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Top 25 Equipment for Working from Home You Must Have

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 4, 2021

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The world is changing very fast with time. The common activities done in an office are shifting. Many people are moving out of traditional offices to work from home. Since working from home is becoming fashionable, your home office should be fully equipped. Do you know what you need for work from home equipment? If you don't know what you need as your home office essentials, read on to find out.

Top 25 Work from Home Equipment You Must Have

1. The Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair as work from home equipment

Here is one of the most important work from home furniture pieces in your office. Setting up a home office requires some of the best office chairs on the market. You need to go for seats that provide comfort and promote blood flow while working. The chosen seat should have adjustable features, ideal for an office chair for back pain

At some point, you may need to change the seat headrest, height, footrest, armrest, and back tilt angle. Buying Autonomous chairs like the ErgoChair Pro, ErgoChair Pro+, and ErgoChair Core helps. You may not experience any posture problems at all when using these chairs. 

 Autonomous ErgoChair Pro EPP

2. Smart Desks

Smart Desks as work from home equipment

Desks form an important part of work from home furniture. In fact, you may face several challenges managing your work when you don't have a desk. It is crucial to buy a smart desk for its several benefits to the user. 

An ideal smart desk is a home office standing desk known to support you when sitting or standing. Smart desks from Autonomous such as Hybrid, Core, Corner, Pro, and Core Duo are good for a home office set up. These desks offer large working spaces and are work organizers. Their adjustable features keep you refreshed for your daily tasks. 

Autonomous SmartDesk Core EPP

3. An Ergonomic Stool

Ergonomic Stool as work from home equipment

There are times that your body may become tired of sitting in normal ergonomic chairs. You may also get bored working on a smart desk sitting and standing. When such a time comes, you may need to diversify your sitting by using an ergonomic stool. This is a must-have work from home equipment in your home office. Make sure you have the Autonomous ErgoStool in your home office for sitting diversification. 

4. LED Lighting

LED Lighting as work from home equipment

Lighting is crucial to a home office setup. Unfortunately, most people often forget this work from home equipment or home office essentials. Study the space you have at home where you want to set up the office. Analyze how the light flows in to know what type of lighting you should have for the day. 

At night, you need a strong lighting system to make your workstation well lit. One of the ideal lights to consider is the LED Desk Lamp. Getting it right with lighting helps improve your mood and productivity. 

5. A Laptop or Desktop Computer

Here is another important remote working equipment. An office without a laptop or a computer is not a complete office. Your line of work may, at times, need you to have more than one computer monitor to keep up. As a remote working tool, laptops or computers should have good connections. 

6. Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand as work from home equipment

Having a smart office desk is ideal, but it is even better to elevate your laptop. You may need to buy a laptop stand to suspend it where you are comfortable working. Bending a lot to reach your laptop when it is too low may cause neck pain due to a lot of strain. 

A laptop with proper elevation helps in keeping your neck in the right position. As you take care of your neck with the elevation, you are also helping your body's posture a great deal. 

7. Headphones or Earphones

At times, working in utter silence is the key to success. When you receive a call, you may need a pair of good earphones to keep you exclusive. Online meetings need good headphones as well, paired with excellent microphones. 

These work from home supplies are ideal noise-canceling items you need for your home office. It is never ideal to be interrupted by background noise or commotion at home when working. The headphones and earphones are also handy when listening to music and winding down the day. 

8. Office Stationery

Office Stationery as work from home equipment

Is your home office fully supplied with common stationery? Items such as pens, sharpeners, paper, sharpies, staples, and erasers should be available. Stationeries form part of home office upgrades apart from common office furniture. You cannot do without office stationery because you never know when you may need to write. 

9. A Computer Mouse

Many people assume that when you buy a laptop or a computer, it comes with a mouse as a complimentary item. This assumption may not always be the case. In fact, the mouse is an essential home office accessory that you buy independently. 

The mouse is ideal for efficient job execution. Since there are many types of computer mice on the market, consider buying an ergonomic one for this work from home equipment. Your home office may not only have an ergonomic touch but an efficient working space. 

10. The Keyboard

A good keyboard is an ideal home office equipment that enhances efficient typing. Though many people use laptops, it is ideal to, sometimes, have a separate keyboard. Consider buying an ergonomic keyboard for your home office. 

The keyboard helps to increase your control and speed. An ideal keyboard comes in handy in typing fast to close a trade at the exact time and speed in a home trading desk setup

11. Drawers and Storage Containers

Storage Containers as work from home equipment

You need someplace to store your work from home supplies. What is better than storage containers and drawers? Nothing beats these two in a home office setup. 

Drawers and storage containers sort things well so that everything has its place. All the files, stationery supplies, and paperwork get a designated home. 

12. Multi-Purpose Printer

It doesn't matter the type of office work you are handling. You need an all-in-one printer to cover you. At times, you may need to perform several tasks that a multi-purpose printer comes in handy to handle. 

The endless trips to the local print shop become a thing of the past when using this printer. In any case, an all-in-one printer performs so many roles. You can print, copy, scan, and fax your documents at one point. 

