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Top 10 Hurricane-Proof Modular Homes to Order Right Now
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Top 10 Hurricane-Proof Modular Homes to Order Right Now

|May 13, 2023

Living in hurricane-prone areas like those in Florida or Texas can be nerve-wracking. People often become homeless if their homes are not hurricane-proof. However, those who know the proper precautions come out of this weather condition with ease. Therefore, several people rely on hurricane-proof modular homes these days.

The hurricane-proof manufactured homes are designed to withstand strong winds and rain, ensuring that you and your family stay safe during a hurricane. But the question that arises here is which modular home additions or prefab homes are ideal for a hurricane-prone state.

Finding hurricane-proof manufactured homes is challenging; that's why we have scoured the web and reviewed the best prefab hurricane-proof homes in Florida and other hurricane-prone states in this blog. 

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How Much Does a Hurricane-Proof House Cost?

Understanding how much hurricane-proof homes cost in general is critical when you are planning to get one. A hurricane-proof house cost can be anywhere between $180,000 to $360,000.

However, several prefab homeowners have reported that a hurricane-proof home costs them around $270,000. These costs are only for prefab homes. The costs for stick-built homes are different because they feature concrete and steel.

Usually, hurricane-proof prefab homes in Florida prices get affected by the size of the home, floor plan, number of stories, the requirement of land preparation, foundation type, labor requirement, and the brand that you plan to choose.

Among all these aspects, the brand that you are going for defines the quality that you may expect. That’s why we have discussed the modular homes from different prefab home manufacturing companies below. 

How Much Does a Hurricane-Proof House Cost?

10 Hurricane-Proof Modular Homes That You Should Buy

Here are our reviews on the modular log cabins that you should buy if you live in a hurricane-prone area. 

1. Modular Homes by Deltec Homes

Deltec Homes is a reliable brand that designs some of the best hurricane-proof homes. Since the company specializes in constructing homes with cone-shaped roofs, their houses can withstand strong winds and hurricanes. You can find several prefab homes by Deltec Homes, which can cost you around $250 - $500 per sq. ft. 


  • Shape: cone-shaped roof and round walls
  • Design: Self-supporting roof systems with net-zero efficient energy supply from solar panels
  • Size: 700 sq. ft – 5,756 sq. ft
  • Price: $250 - $500 per sq. ft
  • Warranty: 10-year structural warranty 

Hurricane-proof modular homes by Deltec Homes

2. Modular Homes by AiDomes

AiDomes has been in the business of making hurricane-proof modular homes for over 40 years. Their modular homes are geodesic dome homes with a concrete exterior surface that helps them withstand harsh weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires. 


  • Shape: geodesic dome
  • Design: energy-efficient requiring lesser maintenance
  • Size: Dome homes with 27, 30, 34, 40, 45, and 48-feet diameter (550 sq. ft  - 2,649 sq. ft)
  • Price: around $23,000 - $50,000 base price
  • Insulation: expanded polystyrene insulation which can be 7 – 9 inches thick. 

3. Modular Homes by Ocala Custom Homes

Ocala is one of the most hurricane-prone areas in Florida. Therefore, Ocala Custom Homes manufacture hurricane-proof modular homes in Florida with the highest-grade resistance. Their modular homes can withstand grade-5 hurricanes and up to 200 mph wind. 


  • Customization: customizable floor plans and finishes
  • Design: Hurricane-resistant design and impact-resistant glass
  • Size: 1,001 sq. ft – 2,085 sq. ft
  • Price: depends on the design, but the base price can be around $80 to $160 per sq. ft
  • Building Code: design meets local building codes and regulations. 

Hurricane-proof modular homes by Ocala Custom Homes

4. Prefab Houses by BAUHU

BAUHU is a hurricane-resistant prefabricated home construction company. The good thing about them is that they are a boutique provider of prefab homes, which means you can fully customize your hurricane-proof modular homes. The company ensures that the overall structure and house components are watertight and airtight. 


