Functionality Over Frills: Practical Benefits of a Simple Office Desk
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Functionality Over Frills: Practical Benefits of a Simple Office Desk

|Apr 1, 2024

Your office design and setup is a personal thing. Whether it is a home office, a private executive office, or a shared working space - picking the right desk style matters. While some people prefer the ornate and overstated, most opt for simple desk designs instead.

Choosing a simple desk for home office setups or professional workplaces is the far more popular option for modern workers - but what makes these styles the better choices?

We have put together the following guide to simple office desks. It covers the core advantages of choosing a simpler style, some of the variations in modern designs, and a few of the best simple office desks available to buy in 2024.

This review is for anyone considering a simple desk for their office who needs more information to help them make the right choice.

What Is the Concept of a Simple Office Desk?

In essence, a simple desk is one that has a top and either two or four legs. They have no frills - just efficient functionality and reliability. Of course, there are a few extra features nowadays that can add immense practical value - but that doesn’t change the basic formula for what a great simple office desk looks like.

Not every simple desk is a minimalist desk. Minimalist desks use clean lines and subtle features, and usually favor white or light natural wood tones. You can have a simple desk in a bolder color or with a few extra features.

What Is the Concept of a Simple Office Desk?

Why Are Simple Desks More Common in the Modern Workplace?

Simple desks are significantly more popular in modern workplaces. It is important to note that manufacturers are making more functional and feature-packed desks than ever before - but they are making them in simple, minimalistic packages rather than complicated designs.

They work better in commercial offices because they look more uniform and professional - and they tend to be less expensive. Modern home office design trends also favor simplicity and minimalism.

Choosing a simple standing desk for home office setups is growing increasingly popular. Why? The simple shape and design offer versatile aesthetics, and the adjustable height settings provide flexibility in how people can work.

Having the option to switch from sitting to standing increases productivity, is better for posture, and helps people stay active during long periods of working. It is the perfect upgrade from the usual simple desks of yesterday.

Why Are Simple Desks More Common in the Modern Workplace?

What Are the Benefits of Simple Office Desk Ideas Instead of Complex or Ornate Designs?

If you are unsure whether or not a simple office desk is the better choice for you, consider the following advantages of choosing a less complicated design.

Plenty of Desk Surface Space

Don’t sacrifice valuable desk surface area for the sake of style. It can be tempting, but you need to think about how much space you need on the desk to hold your equipment and leave plenty of room to work comfortably.

Desk Ergonomics

Desk designers focused on making them look ornate and complicated are usually less concerned with desk ergonomics. That is fine if the desk is to be a statement piece, but less so for someone spending long hours working.

Many simple desks make ergonomics the priority - especially if you choose an adjustable-height desk. Picking a low-cost simple desk also leaves more money in the budget for a high-quality ergonomic desk chair. Better for the budget - and better for the body.

Versatility and Adaptability

If you have a very specific design idea in mind, you may get away with picking an ornate desk. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to change your mind later - or it means you need to buy a different desk if you change location.

Sticking to a simple desk means you can go with any style you want. Simple designs work with almost any aesthetic, and you can dress them up or down however you please.

Benefits of Simple Office Desk Ideas

Easier to Maintain and Clean

Keeping an intricate, complicated desk clean is not easy. The struggles are even more prominent if something gets damaged. It is much harder to repair damage on a complicated desk - and it is likely to cost a lot more.

Better Space-Saving Solutions

Ornate, complex desks are usually large - and they don’t always have any storage included. It is easier to make better use of your space with a simple desk design. You can find storage solutions that work with the desk, and it will feel less bulky overall in a small space.

More Cost Effective

You can find many great office desks for sale at an affordable price online and in stores. Budget is a key deciding factor when picking an office desk, and you can get more quality and function for your money if you forgo fancy designs.

Sleek, Professional Vibe

Simplicity is classy. It is more professional to keep things looking clean and uncomplicated - and that certainly includes the style of your office furniture. If you are concerned about creating a sleek, chic, and business-appropriate environment, it is best to stick with a simple office desk.

Sleek, Professional Vibe

Our Picks for the Best Simple Office Desks in 2024

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

Simple doesn’t always mean small. You can have a simple L desk that gives you ample working space and versatility without looking ornate or complex. The best example is the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner.

This minimalistic, modern design is perfect in a professional workplace, home office, or gaming zone - available in black or white to match your personality and chosen aesthetic. It took a little bit of time to assemble, but it came together fairly easily. Once it did, we were sold.

The amount of space you get with this desk is brilliant. Even with two monitors, we still had plenty of room for other bits and pieces. It is an adjustable sit/stand desk - meaning you can adjust the height to work standing up for a change. Again, even with two monitors, the desk adjusted smoothly, quietly, and easily.

