5 Easy Ways to Reduce Cable Clutter in Your Home Office

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Cable Clutter in Your Home Office

|Sep 29, 2020

Your home office desk could easily become full of tangled wires and cables. There are so many things to be connected; your phone needs to be charged, you want to listen to your favorite playlist via USB, you need to connect to the Ethernet, the microphone, and your computer’s cables are plugged in.

By the time you are done, your office is so unsightly because of the electrical cords that crisscross the floor. It is easy to feel frustrated just by looking at the mess. Untidy office space is an obstacle to productivity, and cable clutter poses a tripping hazard.

This article will provide you with easy and economical ways to tidy cable clutter from your home office. Here are simple ways to stop the wire madness, and have a tidy and organized workplace.

1. Use Cable Nail-ins or Clips

These wire holders are mostly used by internet technicians when connecting customers to their service. Use these to securely fasten cables to the wall. As long as you don’t mind hammering nails on the wall surfaces near your home workspace or under the desk, cable nail-ins are a great way to keep your cables from spreading all over the floor. There is also the option of clips that come with an attached adhesive area if you don’t want to create holes on your wall surfaces. You can find a wide variety when looking for cable clips to control different sizes and types of cables.

Cable Nail-ins

Cable nail clips gather cables securely on a wall surface and these can blend in seamlessly with your home workspace décor. These clips provide you with a smart way to ensure your workspace stays safe, organized, and functional.

2. Hide them in a CableBox and Cord Management System

If you are a handyman, you can make a box to collect all your cables and place them neatly inside it to avoid wire clutter. There are lots of DIY projects online to show you how to make your Cable Box. If not, why not purchase a CableBox that will keep all your cables hidden under the desk. A cord management system provides a simple and easy solution to hide all the messy, tangled cables under the desk to keep things looking tidy. Simply drop the power strip and everything plugged in inside the box and close the lid. There are outlets on either side of the box where your cables can enter and exit.

Cord Management System

Important features to look for in a good CableBox are compatibility with surge protectors, durable material, preferably fire-retardant plastic, and availability in many shapes and sizes.

3. Invest in a Ziploc Bag for Tangle-free Storage

Some cable clutter could be lying on your desk and you don’t need them at that particular time you are working. Moreover, at the end of a workday, it is not advisable to leave all these wire clutter carelessly lying on the floor. Organize all your cords by putting them in different Ziplock bags and label them. For instance, put all your monitor cords in one bag and label it appropriately. The same goes for charging cables, Ethernet cords, and printer cables. It makes it all easier to find the cable you are looking for instead of wasting time going through a whole lot of tangled cable in the wire clutter.

Ziploc Bag for Tangle-free

Ziplock bags can be found in many online stores and you can find a box of about 25 ziplock bags for less than $3.

4. Dispose of old chargers, cables, and cords

Go through your house and check all the cords and cables to see what you need and what you don’t. If you come across a cable that no longer functions, or if the piece of equipment to connect it is lost or broken, then it’s time to toss these away. Understandably, it is often hard to decide to get rid of unused items. People are too attached to their items and that’s why it’s often hard to de-clutter. Letting go is not just that easy.

Old chargers

If you are not sure whether it’s the right time to toss, you can gather up the unknown cables and put them in a bag and label the container. If several months pass and you still don’t use the cables, you can recycle, which is a responsible way of disposing of unused cables. There are lots of electronics stores that accept such items for recycling.

You can also check with your friends or neighbors if they need the excess cords you no longer need. It might be just what someone has been looking for. Of course, give out unused cables that are working.

5. Go wireless

There are many benefits of a wireless office and one of them is it helps you get control over the messy cable clutter situation in your home office. Instead of using Ethernet, use WIFI. Wireless internet works just fine for your daily tasks which require you to be online. Another important way to go wireless is to use wireless charging. Most of the electrical wires filing up your space are for charging your portable devices; from phones to laptops. You can find a charging mat at a pocket-friendly price that uses only just one cable to keep your devices charged.


A Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse are some good examples of cordless electronic devices to keep your home office looking tidy. These efficient wireless tools in your home office will reduce the number of cables, which creates wire clutter,  lying on the floor.


Cable clutter is an eyesore and can be a source of distraction. You also spend a lot of time looking for the right cable to match your device.  You or other members of your household can trip over these cables if left lying on the ground. This article has explained how you can organize your office and keep it free from cable clutter, hence stay productive. A neat and organized office is welcoming to come to and boost your morale. Follow the above-explained tips to ensure you don’t have a messy workplace full of cables.

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