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Top Cool Gaming Stuff for All Budgets Available at Autonomous
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Top Cool Gaming Stuff for All Budgets Available at Autonomous

|May 29, 2024

Autonomous is one of the best options online to find affordable office furniture. This company offers more than that, though. It focuses on comfort and ergonomics in general, so it also includes gaming stuff.

I know what it is to want to play a new game all day. The problem is that it’s difficult to do it in an uncomfortable setup. Back and neck pain have been a common issue for me, so it’s always relieving to find a company that offers something that allows me to play for hours without that problem.

If you are looking for top cool gaming stuff for all budgets, you landed on the right page. Here, you will see a brief review of some of the best gaming products available at Autonomous. I reviewed them myself, so don’t worry about their quality.

I used the products’ prices to classify them on this page. Go to the section that fits your budget. You can visit the Autonomous website to read more blog posts like this one or see the deals it has right now.

Before Reading the Reviews

There are a few things you should keep in mind before reading the reviews of the products listed below. First, know that this page is for gamers worldwide wondering how to get the gadgets they need to play comfortably while staying within budget. However, you won’t learn how to get free gaming stuff here.

Autonomous offers considerably inexpensive products, but they don’t come for free. I’m sure you will find something you can afford.

Before Reading the Reviews

I picked what I thought were a few of the most interesting options on the company’s stock. They are gaming essentials everyone should have at home. There are more products on the company’s website, though.

Needless to say, I personally tested all the products reviewed on this page. I have been a gamer for years, and video games play a key role in my life. Trust that the recommendations I give here come from someone who has needed advice on how to get gaming stuff in the past.

Under $50

Deltahub Carpio G2.0: Gaming Wrist Rest

One of the most common mistakes people make when they look for cheap gaming stuff is to get low-quality products just because they are more affordable than others. There are many options online that give you a fair trade of features for an accessible price.

The Deltahub Carpio G2.0: Gaming Wrist Rest is currently available for $44. This is an excellent option for PC gamers to avoid wrist pain after playing. Similar to other products available at Autonomous, this is an ergonomic version of what you would see in a standard item.

Personally, decorating the place where I play gives me a more immersive experience. Therefore, I love this product’s color variety.

Deltahub Carpio G2.0: Gaming Wrist Rest

This gaming wrist is available in black, green, gray, pink, and blue. As for its ergonomic features, it works with a silicone strap you can easily adjust in seconds. Fitting it into your wrist won’t be a problem, thanks to the magnetic locking system it uses.

People often struggle when they want to move their PC gaming stuff to another location. This doesn’t happen with the DeltaHub Carpio since it’s so small you can take it with you in your pocket.

Physicians designed this product. I understood the benefits that brought with it when I noticed how comfortable this wrist rest was. It glides with your mouse, so it won’t meddle with how fast you move it.

Deltahub Gaming Desk Pad

Following up with another Deltahub product, I had the pleasure of testing this gaming desk pad. You can get this item for $39.

Though I love to get cute gaming stuff, it’s difficult to find something that fits your gaming station. Sometimes, you just need a product that fits with everything. The Deltahub Gaming Desk Pad gave me that.

Deltahub Gaming Desk Pad

This desk pad is black and makes my desk setup look beautiful. It’s big enough for all my gaming accessories, too.

Getting to its features, know that the pad has a non-slip base. That definitely made gaming easier for me. However, what I love the most about this product is that it’s water-resistant.

Lamp Depot Honeycomb Lights: Touch Sensitivity

Lamp Depot Honeycomb Lights is the last product in the “Under $50” section. You will find more cheap gaming stuff down the list, but these are the most affordable here. These lamps are $35.

Looking for a gaming room décor is more difficult than many people think. There are many options out there, but most of them offer the same features. Fortunately, these lights are the exception to that.

Since they have a modular design, you can customize and install them to show the specific design you want for the room. The fact that you can control each lamp individually adds up to how versatile this product is.

You can choose from up to 13 colors for the lamps, and they have three dynamic modes for you to pick depending on the vibes you want the room to give.

Also, you can customize the lamps’ brightness. Though you can use a remote control for them, the lamps have a touch sensor too.

$50 - $100

GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

These products are a bit more expensive than the previous ones but are still accessible. Here, you will find essential gaming accessories for your setup. The first is the GravaStar Mercury M1 Pro Wireless Mouse, available for $80.

This mouse’s design screams gaming. I loved it from the moment I saw it, so looks are already a 10 with this one.

Apart from that, using the mouse feels comfortable and smooth. I am picky with this kind of thing, so believe me when I say you will feel great using it. That’s due to its ergonomic design.

Although it’s a wireless mouse, it works as fast as any wired option on the market. That’s due to its TUROSPEED wireless technology and precision sensor.

You can customize almost anything you need about the mouse. When you finish setting it up, you’ll feel it was tailor-made for your setup.

