SmartDesk Core Duo - Double Standing Desk that Free Up Office Space
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SmartDesk Core Duo

Ships within 2 business days|Free shipping & returns|30-day trialIf you don’t love it, just return it for a full refund.
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7-year warranty

• Pay over time with Affirm: $93/mo


Don't see the answer to your question?

If one of my leg motor gets broken, can I replace only one leg/ motor? The same question to other parts.
Definitely. With SmartDesk Core Duo, we support you to replace parts including PowerBeam, power tray, bracket, leg, control box, keypad, support beam, plastic lid, power cord, cable tray.
Does the two sides function separately so that if one side gets wrong the other side can still perform okay?
Yes, the two sides of the Double standing desk function separately. Each side of the Double Desk is provided with full package of control box, keypad, lifting motors therefore they perform independently that do not affect each other.
Can I buy a table top separately in case there is a problem with only one desk top?
Sure. You can talk to our Customer service team by DM on Autonomous social media (Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter) or email at to ask for a new desk top. We are always available for you.
Can I buy the XL desk top for the Double standing desk?
Hi, based on customer demand, we only sell the desk top in basic size, white color for SmartDesk Core Duo. We hope you will be happy with the model available and definitely will we introduce more options that customers show a large interest in.
How can I utilize the PowerBeam?
PowerBeam is an outlet hub that allows you to connect electricity, USB, Ethernet and phone. Plug the cords into the prebuilt ports then plug the PowerBeam main cord into the power source, now you are fully provided with the internet, electricity and phone line.