50+ Unique Desk Toys to Reduce Office Stress
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50+ Unique Desk Toys to Reduce Office Stress

|Jan 13, 2022

Office stress might be very hindering sometimes, and you may not know how to feel better. However, with some office toys, you could unwind when you take breaks and guarantee that your stress doesn't stop you from being excellent at your job. 

The following list includes more than 50 toys you could buy to reduce office stress. There are many options available like fidget spinners or lava lamps, so take a look at what you might get!

51 Unique Toys to Reduce Office Stress

1.  Newton's Cradle

Newton's Cradle desk toys

Newton's cradle is one of the most famous office toys you could buy. Nowadays, you might get some that have LED lights, which change as the spheres swing, and it might be a great companion to all smart devices for your office

2.  The Wiggling Tube Man

If you need toys for an office desk that remind you to relax, the wiggling tube man might be for you. Simply take a look at it and watch it dance away on top of your table. 

3.  Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners desk toys

Fidget spinners have become immensely popular, especially for workers looking for executive desk toys. Now, there are even brass and aluminum spinners that can make your day much more elegant and fun! 

4.  Tiny Video Games

Do you want to play some Ms. Pac Man while your boss isn't looking? Getting tiny retro video games might be the ideal solution. It even fits on a keychain! 

5.  The Coffee Whirling Toy

Many office toys are ideal for coffee mugs (probably because a lot of workers need a pick-me-up in the morning), and this whirling engine is a great example of that. Put it on top of your mug, watch it whirring and clicking, and once it stops, it means your coffee is at an ideal temperature for you to drink it! 

6.  Fidget Cube

Who needs a fidget spinner if you can get a fidget cube? With more options, this cube might be many workers’ best friend, especially if they're stressed out or anxious. 

7.  Doctor Who Squeezable Toy

Doctor Who Squeezable desk toys

Sometimes you just need to squeeze something in the middle of the day – no judging, many people do it. Doctor Who's alien-shaped squeezable toy might quickly become your best friend! 

8.  Magneball Set

There are some magnet desk toy options, but this one is different. It offers no less than 216 balls, which you can use as an excuse to make an F16 fighting falcon, or simply to relieve your stress

9.  Desktop Sandscapes

You don't necessarily need to constantly interact with all toys to unwind. Getting desktop sandscapes is a great way to relax since you only need to watch the sand twirl and move around inside them. 

10.  Mini Golf Set

Desk toys are probably one of man's greatest inventions (along with coffee), particularly the mini golf set. Now, you don't need to wait to have a Sunday away from your office space to shoot some balls. Put on your plaid shorts –if you work from home– and enjoy your time off.

11.  Desk-etball

Desk-etball desk toys

The NBA might fear you if you start playing desk-etball. This toy lets you practice your basketball skills without even leaving your electric standing desk

12.  Magnetic Decision Maker Toy

Forget the magic eight ball and use the magnetic decision-maker toy instead. Ask a yes or no question, and watch the magic happen! 

13.  Spinning Top Toy

There are many fantastic smart office accessories, but getting some office toys like a spinning top might brighten your day as well! 

14.  Desktop Cornhole

Play some cornhole with its desk version. Once you try it for the first time, you and your coworkers will never get anything done. You're welcome. 

15.  Useless Box

Useless Box desk toys

Some office toys or desk toys give you great functions. Forget about that with the useless box – it literally does nothing. You can turn it on, though, and it may turn off again to challenge you.  

16.  Kinetic Flow Ring

It's a slinky designed for your arm, and many workers absolutely love swinging it around. How could you say no? 

17.  Beaker Coffee Mug

Here is another desk toy for you.v This coffee mug shaped like a beaker can make your coffee break fun, especially if you already have the best desk accessories.  

18.  Think Piece (30-size Polyhedron)

Among all the office toys you could buy, getting brain-stimulating one's might be one of the best ideas. This Think Piece allows you to disassemble it and reassemble it again in all the ways you can imagine. 

19.  Euler's Disk

Euler's Disk desk toys

The Euler's disk spins and hums – why would you miss it? Add it to your office, right next to your standing desk accessories

20.  Classic Call Bell

It's coffee time! With this bell, you can quickly unwind as you ring it to remind yourself to have a cup of coffee... or three. You do you. 

21.  Big Magnetic Balls

These balls have more than a one-inch diameter, which makes them fun desk toys to have around since they're different from the regular-sized ones. 

22.  Helpful Robot

Fortunately, robots exist now, and yes – you can have this desk toy to run simple errands for you. It's completely office-friendly! 

23.  Brass Sextant

The brass sextant is completely functional, and it might be one of the best office toys for sea-lovers. Sail away! 

24.  Noble Knight Pen Holder

Just because you're not a sea-lover doesn't mean you can't have some fun toys for your office desk. Check out the noble knight as the desk toy that holds your pens – it's adorable and functional! 

25.  Desktop Boxing

Desktop Boxing desk toys

Some people unwind by watching pretty lights or desktop sandscapes. Others simply need to punch something. Don't worry – the desktop boxing set has your back.  

26.  Magnetic Thinking Putty

This putty is magnetic, comes with a magnet, and makes the putty sparkle. Can you find anything like this desk toy? Definitely not. 

