Best Computer Desks for Triple Monitor Setup 2024
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Best Computer Desks for Triple Monitor Setup 2024

|Mar 4, 2024

A computer desk for 3 monitors is a common practice for gamers and people who work on complex tasks. With the help of a dual or triple monitor system, you can use multiple screens at once and eliminate the delay because of browser switching. Although having multiple monitors offer many benefits, they are also very expensive to keep and maintain.

For starters, you need a suitable and strong desk to hold up the weight of three monitors. A 3 monitor desk is made with the right material and a strong frame to support the weight and vibrations in a gamer's case. If you are looking for multiple monitor setup ideas, then you have come to the right place.

Desk Size Guide for 3 Monitors

Desk WidthDesk DepthRecommended Use Case
48 - 55 inches24 - 30 inchesSmall desks, tight spaces, use monitor arms or wall mounts for better space utilization. Ideal for smaller monitors (21-24 inches).
56 - 63 inches24 - 30 inchesStandard desk setup, provides adequate space for 24-27 inch monitors side-by-side. Suitable for most home offices.
64 - 72 inches30 - 36 inchesSpacious desk setup, ideal for 27-32 inch monitors. Allows for comfortable positioning and extra space for peripherals. Suitable for professional setups and gaming stations.
Corner Desk (60+ inches per side)24 - 30 inchesOptimal use of corner space, provides ample room for 3 monitors and additional peripherals. Ideal for maximizing space in a room.

This table provides a guide for selecting the appropriate desk size to accommodate a three-monitor setup based on your space and monitor size.

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Desk Size Guide for 3 Monitors

5 Best Standing Desks for Triple Monitors

Without the right furniture and accessories, a triple monitor setup is hard to achieve. You must be aware of the space that a good triple monitor setup needs and the type of desk required to bear the weight. Whether you are using triple monitors for work purposes or gaming, the desk plays an important role in your health and comfort. And without the right desk, no matter how fun a game is or how easy a task is, it becomes a painful job for the mind and the body.

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

I’ll start by saying that the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), just like the other products on this list, is one of the best adjustable standing desks you can find online. Aesthetic-wise, its platform is available in only black and white, but you can order its surface in six different colors.

This product works for both office and remote workers looking for a desk for 3 monitors. The flexibility of its design lets you adapt it to any kind of space or task you have for your job. Although you can easily adjust its height through its programmable keypad, this item’s motor is whisper-quiet.

Since the desk’s motor makes less than 45dB of noise, you can work as much as you need without bothering your neighbors or getting distracted. Apart from how simple it is to use it and its customization features, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) comes with anti-collision technology to promote workplace safety.

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

That means you won’t hurt your fingers while adjusting the chair or damage your work equipment. The adjustable height range the desk offers makes it perfect for people looking forward to working in different positions throughout the day.

It's good for your back health to switch from standing to sitting while working, and this desk allows you to do all that in a matter of seconds. Since you can fit three monitors on this desk, you can use it for office work, programming, content creation, gaming, and more. This product was made for dynamic workspaces.

Assembling the desk didn’t take me more than a few minutes, so you will be able to use it shortly after you get it. As someone who needs to stay in front of the desk for most of his work routine, I noticed that using this product made me a bit more productive. 

You can order the desks from this lineup with add-ons such as a monitor arm or a keyboard tray.

2. Autonomous Desk Eureka

I followed up with another product from the Autonomous Desk lineup and had the pleasure to try the Autonomous Desk Eureka. In this case, the platform is available in three colors, and the surface in seven. I chose the bamboo surface for my office, and it made the vibe of my workspace warmer and more visually comfortable for me.

When you look for a decent computer desk for 3 monitors, you need to take into account more things apart from the space the product offers. The Autonomous Desk Eureka, for example, has a 20-year warranty, which is much more than what you would get for a desk in other online stores.

Regardless of that, you shouldn’t have any problem with this product in the long run due to how durable and resistant it is. The desk has a solid steel frame, and I saw it lift 310 lbs with ease. Its looks are also worthy of praise thanks to the classy finishes on its wood tops.

sd pro

Similar to the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard), this product works with an electric motor that makes little to no noise when you use it. You can use its keypad with four programmable settings to set up how you want the desk to be without distracting others with the desk’s noise.

When I say this product is durable, I mean it. If you don’t believe me, you should know that it’s EMC and BIFMA certified. It’s worth noting that there are two versions of the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard): the regular size is enough for two monitors, while the XL gives you all the space you need for a three-monitor setup.

You may think this product is similar to the previous one I reviewed on this page, but they are quite different. The Autonomous Desk Eureka is for people looking for a sturdier and bigger option since it has a higher height range and can support more weight than the Core release. However, this product doesn’t have an anti-collision feature.

