Does A Utility Shed Increase Home Value and Living Standard?
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Does A Utility Shed Increase Home Value and Living Standard?

|Sep 5, 2022

Limited home space was fine until you were stuck at home for several months and had to make do with the limited space. From finding a perfect work-from-home corner to searching for a place to relax, where kids could study from home, and finding a private workspace, so your work-life balance isn't compromised, many things made us realize the need for extra space at home.

While some of us were blessed with extra attic space or a spare room, or some even opted for living room office ideas, there is one thing that remained popular. And that is an office pod. A privacy pod suitable for the office can be your utility shed while you clean up indoor space, or it could be a dedicated work-from-home private office setup. There are many benefits of a wooden pod for garden, but as you keep searching, you will also realize that having an extra space in the form of a pod or even an outdoor utility shed adds value to your property.

A wood utility shed isn't just an extra room that you opt for outdoors or in the backyard; it helps achieve certain property goals, making your home more valuable. This article will teach you all you need to know about a small utility shed for your home extension plan.

What is A Utility Shed?

What is A Utility Shed?

A utility shed is a separate building attached to a home or a carport. The purpose of a utility shed, or just a shed, is to get an enclosed private room similar to all other rooms because it also has a door and walls. Utility sheds are used to increase your home's square footage without making any permanent changes to the property. There are many reasons why people opt for a utility shed instead of bringing some permanent infrastructure changes to your home. Moreover, a utility shed has multiple applications and isn't just a place to store tools and items.

They may be immensely helpful if you use a shed for extra storage, an outdoor office, a hobby, or just some downtime. Given all these uses, does a shed boost a home's value when it comes time to sell? Agents claim that purchasers are seeking office space and outdoor space, which the proper shed can give, particularly as more people work from home. The ideal location to unwind, read, craft, or even entertain has been created by other shed owners in the form of man caves, and she sheds.

How Does A Shed Add Value to Your Property?

A shed on your property adds to its value regardless of its use. Especially if the shed is in good shape and has a nice aesthetic appeal to passersby, the presence of the shed can draw some home and property purchasers to a particular property. Here are some ways shed is useful and adds value to your property.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Enhanced Aesthetics

Homes are not exempt from the guiding principle that beauty moves the world. A prospective buyer's first impression of your house will be primarily influenced by its appearance. An excellent aesthetic element that matches your property might be added by a high-quality shed that is made to match the color, style, and trim of your home. Your purchasers may be captivated by this visual enhancement, influencing their decision to select your home above others.


A shed may be used for more than just storing accumulated garbage and garden equipment. A tiny guest room, a meditation room, or even a private office area might be acquired with your money. For many prospective homebuyers, this ability to transform would make your shed precious and increase the value of your home, inspiring their commitment to purchase your home.

Private Space

Private Space

Privacy is a must-have if you are an office worker or someone who is focusing on your studies at the moment. And for remote workers, it is rarely possible to get a moment of peace, and hence you might end up frustrated while working. If you purchase an outdoor shed, you luckily have a separate space for your home office. You can decorate it as you please and even enjoy the benefits of working close to nature. In such scenarios, various types of outdoor home extensions are intended for this use.

You can check out the Autonomous pods and a prefab office pod to get a space with the right essentials for a home office. An indoor office pod can also be placed outside and work as a storage or living space outdoors. 

Noise Free

A studio pod is also a wonderful choice if you need a space away from your home for your loud gaming setup or music session practice. You can make it soundproof with the help of acoustic panels or tools from utility shed kits. You can also make it a place to practice with your friends or make a separate gaming den where no one makes a fuss about loud noise.

Extra Space

Extra Space

Storage space for gardening equipment and supplies would be quite important to the many prospective homebuyers who enjoy gardening. The additional storage space provided by a shed can make the difference between a clean and cluttered garage, as you have probably discovered the hard way. Owning a shed would increase the size of your home, and this extra room translates to increased value in the property market.


Most sheds, especially if you purchase a built one, come with portability benefits. This adds to your advantage because portable sheds are a one-time investment, and you can take them whenever you shift or need a place to stay when on the road with your family. Portable sheds are highly useful for remote workers who travel for work but also need their entire workforce or living setup.

Is it Worth Building a Shed?


Many home experts are not convinced that a shed increases your home value. But it is also highlighted that if a shed meets certain standards of quality and construction, it can be a valuable asset to your home.

Getting a permit is one important key factor in making a shed that adds value to your home. Assuming you live in a region where building licenses are necessary, even for sheds, they are essential. The shed is no longer an asset but a liability without that permit.

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