How to Hide Cords on Your Office Desk? (A-Z Guide)
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How to Hide Cords on Your Office Desk? (A-Z Guide)

|Dec 3, 2021

Are you tired of having a cluttered and messy space? When you dream of your perfect setup, you probably don't consider this aspect, and that's how you end up with dozens of cords everywhere and nowhere to hide them. 

This mess can give any computer owner headaches, especially when you're trying to move or disconnect your devices. How are you supposed to know which is the correct one? We  haven't even mentioned the direct impact on productivity and stress that comes with a disorganized space. 

Prevent yourself from ruining your room's hard-worked visuals with a bunch of dangling wires and bulky power chords that always end up getting tangled up and damaging themselves. Exploit every beautiful aspect of your furniture with this article. We want to teach you how to reduce cable clutter by giving you all kinds of tips and tricks that have worked for us and our clients. Let’s learn how to hide cords on desk with us!

How To Hide Cords on Desks - Tips and Smart Products

Permanent Vs. Flexible

In this guide, you are going to find several options that may or may not suit you for desk hide wires, but the only way you're going to be able to determine that is by identifying your workspace. 

You might want an extremely clean look with zero cords at sight. This option is only possible if you have a permanent setup that you aren't going to dismantle anytime soon. That way, you can create intricate arrangements for storing the cables that can last you years on end. 

The second option is a less tidy but more flexible one, ideal for spaces where you have to move constantly, and it would be a headache having to bring everything down all the time. In these cases, you definitely don't want to lock yourself in too tightly. 

First Step

Before buying anything or starting to look into all the different possibilities for cable management ideas, the first step is setting up all of your devices. That is the way you can determine what needs to be fixed and tucked away. 

You can also begin to create a blueprint of where you need to put each element to get the best out of every one of them. Once you're there, you can begin to examine the rest of this list. 

Extra tip: the devices you should plug in last are those that you think are going to be changed in the near future. This way, you make them easier to remove and replace. 

Autonomous Cable Tray

Autonomous Cable Tray how to hide cords on desk

This under desk cable tray is our number one recommendation for cord organization in your office. It has become essential for keeping things tidy, and it's compatible with all Autonomous' smart desks. 

We've made sure to keep things as easy as possible for you to hide computer cords. Hence, this cable tray is extremely easy to set up without drilling and beneficial for organizing computer cords. It holds up to 35lbs, it’s made of solid and rust-free steel, and it’s spacious enough to fit a power strip and multiple cables.

Get it now with one year of warranty and keep all your unwanted wires and devices off your floor, desk, and sight. It also features a heat dissipator to prevent any accidents that might happen. 

Find the Right Power Strip

Here is another tip for you to know how to hide cords on desks. Your power strip is going to become your best friend in cable management terms, so you better find one that not only has enough outlets to plug in all of your devices but also has enough space between them. This way, you can easily insert the cables and not waste any of them. 

Tape it Down

Tape it Down

We also know that you might not have a cable tray laying around at all times. Therefore, we bring you a couple of other options that are more DIY-friendly. This one consists of finding masking tape; most places even sell it in different colors to better suit your home office furniture

If you want a more professional look, you can get out your drill and build supporting clips that keep your cables safe and stuck to your walls. This way, you avoid replacing your tape when it wears out, but it does cause a bit more hassle when moving your furniture. 

Cable Concealers

Cable Concealers

Cable concealers are an upgrade to the version above; these are simple plastic pieces you can find in any store, into which you can place your cables and give a much more organized look while preventing any accidents from happening. 

Wires that are just laying around can become safety hazards if you have pets or small children; they might try to pull or bite them, which can result in electrocution. 

You can also cut these up and stick them to the bottom of your standing desk to hide any dangling cords that might be left from the cable tray. 

Hidden Drawer

One easy hack for desktops is to store all your cables in one drawer, the so-called "cable drawer," you can put a power strip and connect all of your devices to it, maybe even drill some holes in the back for a neater exit. Afterward, you just have to close it and enjoy your clutter-free office. 

Keep in mind that once you've arranged this hidden drawer for your desk hide wires, it might become difficult for you to disassemble it. If you really need to, remember to do it carefully to avoid tangling and ruining your cables. 


Most devices come with really long cables in case the plug is placed way too far away from its position. If you don't need all this extra wire, you can just roll it up and zip-tie it to the back of the device. This is a very efficient way of handling your cords and organizing computer cords, especially since you can cut and dispose of them a lot easier than the ones we discussed before. 

There's also a plastic-free option that we can use to act greener, which is Velcro ties. They are reusable; therefore, you can store a bunch of them and take them out whenever you need them. 

Hard Drive Backpack

Hard Drive Backpack

Hard Drive Backpacks are these small metal trays that you can attach to the back of your monitor. They work perfectly for supporting your external hard drives, keeping them out of sight and out of mind. 

These office devices are useful for those people who work with several hard drives every day and keeping them around might clutter your desk and give off a messy look. Don't worry anymore about that with this simple trick of desk hide wires. 

