25 Home Office Storage Ideas to Keep Things Organized
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25 Home Office Storage Ideas to Keep Things Organized

AutonomousAutonomous | Apr 18, 2022

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It's crucial to get your home office storage spot right if you want to create an environment that's functional, inspiring, and supportive of your productivity when you work from home. 

Whether you have a whole room, a corner in the living room, or a nook in the corridor, having the best office storage solution is critical to keeping your space tidy and well organized. 

After all, implementing the best home office storage ideas would be impossible without adequate storage to hide daily clutter. Carry on reading to find out how to organize your desk and home office.

25 Simple and Interesting Home Office Storage Ideas

1. Use Storage Décor

Use Storage Décor

Good-looking bookshelf ideas are one of the many home office storage ideas that may be a beautiful component of the room while also serving their purpose. 

Using a fashionable storage basket (or two) to hide clutter is also an excellent way to do it. It doesn't matter if it's on the floor or the home office shelving. If you want a seamless solution, match yours to the aesthetic of your home office space

2. Differentiate Work Areas

Even if you work from home and have a small office space, it's crucial to keep your workstation separate from your office storage. Maintaining a clean working environment can help you be more creative and productive, and having a defined spot for supplies and paperwork can make it easier to find these materials. 

3. Paper Filing System

Paper Filing System home office storage

Although we live in the digital age, if you run a home business, you'll probably need to keep track of some paper documents and receipts. Purchasing expanding folders, portable file boxes, or making a DIY file organizer are all simple home office storage ideas to get rid of paper clutter. 

4. Use Wall Space for Files

Making use of vertical storage, especially in small offices, is an excellent idea. To clear up the workspace and keep what you need close at hand, try mounting folders onto the wall. Alternatively, hang wire file organizer baskets on the wall for a quick filing system or mail center. 

5. Buy a PegBoard

One of the best home office organization hacks is to leverage wall space with a pegboard to save space in drawers while also allowing you to display items that are essential to you! Place one over your desk, and add a cork sheet to keep calendars, daily reminders, and memos on it. 

6. Storage Desk

Storage Desk for home office storage

Many storage problems can be solved by finding a desk that meets your needs. Your home office will be neat and tidy if you have enough drawer space and linked shelving. There are various methods to make your desk a more efficient workspace, whether you're looking for a new desk or want to add storage. 

7. Storage on Wheels

During the workday, some people enjoy moving around their homes. A change of scenery can help you stay focused and productive, as well as ensure that you get those much-needed standing breaks in between extended computer sessions. This design combines your workstation and storage into a caddy that you can move or roll around your house, similar to portable storage. 

This solution provides ingenious storage while remaining versatile, whether you want to set up in the garden on a hot summer day or cozy up with your laptop next to the fire in the winter. Make sure it's easy to move about (but not too heavy!) and that it has enough storage for everything you'll need. 

8. Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets for home office storage

There's a reason 3 drawer office filing cabinets are so common in offices. They're a tried-and-true technique to keep files organized and supplies tucked away. At home office supply retailers, you'll find a variety of adaptable solutions at a range of price points. 

9. Buy a Desktop Organizer

Don't worry if you're not much into DIY or craft projects. Many office organizers are available to assist with home office organization and store your home office accessories. File sorters and stackable cubes may all be stacked on top of your desk to free up extra workspace. 

10. Hanging Storage

Have you got a spare canvas or plastic shoe organizer lying around the house? Because they can hold a variety of items like pens, binding clips, and staplers on the back of any door, these inexpensive, adaptable items are great for home office storage. 

11. Use an Ottoman

Use an Ottoman for home office storage

The ottoman is capable of far more than just storing blankets and pillows. An ottoman provides fast sitting, as well as additional storage for items you don't need all of the time. Consider adding desk organizers and dividers to your ottoman to make it easy to find what you need and to optimize the storage capacity.

12. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are simple to install, provide storage for your home office equipment, and fill empty wall space. From flat planks to geometric designs, you may generally find a variety of home office shelving options. Floating shelves look modest since they feature a hidden wall bracket, and they give your home office area a clean, sleek appearance. You also have the option of arranging them in any way you want. 

13. Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers for home office storage

Choosing a desk with drawers allows you to make use of the space beneath your desk and gives you more options for storing papers, diaries, and stationery. A drawer, on the other hand, can quickly become cluttered and overflowing with junk. What is the solution? Make some dividers.

You may buy drawer dividers that divide a large drawer into smaller parts to give your possessions their own space and make it easier to find pens and cords when you need them. However, you could easily make your own. Repurposing boxes and lids, toilet paper tubes, and cutlery organizers is a great way to declutter. 

