Redefining Front Desks for Offices: Standing Tall in Receptionist Roles
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Redefining Front Desks for Offices: Standing Tall in Receptionist Roles

|Dec 18, 2023

Receptionists often handle many tasks, such as taking phone calls, making notes, and updating documentation. Though it’s considered a “sit down” job, many people in this profession want to be healthier, and standing while working can provide many benefits. 

Wake Forest University has stated that there are times when standing or sitting is better. Research indicates that sitting for too long can be just as bad as smoking cigarettes or consuming too much junk. 

Redefining the front desk for office settings is the first step. In fact, purchasing a stand-up desk can be highly beneficial. Let’s learn more. 

How Standing Desks Suit the Role of a Receptionist?

Most people think of receptionists as friendly people who help them do things. They might point them in the right direction for a big firm or simply offer a beverage while waiting. 

Typically, the idea is for them to sit behind office front desks, but this notion is quickly changing. More and more receptionists want to move around and feel healthier, and a white standing desk can help them achieve their goals. 

Overall, the reception area should incorporate these things: 

  • Stylish and comfortable furnishings
  • A well-planned layout
  • A positive atmosphere
  • The company’s branding
  • Durability
  • A functional space

How Standing Desks Suit the Role of a Receptionist?

Though most people focus on the front office desk design, they should be considering functionality above all else. Receptionists spend a lot of time in this area, so it must be comfortable and help them work more proficiently. Putting up a corner standing desk ensures that they have plenty of room for equipment and can stand when necessary. 

Since receptionists do so many things during the day, a standing desk can be highly beneficial. In fact, it suits the role. For example, they can stand when they’re on the phone to offset the damage of sitting. 

Here are a few other times a receptionist might stand: 

  • Typing memos, information, etc.
  • Speaking to customers/clients
  • Setting up appointments for the boss 

Any of the things listed above (and many others) can be done while standing!

Benefits of Using Standing Desks in Reception Areas

There are many benefits of using a smart desk (standing desk) in the reception area of the office. They include: 

  • Improve Health – Receptionists can develop many health problems if they sit at a desk all day. They might deal with muscular problems and high blood pressure. Research indicates that those who mix up sitting and standing can avoid these issues. Plus, this can improve productivity and lower absenteeism.
  • Balances Power – When you use trendy front desk ideas for office settings, you can create a balance of power. Receptionists who sit at a desk often find themselves much lower than the clients who are standing. This is considered normal. However, they are the organization’s gatekeepers, so they should be asserting their authority. When they can stand, their function is performed better because they can analyze the customer’s body language.
  • Improve Service and Well-Being – Standing desks can improve worker’s moods. They often feel happier and more energized because they can work the way they want.

Benefits of Using Standing Desks in Reception Areas

How to Choose Suitable Standing Desks for the Receptionist Role?

Companies have many things to consider, and one of them is the front desk design for the office. They are now turning to stand-up desks for the best results. 

However, if you do reception work remotely, you may also want to invest in a home standing desk. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right desk for your role as a receptionist: 


The reception desk is the focal point in the office. It will give your customers and clients their first impression of the brand. Therefore, it should be attractive and represent the company’s logo. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Material – Wood, fabric, laminate, and metal are all popular choices for reception desks. Typically, wood and laminate are more traditional, but metal can be more modern.
  • Design Details – While the size, shape, and materials should be considered, there are other design details to focus on. For example, you might want something ornate or have a desk with smooth surfaces and clean lines for a minimalist desk.
  • Shape and Size – The size and shape of the reception desk will influence how it looks. Oversized options can be imposing, but a small one might underwhelm guests. Typically, desks are rectangular, but you can find more unique options, as well, such as an L-shaped desk.

How to Choose Suitable Standing Desks for the Receptionist Role?


It’s important for the reception desk to be functional for clients and staff members. Likewise, businesses can use them differently, so it’s best to focus on what the reception desk should offer people. Here are some things to consider: 

  • Storage – Choosing a standing desk with drawers is often ideal because receptionists can store their office supplies, files, and personal items out of sight. Likewise, this offers easy access to some of the more important things people often need.
  • Ergonomics – The desk should be comfortable since the receptionist will be using it all day. Consider how people move around it to ensure that it’s the right shape and fits the layout well.
  • Surface Area – There should be plenty of space for receptionists to set up their computers, fax/printers, keyboards, and everything else. Likewise, you’ll need an area where clients can write checks or set down items.


Reviews of the Top Standing Desks for Receptionists 

Before you can think of buying the best desk shelf or other accessories, you need to know which standing desks are ideal. We’ve tested many options and feel these are the perfect choices: 

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) 

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) from Autonomous is an excellent choice for receptionists and all office staff. In fact, you can create an effective and beautiful front office desk design because the frame comes in two colors, and the desktop offers six colors. 

Overall, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) sets the standard for standing up. It instills a passion for fitness and works well in different workspaces to create dynamic work styles. If you have many receptionists who use the same desk, they can adjust it to meet their needs. 


Here are a few features of the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) you can’t miss: 

  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Generous height range (29.3 to 48.5 inches)
  • Anti-collision technology
  • 5-year warranty for the frame
  • 1-year warranty for the desktop
  • Easy to assemble
Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon1650 reviews

Easy to set up and useAppears smaller in person than in the photos
Helps staff stay productive and focused while they workMight show scuffs or chips as the years go on
Allows people to stand and work when they wantMight not feel incredibly sturdy
Could reduce back pain
Can be preset to different heights

2. Autonomous Desk Levitate 

If you want to impress clients, imagine raising and lowering your desk with just your hand! It’s possible with the Autonomous Desk Levitate from Autonomous! 

