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Are Mesh Office Chairs with Lumbar Support Good for Your Back?
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Are Mesh Office Chairs with Lumbar Support Good for Your Back?

|May 11, 2021

Some could consider that sitting is no sweat for people, so a job that allows you to sit all day is comfortable and easy. However, that's not how things work, and working for extended periods can cause severe back pain and other health issues. That doesn't mean people can't work at offices anymore, but they need a mesh office chair with lumbar support.

Ergonomic items are a must among office workers and even people who work at call centers. Sitting all day long is the worst thing you can do for your back, so you need a product that protects you from pain. Standard office items don't give you any kind of back support, so you end up working in a jeopardizing position, which is detrimental to your mood and physical health.

You could ask yourself: "Are mesh back-office chairs good for my back?" And we are here to answer that question. Keep reading this page to learn everything you need to know about the matter.  

What Causes Back Pain at Work?

Several things can produce back pain, so this is a common issue among office workers. You can prevent those problems from happening, but before doing that, you need to know what caused them in the first place.

Make sure to analyze each cause and determine if they happened at work. If that's the case, prevent them from happening again! However, you must know that we are solely talking about back pain at work, so if there's any other thing producing it outside of your office, we recommend you schedule a doctor's appointment.

What Causes Back Pain at Work?

That being said, here is a list of the most common causes of back pain at work and how to solve them:

Using a Chair with No Lumbar Support

Most back and neck issues come from using a standard chair to work for many hours. The problem with those chairs is that they don't offer any kind of lumbar support, so you tend to stay in a bad position all day.

Bad posture issues are detrimental to your physical health and also produce mental conditions such as stress and anxiety. Considering that, you should avoid using those chairs to work.

Using a Chair with No Lumbar Support

If you are already suffering from those problems, the best you can do is invest in an ergonomic chair for back pain. The best thing about buying an ergonomic mesh office chair is the mesh chair with adjustable lumbar support, which allows you to work for extended periods with no damage to your mental or physical health.

Ergonomic items offer more than just lumbar support, though. These products can help you correct your posture to prevent any damage in the near future, but they also boost comfort with a design that enhances your back's breathability and blood circulation. Improving those things means boosting your mood and making your overall work performance better.

Lack of Adjustment Possibilities

Even if your mesh office chair for back pain provides you with optimal lumbar support, it needs to have a decent range of adjustments to let you benefit from it. Adjustability is crucial for ergonomic products since it allows you to customize your chair to your body characteristics and needs. That avoids the nuisance of looking for a chair that fits your body characteristics.

Lack of Adjustment Possibilities

You could ask yourself: “Where should lumbar support be?” and that’s a crucial question when purchasing ergonomic products. Using a chair that has a lumbar support configuration you dislike can distract you from working and cause back pain. Try looking for one that allows you to modify it and customize it to your personal taste.

Not Taking Breaks

Taking breaks is one of the fundamentals needed to do a good job. However, you need a decent place to rest. An adjustable lumbar support chair can be that place due to the comfort it provides and the reclining possibilities that some of them provide you with. Choose a mesh reclining chair that can make you feel comfortable while resting or taking a call!  

Not Taking Breaks

How Can an Ergonomic Chair Help Me Prevent Back Pain?

Sitting on a chair that makes you feel comfortable prevents issues such as back and neck pain. That happens because it corrects your posture and helps you stay in an optimal position that makes you more active and promotes your overall health.

Working in a place that makes you feel good also helps you avoid anxiety and related issues such as stress and mental exhaustion. That's essential since many office employees work for several hours doing the same activity. That can bore them and make them feel less active each day.

How Can an Ergonomic Chair Help Me Prevent Back Pain?

These chairs represent a considerable investment in your health and work performance, so don't doubt that you can take much advantage of them.

Final Thoughts

Ergonomic chairs are definitely a purchase that no one regrets in the long run. You don’t deserve to feel uncomfortable while working, so the best way to prevent any issue from happening is by buying an office chair mesh back support.

Remember that you still have to look for a chair that has the features you need, so pick the chair that best suits you and your office. There are many things to decide when buying an ergonomic product; mesh vs leather chair, which color to use, and other things of the sort. Considering that, take all the time you need to analyze your options and make a proper decision.

Some examples of high-quality office chairs are the ErgoChair Pro +, the ErgoChair Recline, and the Ergochair Pro, so don’t hesitate to try any of them.

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