  • Customization: Fully customizable plans are available 
  • Design: Airtight and watertight with impact-resistant glass on exterior doors and windows
  • Size: 128 sq. ft – 5,543 sq. ft
  • Price: $390 - $550 per sq. ft depending on location and land size
  • Insulation: Market-leading external wall insulation, which reduces energy costs. 

5. Prefab Homes by AbleNook

AbleNook is a modular home construction company that specializes in constructing bespoke prefab homes. You can try it if you plan to build a backyard shed house. The company designs prefab house kits that you can assemble while taking inspiration from different modular homes in California. Since AbleNook uses structural insulated panels, their prefab homes can withstand hurricanes. Some of their general specifications and pros/cons are as follows: 


  • Price: Prices start at $85,000
  • Size: Size ranges from 216 sq. ft to 1,472 sq. ft
  • Insulation: Roofs, walls, and floors have structural insulated panels.
  • Electricity: Integrated electrical supply is present.
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

Prefab Homes by AbleNook

6. MicroHomes by EcoSteel

If you are looking for all-steel modular homes, try the MicroHomes by EcoSteel. These houses are hurricane-proof manufactured homes that look like modular ADU. They have an all-steel outer shell and a raised floor, which makes them withstand heavy storms and up to 140mph winds during a hurricane. Overall, these sheds are different from common modular shed options and are FEMA Flood and hurricane-rated steel homes. 


  • Size: minimum 500 sq. ft while max. 1020 sq. ft living space
  • Price: $160,000 starting price for the primary one bedroom + bathroom ADU
  • Insulation: premium insulated wall and floor panels
  • Assembling Time: 10 – 14 days
  • Warranty: 20-year paint warranty 

7. Prefab Homes by Bamboo Living

Bamboo Living is a prefab houses construction company that designs hurricane-proof modular homes. The good thing is that their smallest single-room prefab home is available at quite an affordable price of $11,350 but the price increases with size. 


  • Price: $11,350  - $336,550
  • Size: 100 sq. ft interior and 40 sq. ft porch – 2,766 sq. ft interior and 1,163 sq. ft porch
  • Material: Grade-A timber bamboo
  • Warranty: 20-year structural warranty
  • Floor plans: Studios, Gazebos, Resorts, Condos, Commercial, and 1 – 5-bedroom plans 

Prefab Homes by Bamboo Living

8. Topsider Homes

Topsider is one of the best prefab home builders, which builds hurricane-proof prefab houses. The company offers custom-designed homes, each with a unique design, and their houses have high resistance against earthquakes and heavy snow loads as well. 


  • Price: $175 to $300 per sq. ft
  • Size: around 475 sq. ft to 9,000 sq. ft
  • Design: Contemporary, elevated & raised, luxury timber frames, octagon homes
  • Materials: laminated beams, solid timber, steel collars
  • Building Technology: Post & Beam, Panelized Construction 

9. Florida Modular Homes

Florida Modular homes are a viable option when you are searching for prefab hurricane-proof homes in Florida. The company designs some of the most durable prefab housing solutions in the market. 


  • Size: 1,620 sq. ft – 2,280 sq. ft
  • Flooring: Waterproof laminate flooring
  • Construction: steel rebar reinforcement to solid concrete stem wall foundation
  • Insulation: Superior insulation for floor, walls, and ceilin

10. Prefab Houses by Affinity Building Systems

Lastly, you can try Affinity Building Systems as they construct hurricane-proof prefab homes. The good thing is you have a wide collection of prefab home ideas from this company, so you can pick the one you like the most. 


  • Price: a base price of $148 - $202 per sq. ft
  • Size: 967 sq. ft and more
  • Building plans: One story, two-story, cape collection, Cherokee rose collection, Hurricane Ian Rebuild
  • Insulation: R-30 insulation in the roof and R-19 Fiberglass insulation in the floors and walls
  • HVAC: complete HVAC system included, with an insulated duct system, boots, and registers.

Prefab Houses by Affinity Building Systems

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