How Can You Select the Best Size Monitor for Gaming?
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How Can You Select the Best Size Monitor for Gaming?

|Sep 29, 2022

Gamers often think of the size of their gaming monitor when they plan their gaming setup. There are multiple monitor sizes available in the market, and this is indeed a challenging choice. People often relate the monitor size selection to the type of gaming they plan to use it for. However, it is upto the user's discretion as to which option they think of as the right size monitor for gaming.

The question here is how you will know the best size monitor for gaming for your sessions. Gamers even think of what will be the best resolution for gaming and things like the optimal size of a gaming monitor.

Determining the pro gaming monitor size can be a tough task when there are multiple other aspects like high FPS, Real-Time Action, Immersive nature, adventure, and role-playing to consider.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about all that because we are here to explain everything from scratch. From the functionalities of monitor size to how the monitor size is measured and what the ideal monitor size of a gaming monitor is, you will find everything in this article. So, stick with us as we explore deeper! 

How Is Monitor Size Measured?

How Is Monitor Size Measured?

The size of your monitor screen is measured diagonally. You can measure your monitor screen by placing the measuring scale’s one end at one corner and the other at the diagonally opposite end. For convenience, this measurement is taken in inches.

You might hear that a particular monitor screen is 27-inch wide or 32-inch wide. So, next time, you will know that this is the diagonal length of the screen that tells how wide a screen is. The body of the monitor is slightly bigger than the screen size, so you should not let that get you confused. Now that you have the idea of how monitor sizes are measured let's explore the pro gaming monitor size. 

Best Monitor Size for Gaming?

We have shared the details of multiple monitor sizes below that we think can be suitable for a better gaming experience. Making your choice for the best monitor for gaming will become much easier because we have shared every aspect that adds value to these monitor sizes to give you a holistic view. 

1. 24 – 25 Inch Gaming Monitor

24 – 25 Inch Gaming Monitor

If you play a game where split seconds can make a difference, you should go for a 24 – 25 inch gaming monitor that has a high FPS rate. Games like Call of Duty, Valorant, and Overwatch will be no less than a perk when played on these monitors. The monitor size is quite decent overall because you get a full view of your game.

Ideally, you should go for 1920 x 1080p monitors in this size range to get the best resolution results. There are 1440p options available in this size range too, but we will recommend you avoid them if you want to improve readability.

The good thing about this size is that it is considered a pro gaming monitor size as most professional gamers use it because of its light weightiness. So, if you are planning to go for a gaming championship where you have to carry your own computer, you can think of taking these lightweight 24-25 inch monitors. Nevertheless, you cannot expect an immersive gaming experience using these monitors. 

2. 27 – Inch Gaming Monitor

gaming monitor of 27-inches is among the most popular monitor sizes in the gaming world. If there got to be an all-rounder in the monitor world, it would be the 27-inch PC gaming monitor. These monitors come with a remarkably large FPS in competitive settings and offer you a better gaming experience than the 24-inch ones.

Although you usually get a 1080p resolution in these monitors, there are certain 27-inch models that are available with 4K resolutions too. Since 4K resolution might make text appear too small, the ideal options are the ones that come with quad HD. Overall, you get an increased screen real estate in a moderate price range here, but you have to maintain some distance more than what you had to with a 24-inch monitor. 

3. 28 – 32 Inch Gaming Monitor

curved gaming monitor with a 32-inch screen is ideal for 1440 and 4K resolutions. These monitors can offer you an immersive gaming experience, and their refresh rates are generally around 144 – 240Hz. These large monitors are ideal for story-type single-player games as they have crispy graphics, which are required for such adventure games.

If you go for the 28-inch ones, you will have to scale the texts because the text might become very small with those monitors. You may even have an increased neck strain, but that won't be much of an issue if you have a curved screen. 

4. Gaming Monitors with Screens Wider than 32 Inches

Gaming Monitors with Screens Wider than 32 – Inches

People who like big screens will love playing on a 32-inch size monitor for gaming. Nevertheless, we do not recommend them for shooting games because users often develop neck strain while using these monitors.

Still, if you are going for one of them, you should ensure that the model has at least 2K resolution to have an ideal gaming experience. Even though these monitors have a wide refresh rate range, we will not recommend them for high FPS gaming. 

5. UltraWide Gaming Monitors

UltraWide Gaming Monitors

The gaming monitors with ultrawide screens offer you a 21:9 aspect ratio. There are certain super-super ultrawide screens, too, that offer a 48:9 aspect. The great thing about these monitors is that they are available in 8K resolutions too.

Their size and resolution allow them to provide you with an immersive gaming experience. So, it is better to play games that have more graphics using these monitors. The best games to play with this big buddy can be Red Dead Redemption, Witcher, Forza, and some racing games. 

Final Verdict

In the end, it is up to you to select the right size monitor for gaming because you know your preferences better. We have explained which sizes are better for which type of gaming, so selecting your ideal monitor will now become an easy-peasy task.

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