Ideas to DIY Home Office Room Divider
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Ideas to DIY Home Office Room Divider

Autonomous|May 28, 2022

Is the home office setup compromising the aesthetics of your home? Not only your desk doesn’t go well with the theme, but it is also cramping up the space to create a sense of suffocation and gives an overall daunting look. This is especially true for people with small homes with big families who had difficulty managing the space to find work from a home corner. Guess this transition to remote work hasn't been easier for all of us. Other than looking for various government purchase programs to get discounts on office furniture to find the perfect work from home space, the challenges are too many.

Limited space and lack of a private corner have been frustrating challenges employees face when working from home. It ruins the outlook of your tiny space and impacts productivity, and especially when you have more than one person who needs a home office setup, there begins the challenge of dividing and ruling the space.


While you might have thought about taking turns at the desk or working from our respective beds, not having a sole work corner doesn't work in the long run. Hence it would help if you had a proper home office setup. And in the case of multiple people, such as a tiny office or two persons working at home, the home office room divider is a wise choice.

Yes, home office divider ideas work great for limited space and create an office-like environment where each person has their own secluded yet included workstation. It also prevents cramping up your space because the home office room setup through this method considers all the needs of an office set up for all the parties. This article will cover some DIY office room dividers that you will love.

Rolling Doors

Rolling Doors home office room divider

This home office room divider idea works well to divide your living room space into two and works ideally for homes with a substantially large living room. The rolling doors can be a perfect two to break a room into two entirely separate rooms without building a wall or doing any permanent infrastructure changes. You can purchase rolling doors in any material, whether wood, metal, or glass (if you need a peek from the other side) and install them to make the division possible. One advantage of such a division is that you can easily open the rolling doors and open up the room into one large room anytime you like.

Rope Wall

If you are into some aesthetics and traditional bohemian style, this rope wall will be the right fit. It just physically separates the space and adds color, texture, and style to your home office. The idea isn't only ideal for home office division but is also suitable to add aesthetics and boundaries in a professional office. It does not completely block visibility and light, so if you share a central light, this won't dim the entire look. However, this one doesn't block noise, so you might not want to share this method with a chatty colleague.

Geometric Room Divider

Geometric Room Divider home office room divider

This striking design suits a gamer room to be separated from office workers or even two office workers who love a little pop and splash of colors. You can DIY home office room divider or purchase a geometry room divider from any store made mainly in plywood and lumber to add texture. It adds looks and functionality and is easy to fold up in a few seconds.

Frosted Glass Divider

If you are going all classy and glassy with your expensive glass desk, then a frosted glass room divider suits the theme. It is a great idea for a bedroom office room divider where you can separate the work desk from the bed. Though glass might be a heavy investment, use the employee purchase program or programmer purchase program to make this purchase count.

Shelving Unit Room Divider

Shelving Unit Room Divider

For a teacher to work on one side and a student on the other, people who work with lots of documents and papers require many storage options. This storage unit room divider from Ikea is a suitable hack. You can purchase this humongous divider through the student purchase program or teacher discount to get enough savings because a large wooden piece of furniture isn't light on the pocket.

Vinyl Record Room Divider

One of our favorite aesthetic and pleasing ideas, the vinyl home office room divider, is a great way to elevate looks and functionality for a gamer. With the high-tech gaming equipment you want to separate from the other rooms in the home, the vinyl divider will create a look of its own. It will effortlessly divide your space and also bring a funky artistic style. You can also use the gamer purchase program to make this purchase.

Room Partition with Drapes

Room Partition with Drapes

Hide your workplace or bedroom behind a stunning drapery wall. This clever design allows you to vanish behind the wall for complete seclusion. The process is fairly similar to that of installing a curtain rod. Make sure the curtains you choose are long enough to reach the floor. You can nearly completely block out the light this way. Drapes with built-in grommets lend a touch of class, but hangers could also be used. Don't forget the central support to protect your curtain rod from sagging.

Industrial Shelf Divider

With its wood and iron frame combination, an industrial shelf unit is ideal for introducing the industrial trend into your house. It can be used in any room as a storage solution and a room divider to create a dedicated home office space.

Depending on where you choose to put the freestanding unit, get creative with how you adorn it with books, little ceramic pieces, or other decorative objects to complement your new home office atmosphere.

Vertical Room Dividers

Vertical Room Dividers home office room divider

Horizontal room dividers like shelves, rolling dividers, and drapes are great, but they might consume up a lot of square footage for a room that isn't wide enough. This means the problem remains at level one, where one has to live in a cramped-up space. A vertical sound absorption panel might help you zone out background sounds in crowded and noisy open-plan areas. However, it can also be utilized as a room divider to assist you in establishing a concentrated setting.

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