13. An Anti-fatigue Mat

An Anti-fatigue Mat as work from home equipment

A home office standing desk and an anti-fatigue mat are two pieces of work from home equipment that go together. The anti-fatigue mat is an essential item that provides comfort while standing. If your work involves long hours of standing, then having an anti-fatigue mat is a good idea. 

You must limit your standing, wear comfortable shoes, and make use of your anti-fatigue mat. The mat helps in preventing unnecessary strains on the heels caused by long-standing hours. 

14. A Filing Cabinet

Having an organized office is crucial in making your working environment conducive. When setting up an ergonomic home office, you need to have a simple filing cabinet as your remote working equipment. This piece of furniture helps you store all important files and documents. 

The filing cabinet keeps your files safe and orderly. You can arrange the files vertically or laterally, depending on the size and space of the cabinet. All the arrangements depend on your preference. 

15. Arrangement of Personal Items

Apart from all the ergonomic work from home supplies you have in your office, you need to have your personal items. There are those important and precious items you'd like to have in your office. Some of them may include notebooks, a calendar, a mug of coffee, a photo, or a precious souvenir. An office feels personalized and comfortable when you place your items in it. Make sure you arrange the items in the correct order. 

16. URBNFit Exercise Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball

Do you know you can have an exercise ball in your home office? This remote working equipment is a unique ergonomic chair that is multifunctional. The exercise ball is ideal for back support. Ideally, the ball is one of the best desk chairs for supporting your back, enjoying yoga, and exercising. The ball is created with various sitting options and an anti-slip mechanism. 

17. The Flow Board

If you are looking forward to setting up your home office, you need a muscle stimulator. A flow board is an essential item, especially if you spend long hours standing. The balancing board helps in enhancing muscle energy, flow, and activating core muscles. This home office equipment is built to multitask as it is a form of workout and keeps muscle memory. 

18. A Good Stationery Organizer

A Good Stationery Organizer

No one likes to work in an untidy area full of papers and other office stationery. Investing in a good stationery organizer helps you arrange and retrieve your stuff. You will not regret it when buying this home office equipment. There are numerous types of stationery organizers on the market. They vary depending on sizes, colors, and shapes. Make your working area neat with a good stationery organizer. 

19. Cushions and Pillows

Did you know that a cushion and a pillow can help to reduce back pain? Well, if you spend long hours sitting, then you need these essentials. Extra padded cushions and pillows make you feel comfortable and relaxed while working. The primary role of a cushion and pillow is to give you back support. 

20. A Functioning Paper Shredder

Another important piece of home office equipment is a paper shredder. The shredder helps in destroying cluttered, unnecessary, and confidential papers and documents. Make sure you invest in a well-functioning paper shredder to keep your home office clean and neat.

21. Telephone or Mobile Phone

Telephone or Mobile Phone

The telephone is an important means of communication. Since you may be required to work from home, having a telephone is an excellent and effective way of communicating with clients and team members. 

You may decide to continue using the traditional telephone or a normal mobile phone. A steady internet connection is needed that can help with effective communication. Make sure your traditional telephone is functioning to keep tabs on the team's activities. 

22. Mouse and Keyboard Mounting Gear

You may decide to work with a mouse and keyboard separately. To avoid the items from occupying too much space, use the amount to place the items. Usually, an under-desk panel for item storage is ideal to consider. 

This positioning is the best to adopt as it is the right angle and relatively neutral. The right positioning of your mouse and keyboard can help reduce wrist pain and other chances of carpal tunnel. 

23. Home Office Exercise Items

If you are likely to sit or stand for too long in the office, you need occasional exercise. Exercising is important to stimulate your body and mind. Tiredness and numbness are some effects of a long working position. 

Stretch your arms and legs as much as possible to relieve fatigue. There are several home office exercise tools you can find on the market. Some common options are treadmills, exercise balls and bikes, and weight lifters. 

24. A Cable Holder or Tray

A Cable Holder or Tray

Depending on the number of gadgets you are using, you may have many cables on your desk. These cables leave the working space looking untidy, cluttered, and confusing. It is, therefore, important to have a cable tray. Some cables may tangle together, and it may damage or interfere with the connection. A cable tray makes your working space organized and neat. 

25. The Monitor Mount and Stand

If your nature of work requires using several monitors, consider using a monitor mount. A monitor stand or arm is also necessary to position the work from home equipment or item correctly. Furthermore, the arm is adjustable enough to allow the monitor to be adjusted to a closer or further position. 

This procedure has an impact on reducing eye problems caused by screen light. When you are not using the machine, the arm helps you to push it away. 

Final Take

A fully-equipped home office makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. Ergonomic office equipment goes a long way towards ensuring that you are always on top of things. As you make that full switch to work from home, make a work from home equipment list of what you need for your home office. 

It is important to take advantage of some of your employer's offers to save some money. Use an employee purchase program since you may be starting from scratch to set up the home office. You are bound to save on some primarily expensive purchases.

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