Royal Kludge RK Mechanical Keyboard: Hot-Swappable Switches

Now that you have a mouse, desk pad, and wrist rest, the only thing left for a proper PC gaming setup is a good keyboard. This is a mechanical option.

However, the Royal Kludge RK Mechanical Keyboard offers more features than the average models you may find online. First, it has swappable switches, so you can set up your keyboard to the typing system you like the most.

The keyboard is filled with beautiful RGB lights and a battery that lasts for hours with no problem. I am a mess when it comes to organizing my setup, so wireless options that work as well as this one are always among my top choices.

This is not here only because I personally like it, though. The keyboard is comfortable to use and didn’t give me a single problem in all the time I used it. It offers everything I need to play and only comes for $78.

GravaStar Sirius Pro Earbuds

Although we have been talking about gaming accessories, this is something you can use while playing video games or when you go out. You don’t always need huge headphones to play since earbuds such as the GravaStar Sirius Pro ones offer top-tier sound quality for $84.

Looks-wise, these earbuds are one of the coolest options I’ve seen online. Their case is beautiful and can fit in anyone’s pocket. They come with a gaming, movie, and music mode.

GravaStar Sirius Pro Earbuds

I am always either listening to music or playing video games, so having earbuds I can use for both is really helpful. This product uses in-ear detection and audio algorithms to optimize comfort and sound quality.

Though I would never take a shower or get into a pool with earbuds on, you should know they are water-resistant.

$100 to $200

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes, looks and creative designs are what give us an immersive gaming experience. If you want to make your gaming desk setup more visually appealing and are into alien-tech stuff, you will love the Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker. You can get it for $199.

I know most of you prefer to play video games with earbuds or headphones on, but it’s important to get a break from them every once in a while. You can do that without compromising sound immersion if you get high-quality speakers.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker

This option works with a touch volume pad and 20W dual-range speakers. Believe me, sound quality or volume was never a problem when I used this Gravastar release.

Since they are made of zinc alloy, they are more resistant than you would expect speakers to be. Like many of the options on this page, this product works with Bluetooth technology.

Getting to the elephant in the room, these speakers have a beautiful alien-tech design. You can place it in any part of your gaming station, and it will look like a fancy decoration piece.

Benzara Compact Gaming Desk

People looking for small gaming room ideas often struggle to find furniture pieces compact enough for their workspaces. If you are one of them, you don’t need to keep looking. I present to you the Benzara Compact Gaming Desk, available for $174.

You can order this desk in black and red or just black. Apart from being a compact option for small spaces, it’s a normal furniture piece.

Although it’s smaller than other options, it still offers enough space for all my gaming setup accessories. You could say it’s in the sweet spot between being too big and too small.

Benzara Compact Gaming Desk

Since the desk focuses on gaming, it has a raised monitor shelf and a bottom one for other gadgets. The desk also features a cup, headphones, and tablet holder.

As you can see, the idea of using this desk is to have everything within your reach while playing. When I used it, it was excellent for those gaming sessions where I spent hours without standing from my chair.

Pixio PX160 Portable Monitor

If you constantly need to move your setup or go to your friends’ houses to play, getting a portable monitor can make things much easier. The Pixio PX160 Portable monitor offers that for $185.

As its name suggests, this product has a portable design. I often used it when I needed to watch a video on how to go through a part of a specific game or needed to check on my socials while playing. Its speakers are decent and the monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate, which is excellent for a portable option.

Above $200

Karnox Slate Gray Gaming Chair

These options are the most expensive on the list, but the features they offer make them worth it. This ergonomic chair comes for $267.

To be completely honest, this is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve sat on while playing video games. As I said before, I am prone to suffer from back or neck pain, and this chair helped me fight that problem. With it, I can play all the time I want without feeling any pain.

The chair comes with a headrest, armrest, and a lumbar pillow. You can adjust its height in a matter of seconds and recline it when you want to take a rest or watch a video.

EUREKA ERGONOMIC AED 72" Large Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

I already showed you a compact desk for small gaming rooms. Now, it’s time for bigger options to come into the scene. This standing desk offers all the space you need for your gaming setup and is available for $869.

You can get the desk in black or white. It comes with a keyboard tray, a pair of monitor risers, and slots for mobile devices. It also features headphone and cup holders. Its dual motors allow you to lift it quickly or move it to the four memory presets the desk allows you to set up.

Pixio Monitor PX275C Prime

The last product on this page is the Pixio Monitor PX275C Prime. It’s a monitor for gamers who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. The monitor is $345.

Why is this monitor different? Because it's HDR compatible, and its response time is 4ms, which is better than more expensive options.

Bottom Line

I know that sometimes, it feels like it’s impossible to find high-quality gaming gadgets for a decent price. Most options are highly expensive, which is discouraging for gamers like me. However, Autonomous made me change my mind.

All the options listed on this page are of excellent quality, so feel safe to get any of them. If you want to check out the others available there, visit its website now!

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