Gaming Setup with Curved Monitor: Best Ideas for Gamers
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Gaming Setup with Curved Monitor: Best Ideas for Gamers

|Mar 15, 2022

You need the right parts before you can build a PC. We have them. It is by no means an exhaustive curved monitor gaming setup guide; rather, it is intended to help you with ideas that you'll need to know to find the right parts and start assembling your dream build. While this guide will concentrate on building a gaming computer, it should cover the basics for any computer, from a top-of-the-line curved monitor good for gaming for your setup.

Autonomous Desk

Autonomous Desk in curved monitor gaming setup

In many cases, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Smart Desk Pro are viewed as the benchmark standard for budget electric standing desks. With both desks, the feet can be adjusted to stabilize the frame if your floor is uneven. The desk won't easily slip out of place, thanks to good grips in your curved monitor gaming setup.

Its main advantage is that it is electric, so you can sit or stand without moving your equipment. Both desks can support 300 lbs of PC gaming equipment, more than enough for most average users. When calculating whether this capacity will suffice, remember to add your selected desktop's weight to your equipment's weight - particularly if you're using a heavier XL-style top.

Autonomous is the gaming desk with a curved monitor setup you should consider if you want the most bangs for your buck. Any model you choose, you'll get at least 5 years of free repairs, an electric desk that doesn't move even when you move a pen off of it. You can consider this desk for your curved gaming monitor 32 inch.

With its ergonomic design, you'll feel like you've brought the future of the office into your curved monitor gaming setup. At an affordable price point and with an innovative design, Autonomous makes it easy and affordable to start reaping those health benefits at home or to improve your dual-curved monitor for gaming.

Also, don’t forget the adjustability. If you're especially tall or short, you might like to pick the Premium version of this Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Pro since it has an increased height capacity. Four height settings on each desk let you find and save your ideal standing and sitting height so you won't have to fiddle with controls every time.

Benzara Compact Desk for Gaming

Benzara Compact Desk for Gaming

There is an open bottom shelf and an elevated monitor shelf too. The shelves and K-styled legs are designed with 3D carbon fiber textures and PVC-coated surfaces. This is a good desk for your curved gaming monitor 165hz.

At just 27x54", it's small enough to fit almost anywhere, and it's tall enough to fit most gamers. Fans of compact, minimalist design will appreciate its integrated upper and lower storage in your curved monitor gaming setup. A carbon fiber shelf with 3D texture and PVC-coating made from sturdy MDF wood and k-styled legs adds an elegant touch to the piece while weighing in at just over 62 lbs.

Pixio PXC327

Pixio PXC327 in curved monitor gaming setup

It is possible to find both price and performance on a screen like this one for your curved monitor gaming setup. The PXC327 from Pixio provides you with an excellent display and AMD FreeSync Premium technology, allowing you to play your games faster in your computer setup room.

You can experience a bezel-free curved panel with excellent viewing angles without breaking the bank at an affordable price. 2560x1440P displays smooth image quality, even with low-power GPUs, despite its low pixel density. Your computer setup area will be up to 77% larger than that of standard HD (1080p) displays.

Playing at virtually any frame rate with AMD FreeSync technology will ensure smooth gameplay without choppy frames and stuttering. Thanks to flicker-free technology, there is also no flickering at any brightness level.

Its full spectrum of HDR content can be displayed because 98.2% of the display's color gamut is DCI-P3. A refresh rate of 165 frames per second and a response time of 1ms allow you to play your favorite fast-paced games to their fullest extent. Blue light emissions from monitors can reduce eye strain and create a more comfortable viewing experience.

Pixio PXC325

Pixio PXC325 in curved monitor gaming setup

The display maintains a thin, bezel-less design while featuring the curved VA Panel with 165Hz and 1500R. It is a really cool option for your laptop and monitor setup. The gaming monitor weighs just 13 pounds with a maximum brightness of 400 nits and a contrast ratio of 4000:1, with curved glass and razor-thin bezel, achieves a maximum brightness of 400 nits, with 1080p resolution.

On low-power GPUs, 1920 x 1080p provides high pixel density and smooth performance. You will enjoy smooth gaming performance and artifact-free images thanks to AMD FreeSync and flicker-free technology.

The latest hardware lets you play fast-paced games with 165 FPS and 1ms response time. PXC325 displays offer vivid and accurate colors thanks to its extended DCI-P3 color gamut of 97.58 percent that supports HDR content. For a more comfortable viewing experience, the eye saver mode reduces blue light emissions. Blue light emissions are reduced, so the viewing experience is more comfortable.


Cases in curved monitor gaming setup

PC cases can be built in nearly any size or shape you can imagine, so they are among the most customizable parts of a computer. Though every case is different, they share many similarities across brands and layouts, as they all use roughly the same components. Most cases will work for your needs unless you want something small or with fancy features like a custom cooling loop.

As part of its collaboration with Artesian, Autonomous has built three powerful custom-built PCs. Featuring top-tier components, the Compact Workstation PC unleashes incredible performance for the ultimate gaming experience.

Pluto's sturdy and compact design will blend seamlessly with your gaming or workstation. You can choose from Intel or AMD processors, both of which feature phenomenal performance.

The Rookie Gaming PC is a powerful and affordable PC that offers affordable components combined with a futuristic design that makes it accessible for any gamer that wants to play AAA games. On the E-ATX motherboard, the Lian-Li Dynamic PC Cover lets users install up to six SSDs and three HDDs. The GTX 1660Ti GPU is loaded with graphical power and performance.

Lastly, the Lian-Li Dynamic PC Cover combines art and function, offering tempered glass panels, E-ATX compatibility, and space for 6 SSDs and 3 HDDs. Our most affordable system comes with an amazing RTX 3060 GPU powered by Ampere, NVIDIA's 2nd generation RTX architecture, which delivers the ultra-performance gamers crave.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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