Key Features

  • Generous L-shaped desk surface
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth, fast, and quiet motor
  • Four programmable height settings with touch button control
  • Cable management tray comes free with the desk
  • Modular design for more versatility

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

If you want a simple home office desk that works with any aesthetic, provides plenty of working space without taking up too much room, and offers flexible working options through height-adjustable features - look no further.

We love the SmartDesk Core for many reasons, but the top benefit has to be how versatile and practical it is without being overly complicated. It comes in white or black and two different sizes. The two-leg shape is a tried-and-tested winner for standing desks and it is super easy to operate.

Now, the first thing that surprised us about this design was how stable and robust it was - especially considering how low the price is for an adjustable desk of this caliber. It has an excellent height range, smooth and quiet motors, and a sleek finish that looks and feels professional.

Additionally, it is very similar to the L-shaped SmartDesk by Autonomous, but in a much smaller, more adaptable shape.

Key Features

  • Four programmable height settings
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Quiet motor operation
  • Discrete control panel beneath the desk
  • Sleek and simple design 
  • Option for built-in cable management

3. West Elm Work Sutton

Our next top pick is the West Elm Work Sutton - another adjustable sit/stand desk that keeps things simple but practical. It is quite similar in many ways to the Autonomous Smart Desk Core - with overall the same shape and several features in common. There is one big difference - the price!

This model is significantly more expensive, so it is better for those with a bigger budget to work with. For the extra money, you get an excellent choice of high-quality materials for the desk surface - and a few cool gadgets to increase the desk’s versatility.

It is one of the smoothest and most convenient adjustable desks we have tried. The mechanisms and control features are excellent, and you can tell a lot of work went into streamlining and finessing the details. Whether or not it is worth around $1,500 more than the Autonomous SmartDesk really depends on the individual.

Key Features

  • Versatile height settings
  • Electric height control
  • Option to integrate a desktop power station
  • Smart cable management
  • Durable and sustainable material choices
  • Touch-operated control

4. Kyo Olmo Executive Office Desk

The Kyo Olmo Executive desk is the perfect example of a minimalist office desk setup that exudes luxury and elegance without the need for ornate design. High-quality materials give it an instant air of importance and professionalism - but the actual design is very simple.

We knew this desk was going to be something special, considering the iconic brand and luxury price tag, but we were still blown away when we actually saw it. It is difficult to beat the undeniable beauty of real wood in an executive desk - and we were pleased to learn that the manufacturer is FCS-certified and takes environmental ethics very seriously.

Anyone who wants to make a stunning but simple statement with their desk - and doesn’t mind paying a premium to make it - should consider this design. 

Key Features 

  • American red elm surface
  • Individually handcrafted 
  • Sturdy two-tone base
  • Generous desk surface space
  • Stunning unique design

5. Embassy Desk

If you are looking for the simplest, sleekest, and most adaptable minimalist desk for sale today, the Embassy Desk is a top contender. There are no bells and whistles on this desk - just one solid piece of glass that provides a fuss-free work zone.

Like other glass desks, the Embassy Desk is extremely versatile in its style and can blend into any surrounding. It was surprising just how well this design worked across all the environments and settings we tried it in. This desk really is a chameleon.

Our primary concern before trying this desk was the hardiness and safety of the glass, but our minds were soon put to rest. The material is thick, strong, and very resistant to chipping. It is one of the safest types of glass used on indoor and outdoor furniture.

Key Features

  • Wide legs for added stability
  • Curved edges for improved safety
  • High-quality outdoor glass

How We Picked and Tested Each Simple Office Desk

We compared a range of designs from several leading providers to find the best option in each category. To decide which desks took our top spots, we looked at user reviews, specs, features, and anything else that helped us determine whether or not they were worth a closer look.

From there, we tested them in various office settings and scored them on comfort, ergonomics, style, practicality, and versatility. Our review aims to save others some time and effort when searching for a great simple desk for their offices.

How We Picked and Tested Each Simple Office Desk

Simple Office Desk Decoration Ideas

  • White desks are great in a minimalistic setting but can lack a little character on their own. Adding some greenery or colored desk accessories (wood tones look great with white) can make it feel like a warmer, more inviting space without distracting from the minimalist style. 
  • A black office desk is already a bold statement. The best way to add some style in a simple but effective way is with metal or wooden accessories.
  • Keep your desk organized and as clear as possible. Smart desk organizers and under-desk storage can help avoid mess or clutter. 
  • Consider a monitor arm or stand to make better use of the desk surface.
  • You can get a desk that hides monitor equipment, which is great if you want to have a completely clean aesthetic.

Simple Office Desk Decoration Ideas

Final Thoughts

A simple desk is practical and functional - and you can still inject some of your personality into the workspace. It makes sense to prioritize space, budget, and practicality over ornate style in a professional working environment, but that doesn’t mean your desk needs to look boring.

Balance style and substance for a productive, efficient, and comfortable workstation that you enjoy using.

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