14. Hanging Pouches

These modern home office storage options are available in a variety of forms and sizes, and they are simple to hang wherever you want. They're usually created of macrame, crochet, or fabric, and they're as much art as storage. You can also make your own if you're crafty, matching the color palette to your home office design. Do you only need a few small pockets for paper clips, staples, and pins? Choose a vertical organizer that has several little pockets. 

Are you looking for a more durable and versatile office storage solution for your paperwork, books, and even a laptop? As for adjustable storage, some wall organizers include a variety of different-sized compartments, hooks, and micro-home office shelving. 

15. Repurpose Old Furniture

It's tempting to throw out old furniture and replace it with new, but with a few creative ideas, a coat of paint, and some easy reupholstery, you can quickly repurpose old pieces into something new that fits well in your home office. Make a desk with drawers out of an old dressing table or a filing cabinet out of a chest of drawers. Your creativity is the only limit! 

16. Stack Desk Storage

Stack Desk Storage

Desks accumulate clutter. If you want to put your most-used goods right on your desk, there are a few basic yet effective options. Many merchants sell monitor stands with drawers on the interior to store pens and other small, loose objects like sticky notes and paper clips. An upright paper tray can keep your documents tidy and easily referenceable, while a pen pot with sections can keep your writing equipment organized. 

17. Reuse Household Items

We've already discussed repurposing old furniture for home office storage, but what about your personal belongings? Pen and pencil storage made from old jars and tins has a unique twist. 

Just make sure they're free of sharp edges and cleaned! In the office, cutlery organizers or muffin pans might be used to keep things tidy in a tiny drawer. Do you have a lot of plastic storage containers that you never use? These can be used as a catch-all for goods that never seem to find a home in your office.

18. Use a Garden Trellis

Use a Garden Trellis

A garden trellis made of wire isn't just for the green-fingered. It can be transformed into a clever 'inspiration board'-style organizer in a home office. You can hang important paperwork, reminders, and images with just a few pegs. You may level up your trellis by fastening pockets and pouches to the wire, offering immediate storage for what you need on hand like a pegboard. 

19. Create a Mail Station

Create a mail station to keep track of the paper that comes into the home office setup. Make a folder for each family member's incoming and outgoing mail, as well as correspondence to file and bills. File the mail as soon as it arrives at the mail station. Then, go through each folder once a week for a few minutes. 

20. Design a Printing Station

Design a Printing Station

Make a designated area in your office for the printer and printer supplies. You don't need to have a wireless printer on your desk if you have one. You may free up a lot of room on your desk by putting it in a cupboard in your office. 

21. Create Life Binders

Create Life Binders for home office storage

Organize your most crucial documents in binders for quick access in the event of an emergency. In the event of a medical emergency, for example, you may pull out your medical binder and have all the data you need right away. Here are some of the most popular binder categories: 

  • Medical: Your family's medical records are stored in this binder. Everything is collected in one place in case you need to see a new doctor or have a complicated medical diagnosis. 
  • Pet: Medical documents, shot records, and medications for your pets should all be kept in this binder. 
  • Manuals: This binder is perfect for keeping all of your manuals in one location. You can even divide the binder into subcategories like appliances, gardening, electronics, and home. 
  • House: This is where you'll save all of your house-related information, such as maintenance, pest control, security systems, and handyman contact numbers. 
  • Personal: This binder can be used to hold anything that doesn't fit into another file or category. 

22. Choose Versatile Furniture

A versatile, simple table that doubles as a workstation and radiates a lot of energy is a good item to have. This beautiful furniture piece fits in perfectly with your home and can simply be transformed into an after-school gaming station for the youngsters or a buffet table for your next party. 

Purchase or repurpose a shallow table to use as a hidden home office storage space for files or a desktop computer. Build stacked shelves above the desk if the table doesn't already have them. Combine beautiful items with necessary workplace supplies to fill the area. 

23. Tumblers

Tumblers for home office storage

Heather Hilliard, an interior designer, picked a lovely marble tumbler to store her pens and pencils to avoid a scatter of pencils and pens. The Lucite tape dispenser is also a fashionable option for elevating common office items. 

24. Paper Weights

Keep your documents organized without having to store them in large trays or filing cabinets by stacking them neatly on your desk and holding them in place with a decorative paperweight. 

25. Hidden Chords

Hidden Chords

Scooting unsightly cords behind your desk with cord clips will keep them hidden and out of the way while you work. Then, put your router in a cabinet that's easy to access. A built-in cubby with a sliding ventilated door is ideal. 


Hopefully, these clever home office storage solutions for you have inspired you to clear out the clutter and create a functional, relaxing workspace, no matter how small your space is. Now, it's just a matter of getting started. Autonomous can assist you in leveling up your existing storage places.

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