3. Autonomous Desk L-Shaped

Getting to the last product from the Autonomous Desk lineup on this page, check out the Autonomous Desk L-Shaped. As its name suggests, this is an L-shaped option, so it’s a good choice if you want a large computer desk for three monitors. While many products offer you just as much space as you need for the monitors, this desk gives enough for that and your office gadgets.

You have twice the space you would have with one of the other products in the same lineup with this corner standing desk. Hence, this L-shaped desk for three monitors has an improved weight capacity of 400 lbs. Although it features a triple-motor, it won’t cause any noise, either.

As you can see, the items on the Autonomous Desk lineup share a few features. One of them is the keypad with four programmable settings to set up your favorite positions to work and switch to them by just pressing a button. This will make your workspace more dynamic and productive.

The Autonomous Desk L-Shaped is a bit more expensive than the other options on the list, but I can assure you the money you invest in this item will be worth it in the long run. When you order it, it even comes with a free Autonomous Cable Tray to make it easier for you to keep your workstation organized.

sd corner

Although the Autonomous Desk L-Shaped doesn’t offer the 20-year warranty the Pro option offers, it has a five-year one that is more than enough for most clients. This desk is truly sturdy and uses a solid steel frame, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

The best part of using this large computer desk for three monitors is to feel that you have enough space to do anything you want. It’s overwhelming to feel trapped inside a small desk or have to store all your office equipment to start doing other tasks. When I used this product, I felt more comfortable working and could even save a part of the desk for triple monitor gaming setup purposes.

4. EUREKA ERGONOMIC EUREKA L60 L-shaped Standing Desk: Programmable Keypad

Autonomous doesn’t only offer its own products but also a huge variety of options that come from the alliances the company has made with other businesses. The EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 is an example of that. This is a 60-inch-wide desk, which is more than enough for three monitors and other office gadgets.

Although it’s not part of the Autonomous Desk lineup, this EUREKA release has similar features to its products. I could see that, for example, it uses dual motors to lift and lower itself quickly. It also has four memory presets. This product is not as quiet as the Autonomous ones, but it’s very close to them, so you may not even notice the difference.

I truly care about our planet and do my best to take care of it, so I was the happiest when I noticed this desk is made of eco-friendly materials. The EUREKA L60 is EPA-certified, which explains the quality of its features. Nonetheless, it offers a five-year warranty in case you need it.

One of the problems of buying a desk for 3 monitors is that they are often more expensive than average-sized options. Therefore, clients don’t often have enough money to cover other office gadgets. I was working on a budget when I wanted to try this product, so I was relieved to see it came with a large mouse pad.

Keeping your workstation organized is one of the most difficult challenges of getting a large desk. Even if you get the best desk for three monitors, it will be impossible to work efficiently if your workplace is a mess. This product helps you with that by offering built-in cable management grommets and corner guards.

Once you understand how the grommets and corner guards work, it’s much easier to manage all the cables you need for the monitors. This makes the desk a good option for office work and gaming.

5. EUREKA L-shaped TechDesk: Monitor Stand and Dual Headphone Hook

Last, but not least, I had the pleasure to try the EUREKA L-Shaped TechDesk. At first glance, this product is not much different than a regular desk for 3 monitors, but you are able to enjoy its true quality when you see its small features.

It may seem small or insignificant, but the fact that the desk has a rotatable dual headphone hook made it easier for me to listen to music or have breaks without standing up from my chair. The desk also has other multifunctional configuration accessory options that made my experience more exclusive.

You should know that this is an official Call of Duty desk that is part of a co-branding limited edition. That means the desk is excellent for gaming. However, you can also use it to work with no problem. Don’t worry about this desk getting any damage in the short run since it’s easy to keep it protected thanks to its armor pieces with a metallic coating.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC EUREKA L60 L-shaped Standing Desk: Programmable Keypad

I had never seen a standing desk with a similar desktop protection feature, so it was a good surprise. This product uses a dual-motor system too. Among its innovative features, you will also see that it uses a magnet cable management feature to help you stay organized.

If you wanted a desk that came with many add-ons, this is the one for you. This option comes with a monitor stand and a personalized Warzone mouse pad. The pad may not be that formal if you want to use it for an onsite office, but it’s good enough for remote workers and gamers.

You should know that the monitor stand will not support three screens by itself. The whole desk has space for three, but the stand only can handle two of them.