Switch Up Your Cables

This is a useful tip to get to know how to hide cords on desks. Your electronics usually come with default-colored cables that you have to work around to make them look as pleasing as you can. Regardless, sometimes an entirely white wire in a black room can look somewhat off-putting. 

In order to fix this, you can simply buy a different colored cable. Black ones are a personal favorite since they can fit almost every room's aesthetic and are easy to hide with some shadows. 

Another option for cable management ideas is decorating them, wrapping around bright-colored fabrics that stand out and give your room a different touch. Who knew that cables could even be a part of decoration? You can get them unicolored, braided, or with all kinds of office accessories to doll up your plain white cords. 

IDEA Wood Company Wooden Cord and Cable Organizer

IDEA Wood Company Wooden Cord and Cable Organizer

In terms of organization, this cable organizer is perfectly suitable for small wires like phone chargers, USB wires, and headphones. It's completely handmade, which gives it that beautiful rustic look. 

You don't have to look for your cables everywhere anymore since this wooden organizer keeps them all together and prevents them from going missing. Simply attach them to your desk and watch the magic work.

BRIGHTTIA Gold Cable Organizer Clips

How to hide cables under desks is no longer difficult with this item. These fashionable small buttons that work similarly to the previously described organizer. They make sure to keep your desired cables on the table, ideal for chargers and these kinds of cords that you need to be constantly plugging in and out and don't want to misplace. 

They stick on any surface you want them to, whether that is furniture, walls, or even roofs. Additionally, these clips can keep your cables clean and organized at all times. 

Bluelounge Cable Box

This flame-retardant plastic box is offered in two different colors, and it keeps all excess cords and power strips neat and help you hide computer cords efficiently. However, it isn't only good for cables; you can fit power strips, adaptors, routers, desktop speakers, or even a telephone inside. 

It's a minimalist solution that includes 10 cable ties to fasten your bundling, as well as rubber feet to protect the plastic that it's made of. 

Alex Tech 10-Foot Cord Protector

Alex Tech 10-Foot Cord Protector

Protect your wires by bundling them up in this 10-foot protector, which wraps itself firmly around several cables. It does not only make your room less messy and prevent your cords from tangling, but it's also a helpful protection against cats and other animals that might bite your electronics. 

Use it by simply fitting your cables into the sleeve, then cut off the excess, sear the edges with a lighter, and quickly open them to prevent them from sticking together. 

StarTech Server Rack Cable Management Finger Duct

In order to use this cable management finger duct, you need to mount it by screwing it to the bottom of your desk. It's a bit of hard work, but it's necessary if you are dealing with more heavy wiring on your standing table. 

Constructed with PVC plastic material, it is built to last you for years without warping. It also offers you parallel openings at each side to make your cable personalization easier. 

If its color doesn't convince you, you can always hand-paint it. This process may not take you more than an hour. Then, you are going to be completely ready for the setup. In personalizing matters, you can also cut it to your desired length in case your desk is too short for it. 

Double-Sided Sticky Tape

It’s as simple as finding a double-sided sticky tape that's strong enough to hold your devices, such as a power regulator, and sticking it to the bottom of your desk. This is a classical trick for gaming desk cable management since it's easy and cheap. Just make sure to hold it together for about 30 seconds. That way, you give time for the adhesive to create a strong bond with the surface it is attached to. 

Nevertheless, the stickiness might wear off after some time, so we encourage you to switch to a more durable option as soon as you get the chance. 

OHill Cable Clips

OHill Cable Clips

These beautifully simple black clips come in packs of 16. The best part of them is their multifunctionality; you can use them for holding cables, pens, and basically anything that fits in them. It really helps for your standing desk cable management.

They are very easy to use, you only need to peel off the back of the tape and stick them to the surface you want. Make sure it's clean and ready to avoid losing stickiness.

Hiding Keyboard and Mouse Cables

Hiding these kinds of cables is only possible by making a hole in the middle of the table which can be covered by an extended mouse pad. Mark the place where you want to drill the hole in, cover it with tape to avoid chipping, and drill away with a hole saw. 

Use a saw that's big enough to let the USB connectors slide through. Then, all that’s left is joining both cables with Velcro ties and taping them to the top of the table if it's necessary. 

Cut the Cords

Cut the Cords

This is one of the  popular cable management ideas for you. Not quite literally, but to avoid having unnecessary wiring around, you should consider using wireless devices for your home office setup. These give off much cleaner and minimalistic looks than their cord-using counterparts. Just make sure they're compatible with all of your current gadgets, and you're good to go! 

Bottom Line

Now, you already know how to hide cords on desks. After going through all of this, you may end up with pretty decent cable management, and your room should look as neat as you always wanted to. 

Use this knowledge to add any widgets you would like, whether that's a sound system, a new monitor, some lights, or anything that crosses your mind. The possibilities are limitless. 

Don't forget to check out our catalog and keep an eye on our newest products.

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