10 Best Studio Chairs for Musicians and Producers in 2023
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10 Best Studio Chairs for Musicians and Producers in 2023

Autonomous|Mar 3, 2022

High-quality chairs aren't just for office workers and work-from-home nomads. A high-quality studio chair is a perfect addition to the recording studio for any producer or musician. 

If you're using a studio desk chair that hurts after a long recording session, then it might be time to upgrade to the right recording studio chair for you. 

Having the right chair isn't just about comfort; it's also about the right look. Top off your perfect studio with a high-end chair that will only support you but make your studio the best place to record, work, and hang out. 

What Do Musicians and Producers Need in a Studio Chair?

What Do Musicians and Producers Need in a Studio Chair

A good chair isn’t necessarily enough for a producer or musician. You need more than just an office chair with some support. You’re different; you’re artistic. Therefore, you need a chair for artists

How do you figure out what you need in your studio chair? 

Will a music production chair give support? Yes. It gives more than just support, though. 

A great music studio chair is going to give more than just support. It will have to be breathable, flexible, stylish, and in some cases, it will need to be right for playing an instrument. 

Key Features of Studio Chairs 

  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Breathability
  • Design 

How To Choose the Right Studio Chair?

How To Choose the Right Studio Chair

Choosing the right chair is not a one size fits all situation. Everyone has different needs, and you should make a list of what you need when looking for a chair. 

When thinking about your chair, you should ask yourself these questions. 

  • Do I need back, head, arm support?
  • How big am I? Do I need something for a taller person, a shorter person, or a heavier person?
  • What style am I looking for?
  • Will I be using it for a long time?
  • What can I afford? 

Asking yourself these important questions will be vital to making sure you pick the right recording studio chair for you and your recording and producing needs. 

10 Best Studio Chairs For Musicians and Producers

1. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro studio chair

Price: $499 

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 

If you’re looking for a high-end office chair with different design options, then the ErgoChair Pro is a great option. 

This chair is fully adjustable. Every component from tilt tension, height, and armrests are adjustable. It even comes with a great headrest and lumbar support for your needs. If you have problems with your back, this ergonomic office chair is the perfect chair for a music producer. 

This chair also comes in six stylish color options to help fit the aesthetic of your studio. You can make sure it makes your personality perfect. 

Finally, the chair is made of breathable, 100% eco-friendly material. If you’re a friend of the environment, this chair is right for you. 


  • You get a two-year warranty.
  • This chair has breathable materials.
  • It is fully adjustable. 


  • This chair is expensive.
  • It doesn’t recline. 

2. ErgoChair Pro+

ErgoChair Pro+ studio chair

Price: $699 

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 

Much like the ErgoChair Pro, the ErgoChair Pro+ is a smart option. However, it also offers more flexibility and support than the ErgoChair Pro. 

This studio chair features a frameless backrest. The frameless backrest allows you to move more freely. Feel free to stretch, bend, lean, and twist as this chair flexes with your movement. 

You will also be treated to six different color options. If you can't find what fits your recording studio chair needs in other music producer chairs, then you’ll find it with the ErgoChair Pro+. 

This ergonomic chair is also made of woven thermoplastic elastomer strands. This means that the chair's material does not trap heat and will help circulate hair, so you don't get hot. This material is also more durable than most fabrics so that you can have your chair for a long time. 

Finally, this is another eco-friendly music studio chair option for those thinking about mother nature. 


  • It is a boundless ergonomic studio chair that fits you.
  • You can move freely without restriction.
  • It is made of 100% eco-friendly, breathable material.
  • You have six different color options. 


  • This chair is expensive.
  • You won’t have much cushion with this studio chair. 

3. AvoChair

AvoChair studio chair

Price: $349 

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. 

The AvoChair is a wonderful option for those looking for a simple yet powerful black office chair. This studio chair packs a punch in a small package. 

Furthermore, the mesh design of both the seat and the backrest makes it breathable to ensure you're not overheating during your long recording session. In addition, it also has fully adjustable height, armrests, and back tilt. You will also find a sturdy base with this chair for long-term use. 

This clean and sleek design is also made from recycled materials, making it another eco-friendly office chair option for you. 

With the AvoChair, what you give up in customization, you gain in modern design, eco-friendliness, and adjustability. 


  • It is made of recycled materials.
  • You can sit in long sessions without getting too hot.
  • The sturdy aluminum base supports long-term use.
  • You get a two-year warranty. 


  • There are no color options with this studio chair.
  • This chair does not support larger people.
  • It was expensive. 

4. Crown Seating Stealth Standard Engineer's Chair

Crown Seating Stealth Standard Engineer's Chair

Price: $549 

Weight Capacity: N/A 

The Crown Seating Stealth is a chair that industry professionals love. It doesn’t have many design options but is still a stylish music production chair in its own right. 

With the Crown Stealth, you will be treated to a gel foam seat to the patented zen wave technology that gives better support without putting stress on your body. 

This recording studio chair also features a free-float backrest. With this backrest, you can freely lean forward, and then the chair will continue to support you. It follows your movement for continuous support no matter what. The backrest also features an ergonomic design to help support you. 

