizer with drawers is made of manufactured wood and comes in eight finishes. 

Eight finishes are available for this gaming desk organizer with drawers. It is stable because of its lightweight construction and built-in wall anchors, and it can support up to 77 pounds of weight. Make sure you have a buddy on hand before attempting to mount it because it definitely calls for two people to install it.

18. Pottery Barn Rustic Desk with Drawer

This could be the ideal mid-sized workstation for you if you're searching for one that is well-made and has a timeless design. 

Overall, the Mateo Rustic Desk from Pottery Barn is made of solid pine and has a veneer of poplar wood. Stretchers between the legs and tongue-and-groove joints provide durability to make sure it lasts for several years—possibly decades. 

This desk, which comes in your choice of rich blackish-brown, gray wash, or light natural wood, has rough-sawn detailing and was hand-sealed to give it a "salvaged" look. Even though it is referred to as a "Rustic Desk," the weathered appearance gives it character without limiting its flexibility. 

The Mateo will go well with a variety of design styles, including coastal and industrial as well as modern and classic. Additionally, the multi toned surface is intended to look better with age, which only heightens its lasting appeal. 

19. Nathan Hames Telos Desktop Organizer with Drawers

Need something for your home office? The Telos Desk by Nathan James might be your best option. This wooden item with a white top and an integrated drawer is designed with Scandinavian art in mind. 

It is spacious enough for a keyboard and monitor at 42 x 29 x 20 inches while still being small enough to fit in a small space. The Telos Desk must be assembled at home, but if you order it from Amazon, you can add an expert assembly to your order. In addition to being more than affordable, the price is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

20. Castlery Seb Desk

Prefer solid wood? Take a look at the Castlery Seb Desk. It has a medium-toned muted honey lacquer and is made of solid acacia wood. Along with a sizable work area, you also get a roomy drawer and an open cubby. 

It has a beautiful mid century modern look with gently flared legs and rounded corners on the storage compartment. In addition to the steep price, it's important to note that Castlery only accepts returns for the desk within two weeks of delivery. 

21. Wooden Parker Desk Organizer with Drawers

The functional Parker desk from the stylish brand Nathan James is a classic example of mid century modern design because of its angled legs that taper at the base and rich walnut finish. 

Overall, this office desk organizer with drawers has a large open cubby and a tiny drawer for accessories. It is made of solid rubberwood with an MDF top. 

The Wooden Parker is an attractive desk drawer organizer that is reasonably priced and available for far under $300 at the time of this writing. It also includes a lifetime warranty. 

22. Belleze L-shaped Desk

This home office desk organizer with drawers is the ideal choice if you want a sturdy piece of furniture that stands out. The matching hutch features three cubbies for additional storage, and the L-shaped desk has a large top drawer and a deep file drawer with rustic black metal hardware. 

It is available in five finishes and four additional configurations at various pricing points. This desk with office organizer drawers has a realistic and attractive wood grain. It also includes a lifetime guarantee and built-in cable management. If you’re looking for a monitor riser with a drawer for extra comfort, browse Autonomous’s website. 

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23. Upper Square Standing Desk

This standing desk drawer organizer adjusts to three custom heights with the push of a button, and it features a glass top that functions as a dry-erase board and a sturdy steel base. 

In contrast to most standing home office desks, this one has a metal drawer with dividers to keep your supplies organized. There is a built-in USB port in the back to aid in cord management, and the digital control panel is in the bottom-right corner of the work surface. 

24. Trent Austin Falon Desk with Office Organizer Drawers

This elegant home office desk is beautifully built and has a distressed finish for larger spaces. With two side drawers, a top drawer that is broad, and a file drawer all attached to ball bearing slides, it has plenty of storage space. 

Although there is no cord management, the finished back has a shallow cubby to store wires and power strips. It is made of synthetic wood with black powder-coated legs and hardware. Given its 300-pound weight when fully assembled, it is best to assemble it in the room of your house where it will be kept permanently. 

25. Nathan James White Wooden Desk Organizer with Drawers

This wonderful, contemporary sit-stand desk with drawers by Nathan James doubles as a vanity table if your home office also acts as your bedroom or guest room. It also performs far beyond its price range. 

With a broad top drawer, two side drawers, and a tall cabinet at the bottom, all with attractive old brass hardware, the storage space is excellent for its size. 

Additionally, the work surface is made of MDF, and the frame is made of acacia wood.


After reading this article, we hope you’ve found your favorite desk organizer with drawers on the market!

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