Top 60-inch Desks for Office Work in 2024
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Top 60-inch Desks for Office Work in 2024

|May 11, 2022

Office workers need a top-notch, high-quality, long-lasting table to organize their supplies and technological devices. A 60-inch desk is often the perfect alternative because it’s spacious enough for you to fit everything without taking up too much space. 

This guide describes what you need to know about these tables, for example, the different types you can get. Additionally, it offers you the best alternatives to consider when you’re buying one. 

Types of 60-inch Desks

Types of 60-inch Desks

Finding the ideal 60-inch computer desk is often challenging for office workers who don’t know where to start looking. On other occasions, you might know how to begin but have trouble deciding or choosing the ideal standing desk ergonomics. Whichever the case, there are a few things you should keep in mind, and the types of tables you have available is one of the most crucial ones. 

There are multiple types of 60-inch computer desk alternatives, and you should evaluate each category and determine which one works best for you. Some kinds of tables you might want to look into are the following: 

  • Wood desks
  • Metal desks
  • L-shaped desks
  • Standing desks 

While the first two types of desks are different because of the materials they’re made of, the third kind is unique due to its shape. L-shaped office desks fit in a corner, so they’re very convenient if you want to save some space. 

Standing desks, on the other hand, are often somewhat more expensive because they have an engine that allows you to change their position and angle. When you do that, you can choose whether you want to work whilst sitting down or standing up. 

The previously mentioned categories are just a few examples of the types of tables you can get when you’re looking for a 60-inch computer desk. Generally speaking, if you want something with such specific dimensions, it probably means you have limited space and you need a piece of furniture that fits there. 

Consequently, you should prioritize your office desk’s dimensions because that’s the most important factor for you if you don’t have much space available. After that, take a look at the different materials, designs, and added features, and choose a table that combines all the aspects you’re looking for! 

Top 60-inch Desk Options

Fortunately, there are numerous options to consider if you’re looking for a 60-inch desk with these dimensions. Take a look at some of the best alternatives you can buy:

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) by Autonomous 60-inch desk

Autonomous is one of the most popular brands to offer top-notch, high-quality desks, and the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is definitely an option you should consider if you’re looking for a fantastic table for your office. 

This 60-inch desk is wonderful because of many reasons. It’s fully adjustable, which means that you can quickly change its features and guarantee that they fit your needs. 

At the same time, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) offers you a modern design and a sturdy frame. It’s a table that can last for years by your side.

2. Standing Desk by Mount-It! - Sustainable Melamine

Standing Desk by Mount-It! - Sustainable Melamine

The second option on this list is the Standing Desk by Mount-It!, which quickly stands out from the competition because it’s made of sustainable materials. 

Many customers find this 60-inch desk perfect because it doesn’t take up much space but it’s still spacious enough for you to fit all your office supplies. Since it has an electric motor, it can elevate your workstation and you can complete all your to-dos while standing up.

3. Standing Desk by FinerCrafts: Curved Top

Standing Desk by FinerCrafts: Curved Top

FinerCrafts also gives you a fantastic 60-inch office desk to keep in mind, and it has a unique curved top that can make your workspace look completely different from the rest.

The Curved Standing Desk by FinerCrafts has a sturdy frame, which can support the weight of all your office supplies. Additionally, it has a modern and one-of-a-kind design, which you can combine with any style you want. 

Buying this 60-inch computer desk means you’re investing in a top-notch table that can perfectly fit your space and also give you a spacious surface to place all your items. It might be the ideal pick for your office!

4. SIMPLIHOME’s 60-inch Ralston Desk

The team behind SIMPLIHOME cares about what you get when you buy a desk, which is why all the products you get from them are high-quality tables. 

If you purchase the Ralston table, you’re getting a beautiful, handcrafted 60-inch computer desk made of the best materials. A layer of natural stain covers the product, and it guarantees that each model is unique. It also protects and accentuates the desk’s grain. 

Since it features a keyboard tray, you can place your keyboard there and never need to worry about it taking up space. 

5. SIMPLIHOME’s 60-inch Avalon Desk

SIMPLIHOME’s 60-inch Avalon Desk

Locating the perfect desk for your office is often a challenging task, but SIMPLIHOME makes it easier, especially if you want something straightforward and affordable. In this case, the Avalon 60-inch desk might offer everything you’re looking for. 

This model is not a sit-stand desk, but it’s still spacious and versatile enough for you to be able to enjoy its features. It includes two small drawers that you can use to store various office supplies, and even though they’re not very large, they’re still very convenient. 

Furthermore, this 60-inch wood desk includes an internal keyboard tray. Thus, you can place your keyboard there and slide it inside the table when you’re not using it. 

6. Elite Series 60-inch Desk by ApexDesk Store

ApexDesk Store is not as famous as other brands that offer home office standing desk alternatives, but it still has an option that you should consider if you want a top-quality, affordable table. 

The Elite Series 60-inch office desk has a powerful dual motor to lift your workstation up. Turn it on and adjust the height of your table – in a few seconds, you might be able to work while standing up. 

This small standing desk has a unique design, which can make your workspace look very elegant, sleek, and clean. Its simple structure makes your office stand out and it can match any style you want to go for.

