Ergonomic Office Furniture Shopping: Standing Desk, Ergonomic Chair & More
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Ergonomic Office Furniture Shopping: Standing Desk, Ergonomic Chair & More

|Feb 16, 2022

An average office worker spends at least 36 hours a week behind the desk, if not more. Whether you're working remotely, still visiting your office, or have created an improvised home office in your garage, you need to purchase ergonomic office furniture. It won't only improve your back posture, but also increase your productivity. 

When a worker feels comfortable and has the essential back support, the results will be evident, and the overall health of the people using ergonomic home furniture will skyrocket because it was the primary purpose of it in the first place.  

Keep reading if you want to learn more about all the ergonomic office equipment you can currently purchase. 

What Is Ergonomic Furniture?

What Is ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic furniture is specially designed office equipment (ergonomic office chair, electric standing desk, monitor arm, anti-fatigue mat, balance board, and split mechanical keyboards) to provide users with the most comfortable positions while working long hours. 

Comfortable doesn't mean leaning back on your sofa with your laptop. It's rather scientifically-elaborated furniture, especially for keeping the user's spine and neck straight while reducing the effort on the hips and minimizing the impact of irregular posture. 

Speaking of which, a bad body posture can lead to severe spine deviations like scoliosis, almost impossible to repair. To prevent this from happening, it's always a smart move to purchase ergonomic office supplies and treat yourself and your employees the way you all deserve.  

You can get everything for your ergonomic office online, so don’t worry about losing time in physical stores. 

Benefits of Using Ergonomic Office Furniture

Reduces Pain

ergonomic office furniture Reduces Pain

When employees don't have to hunch over an uncomfortable desk and have ergonomic office supplies instead, they will get a better posture, aligned spine, thus reducing pain and preventing bone-related illnesses such as arthritis.  

Improves Productivity

An employee without back pain is more focused on the work and has increased productivity. If you're a company owner with multiple employees and want to boost their productivity most efficiently, it's time to consider changing the entire office setting and replacing it with ergonomic office furniture. Designed to keep the spine straight, ergonomic office chairs are the most wanted piece on the market, and you'll understand why in the following text.  

Improves Employees Overall Wellness

ergonomic office furniture Improves Employees Overall Wellness

Stacking your office with a bunch of new ergonomic supplies is not only beneficial for your employees' physical health but also affects their mental stability and overall wellness. Employees who feel like you care about their health will be more respectful, hardworking, and bring positive energy to the workplace.  

What to Look for When Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

What to Look for When Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

The market is flooded with a variety of ergonomic office chairs, and some are of better quality than others. There are some key pointers to look for when buying an ergonomic office chair:  

Seat Height: The seat height needs to be adjustable between 16 and 21 inches off the floor, which works for most people. A top-quality ergonomic chair has a pneumatic adjusting lever, easy to handle, depending on one's needs. Having the feet on the floor and arms comfortably even with the desk's height is how anyone can test an ergonomic chair and find the best fit.  

Seat Width and Depth: The seat should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. The standard width of an office chair is 17-20 inches. Now, the depth of the chair (from back to front of the seat) needs to have enough space so a person can sit with their back leaning against the backrest. Between the back of the knees and the chair seat, there should be 2-4 inches. Also, check if the tilt of the seat is adjustable.  

Lumbar Support: A good ergonomic office chair must support the lower back (which has a natural inward curve) of the user. Without improper back support, this curve flattens, causing severe strains of the lower back and the inability of the user to effectively do their job.


Backrest: The backrest of your ideal ergonomic chair should have an adjustable angle and height, again, to provide lumbar support. The ideal width of an ergonomic office chair is 12-19 inches.  

Seat Material: Extra padding is one of the best features of an ergonomic office chair. It provides comfort that aids users when they work for an extended period. The material of the seat should be soft, breathable, and antiallergenic.  

Armrests: Forearms should not be on the armchairs while typing. The armchairs need to be adjustable and allow elbows and lower arms to rest and shoulders to be relaxed at all times.  

Swivel: An ergonomic office chair wouldn't be complete without a swivel that allows users to rotate between different desks or areas of the working space without standing up.  

If you want something that fits all of those criteria, the Autonomous ErgoChair does the perfect job of providing the right level of adjustment and comfort for you. 

Other Ergonomic Office Supplies You Need

1. Electric Standing Desk

Electric Standing Desk

An electric standing desk is one of the top priorities for any office, of course, after providing an ergonomic office chair. Getting a two-in-one standing and sitting desk is more than you can get for your investment. The electric standing desk is a superb way of adjusting your working environment depending on your needs. It operates with a brushed or brushless motor, the futuristic desk is only a button click away from transforming into the height you need.  


  • Multiple functions 
  • Adoptable heights
  • Easy switch from one height to another
  • Promoting calorie burn when working standing 
  • Easy to clean and operate 
  • Two in one desk at one price


  • It might be costly to buy electric standing desks for the entire firm. 

The best choice here would be to get Autonomous’ SmartDesk along with its ErgoFoam lumbar support; that way, you can get the best working experience according to your needs. 

2. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm ergonomic office furniture

As the phrase suggests, a monitor arm is a supporting arm for your monitor, laptop, iPad, display screen, or notebook. You can also find it under the name monitor bracket, but it is the same device for a flexible setup. When shopping for ergonomic office equipment online, you might as well get one of these (or more) monitor arms that will provide extra support to users' devices, providing stability at 360°.  


  • Frees up the work surface under the monitor.
  • Allows quick user adjustment of the monitor to fit multiple users at one desk and accommodate posture changes.


  •  Larger monitors (>15") are positioned too high for most users.  

3. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat ergonomic office furniture

When talking about innovative ergonomic furniture, we can't leave out the anti-fatigue mat. This is one of the most superb standing work aids ever made. An anti-fatigue mat is exactly how it sounds, a mat that prevents fatigue after standing on hard surfaces for a long time. These extraordinary mats are designed to produce tiny movements to prevent leg stiffness. They can be made out of rubber, vinyl, wood, or carpeting materials.  


  • Reduces fatigue by 50%
  • Decreases accidents by not letting users slip 
  • Enhanced productivity because the users are constantly moving, allowing blood circulation 


  • Foam mats sink easily 

4. Flow Board

Flow Board

The ergonomic office equipment adventure doesn't stop here because we have an irreplaceable balancing board. Excellent for multi-tasking individuals who want to exercise while working. The Flow Board is an innovative addition to any business where employees have to stand most of the time. It creates micro muscular movement to keep the blood flow and prevent stiff legs. People also use balance boards while sitting, which is also a great option for keeping the user active.   


  • Stabilizes your muscles by stimulating continuous movements
  • Micro movements are better than just standing 
  • Balance boards keep users alert on what they're doing


  • It can be tiring to balance during your entire shift 

5. Matias Split Mechanical Keyboard

Matias Split Mechanical Keyboard

When shopping for ergonomic office supplies, you can't leave without the Matias split mechanical keyboard, the most progressive office accessory on the market. Long office hours and typing tasks will convert into trouble-free work without consequences on your physical and mental health.  

The best thing about this cyber keyboard is that it actually splits into two parts, and it provides extra-comfortable padding for your wrists. 

It also has leg supports for tenting and lifting, three USB ports, a low force option for light typing, the best key switches, and an innovative layout. Matias split mechanical keyboard is a must for writers and journalists alike, but also the vast majority of remote working folks.  


  • Dedicated shortcut/macro keys
  • The split design provides good ergonomics
  • Built-in reverse tilt and tenting feet
  • Three USB pass-through ports
  • Retractable bridge cable 


  • No key backlighting
  • It takes time to get used to using a split keyboard  

6. ErgoTKL Split Keyboard by Cloud Nine

ErgoTKL Split Keyboard by Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine launched a spectacular design of a new generation of ergonomic office supplies, and the star guest on our list is the ErgoTKL split keyboard. The king of all keyboards, this accessory can adjust the tilt, split, and angle for the best typing position of the user. There's nothing better on the market if you're dedicating most of the time to writing or doing any computer work where you need typing. ErgoTKL split keyboard by Cloud Nine is an excellent gift choice for your employees. It's thrilling to have a sophisticated office gadget like this one, having high-end support for your palms.  


  • Compact design for work or game stations
  • Ergonomic keyboard, comfortable palm positioning
  • Magnetic snaps that promote a quick joining of the halves
  • Customizable to your use
  • You can put a mouse between the two halves
  • Customizable RGB LED lights 


  • Separate cables for the split design 
  • It takes time to get used to it 

Why Is It Essential to Use Ergonomic Office Equipment?

Why Is It Essential to Use Ergonomic Office Equipment?

Because ergonomic office supplies provide physical support to all parts of your body, thus enhancing your productivity and overall health.

Is It Expensive to Shop Ergonomic Office Furniture?

Nothing is expensive when it comes to protecting your health and wellbeing. Ergonomic office furniture isn't expensive if you know where to look for it. Moreover, ergonomic furniture online can be the safest option for landing discounts.  

Best Office Ergonomic Furniture Brands

The ergonomic furniture market has quite a few leading brands. However, we want to mention the best office furniture brands for this shopping guide for office suppliers and individual high-tech geeks.  

Autonomous is the highest on our list as the number one commercial office furniture company, shaking the technological innovation market since 2015. Offering the greatest choice of top-notch ergonomic office furniture, Autonomous is the most successful office equipment in the US, making thousands of users happy every day.  

Steelcase has a vast selection of office supplies, operating in over 80 countries worldwide. It encompasses a lot of other brands, including Steelcase Health, Orangebox, Coalesse, Smith System, Designtex, AMQ, and Steelcase Learning. 

Herman Miller is another US office furniture giant operating with multiple similar companies including, Geiger-Georgia, Design Within Reach-Connecticut, Maharam-New York, Maars Living Walls-Netherlands, Colebrook Bosson Saunders-UK, and HAY-Denmark.  

Is It Necessary to Use Ergonomic Office Equipment?

Is It Necessary to Use Ergonomic Office Equipment?

People who spend more than four hours a day at a desk must consider shopping for ergonomic furniture. It's not about having the fanciest high-tech office but rather the overall health, productivity, and comfort while working. In essence, yes; using ergonomic office supplies is the bare minimum you can treat yourself with after a job well done.  

How Can a Business Manager Improve a Team's Productivity?

Firstly, employees must have good health and feel comfortable while working. If a business manager wants to boost the energy and the productivity of the team, they can visit the ergonomic furniture online store on the Autonomous website. There's nothing better than a caring manager showing respect and appreciation for the employees' hard work than renewing the working space with high-tech, ergonomic furniture.  

Be the boss that everyone will praise and respect. Show that you know what's best for the business and provide the best working conditions for your employees.  

To wrap it up, any office looks and feels better with happy faces doing efficient work while comfortably resting in ergonomic office furniture.  

If you're dreaming of a picture similar to this one, don't waste more time, and order the best office back-friendly furniture from a mega-company such as Autonomous. Investing in good health is always a genius idea, so don't miss the opportunity of becoming the favorite business manager in the city and further. Office work matters, so do the good posture of your employees. 

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