Finally, the standard size is ideal for 5'10” or shorter. However, if you are taller, there is a larger size available. 


  • It has patented technology that helps give better support.
  • There is a free-float backrest.
  • The breathable mesh helps keep you cool. 


  • There is no mention of a weight capacity.
  • It isn’t great for anyone over 5’10”.
  • This is an expensive studio chair. 

5. Crown Seating Performer Series Studio Stool

Crown Seating Performer Series Studio Stool

Price: $599 

Weight Capacity: N/A 

If you like the Crown Stealth but want something a little more advanced, you will want to look no further than the Crown Seating Performer Series; this is an ideal music studio chair. In addition, if you're a musician, you will want to take a closer look at what this chair has to offer. 

With the Crown Performer Series, you will be treated to the Serene gel foam seat and moisture-wicking fabric. The seat also has a groove, helping reduce strain on your tailbone and can help correct posture when performing. 

This studio chair also offers a free-float backrest so the chair can move with you. In addition, this chair also offers a multi-angel pelvic positioning to allow for even more movement. You will also find that the foot ring is also adjustable. 


  • This chair has gel foam seating.
  • You can adjust the foot ring for proper leg positioning.
  • The groove seat improves postures and reduces tailbone stress. 


  • This studio chair does not have an apparent weight limit.
  • It is expensive. 

6. Fender 351 Studio Seat/ Stand Combo

Fender 351 Studio Seat/ Stand Combo studio chair

Price: $119 

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 

If you’re looking for a music production chair that can be on the go or put away until you need it, then the Fender 351 Studio Seat/ Stand Combo is perfect for you. 

This studio chair features a guitar stand that flips up or down so you can place your guitar in a safe spot until you're ready to play. 

It also has a footrest adjusted for the right leg position while you're playing. 

This chair also folds for easy storage and on-the-go capabilities. 

Finally, if you're looking for style, the red embroidered F on the guitar pick-shaped backrest screams style. It is a statement look that can set your studio apart from the rest. 


  • This studio chair is great for performing.
  • You can take it anywhere you go.
  • It is stylish and unique.
  • This chair is affordable. 


  • This chair isn't meant for long-term use.
  • You will not have a lot of back support with this chair. 

7. Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron studio chair

Price: $1,539 

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 

If you’re looking for an industry icon, then you’ll find it with the Herman Miller Aeron. This music production chair has it all. 

The Herman Miller Aeron comes in three sleek, clean, and modern colors. It has everything from tension control to a tilt limiter that will allow you to stretch and move freely. 

You will also get full back support with this ergonomic studio chair, along with two lumbar support pads that flex independently, giving you the ultimate lower back support. In addition, your armrests are also completely adjustable. 

Finally, the Herman Miller Aeron has three different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit. 


  • This chair is stylish and modern.
  • You will get a big-name brand in this chair.
  • It is made from recycled materials. 


8. Dumont Ergonomic Office Chair

Dumont Ergonomic Office Chair

Price: $289.99 

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. 

If you’re a larger musician or music producer, then the Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair is the perfect chair for you. 

This chair is designed with fully adjustable back support, height, and lumbar support. It also features breathable mesh to keep you cool during long sessions. In addition, you will have a full removable headrest and a thick seat cushion for maximum comfort. 


  • If you're a tall or heavy person, this chair is great for you.
  • You get fully adjustable back support.
  • This chair has a five-year warranty. 


  • It is geared towards taller and heavier people, so if you're smaller, this chair may be too big. 

9. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

Hbada Ergonomic studio chair

Price: $199 

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

This chair is perfect for those who don't want to just work in the studio; they also want to relax in the studio. It is a studio chair that offers both maximum support and ultimate comfort. 

You will find this high back ergonomic chair reclines completely and comes with a foam cushion seat and headrest. In addition, you have the option of buying this chair with a footrest if it meets your needs. 

This can be bought in two different colors, either black or white, to help fit your studio's vibe. 

You will also have a breathable mesh backrest to keep you cool during long recording sessions and an ergonomic design for full back support. 


  • You can recline and relax in this chair.
  • This chair has back support.
  • It comes in two stylish colors. 


  • This chair does not support larger people.
  • The ability to fully recline may become distracting. 

10. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Price: $93.49

b>Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. 

If you are on a tight budget or need something that won’t take up too much space, the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair is an excellent option. This sleek black chair is a stylish but affordable design. 

The Hbada Office Task Desk Chair is a swivel base chair meaning it can bend a tilt with your movement freely. It also features an adjustable height and flip-up armrests. The flip-up armrests can help save space when tucking your studio chair in after a long recording session. Finally, this chair has a breathable mesh back to keep the air flowing during long producing sessions. 


  • This chair is affordable.
  • You can save space with this smaller chair.
  • The breathable mesh helps you stay cool. 


  • There are no extra bells or whistles on this studio chair.
  • It isn’t designed for a larger person to use. 


Finding the right music production chair doesn't have to be hard if you're a musician or producer. With a little bit of knowledge, you can find the right chair that fits your physical needs and your aesthetic needs.

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