This front desk for office receptionists features a powerful motor. The design is smooth-edged, and it puts the ergonomic standing desk in its own class. In fact, it offers double the power and stability of the other Autonomous products. 

Everyone wants smart products, but simplicity is also crucial. Overall, the Autonomous Desk Levitate brings it back to the basics. It features a hidden non-touch lift control, allowing you to simply put your hand in the right spot to raise the desk to the appropriate height.


The features of the Autonomous Desk Levitate are as follows: 

  • Quiet operation
  • Integrated sensor control
  • 15-year warranty for the frame
  • Quick control keypad
  • Ability to lift 250 pounds
  • Height range of 26.3 to 44.1 inches
  • Four-motor frame
  • Clean, simple look
  • Fewer wires
  • Eco-friendly materials used
Autonomous Desk Levitate

Autonomous Desk Levitate

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon5 reviews

Minimalist appearanceCan be difficult to set up the levitation feature
Durable and strong motorMore expensive than other Autonomous desks
Two desktop optionsOnly one color to choose from
Easy to assemble

3. Renew Desk with Embedded Power

Office front desks are crucial to both clients and staff members. If you’re considering a standing desk, you may want to focus on the Renew Desk with Embedded Power from Herman Miller. 

The company understands that sitting and standing throughout the day is more beneficial. Therefore, the Renew standing desk is great. It’s designed for beauty and practicality, and it delivers the one-touch lift you crave. Plus, it features concealed screw heads and various sizes and finishes. 

Whatever desk decorations for work you choose will look amazing on this desk! 


  • Angled corners to protect legs and knees
  • Embedded power station with two USB ports and four AC outlets
  • Integrated cord management
  • Various styles available
  • Motorized lift
Renew Desk with Embedded Power

Renew Desk with Embedded Power

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon1 reviews

Simple styleExpensive compared to other brands
Comes in two stylesMight be wobbly while moving up and down
Features two sizes and finishes

4. Flexispot Comhar Standing Desk

When thinking of your front desk design for office staff, it might be wise to consider the Comhar standing desk from Flexispot. It’s compact enough to sit almost anywhere, and it can easily be adjusted for multiple people to use. 

Likewise, the Comhar desk has built-in drawers, which will help receptionists organize their things. It’s also easy to put everything out of sight until it’s necessary.


  • Three desktop materials (bamboo, chipboard, and glass)
  • Single motor for lightweight use
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Height range of 28.3 to 47.6 inches
  • Holds 110 pounds
Flexispot Comhar Standing Desk

Flexispot Comhar Standing Desk

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon761 reviews

Easy to assembleHeavy pieces, so it might be hard to set up alone
Very versatileFairly low load capacity compared to other desks
Solid and well-put-togetherNo cable management tray included

5. Steelcase Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk

The Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk from Steelcase is another great choice. If you’re focused on a minimalist front office desk design, this is perfect. 

It’s designed to help workers in small or home offices, and it features only the essentials. Instead of having multiple components, you can get the performance you need with a powerful motor and so much more. 


  • Height adjustable from 22.6 to 48.7 inches
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable work surface
  • Easy to use
  • 12-year warranty on electric, work surface, and mechanical components
  • Four desk sizes
  • Two base finishes
  • Seven desktop colors
Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk

Solo Sit-to-Stand Desk

star-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-iconstar-icon162 reviews

Easy to assembleOn the smaller side; there are multiple sizes
Sturdy constructionNo one-touch presets
LightweightLouder motor than some of the others

How We Picked and Tested?

After years of testing and using standing desks and getting feedback from others, we focused the criteria for this list on these features: 

  • Height Ranges – Standing desks often come with two frame options to accommodate various people. We chose desks based on those that were good for the average woman and man.
  • Electronic Controls – Reliable and convenient standing desks have electric motors to raise and lower them with one touch of a button. Typically, we won’t recommend a manually adjustable option because there could be load-bearing problems. Plus, it takes some of the joy out of standing instead of sitting.
  • Customization – Standing desks should be customizable to let you decide how they will look. We checked out companies that offered separate frames and other features.
  • Long-term Reliability – Usually, height-programmable and adjustable desks cost a lot of money. Therefore, they should be functional and stable for many years. We checked the warranties to ensure they were sufficient.
  • Smooth Assembly and Purchase Experience – Buyers want a seamless buying experience, so we looked at how long shipping times usually took and what the cost might be. Likewise, they want to get it set up quickly, and the options here took a few hours to do. Autonomous offers assembly services in California, so that’s a plus if you’re in that area!
  • Accessories – Though you would have to buy them separately, we looked at companies that offered many add-ons and accessories, such as cable trays, wrist rests, monitor stands, and more.

How We Picked and Tested?


Are you thinking of exciting front desk ideas for the office? It’s great that you’re focused on improving the lives of your customers and staff. 

You’ve probably considered putting in a new front desk for office reception personnel. Today, you learned about the benefits of standing desks, why they’re crucial for receptionists, and which five products are ideal. Now, it’s time to choose one and have it delivered!

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