27.  Funny Clock

Ditch your boring clock and get a funny-shaped one, for example, a diving-bell-shaped one with an octopus included. 

28.  Typewriter Keyboard

Why get a regular keyboard when you can get one shaped like a typewriter? Write like Hemingway and have fun! 

29.  Desktop Bowling Set

When you're looking for desk accessories for men, you might also want to check out fun office toys. A desktop bowling set is a necessity. Put on your bowling shoes and start bowling... or wear no shoes at all, if you're at home. Again, no judging. 

30.  Retro Robot Sculpture

Do you want to add some office toys to embellish your surroundings as well? Why not get a retro robot sculpture to say hello to you every morning? It can completely change your workspace! 

31.  Desktop Prism

Desktop Prism desk toys

It can dazzle your cat, but it's also very beautiful to have in your office. This desktop prism is definitely one of the best desk toys you could get! 

32.  Virtual Keyboard

Get your futuristic juices flowing with a virtual keyboard that works. Although it's not one of the most famous office toys, it's a very appealing one! 

33.  Ferrofluid

Put the ferrofluid in a bottle, grab two magnets, and watch it move around inside it! Warning: you might spend hours having fun. 

34.  Swinging Sticks

Swinging sticks were featured in Iron Man's office for a reason – they're fun! These desk toys are enthralling, and they can be a great addition to your desk! 

35.  Desktop Tetherball

Desktop Tetherball desk toys

Let it all go by taking a whack at this desktop tetherball. It's 100% proven that it's one of the best office toys you could get, simply because it lets you hit it.  

36.  Wooden Balls

Suppose that you like balls, but you don't like magnets. It can happen – the mind's a mystery. Fortunately, a wooden set is available, and it includes 12 interconnected balls that might amaze you.  

37.  Desktop Trebuchet Engine

Desktop Trebuchet Engine desk toys

Here is one of the interesting desk toys you can consider. Swing a wooden ball into your officemate's coffee mug with this incredible Trebuchet engine! You should apologize in advance in case you hit them in the head instead, though. 

38.  Rotating Jupiter Globe

Having an Earth globe is not everyone's pick anymore. Instead, one of the most famous office toys is the Jupiter globe, which is beautiful and it moves around, letting you unwind and quickly forget about your worries. 

39.  Floating Earth Globe

You can see the world now! Although a lot of people prefer the Jupiter globe, getting a floating Earth globe might embellish your desk and help you relax!

40.  Miniature Beach

A miniature beach is one of the best office toys or desk toys you could get because you can imagine yourself sitting in the sunlight and watching the waves lazily move in front of you. Warning: it might make you leave work early and ask for vacation. 

41.  Helicon

Toys that move around are a great source of entertainment, especially if you're an office worker. You probably spend long hours in front of a screen, and you might need to simply look away for some time and take a break from the LED desk light in front of you. 

A helicon might be the ideal toy to add to your office because you only need to turn it on and watch its parts spin around to form a perfect pine-cone shape. 

42.  Motion Machine

Motion Machine desk toys

It works similarly to the previously mentioned desk toys,  but the motion machine moves from dawn until it gets dark. Thus, it's also a great way to know when you need to stop and take a long break! 

43.  Shape-shifting Magnetic Balls

Since these magnetic balls come with a specialized base, you can build different things and display them in your office! They're basically Legos, only cooler. 

44.  Space Fidget Toy

This fidget toy is the perfect addition to your desk or workstation if you're a sci-fi enthusiast. It's available in different colors, and you can move it, twirl it around, and use its different functions to forget about your worries and calm your anxiety down. 

45.  Aluminum Sphere

It spins forever (or at least it looks like it), and you can put it on its base and over your desk. This kinetic sphere is the ideal addition to your surroundings if you're looking for desk toys that move around! 

46.  Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp desk toys

It's not the 1960s, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy having a lava lamp on your desk. It's a blast from the past, and its contents can move around and distract you during your break... or maybe simply distract you. 

47.  Hourglass Flip Clock

Some office toys can be very convenient, and the hourglass flip clock is definitely one of them. Although all toys for an office desk might help you, this flip clock lets you know the time, but its design is so fun that it can make your workstation look very different! 

48.  Pin it Desk Toy

A pin it toy is certainly one of the most famous office toys you could get since it lets you write short and fun messages. You can also write your shopping list – why not?

49.  Miniature Shopping Cart

In the spirit of shopping, getting a couple of miniature shopping carts might be an adorable addition to your desk. You can put a few small items inside and imagine you're in Paris – what a dream! 

50.  Desktop Skeeball

Turn your desk into an arcade by adding the desktop skeeball set! Prizes are not included, so make sure you tell that to your coworkers.  

51.  Rubix Cube

Rubix Cube

The last item on this desk toys list is the Rubix cube, which of course is one of the most recognized office toys ever. Try to solve this immensely famous puzzle during your breaks and get your brain working, even if you're resting! You can also look for the solutions online, though. No one has to know. 

To Wrap Up

Office toys are one of the best additions you could incorporate into your home office workstation. During your breaks, you can grab one and relax, which might be essential for you to forget about your worries. 

Although it might not seem like it at first, desk toys help you solve many issues. When you're at work for long hours, you need your mind to disconnect from what you're doing to be able to come up with possible alternatives to complete your to-do's. Thus, get one –or many– toys for your office and start having fun!

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