Top 5 Ergonomic Computer Desks for 3-Monitor Setup

Although all the products on the previous list are excellent for three-monitor layouts, not all of them work for an ergonomic computer desk setup. What are ergonomic desks? Products made to help you work in the ideal position for your body. Here are five excellent options available on the Autonomous website:

1. EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 Computer Desk: Left Side, Pink

I know it’s not the style I would pick for my office, but the EUREKA ERGONOMIC L60 Left Side Pink is the best option for the girls. This is one of the cutest desks I’ve seen online, and I’m sure it would make any kind of workspace look cuter and more appealing for everyone.

This desk comes with a cable management box and tray, so you won’t have any problem keeping your cables organized. Apart from that, it has a large mouse pad that fits with the color of the tabletop.

2. EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60-inch L-Shaped Glass Gaming Desk: Music Sync RGB

If you want to make your office look more modern with RGB lights, you should get the EUREKA ERGONOMIC L-shaped Glass Gaming Desk. The flagship feature of this product is that it comes with RGB hardware and a Bluetooth app control to manage the color of the lights. The app also helps you set up pattern selection, music-syncing, and audio reactivity.

This EUREKA release also comes with a fair trade of accessories. You will get a dual headset hook, cupholder, power strip holder, and cable ties with the desk. Apart from all that, this computer desk for 3 monitors supports up to 330lbs.

3. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk with Hutch: Keyboard Tray

I got the opportunity to try many EUREKA ERGONOMIC products for this review, and all of them were excellent. As for the Gaming Desk with Hutch, I’d say it gives you most of the features you get with the others I’ve mentioned on the list but with an additional focus on other accessories.

If you are looking for the best standing desk with a keyboard tray, this may not be your must-buy option since it doesn’t have height adjustability features. However, it offers a lot of gadgets that make it worth the purchase.

While being comfortable enough for your back health, this product comes with a hutch and a keyboard tray. Thanks to that, you don’t have to use desktop space for a keyword and can save it for the three monitors.

4. EUREKA ERGONOMIC 60-inch W L-shaped carbon fiber texture Top Desk

The last EUREKA ERGONOMIC product I will review on this list is the L-shaped Carbon Fiber Texture Top Desk. Well, its name says a lot about what this desk offers, and that texture gives you a smoother experience while playing a video game or working.

As for the accessories you get when you order this product, you get a cable management box, a tray, and a large mousepad. This product is really sturdy, and I used it to lift up to 180kg, so it should support all your office equipment.

5. Techni Mobili Warrior L-Shaped Desk

Getting to the end of the list, let’s see what the Techni Mobili Warrior L-Shaped Gaming Desk has for us. I’ll start with the fact that this product is more affordable than many other products that offer similar features. You get enough space for three monitors, an integrated headphone holder, and removable monitor shelves with this product.

I personally like this option because it makes my workplace look more sophisticated and professional, which is the aesthetic I look forward to reaching when I design an office. However, it’s not too serious for a gaming setup.


How to fit 3 monitors on a small desk?

To fit three monitors on a small desk, you can use monitor arms or wall mounts to free up desk space. Arranging the monitors vertically or choosing smaller monitors can also help. Consider using a corner desk to better utilize space.

How big of a desk for 3 monitors?

A desk with a width of at least 60 inches and a depth of 30 inches is recommended for comfortably setting up three monitors. This size provides enough space for the monitors and additional peripherals.

What size desk for 3 monitors?

Ideally, a desk should be 60-72 inches wide and 30-36 inches deep to accommodate three monitors comfortably. This allows for sufficient space to position the monitors side-by-side and provides room for other desk items.

How much desk space for 3 monitors?

You'll need at least 60 inches of width and 30 inches of depth to set up three monitors. Using monitor stands or arms can help optimize the available space, allowing for more flexibility in triple monitor setup for laptop arrangement.

How to Choose the Best Desk for 3 Monitors?

Buying a computer desk for 3 monitors is different from buying a desk for a single monitor. The desk you choose should be able to support the combined weight of three monitors, as well as other desk accessories like the keyboard, mouse, and speakers or cameras, if necessary.

Moreover, if you are looking for a desk to support the three gaming monitors, vibration is also an important consideration. The desks should be strong enough to bear the vibrating load. All of this combined is a substantial amount of weight. As a result, make sure the desk is built solidly from the frame to the tabletop.

Look for thick bars and legs, for example. Also, get a desk with adjustable leg pads to keep you stable on uneven surfaces. Avoid desks with many moving parts because, while they are convenient, they lose their strength and stability over time.

How to Choose the Best Desk for 3 Monitors?

Final Thoughts

All the options on this list are excellent, so you can safely try any of them. Autonomous offers excellent products, and the desks I have bought from it are a few of the best I have tried in my life. Go to its website to see more of what this company offers and other multiple monitor setup tips!

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