7. Hard Solid Wood Desk by SIMPLIHOME

Hard Solid Wood 60-inch desk by SIMPLIHOME

Some people want a table with an avant-garde design that pops out from any other table in the vicinity. However, not everyone likes the same things, and if you want a simpler option, SIMPLIHOME’s Hard Solid Wood Desk might be the ideal alternative for you. 

With this 60-inch wood desk, you get a contemporary twist on a classic design. Therefore, you get a sturdy table that looks fantastic anywhere. Even though it requires you to assemble it, the process doesn’t take too long, so it shouldn’t hold you back if you want it! 

8. Desk with Drawers by Ashley Store

A spacious desk is what you might need if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that allows you to organize all your office supplies. 

Thankfully, Ashley Store is here with a fantastic model to consider – the Carynhurst Farmhouse Desk. Numerous customers praise the beautiful crafting of this 60-inch desk, which is white but has a unique finish. 

A downside of this 60-inch desk with drawers is that you don’t get adjustable desk legs. Therefore, keep that in mind if you’re looking for something with more customizable features. 

9. Walker Edison Store’s Industrial Wood Computer Desk

Walker Edison Store’s Industrial Wood Computer Desk

As was mentioned before, some people prefer simpler alternatives when they’re buying a 60-inch desk. Nonetheless, this is certainly not true for everyone, and on some occasions, you might want something with a design so unique that it catches people’s eyes. 

In these cases, Walker Edison’s Industrial 60-inch wood desk might be the perfect piece of furniture to add to your office. Since it has a steel frame, it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of all your technological devices and office supplies. 

This fantastic table has a lot of storage space because it includes a few shelves where you can place books or any other item you want. At the same time, it has a drawer in its middle, and its tabletop is spacious, so you can quickly arrange all your belongings. 

10. Large Executive Metal Desk by Linea Italia

An executive 60-inch office desk might be just what you need to organize your personal items and make sure that everything is nearby when you’re working. 

You can build Linea Italia’s desk in 10 minutes or less and you don’t even need any tools. Therefore, it’s immensely convenient because you don’t require any special skills to make it work. 

However, keep in mind that Linea Italia’s desk is not as visually appealing as other options you might find on this list. Therefore, if you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing, you may want to check out other alternatives.

11. Credenza White Desk by Bush Business Furniture Studio

Credenza White Desk by Bush Business Furniture Studio

The Credenza desk is one of the sturdiest, most convenient options you can go for if you want something durable. Since it’s made of top materials and has a fuse laminated finish, you never need to worry about scratches or stains damaging the surface. 

This 60-inch office desk has a clean design that can enhance the look of any workspace. Regardless of the style you're going for, this table can make it look more elegant and sleeker. 

12. Hollow-core L-shaped Desk by Monarch Specialties

A hollow-core, MDF 60-inch desk might be just what you need to organize all your belongings and guarantee that you have enough space to arrange everything you need to go through your daily work. 

Buying this desk means you get a large L-shaped table. Thus, you can put it in a corner of your office and save a lot of space. Furthermore, you can take advantage of its adjustable shelves to store even more office supplies. 

Monarch Specialties’ 60-inch office desk features smooth finishes on all of its sides. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of its stylish and modern look. 

13. HON Store’s Metro Series Classic Desk

HON Store’s Metro Series Classic 60-inch desk

While some workers prefer a modern 60-inch computer desk, others choose a classic alternative because it either makes them feel nostalgic or fits the general style they’re looking for. If you belong to the second group, HON Store’s Metro table might be the ideal one for you. 

Locking drawers, a spacious tabletop, and storage space are some of the features you get when you buy HON’s Metro 60-inch office desk. The brand uses only high-quality steel, so this is definitely one of the sturdiest options you can purchase. 

14. Bush Furniture’s Desk with Drawers in Expresso Oak

Spread out and do a few things at once using Bush Furniture’s Expresso Oak 60-inch desk with drawers, which includes enough storage space for you to organize all your office supplies and any item you want. 

Since it has a few drawers, you can use them to put away your most important documents. Moreover, it’s immensely sturdy according to customers, and it offers enough leg space for you to be comfortable while you’re working. 

If you want, you can incorporate some additional storage space into this 60-inch desk. Use the cubby shelf and the box drawer to organize extra items you might need to have nearby when you’re completing your daily to-dos. 

15. Barrister Lane Executive Desk by Sauder Store

Barrister Lane Executive 60-inch desk by Sauder Store

A new executive office desk that has a classic look might be just what you need to get the best of both worlds – you can enjoy the beauty of modern materials while taking advantage of a vintage design. 

Behind this 60-inch desk’s door, you get an adjustable shelf. Therefore, even though the table itself doesn’t offer many customizable features, you still get to personalize some things. 

Barrister Lane’s executive table is sturdy and offers top-quality materials that can fulfill all your needs and expectations. Moreover, since it has a lot of storage space, it might give you the space you need for your office supplies. 

Keynote Takeaways

Finding the perfect 60-inch desk might represent a challenging task if you don’t know where to start, but now that you have a list, you can begin. Examine each model’s features, advantages, and disadvantages, and choose the one that fits your needs. 

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